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Enchanting Winter Invitation Inspiration


There’s something especially magical about winter weddings. We feel that weddings at any time or season are perfect, but we can’t shake off the love we have for the festivities of winter weddings! If you’re planning a winter wedding then you will need to choose the right tone to build your wedding’s ambiance. Before you start planning your wedding, you should consider looking into the different styles of wedding invitations and find the one that you’d like. The reason why you should start off your planning process by looking into styles and designs is to understand what you’d like in your wedding. Just as it is for your wedding guests, the wedding invitation designs and styles will also help you to build an idea of your dream wedding. In other words, it will set the tone for you! 


  1. Festive Wedding Invitation: Merry All The Way


The search for the perfect winter wedding invitation inspiration ends with the perfect festive wedding invitation details! One of the best ways to throw a wonderful winter wedding is to set the tone with a festive wedding invitation! Think decorative wreaths, wonderful Christmas lights, beautiful ornaments, and a cutout Christmas tree! When it comes to designing the perfect festive wedding invitation set, you can try different styles. One of the best ideas is to use festive colors with minimal details. You can use Christmas-time colors, like emerald green, candy red, and creamy white for your wedding invitation! What you can do is use wreaths in the center to show your name, with the details of the wedding under it. Another way to have a Christmas wedding invitation is to have a silhouette of an X-Mas tree on a scarlet red background with beautiful gold lettering! If you’re looking for a creative touch to your wedding invitation, then you can try having a wonderful cutout winter save-the-dates in the shapes of Christmas ornaments, candy canes, or cute Christmas trees! 


  1. Starry Wedding Invitations: Starstruck Beauty


Apart from the wonderful Christmas-themed wedding invitations, another wedding invitation idea that screams serene beauty, much like a winter wedding, is a star-studded wedding invitation set. Imagine a deep blue background, with pretty white speckles. You can choose to have silver lettering on the wedding stationery. A way to include the wonderful wintery ambiance onto paper, then you can have stars on the top, with a scene with pine trees and snow! You can also work around the designs, place the pine trees on the edges of the card, or have light mist on the wedding invitation as well, to build the vibe of the season. Apart from this, you can also use this beautiful idea with some Christmas decorations in the background as well. If you’re looking for a way to add some creative and custom details to your winter-themed wedding invitations, then how about looking into constellations? You can have a star map, and combine the maps for you and your partner on the wedding invites! You can also add it to your save-the-date cards for your guests to see. The reason why we love this idea so much is that it allows you to add the charms of the season along with minimal details! 


  1. Glitter Wedding Invitations: All That Glitters, Shimmers!


Another idea that we absolutely adore is a glitter-laden wedding card set! What we love so much about this is that glitter looks good on paperless wedding cards as well as on the regular kind. If you’re not opting for paperless wedding invites, then you can add some pretty glitter dust to the wedding cards! This idea will not only make your wedding invitations look wonderful, but also dazzling. What’s more, with the glitter wedding invitation idea you can also add different colors. For example, if you’re throwing a Christmas-themed wedding, but you do not want ornamental wedding invitations, then you can use this idea in Christmas colors as well. You can use emerald green, red, and gold on your wedding invitations. Apart from this, you can choose to design your save-the-date cards with glitter corners. You also use glitter-laden names. What we mean to say is that on your save-the-date cards, you have the card designed to have your name spelled out in glitter, and the other details in normal lettering. This will add an enchanting touch to your wedding stationery. What’s more, to keep the synchronicity of your glitter wedding stationery you can add some amazing glitter details to your wedding decor! 


  1. Cozy Details: Bring Out the Comfort


If you’re looking to have a great wedding with some amazing details, then you should think about a wedding invitation idea that brings you joy, and happiness and makes you comfy. With that in mind, you can create lovely wedding stationery with a cup of hot chocolate, with steam swirling out of it. Or better yet, you can add the planned wedding decor elements to your wedding cards and save-the-date cards. What’s more, you can build the vibe by adding some cute elements, like a gingerbread house or some comfy blankets. What’s more, you can add these elements to your wedding venue as well! You can easily create a cozy space outdoors for your guests to enjoy, and leave some blankets for your wedding guests to enjoy. 


  1. Shimmering Beauties: Whimsically Wonderful 


If you’re looking for enchanting wedding invitations, then you should consider using a design that makes everything look eloquent, while being minimal. We’re absolutely loving the modern shimmering wedding invitations! There are different ways of using this idea for your wedding. Simply put you can have shimmers pouring out of the wedding cards from the corners, or you can have shimmers placed on one side of the card, which blocks one side of the card. Another reason why we love this idea is that you can use the idea with pretty much any color. Like red, blue, deep green, blush pink, muted purple, pale yellow, or any other color for that matter, shimmers pouring on paper would always look great. So, in other words, this type of wedding stationery will go well with pretty much any kind of wedding! What’s more, you can also add small star elements, metallic dots, or small rhinestones to add more charms to your winter wedding invitation! However, this is different from glitters. The shimmer on these invites won’t rub off on your hands! 


  1. Minted Wedding Stationery: Pretty Beauty


Minted wedding card ideas are perfect for winter weddings! Unlike the other ideas where you only have a few styles to try out. One of the ideas that stand out for us is a wedding invitation with white background with gold details. The white background can have gold lines running around it, or create an abstract design in the background to add style to the minted wedding idea. Another way is to have frosted flowers or greenery on the card. What’s more, you can choose to have a wedding invite with beautiful designs, such as flowers, greenery, or lights, and have minted borders on the edges of the cards or in the center of the cards! If you want to add more style to your wedding invitation sets, you can have oblong shapes or circular shapes.


  1. Lights and Lanterns: Light the Way 


One of the best ways to add an enchanting touch to your wedding invites is to add the beauty of lights to your wedding invites! You can add string lights on top of the wedding cards, or add some lanterns to the card as details. The reason why we feel that this idea comes close to capturing the essence of the season is that lights make you feel cozy. You can choose to have a couple of strings of string lights placed on the wedding cards or have rustic lanterns designed on your wedding invite. What’s more, if you choose this idea as your wedding invite idea, you can also add some amazing lantern decor, string lights, or both of these ideas to your wedding decor! 


  1. Watercolor Wonder: Colorful Bliss 


A great way to add an enchanting style to your wedding invitations is to add watercolor designs to your invites! From the details to your save-the-date cards, the watercolor style will make it just perfect. The reason why we love this idea is that there’s no limit to the styles you’d need. From a watercolor splash to elaborate details on the card, you can look for a style that rings true with your style and what you want your wedding to look like. Another reason to love this idea is that it allows you to find a wedding stationery idea even if you’re still in the process of planning your wedding! For example, if you, your partner, or your wedding planner are still solidifying the ideas for your wedding, then you should consider choosing a style that does not point to a particular style. In other words, you can choose a watercolor ombre or splash on your wedding card. But if you’re sure of what you want your wedding to look like, you can add some details to the wedding invites. For example, if you’re planning to go big on wedding floral details, then you can simply use big floral arrangements on the wedding stationery painted with watercolor. 


Tweak the Idea: If you love the watercolor wedding stationery idea, then there are more ways to use it. If the idea above does not sound just right to you, then how about adding the style to wedding lettering! You can choose a watercolor brush-style font for your wedding lettering, instead of the standard types! 


  1. Artistic Wedding Winter Invites


There are two ways of making an artsy winter wedding invitation look perfect for your wedding! One idea is to have an artistic representation of the season for your wedding invitations. And the second idea is to have one of your favorite art pieces, winter-inspired of course, as the backdrop of your wedding invitation. For example, although Van Gogh’s Starry Night is not actually about a winter night, it gives you a sense of the winter vibe. Apart from that, you can try to get any of your favorite winter artworks printed or remastered on your wedding invite. Also, you can choose to have your favorite winter-inspired painting or artwork as the background to your escort cards. If you choose to have your favorite winter art piece added to your wedding stationery as an escort card, then you can use minimal colors to have your card designed. Another amazing way to make your artsy winter wedding invites just perfect is to have a watercolor ombre background, which has the same color hues as the winter art piece you’ve chosen! Another way to add more beauty to your invites is to think of adding large modern fonts. This will help you to keep the synchronization of colors, hues, and fonts perfect. 


Bonus Idea: Snowflakes Everywhere!


Snow on your wedding day is like a dream come true. A snowy wedding makes everything look like a fairytale. Although there’s no surety of snowfall, we can definitely add the vibes to the wedding, right? Apart from trying to work the wedding decor out, you can set the tone for your wedding with a wonderful snowflake wedding card! Of course, you can have the card shaped like a big snowflake. But there’s more to the idea! You can also have your regular styles with snowflakes dripping all over the card. Or you can have a minimal wedding invite with a deep blue border, going over all the edges, with pretty snowflakes designed on them! What’s more, you can have tiny glitter snowflakes designed all over the empty space on the card. If you want a minimal wedding invite set, then the best way is to have a minimal card with all the details. The card can be in the customary snowflake colors, light blue, white, and with hints of mint blue. And you can have a snowflake-shaped save-the-card. 


With that, we are at the end of our ideas for wedding invitations to send out to set the tone for your dazzling winter wedding. However, when you’re looking into different ideas and styles for your wedding, make sure that you take your time. Rushing to finalize a style may make sense, but may have some elements that do not match the idea of your dream wedding. Pay close attention to the details on the cards. If you’re not happy with the premade styles or presets, do not hesitate to get custom wedding invites designed for your wedding. Custom wedding invitations will give you more control over the designs and will help you compile different designs and elements. You can use one of the ideas above, or a couple more of the ideas together to create something that is closer to your ideas and desires! That said, before you choose a style for your wedding, make sure to talk to your partner about it. You can pick out a few styles, and discuss which one is just right for your wedding with your partner. When you decide on which style to pick out, consider the type of envelope you’d want for your wedding cards.


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