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Nina And Eddie’s Snowy Hartford Fairytale!


What is life if not a tapestry of moments which makes it the lovely experience that it is? There are those days that shine with the brightness of a thousand suns, even if we have hundreds of ordinary days. These are the "main character" moments in our lives that we live for, the larger-than-life occurrences that cast all other experiences in subdued light. Finding your special someone among the astounding amount of people in this world and deciding to spend the rest of your life with them is undoubtedly a life-changing decision. People still fall in love despite all the odds. Then they decide to get married! Although it seems nearly inconceivable, finding your better half among all the people out there, happens every day all around us, like small miracles scattered around, encouraging us to trust in the power of limitless love.


Being able to spend the rest of your life with someone who really loves you is a precious experience, whether you've been planning your wedding since you could speak, or it's just recently that the idea has charmed you. We are fortunate that our line of work allows us to see a couple finding everlasting love. Every time we get to write about a couple that is so madly in love that everything else is just a blur for them, our faith in love, which may sometimes get a bit jaded, is revived. Love inspires, heals, and makes us smile even through the most trying periods in life. Our serotonin levels surge as soon as we get to see a love story. A delightful and once-in-a-lifetime event, seeing a love story blossom from a spark and take flight. Love is one of nature's amazing charms because it never wears us out and constantly fills us with wonder and delight. We can never get enough of the vibrant tones of love, and Nina and Eddie certainly provided us with something new and fascinating to remind us of the power of love.


Every wedding is unique in its own way, but some weddings manage to touch your heart just perfectly to the point that you find yourself pinching yourself to see if you're dreaming. Your trip through Nina and Eddie’s big day is sure to be an enchanted one, straight from a movie. A couple who stare at one another with warmth so bright, you can toast marshmallows, a romantic wedding dress that hugs just perfectly, brilliant bursts of red and blue balanced by soothing green and crisp white, and more! This winter wedding undoubtedly hits one like a summer breeze in the middle of a snowy January day with its vibrant hues and wealth of fresh outdoors! Today, we're presenting Nina and Eddie’s love story straight from Hartford, and we can't stop drooling over this lovely pair and their dreamy January wedding day which swiftly stole our hearts. As we share their love story, come take a peek at some of the gorgeous pictures from this wonderful couple's winter wedding day.


Nina and Eddie were determined to have their dream wedding in Hartford, and we must admit that they made a lovely decision. You are in for a treat if you want to choose Hartford as the backdrop for your wedding. It is not surprising that Hartford, established in 1635, is one of the oldest cities in the nation. The distinctive vintage vibes of the city are really captivating when added to your Hartford wedding photographs! The city is filled with historically significant buildings, from Bushnell Park, the first publicly sponsored park, to Wadsworth Atheneum, the oldest public art museum in the US. This city has a timeless quality and is deeply layered, speaking of centuries of fascinating history. What better way to illustrate their enduring love than that?


As the state's capital, Hartford is known for its wealthy neighborhoods, free public art galleries, and nostalgic past. The state's "old" aura provides the city with an "authentic sense," which is especially true in the capital city. The Mark Twain House and Museum, Connecticut Historical Society Museum and Library, Cedar Hill Cemetery, and Elizabeth Park Conservancy are some of the top locations to visit in the city. Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art is another of the gems. In all honesty, our wedding photographers are always excited to shoot a Hartford wedding. However, we were stunned and enthralled by the gorgeous setting Nina and Eddie chose for their wedding day! 


A historic working farm, cidery, and wedding venue, Valley View Farm is tucked away in the peaceful hills of Hayden, Massachusetts. The distance to this thriving college town with a spread of attractive hotels is approximately twelve minutes. It's the ideal location for a thoughtful and elegant wedding since it contains 19th-century barns, a handmade cidery, and comfortable farmhouse lodgings. It has everything you need, from skilled planning and lovely venues to delectable cuisine and beverages that guests are bound to love. The team of professional event organizers is here to meet all of your needs and will put together a flawless event for you and your guests.


Enjoy a ceremony under the 100-year-old hickory tree or in the covered Hemenway Barn, followed by refreshments on the stone terrace and a complete selection of wines, local craft brews, barrel-aged cider, and cocktails made with fresh ingredients from the farm. Meals prepared by the in-house chef include 90% locally produced meat, dairy, and grains, as well as almost 100% locally sourced vegetables. They cultivate fresh herbs for cocktails in the greenhouse and gardens. They will put up a beverage selection that will wow your visitors, whether you're a bourbon aficionado, IPA lover, hard cider friend, or wine connoisseur. The Farmhouse and the Apple House, two homes on the farm, may accommodate up to 22 people each. Both are ideal as guest and family lodgings. 


Stay the night before and prepare for the big day with a peaceful breakfast on the porch gazing out over the farm. After that, continue the festivities in the opulent barn and outdoors by the stone fire pits while admiring the starry, calm rural sky. Valley View gives you the time and space you need to unwind and spend time with your loved ones. The farm gives a warm feeling of place and a completely unique experience, while the planners and employees deliver efficient, individualized service and a warm welcome. There are two different getting-ready areas, wedding preparation, day-of coordination, furnishings, and amenities, as well as time on the farm for fun engagement photographs. The location was gorgeous and one look at Nina and Eddie's special day proves that. 


Speaking of the wedding day, Nina and Eddie got married on a cold January day last year, the sky bright but cloudy, and the location sprinkled with powdered snow! Nina wore a white personalized t-shirt that said “bride” and leggings as she got ready for her special day. Soon she slipped into a gorgeous A-line dress with an illusion bodice with lace details and a flowy tulle skirt. Nina had her hair in an updo, and her makeup was minimal. She carried a white, blush, and green bridal bouquet to bring her to look together. To keep the cold January draft of air away, Nina also wore a white cape with lace details which helps to keep her warm. Her bridesmaids were in mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses in peach, pink, and rust, and carried matching bouquets. Eddie, our dashing groom wore a classic blue three-piece suit paired with a white shirt and a gorgeous blue floral necktie. He finished off with a white rose boutonniere and tan formal shoes. His groomsmen all wore matching blue suits but they wore pink neck-ties, instead of blue. 


After the couple got ready for the day, they met under the arch for their wedding ceremony in the barn venue area. After exchanging rings, and vows, they were declared married, and they made their grand entrance to the reception venue. But before they went in for the reception, the couple was captured in several jaw-dropping captures by our Hartford wedding photographers. While there is a lot to pick from, we especially loved the couple portrait by the vintage getaway vehicle. We also loved the shots captured by the woods with trails of snow in the frame. After the photo session, the couple arrived at the reception setting, which was decorated with greenery, white floral details, and candles. We love the rustic minimal details of the wedding decor and the setting translates beautifully in the images captured by the Hartford wedding photographers. The couple, with their easy smiles and warm rustic setting, manages to create a wedding that is not only special for them but also feels welcoming for the guests.


A photograph has the ability to amaze and capture the hearts of most people, even when our most heartfelt and well-intended words often fall flat. A couple's communication style and appearance in their wedding photographs both reveal a lot about their relationship. The value of hiring a professional photographer for your wedding cannot be overstated; it is one of the most priceless expenditures you will make as you prepare for your ideal nuptials. While there are flowers to choose from, color schemes to pick, outfits to try on, and dessert ideas to sample, it's the images that will evoke strong feelings when you're old and wrinkled, thinking back on your greatest love story. Every significant event in life benefits greatly from photographs, and your wedding day is no exception. The physical and sentimental photos live on forever, and even after they have aged and become yellow, they still tell a riveting tale.


Life is long, but precious moments are just a few handfuls! The reality is that there are very few days in your life that you will really treasure, and your wedding day will most likely top that list. Every couple wants to capture the romance of the day in the perfect photos, capturing the guests, the décor, the walk, the outfits, and everything in between! You will be able to remember your wedding day memories for the rest of your life if it is beautifully documented in photographs. A wedding's photos definitely convey a lot about the event as well as many poignant and important moments that people could have missed but that the camera caught. Our wedding photographers in Hartford did a fantastic job of capturing the lovely couple against the stunning snowy background. We really like how the Hartford wedding photographers caught the couple's delicate moments, the snowy landscape, and the subtle touches of decor. Since these are the parts of the day that couples would like to preserve forever, the delicate moments were skillfully caught and glorified. Our expert Hartford wedding photographer captured the priceless moments with a deft hand, and the result was nothing short of breathtaking!


Weddings provide a chance to sprinkle some pixie dust magic into the mundane, the type of enchantment that may be found in fairytales, fables, and movies, as well as in real life, among real people. Even the most seasoned cynics among us may be moved by the beauty of weddings in all their forms. Every couple offers its own tale and special charm to the relationship, which completes them. Even while certain things may not have gone exactly as you had hoped, such as the veil not matching precisely the one on your Pinterest board or the flowers being completely different, these little details are what make a wedding special and perfect.


Speaking of forever, Nina and Eddie’s wedding day is the most flawless thing we have seen in a while, and it seems to have been lifted straight out of a love tale. Every frame is beautiful, whether it is the stunning white background or the joyful warmth of the celebration. Whether it's the wedding stationeries or the wedding dessert bites, everything was captured well! The lovely couple was caught in breathtaking shots, creating memories that will last a lifetime! Everything comes together to make a wedding to remember, whether we're talking about the pops of colors of the wedding décor or the understated yet naturally delightful atmosphere of the wedding day. Nina and Eddie add elegance to the setting and have a talent for making things seem simple and flawless. Every aspect of this wedding is priceless, from the bride zipping up her gown until the time the pair danced to the music with their loved ones supporting them. Whether it's the guests or a total stranger staring through the photographs, there is an aura of confidence that immediately puts everyone at rest. This pair certainly walks into their "happily-ever-after" with a spring in their stride and a swing in their arms, judging by the look in their eyes and the uncontrollable grin on their lips!


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