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Friday Favorites: 25 Superbly Stunning Bouquets


Every bride has her own unique style. Our favorite bouquets cover a wide range of color schemes, shapes and styles, yet each one is beautiful in its own way! From fall bouquets, to winter, to spring and summer, we couldn’t choose just one to share! So here are 25 swoon worthy bouquets that we adore, and we hope you will too!

beautiful wedding bouquet portrait

beautiful lavender wedding bouquet

We absolutely love how these brides are branching out from traditional bouquets and getting wild! These loose floral arrangements create the “just picked from the garden” illusion. Greenery of all varieties and lengths gives an earthy, carefree look that will have your guests oohing and aahing all day long.

beautiful wild wedding bouquet

beautiful winter wedding bouquet

The magical thing about a bouquet of flowers is that it does not need to be complex to be beautiful! A bouquet made solely of baby’s breath or lavender can make a statement as powerful as any other. If color is not your thing, an all white bouquet is a stunning and classic option as well. I mean, how gorgeous is this simple white rose and dahlia arrangement!? We also appreciate that the photographer captured it individually so its beauty can be remembered forever -- Even after the big day! Make sure your bouquet is documented in a way that is special to you, for we know every detail is important, especially those that you handpicked!

beautiful white wedding bouquet portrait

beautiful wedding bouquet detail


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