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April Flowers For Your Garden Wedding!


The season of your wedding dictates so many wedding planning choices including floral arrangement plans. Of course, during modern wedding planning sessions, you can buy almost every flower at any time of the year. But these exotic wedding flower choices might be heavy on your pocket. Hence choosing locally grown and seasonal wedding flowers can contribute to sustainable wedding choices along with being easy on your wedding budget. Speaking about wedding seasons, April is the season when the year is officially stepping into spring. Hence April wedding flowers can bring you some of the best wedding flower choices. So what are some of our favorite in-season spring blooms? Read this list to find your fit as April is a prime time for flowers and in-season wedding blooms for this month can leave you with a plethora of choices.


Our Favorite April Flowers for an Exquisite Celebration:




Tulips, like daffodils, are a symbol of spring because of their distinctive shape and eye-catching hues. The fashionable variety of fringe tulips is becoming more and more well-liked among florists and soon-to-be newlyweds. Tulips come in a wide range of varieties, each with its own look and feel. Additionally, there are many color options to choose from for some superb stunning wedding bouquets that can speak for the season and your wedding colors! Since each tulip variety has a unique appearance and feel, including these fringed beauties as well as the parrot, double, and French varieties, they all appeal to us. Hence tulips are one of the best April flowers for weddings


Daffodil Bulbs 


Daffodils can instantly make your wedding a spring-inspired affair! They make lovely mixed bouquets and bridal flower arrangements for weddings and are inexpensive and simple to grow. Single or double flowers can be found in a variety of hues, such as white, coral, and yellow. Daffodils should be kept apart from the other flowers in your spring wedding bouquet arrangement if you want to include them in a DIY arrangement. The sap that oozes from narcissus blooms' stems can make other flowers wilt. The daffodils can be secured in some floral foam to completely stop the sap from leaking.




Strong-stemmed wedding flowers like stock are a great choice if you prefer arrangements that use less greenery, such as eucalyptus, but still, have lots of texture and shape. Although stock begins to bloom in the spring, it is also a common summer wedding flower.




Another spring groom boutonniere option, Freesia is a favorite of spring with up to 10 tiny bell-shaped flowers on each stem. These spring wedding flowers can be added as accents to your place settings or escort cards. These ruffled blooms are fragrant and come in a variety of hues. They are among the plant species with the widest variety. Freesia flowers aren't the cheapest kind of flowers, but they aren't as expensive as peonies either.


Sweet Peas


Sweet peas are a delicate bloom that should only be used sparingly, but they make a stunning addition to any wedding flower arrangement. These small, ruffled flowers not only have a lovely scent but also a wide variety of colors. Perfect for decorating your flower bar ideas, these spring-inspired wedding blooms are among the widest-found plant kingdom. Although some rarer varieties of sweet peas can be very pricey, they are still much less expensive than other spring wedding blooms like peonies. The well-known flower is accessible in spring and summer as well, making it a dependable choice for many upcoming nuptials.




Viburnum is a round, green flower with a hydrangea-like appearance that brightens springtime floral arrangements. The best times to go for these spring-inspired wedding flowers are typically in late spring and early summer.




We adore snapdragons for spring wedding bouquet ideas! Snapdragons bloom on a long stem and are similar to stock or foxgloves in appearance. They are ideal for dramatic aisle decorations and centerpieces. The flower, which blooms in the early spring, is available in a range of hues, including red, orange, white, and pink. They have a whimsical feel and can add textures when used sparingly with mixed blooms or on their own in a bouquet. These are on the more affordable end of the price spectrum. They also have a playful mood and fall toward the lower end of the price range. 




When used in cascading wedding bouquets or as a component of floral wedding arches where the flower can freely fall downward, these purple flowers are at their best. The soft purple flower blooms in early May.




Anemone flowers are distinguished by their distinctive black centers. They can add a playful and enjoyable touch to all spring wedding floral arrangements. Since the anemone flower is in bloom from October through May, both winter and spring couples can benefit from this striking flower or add them to their summer wedding flower arrangements.


Baby's Breath


No matter the season, a baby's breath makes a lovely filler bloom for wedding bouquets. The bloom is equally effective in floral arrangements for winter weddings and spring wedding celebrations.




Gardenias make ideal wedding boutonnieres due to their large size, strong scent, and sweetness. These are ideal for an all-white color scheme or monochromatic wedding bouquet styles because they only come in white or ivory shades. They are the perfect choice for decorating with a monochromatic or muted wedding color scheme. Be careful because when they begin to wilt, they might turn brown. 




This long and in-bloom branch can speak for your spring wedding! Forsythias are great for a bar setup because they look great on their own in big and sculptural wedding flower arrangements. It can give spring flower arrangements drama and texture. The colorful spring blooms from late March to mid-April and has a relatively short growing season. 




Don't we all love carnations? Carnations are a popular choice for elaborate installations, such as wedding ceremony arches, because they are affordable wedding flowers.




The early- to mid-spring flower hyacinth is a wonderful addition to spring wedding bouquets. The spring flower has hues ranging from pink and purple to white and grows in USDA Hardiness Zones 4 to 8, making it widely accessible throughout the US. So if you are considering eco-friendly wedding flowers that are widely accessible and not exotic, this can be it.




Chrysanthemums are a good substitute for dahlias if you have always wanted them in your wedding bouquet but they are typically only available for early spring and summer weddings. The flower has gorgeous, striking petals, much like dahlias.




What is an April wedding without roses? Roses are a perennial favorite for April wedding flower ideas because there are so many different varieties and hues to choose from. Roses pair well with a variety of flowers in bouquets and centerpiece arrangements. Garden roses and spray roses are staples in bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and table centerpieces during spring weddings. You should definitely include these widely accessible blooms in your spring floral arrangements. It is one of the most timeless wedding flower options that never go out of style and comes in countless variations and hues to suit any aesthetic. Roses blend well with other April wedding bouquets and centerpieces.




The hydrangea makes a great flower for spring wedding arrangements because of the volume it adds. Ask your florist to layer in other white flowers, like hydrangea, into the design if you have always wanted an all-white bouquet but don't want it to be a strictly rose bouquet. Another explanation for why soon-to-be-weds adore hydrangeas? They start to appear in the spring and bloom through the summer and into the early fall. They are perfect fall wedding flowers for brides who are planning early.




These exotic beauties were once thought of as tacky, out-of-date wedding flowers, but right now they are one of the most trendy wedding flowers. We have been loving all the creative new ways they have been incorporated into wedding floral arrangements with a contemporary twist. Orchids come in a wide variety of hues and patterns, and there are countless varieties, including tiny and enormous orchids in every size and shape imaginable.




What's not to love about the lilacs' delicate, pastel purple hue? Northern states have the best lilac harvest from mid to late spring. Clematis is a choice for couples looking for more purple wedding flowers; it's primarily available in the summer, but it might be possible to find some for a late-spring wedding.




Probably one of the most romantic wedding florals for Valentine's Day after roses, peonies are forever favorites among spring brides. There is sure to be a peony that matches your aesthetic among the many colors that bloom from April to June. In a bridesmaid or bridal bouquet at a dreamy estate wedding, white peonies would fit right in, while vibrant coral charm peonies would be the perfect details for a whimsical garden wedding setting. Even with their hefty price tag, everyone adores them. The typical peonies that come to mind are white, pink, rose, and red. The color spectrum of tree and peonies hybrid peonies are more varied and includes hues of coral, yellow, dark mahogany, and deep purple. Peonies are adaptable flowers that go well with many different types of flowers. However, if used alone, they might make your bouquet appear a little too spherical.


Lily of the Valley


Lily of the valley, a favorite of the British royal family, is a wonderful choice for elegant, formal spring weddings. One of the exotic choices for spring wedding flowers, calla lilies, and orchids make excellent additions to elegant spring weddings. Moreover, the lily of the valley is the best option for springtime couples seeking a formal and traditional wedding flower.




Irises are considerably underrated wedding flowers! They typically have a vivid purplish color, but they also come in other interesting and lovely varieties with ombré or sunset coloring. White iris flowers can be thrown into a spring bridal bouquet to add texture and a little frill, much like a sweet pea.




If you want to use seasonal spring flowers in your wedding boutonnieres, Muscari is a great choice. Muscari blooms during mid-spring, which is also when tulips bloom, and both these flowers can complement each other in spring bridesmaid bouquets.


Mini Cymbidium 


Smaller versions of traditional cymbidium are known as mini cymbidium. Five-pointed petals make up this spring flower. There is a wide variety of colors available, including cream, oink, lemon yellow, and amber brown. The smell is pleasant. These spring reception flowers work well for corsages, wedding bouquets, and table centerpieces.




Cornflowers can be used in centerpieces and bouquets at spring weddings. These wildflowers are lovely. They would look stunning with the white wedding cake or the wildflower-inspired bridal bouquet. Even though blue flowers are uncommon in nature, cornflowers are pretty wildflowers that are great for adding a tiny splash of color to your wedding whites.


Gloriosa Lily 


These exotic flowers, which have curled petals, are also known as climbing lilies, glory, and fire lilies. It is red with simple yellow hues and yellow edges. Dahlias, orchids, and roses work best as a backdrop for Gloriosa lilies. Or, for a more tropical appearance, it can be used solely in a bouquet.




Poppies are gorgeous spring blooms. But they are also very delicate and hence it is best to combine them with more robust flowers. Poppies typically become available from late spring to early summer and bloom in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 through 8.




Want "something blue" wedding flowers? Lisianthus comes in some incredibly beautiful varieties, despite the fact that they stay underrated as they are mostly used as "filler flowers." Some varieties are so full and frilly that they almost resemble roses. They are perfect for brides who are looking for all-season wedding inspiration when it comes to flowers.




Delphiniums are tall and stemmy statement-makers that work well independently in spring flower ideas. They come in different blue and blueish-purple tones. Similar to stock, delphinium is a springtime bloom that gives arrangements a lovely texture. The spring bloom is a very adaptable choice as it is available in a range of hues, including blue, white, and pink.




These little flowers are the cutest ever! They make adorable little additions to a bouquet of all-white or greenery because they are petite and feminine. We have seen miniature bridal bouquets made entirely of tweedia for spring weddings.




One of the most widely used wedding flowers, ranunculus complements roses in springtime wedding bouquets. All thanks to its compact petal structure. This well-known flower has a huge color range, a ton of sizes, and a ton of different varieties, all of which contribute to its popularity. The price range is broad because some types are magnificent and enormous. These are less common than the smaller, more common ranunculus.


Queen Anne's Lace Filler Flower 


Queen Anne's lace, also known as bishop's lace, wild carrot, bird's nest, and Daucus Carota, is an assortment of tiny white flowers on a stem. This flower is used as a filler to complete bouquets. It gives simple wedding bouquets some glitz. But it can also be used for a greenery wedding flower arrangement idea.


Found what you were looking for in your spring wedding flower arrangements? Of course, no spring wedding is complete without pretty pastel blooms and sweet-smelling floral arrangements. From the wedding altar design to the wedding cake to the reception table centerpiece ideas to the bridesmaid bouquets, these spring flowers can be used everywhere. One of the best ways to save money on wedding flowers is to ask your wedding florist to use only in-season flowers and greenery. Moreover, your wedding flowers will have a special place in your wedding photos which means they have to be special. From bold pops of color to romantic pastel flowers, choose your wedding flowers in your favorite colors. The trendy and visually stimulating April flowers can make up for all your wedding decorations!


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