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The Dreamy, Modernist-Vintage-esque Winter Wedding of Autumn and Cameron in Richmond Countryside


We simply cannot get over the pretty details of winter weddings. Be it a Christmas-themed wedding, or a minimal winter-inspired wedding, we love them all. Small or big parties, ornamental or minimal decor, we have always, and we mean always, loved the wonderful weddings that take place in winter. Although we are sure the reason is self-explanatory, we’ll still dive into our reasons. With winter in full swing, we love the fact the entire world comes to a stop, and when it starts snowing, we cannot get over the soft white envelope all around us. However, our favorite time of the year and our favorite kind of weddings are not only when it snows, but also the early winter weddings, much like the classy affair Autumn and Cameron had on December 12, 2021, in Richmond. The moment we saw their wedding photos, we knew that these two were meant for each other, and their wedding was one of the smoothest ones we’ve covered. From the choice of wedding venue for the day to their wedding outfits, this wedding in Richmond was perfectly decorated and exceptionally well-planned. What we loved the most about Autumn and Cameron’s wedding was from the bride and the groom to the siblings of two, from their parents to their gangs of bridesmaids and groomsmen, everyone was dressed to nines! 


The wedding took place in The Barn at Timber Creek and was dressed in the classiest wedding theme colors, and the day of the wedding was absolutely beautiful. On a cloudy day, the wedding was scheduled for the afternoon, so the cloudy day worked in the couple’s favor. Our Richmond photographer had the opportunity to click some of the best photos of the bride and then of the groom. The outdoors of the wedding venue were just perfect, as it made the bride pop out of the surroundings. And Autumn’s smile, the bright, bright, smile, made sure that we did not miss the sun on the wedding day. The Barn at Timber Creek is known for its rustic-barn beauty, making it the perfect spot for an early December wedding! This beautiful wedding venue boasts lavish lawns, a great lakeside view, and beautiful wooden interiors. They chose different locations in the venue for their indoor wedding ceremony and indoor reception party. To make the most of it as their wedding venue, the couple chose classy interior decor for the ceremony and the reception party. The wedding dress code was simple, yet classy, matching the vibe of the beautiful wedding venue in Richmond.  


The day began with the beautiful smiles of the soon-to-be-married couple, followed by their bridesmaids and groomsmen in tow, looking just as happy and full of excitement as the couple. As the two parted ways to get dressed for their big day, the two quietly smiled at each other before making their way to the separate dressing rooms. The boys decided to go through the getting-ready traditions for the groom and groomsmen. Smiling bright, full smiles, and laughing at any opportunity. The boys enjoyed a toast and dressed up for the day. This dreamy and classy wedding was made classier with the midnight blue suits. Taking their wedding day look up a notch, the boys put on bow ties and had a piece of greenery, matching the greenery decor of the wedding, as boutonnieres! As the boys were putting on their wedding day look, and smoothing out the edges, the girls were enjoying themselves, much like the boys. A hearty toast to the day to come along, the girls put on their getting-ready outfits to relax and take their time to deck themselves up. The beautiful bridesmaids’ satin getting-ready outfits were midnight blue and the bride was in her customary white outfit. Autumn told our wedding photographer that she wouldn’t miss a single opportunity on her wedding day to feel like the glorious bride she was! The dressing room’s center table was decorated with the festive decorations of the wedding day, with deep red and white flowers woven into a greenery runner. As the girls talked and giggled, our wedding photographer took a photo of the bridal gown! The beautiful gown looked just as beautiful hanging by the window as it looked on the beautiful bride. Autumn told our photographer, gently stroking her wedding dress’ train, that she loved the lace details on the dress. “The moment I saw the dress, I knew I was getting married in this,” is what she meant, we believe, and it warms our hearts! The perfect wedding dress is everyone’s dream, and we’re happy Autumn found hers! The wedding dress’s lace details were perfect, and when Autumn put it on, the lace details on the shoulders and the back looked like well-designed tattoos, and the long train made it look just right for the wedding details! 


As Autumn put on her beautiful wedding dress, the mother of the bride, also dressed in a beautiful midnight blue dress helped her daughter fix the back of her dress. Smiling at her daughter, she gently patted her shoulder. Autumn’s wedding up-do was complete, her natural bridal make-up was on point, the muted golden eye makeup gave us the festive vibes, and she had put on her silver heels for the wedding day, all that was left was to pose for a few bridal photos! To finish off her wedding day look, she paired her outfit with a pretty, minimally designed pendant, small droplet earrings, and a cathedral-style veil. The post-getting-ready photos with bright smiles. She requested a bridal photo showing off the beautiful back of the dress, and the tulle-like skirt that extended into a lace-hemmed train. Autumn was radiating happiness, and was all smiles! As she was getting ready to leave, her bridesmaids handed Autumn her wedding bouquet. The wedding bouquet was beautiful and complete with seasonal colors and flowers! The beautiful winter bouquet was created out of beautiful white and red roses, paired with ferns. As the time of the ceremony was coming close, Autumn could not contain her excitement! She slowly made her way down to the wedding ceremony! 


The wedding ceremony decor was perfect, with dainty white flowers peeking out of greenery runners all around. The mantel and the stone-walled fireplace added rustic charms to the wedding ceremony. The couple had decided to have a Christmas tree on the wedding ceremony altar, lit up with beautiful ornaments and lights. When Autumn walked down the aisle, walking arm in arm with her father. A million emotions went over her face and expressions! She was excited and blushing at the same time, with her eyes on Cameron. Cameron stood at the altar, dressed in his wedding day suit, awestruck. Helping her up to the altar, the two smiled and held hands through the entire ceremony. Taking their vows, the beautiful couple were married and sealed with a kiss as the wedding guests cheered, smiled, and clapped. Right after that, the two walked down the aisle, laughed, and giggled. As the guests dispersed to take a break and enjoy the cocktail hour, the couple stepped out, under the winter sky smiling and laughing, our wedding photographers took some amazing wedding photos! Using the space outside, and making the most of the beautiful winter afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Maxey, newlywed, excitedly called in their families and friends for some wedding photos. 


The girls, dressed in their romantic burgundy dresses gathered around their girls and gave our wedding photographer some amazing smiles. The bridesmaid bouquets were made in the image of the bridal bouquet, sans the white roses. As the girls giggled and worked around the poses, they enjoyed trying out different poses and deciding what pose to strike. Then the bride stepped aside to have a photo with her best girl, the maid of honor! As the girls wrapped up, the boys stepped in with their power poses, and stern faces. And the moment our photographer snapped a photo, the groom and his groomsmen would burst out laughing enjoying every moment of their photo session. Enjoying all of it, the boys loved posing in the same pose, as football players, and it made them look like brothers. After that, the bride stepped in to take some more photos with her brothers and friends. They even pulled out their hip flask and posed. The leather-detailed hip flasks were personalized with the initials of the groomsmen. Trying out creative ideas and enjoying every moment of it, we can clearly see how everyone was elated. As the bridesmaids and the groomsmen departed to take care of their duties, the groom and the bride had a short photo session. The two struck some traditional wedding photos, playing with the veil and trying out different poses. Just as they were about to ask their families to join in, a slight breeze made Autumn’s veil float in the air, she looked up instantly at Cameron’s face, who was already smiling. Our photographer took a photo of the moment, the world seemed to slow down, we’re sure of it. And as if on cue, the upwind wind went in the opposite direction, making Autumn’s veil flying behind her. The photo taken turned out to be the dreamiest photos we’ve ever seen! To finish off their outdoor photo session, the two happily posed with their families in front of the wedding venue’s entrance. The welcome signage was simple, with cursive lettering on a wooden plank with greenery decor. Cameron helped Autumn to position her beautiful train as well. The mother of the groom was also dressed in a deep blue dress. As the outdoor wedding photo session wrapped up, the bride was preparing to enter the reception party venue. At that moment, Cameron decided to quickly get a quick mother and son photo to remember the day. As Cameron hurried off to his wife’s side, his mother gently patted him on the back, smiling.  

As the wind kept fluttering, making Autumn’s hair and veil dance in the wind, Cameron quietly took his spot next to his wife and waited for the guests to settle in. The two were ready to make their wedding entry, arm in arm, with faces glowing and undying smiles. The bright excitement was exuding from the two, and it was an exhilarating experience. As the guests waited, and gathered around the entrance, the lovely couple walked, swinging their arms, the wedding bouquet held up in the air and was full of excitement! After all, the reception party was the last event of the wedding day and they were excited to start off a new journey together! As they entered, the reception venue roared with claps and good wishes. Autumn and Cameron smiled at their closest friends and family, relishing every moment. Soon after, they took the dance floor to start off the last leg of celebrations for the day. Cameron and Autumn’s first dance was as magical and dreamy as anyone would imagine it to be. The graceful movements, the way Cameron twirled Autumn around along the dance floor, and how they seemed to float through the entire process made us feel that they were not only doing this for the event but also because they loved dancing with each other. As their song ended, Cameron leaned into her, holding her and securing her by placing his hand on her back to kiss her. The wedding guests clapped, and the groomsmen and the bridesmaids enjoyed smiling. They took the chance to dance with their parents, and shared some amazing moments together. 

As the guests took over the dance floor, our wedding photographer had the chance to enjoy the detailed wedding details Autumn and Cameron had picked out. The precision and thoughtfulness of the couple stood out to our photographer. The wedding tablescape was absolutely stunning. With beautiful deep red tablecloths, and a white plate with gold details was just perfect for the wooden table. To add the festive vibe to the wedding tables, the couple had added smaller candles with a few tapered candlesticks, making the entire venue glow. Each plate was secured with a place card with “M” embossed on it, which stood for Maxeys. The wedding escort cards were impressively creative. The couple had planned a Christmas-themed escort card presentation! The Christmas tree decor, and the ornaments on the tree, were shaped like tree bark and had the names of the wedding guests with their table numbers. It was heartwarming to see. The accents for the wedding were cute barrels topped with a white-floral arrangement. The dessert table was decorated with small desserts and had the two-tiered white wedding cake in the center. The cake, too, was decorated with white floral details as the wedding! The last piece that caught our attention was not the buffet-style wedding dinner for the guests, which we absolutely adore when it comes to winter weddings, but the fact that Autumn and Cameron had set up a spot for their loved ones who had already passed on. With three lit candles behind an acrylic sign, the reception venue was complete. To make it easier for their guests, the two had clearly planned their wedding favor station out as well! Autumn and Cameron had decided to set up a table with two wick baskets, with checkered cloth covers, for their weddings. A beautiful gold-lettered cursive signage said “favors.” Also, the two had a cute white acrylic box, with “Honeymoon funds” written on top, so that their guests could leave them funds if they liked instead of presents. 

As the night was coming to a close, the couple decided to have their cake-cutting ceremony towards the end. Before the couple cut the cake, they hugged each other and softly embraced in a kiss. As the wedding guests gathered around to witness the couple’s happy moments, the two cut the cake to cheers and claps. Smiling ear to ear, the couple happily looked at each other. As the wedding guests enjoyed the cozy dinner party after a great wedding ceremony, the couple smiled and enjoyed themselves. As the night drew to a close, Autumn and Cameron walked out, smiling and holding hands. Their wedding exit was just as dreamy as their wedding. The wedding guests lit up sparklers and held them out. A limo had been waiting for them to take them away, a step closer to the next life they had just embarked upon!  


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