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Last Minute Wedding Venue Hunt Made Easy With These Simple Tips


Yes! The stars are in your eyes gleaming just like the glossy rock shining on your finger ring. Getting engaged to the love of your life can be the most exciting time for every couple who has envisioned this day over and over again. And as the post-engagement celebrations continue with congratulatory messages pouring in from everywhere, there is another thing that comes up slowly- wedding planning. From the most simple wedding planning tips to some of the most difficult decisions of wedding planning sessions, planning a dream wedding is no easy fête for any couple. Even amidst the most simplified wedding planning tips and tricks, there is one question that you cannot skip- where will you get married? Finding the perfect wedding venue for beginning your forever will need you to go over many important decisions. From rustic chic barn wedding venues for winter wedding celebrations to dream-like beach wedding venues marked with tranquility to gorgeous mountain-top wedding celebrations in stunning ski resorts and cabin venues, there is one wedding venue for every aesthetic.


Just like other aspects of wedding planning, your wedding venue decisions will have a significant impact on the entire wedding. Search for the best wedding venue can be time-consuming and may take up a lot of your efforts along the way. From getting married in the middle of the peak wedding season to planning a wedding within a six-month time frame, your wedding venue search might require you to reassess some of your wedding decisions or be a little flexible. Sometimes it is possible to book some of the most statement-making wedding venues even within a shorter time span by tweaking some other wedding planning details like the choice of your wedding date, day, location, season, and wedding venue type. The more flexible you are, the higher your chances become of finding an amazing wedding venue. In other words, finding your dream wedding venue can be much easier if you let go of your unrealistic set of predetermined venue criteria that can tick all your boxes.


Of course, your wedding location choice is more than just a place to exchange your wedding vows. It plays a major role in the look and feel of your entire wedding celebration and can also take up almost half of your entire wedding budget. This is where many non-traditional wedding venue choices come into play that is not only budget-friendly but also do not let you sacrifice your personality and wedding style. We have a few pointers and tricks that might help if you feel like finding a wedding venue is impossible. For more advice on how to choose a wedding location that fits your style and price range, keep reading!


Yes, some of the more traditional wedding venues will be reserved a year or more in advance, but even then, there may be some flexibility. If you choose to have a midweek wedding, you might have a better chance of getting one of the more sought-after locations. Keep in mind that management might be eager to fill a date quickly due to unexpected availability. These budget-friendly and unique wedding venues will help you to cover the last legs of last-minute wedding planning. So whether you are looking to change a few things in your wedding planning or looking for a non-traditional wedding location for your big day, read on to find your options. 


Guide for Last-minute Wedding Venue Search


Go for a weekday wedding 


Since the majority of couples want to get married on a Saturday, wedding venues tend to fill up quickly. You might have more success finding your ideal venue by broadening your search and holding your event on a different day. Since more and more events are now being held on Thursday, Friday, or even Sunday afternoons, Saturday is no longer the only day to take into account. You should think about hosting a brunch wedding or a morning wedding event in addition to simply considering different days for your event. A weekday wedding may not only make it easier for you to find a location, but it may also help you save money. Hosting a mid-week wedding will not open up different wedding venue options, giving you more options, but you are also more likely to find top wedding vendors and suppliers who are available on that day. However, keep in mind that some guests may find it more difficult to attend on weekdays due to work obligations, so be sure to give them enough time to plan for your wedding. 


Broaden your horizon 


To find the ideal last-minute wedding space you might need to travel a little further, but as long as you give guests as much notice as you can, a little extra travel is a small price to pay. For instance, summertime is a popular time for weddings at many locations, including ski resorts. It is a great option for availability because it is not during the busiest hours for their regular services. Summer camp weddings are a fantastic resource to research. Before the start of their high summer camp season, these locations frequently host weddings in the fall and spring.


Don't restrict based on accommodation 


Expecting lodging on-site rather than at a nearby hotel is a mistake. There are thousands of incredible wedding venues across the US without any on-site lodging. It is unreasonable to disregard them because you believe staying onsite will be wonderful. Simply take over a nearby boutique hotel!


Renting a private residence for your wedding 


You might be able to find your ideal wedding location in your own backyard or at a private home. Consult with your loved ones to assess your options. Hello, Airbnb weddings! Checking out a well-known rental listing website like Airbnb or vrbo.com is a fantastic additional option. If you decide to rent a private residence for your wedding event, you should first confirm that doing so is legal in the area. Additionally, it's critical to determine whether you require any paperwork or insurance to avoid any hiccups along the way. 


Don't look for exclusive use 


Many upscale properties have enough wedding event spaces to manage two or more weddings simultaneously without the separate wedding parties' guests mixing with one another or even being aware that other events are happening. Additionally, exclusive wedding space use frequently entails a fee, which may be excessive or money better used elsewhere.


Follow through the latest wedding blogs 


When possible, use the internet and online resources. Trustworthy wedding blogs can offer original suggestions for a wedding venue and are a wealth of information. Many focus on particular towns, cities, and hidden gem wedding venues that might just be the inspiration you have been looking for. These wedding venue resources concentrate on fashionable and seasonal choices that you might not have otherwise thought about. The blog post suggestions may be useful on their own or may inspire you to come up with the ideal locations for your wedding.


Choose an off-season wedding 


You are least likely to find event space during these months because summer is the peak season. Why not select early spring or late autumn instead? The beauty of these seasons won't diminish, but you will have much more breathing room because there won't be as much competition from other couples.


Rejecting due to dancing space 


Don't reject wedding venues where dancing is done in a separate room that is adjacent to the dining room. Many grand country houses and mansion wedding venues have elaborate dining rooms that are inappropriate for dancing. The extra cost of having a separate room for dancing is frequently negligible compared to the benefits of holding your wedding in such a place.


Consult with family and friends about the wedding celebration 


Last but not least, asking friends and family for assistance when looking for anything, even a wedding venue, makes the wedding venue planning process simpler. You might be surprised by the number of suggestions that start flooding in once you start letting people know what kind of venues you are looking for.


Find an alternate wedding venue


As alternatives to traditional wedding venues, yachts, historical buildings, libraries, colleges, and museums can all be excellent choices for unique wedding locations. Your chances of finding a wedding venue with availability greatly increase if you take into account non-traditional wedding locations. Finding a special and distinctive location will also help you and your guests have a memorable day. For instance, National Parks are a great choice if you want to elope or have a spectacular outdoor wedding. Numerous National Parks have locations where a wedding can be held, making it both practical and lovely. They have limitless potential to design a distinctive, personalized wedding theme and venue. Here are some of our favorite traditional wedding venue alternatives


  • Adventure wedding locations The more epic and remote the location, the better. "Adventure weddings" are held on top of mountains, beneath waterfalls, or deep inside canyons. The thrill-seeking couple who enjoys hiking and traveling and who is looking for a truly thrilling alternative to the traditional venue will love adventure wedding destinations!


  • Distilleries and breweries Winery wedding venues should make way for breweries and distilleries as popular wedding locations. Numerous of these facilities have an industrial-chic wedding aesthetic in addition to having a huge selection of craft beers and spirits on tap. A brewery or distillery setting might be the answer if you are looking for a place that's both interesting and intoxicating.


  • Festival weddings Find a boho-chic wedding location in the wilderness if you want your event to have an open-air festival feel! Include tents, teepees, or yurts, lawn games, food trucks, fire pits, and, of course, music to create a festival wedding atmosphere. Then, spend the entire weekend celebrating with your VIP guests at your own private wedding fest.


  • Glasshouse and greenhouse locations Glasshouse wedding venues, which range from conservatories and atriums to botanical gardens, offer an outdoor setting with lush vegetation without the risk of bad weather. Couples can enjoy the best of both worlds with stunning garden views in a climate-controlled indoor setting. Additionally, a lot of these "living museums" are nonprofits, so your rental payments will help them as well. Why not love it?


  • Historic wedding locations Wedding locations with a backstory or a sense of mystery provide a distinctive atmosphere and may even take you to another time and place. Historic wedding venues offer one-of-a-kind settings that capture the imagination, from well-known landmarks to medieval castles. And if you really want to surprise your guests, especially with a Halloween-themed wedding, hold your wedding in a real haunted house where strange occurrences aren't out of the question!


  • Museums, libraries, and galleries Museums, libraries, and galleries are works of art in and of themselves, frequently known for dramatic architecture, amazing exhibits, and carefully curated collections. Museum wedding venues as well as libraries and galleries frequently offer such a striking backdrop that little additional décor is frequently required. Get married next to fossilized dinosaur remains, in front of priceless artwork or priceless books, or in a planetarium under the stars.


  • Lounges and nightclubs Why not hold your event in a real nightclub if you want your wedding reception to have a hip nightclub vibe? Many nightclubs magically transform into modern event spaces once the EDM is turned down and the strobe lights are turned off. Additionally, they can extend your party well past the typical wedding venue's "curfew" because they typically don't have noise restrictions.


  • Rooftop wedding venues Hosting a rooftop wedding is something to think about if you want to truly impress your guests with a million-dollar view! Picture a wedding ceremony taking place in front of a view of the entire city, or a killer dance party that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. When it comes to your venue, talk about raising the bar (and the roof)!


  • Ski resort venues Many couples who enjoy staying in shape feel right at home in sports facility wedding venues, including bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, ski resorts, and even circus training facilities. Think about eating your meal beneath a trapeze net while watching absurd aerial performances, or putting on your bowling shoes after the cake is cut. If you want to host a more healthy, family-friendly celebration, these sports-themed wedding venues are a great choice.


  • Theaters and stadiums During the off-season, rent out the stadium of your preferred team and exchange vows there. Or you could exchange vows on the stage of a lavish theater while your name is projected on the marquee. Serve popcorn and candy from the movie theater, or beer and hot dogs.


While some couples do choose to wait a year or longer to get married, others might decide to get married sooner. Unfortunately, this results in less time for scheduling, and there are undoubtedly many appointments to make. It might seem overwhelming to plan a wedding this year, but rest assured that it's not impossible and that it will all be worthwhile. Okay, so exhale and calm your thoughts. When planning a wedding, the venue is the most crucial thing to reserve first. Numerous other specifics, including the date, expected number of guests, and vendors available for your big day, will be influenced by this. Finding the ideal wedding event space can be frustrating for couples because wedding venues are sometimes hard to come by. But the above list will keep you covered.


Your wedding venue choice dictates everything from wedding decor aesthetics to gorgeous wedding lighting ideas to the kind of atmosphere your loved ones will celebrate your union. Hence it is one of the most important wedding planning aspects. The above-mentioned budget-friendly wedding venue ideas are not only unique but also can act as the perfect background for your once-in-a-lifetime memories. Brides with a short engagement period can use this as their last-minute wedding venue hunt guide. This way, once you have booked your wedding venue you can move on to other details of your wedding as these wedding venue search tips will take the stress away of planning your wedding within six months or less.


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