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Philadelphia Ballroom Wedding Photos

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Wed in Style and Elegance at Philadelphia Ballroom

Nestled in the gorgeous city of Philadelphia, you’ll come across a fairytale land that makes all wedding dreams come true! Philadelphia Ballroom has been providing a Cinderella feel to many Philly brides for over 35 decades, wouldn’t you want to live your dream too? Serving newly engaged couples of Philadelphia and its suburbs like Chesterbrook, Ardmore, Berwyn, Devon, Narberth, Blue Bell, Springdale, Bryn Mawr, and Conshohocken, Philadelphia Ballroom has carved a niche in the market of wedding venues in Philadelphia and its suburbs. Philadelphia Ballroom is a perfect destination for all sorts of weddings, from an intimate soiree to a grand wedding of up to 450 guests.

At around half an hour drive from the hustle and bustle of downtown Philadelphia, Philadelphia Ballroom is conveniently located and combines the luxurious decor with romantic ambiance, and wraps it with exceptional service to give you a perfect gift of life - your wedding day! If you have always wanted to feel like a princess on your wedding day, Philadelphia Ballroom provides you with the perfect fairytale setting. 

From the moment you and your partner decide to get married, your mind gets bombarded with so many things. Starting from your bridal gown, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the cuisine,  that perfect invite which will set the tone for your wedding, to the decor and theme of your wedding, the list is long but definitely doable! Have you picked a wedding date yet? Well, your wedding date also depends on so many factors such as the venue of your dreams being available on that day, your loved ones’ availability, and the season you wish to get married in. Be it the pastels of a summer wedding or the deep hues of a winter wedding, or even a thanksgiving touch to a wedding around that time, it all requires a lot of planning.

Coming to the wedding venue, finding the perfect wedding venue in Philadelphia not only makes your wedding dreams come alive but also brings out the spirit of your wedding celebrations. Philadelphia is a vibrant city bustling with southern charm and rich cultural and historical vibes. Philadelphia’s iconic history dates back to the era of the 1700s and still lingers in every nook and cranny of the city. Its roots, history, culture, and great architecture beat in the heart of every local.

The city boasts various engagement locations and post-wedding photography locations as well. You can capture the soul of Philly under the blooms of Morris Arboretum, in the solitude of Wissahickon Park, amidst the scenic beauty of Race Street Pier, or the spectacularly unique settings of your wedding venue in Philadelphia.  For a city that’s so rich in history, our Philadelphia photographers love to incorporate it into your Philadelphia wedding photography to make it unique and soulful. And Philadelphia Ballroom is a wedding venue in Philadelphia that blends style and the urban culture with scenic beauty that’s so astounding that it’ll leave your guests awestruck and leave you looking at your wedding photos in awe! This elegant Philadelphia wedding venue wonderfully transforms the magic of romance, wedding celebrations, history, and the soul of your love story into the most precious wedding keepsake of your big day - your wedding photos. Looking every bit like a work of art, your Philadelphia Ballroom wedding photography would be your portal to hop back into time and relive your wedding day. 

Let’s enlighten you more about the amazing wedding facilities at Philadelphia Ballroom, which make it an unparalleled wedding destination in Philadelphia in the world of glamorous weddings.

Imagine a Philadelphia wedding venue that gives you the historic-city feel, is conveniently located in the heart of the city, is an epitome of romantic celebrations, and sets a spectacular backdrop for your wedding photos. All this, while offering you complete privacy that’ll make you feel as if you’re in a beautiful place, away from the city, in your own pretty bubble with your loved ones. That’s Philadelphia Ballroom for you. This unique wedding venue in Philadelphia is home to everything beautiful that adds magic to your wedding celebrations.

Let’s shed some light on the event spaces that this amazing Philadelphia wedding venue has to offer. 

Philadelphia Ballroom houses beautiful interiors and lighting features which are great for wedding portraits and even better for your wedding reception and cocktail hours. You can begin your day getting ready with your bridesmaids in their super gorgeous Bridal Suite and before you proceed with the wedding ceremony, how about getting some bridal portraits, along with wedding portraits with your besties? Or when your mother gives those final touch-ups to your bridal look? This is the best you’ll all look on your wedding day - absolutely fresh! Before any more touch-ups are required, you might as well want to capture all the beauty in one frame in its freshest form! Strike a pose with your girlfriends who have been looking forward to your wedding just like you were. Indulge in some fun-filled candid shots to remember your wedding shenanigans! It could be in your bridal attire and bridesmaids’ dresses or getting-ready robes (they also have a huge bridal party space available). Have you decided on getting-ready robes for your bridal party yet? If not, check out our blog to explore some totally unconventional getting-ready robes. 

For an indoor wedding that is all elegance and sophistication, the Philadelphia Ballroom is a perfect wedding venue. The grandeur here is unparalleled. Sparkling chandeliers add a warm glow to your wedding photographs and gorgeous drapes add a warm romantic ambiance everywhere. You could add more glamor by introducing some glitter in the decor and wedding details like the menu cards, name tags, seating chart, hashtag sign, and favors. The dance floor is spectacular and looks stunning surrounded by gorgeous drapes. The shining dance floor is great for a big party so all your guests can indulge in the wedding dance shenanigans. Of course, your first dance can begin the dance party for everyone! Imagine you both, drenched in the happiness of your wedding, dancing to your carefully curated song list that is perfect for the romantic and celebratory mood. The chandeliers add to the dreaminess while the colors of the hall set a mushy tone. Your personalized decor, interiors of the ballroom, and the romance all blend together and create magic for candid wedding photography. And such moments are where time simply freezes. You wish for it to never end and just keep dancing to the tune of love forever, with all your loved ones around you. Where everyone is glowing with the idea of love, happiness, and celebrations! The lighting looks stunning on your wedding photography and transforms the wedding photos into timeless and classic images. You can further improvise by introducing themes to your wedding decor like vintage, summer, festive winters, or others. To give your wedding a vintage feel, you could add various elements to it in the form of wedding accents. Check out our blog for more ideas. To match the elegant interiors of the hall, you could also opt for a naked wedding cake. Click here for ideas. You could also try out a unique wedding seating that suits your style, check out our blog to explore more. The sparkling chandeliers bring in subtle glamor to the entire ambiance. The soft glow all around takes the romantic setting a notch higher and the hardwood floors tempt you to forget about the world and lose yourself in your husband’s embrace as you both indulge in your first dance. It’s this moment when you want these romantic moments to pause and our Philadelphia wedding photographers know that pretty well. Trust our professional wedding photographers to capture these precious once-in-a-lifetime moments while you revel in the celebrations of your big day. Let that feeling of being newlywed sink in. 

Let’s talk about our favorite part now - wedding photography. After the ceremony, as mentioned earlier you could simply sneak out with your husband for a little while, to capture some romantic keepsakes of your big day! Apart from the lobby, you can hit the outdoors and spend some time in the garden which is a great place to capture romantic wedding portraits of the newly-wed couple in natural light. Being away from all the commotion will make you breathe in solitude for a while. Our Philadelphia wedding photographers love to capture newlywed couples when they are simply being themselves, together - in love. Away from the duties or expectations of the rest of the world. You could move on the pergola to capture some elegant wedding portraits. This spot will also give you a sense of romantic isolation and you can just take a moment to let that feeling of being husband and wife sink in. You can also take a walk along the road for a great feel of including the ‘daily’ into your ‘once-in-a-lifetime!’ You could also have your bridal party join you in the outdoors. So, once you both are done getting wedding-couple portraits, you call in your bridesmaids and groomsmen to capture all the friendships that are highly cherished! 

The outdoor terrace with the fountain is our absolute favorite for wedding portraits of the newlywed couple and their photos with their loved ones. Make sure you get most of your wedding photos clicked during the day with natural light falling on to you. The glow of the sunlight, the glory of water, and love in the focus - make wedding photography like none other! You could have all the bridesmaids and groomsmen join you both here for some spectacular naturally-lit wedding photos. The golden hour is also a great time for some outdoor post-wedding photography. As you two simply be yourselves, our Philadelphia wedding photographer will capture the gorgeous tones of sky enveloping you both in a warm hug of love as you share an intimate moment reveling in your happiest day! If your wedding is a winter wedding and the thought of venturing out in the open, that too near a fountain scares you, we’ve got your back. There are so many ways in which you can add another layer to your bridal attire that’ll keep you away from the chill. You could wear a faux-fur shrug, a wrap, or a warm cape to keep you warm outside. 

And if it rains on your wedding day, do not be disheartened. Rain is synonymous with romance and our Philadelphia wedding photographers just know exactly how to transform your rainy wedding day into an epitome of romance in the form of artistic romantic photos, Take a cue from our blog

Have you thought about your post-wedding photography? It has its own unique value and adds more depth to your precious day. This day will only happen once in your lifetime and will pass by in a blink! The excitement that runs throughout the day coupled with having to attend to guests, you’ll be so occupied that the day will fly in the blink of an eye! After your grand wedding exit, post-wedding photography would extend your wedding celebrations and you bask in the glory of your wedding day for a longer time. Philadelphia is home to some amazing photo ops which will make brilliant backdrops for your post-wedding photography, both indoors and outdoors, in natural light and around sunset. However, if you and your partner are keen on exploring other nearby locations for post-wedding photography, we’ve got you covered. And this also applies to your pre-wedding photoshoot (engagement photo session). 

If you wish to explore other areas in Philadelphia and its suburbs for your Philadelphia post-wedding photography, there are various options for you. These places also serve as ideal locations for Philadelphia pre-wedding photos. The Longwood Gardens, Bartram's Garden, Ridley Creek State Park, St. Peter's Hiking Trails, Wyebrook Farm, New Hope & Ivyland Railroad, and Valley Forge National Historic Park are just some of the places you could go up to for romantic Philly engagement photography.

Apart from these, we have curated a detailed list of places where you can hop to for a classic Philadelphia post-wedding photography or pre-wedding photography. All of these places are less than an hour away from the Philadelphia Ballroom. Therefore, they are ideal for your post-wedding photography. Even if your reception party ends late, you can visit these places for memorable post-wedding photos, and after your ‘After-Party’ as well!  Read on to know more. 

30th Street Station

This gorgeous Philly engagement location is located just 25 minutes from the wedding venue. This station belongs to the era of the 1930s and is home to some spectacular history that resides in its art-deco style building. It is one of the main stations in Philadelphia and houses boundless photo ops like the gorgeous lawns around, the waterfront, and the station itself. 

Ben Franklin Bridge

Located just 21 minutes from Philadelphia Ballroom, Ben Franklin Bridge is a beautiful way of inculcating the vibes of Philadelphia into your post-wedding photography. The waterfront, the bridge, and the glittering cityscape behind make breathtaking backdrops for an anytime-photography! You could come here no matter what time your wedding gets over and witness the wedding-day feel lingering on for some more time as you spend some more time in solitude with your husband. For engagement photography. You could simply walk around the bridge to capture the essence of Philly. The cobblestone sidewalks, the lush greens, and historic buildings nearby would give you ample photo ops.

Old City

Rustic alleys, cobblestone streets, old brick buildings, weathered colors all around, and the mighty Philly bridge proudly standing right behind you - what more could you want for a Philadelphia engagement photography? The Old City is also known for America’s most historic square mile. Located around 22 minutes from Philadelphia Ballroom, the Old City runs along the Delaware River and is a perfect example of ‘historic meets urban’. With the historic-looking streets and alleys bustling with urban boutiques and eateries set a beautiful backdrop for a Philadelphia engagement photography and Philadelphia post-wedding photography, alike. 

Washington Square

Sometimes, the most basic things surprise you with what they hold. Washington Square in Philadelphia is one such place where some of the simplest of things like benches, lush trees, brick walls, and open spaces come to life in the form of the most unique backdrops for your post-wedding photography. The 6.4-acre open space is perfect for picnicky fun engagement photography in Philadelphia. You could even carry props like a picnic basket, a bottle of wine, and other such props for a cute fun-filled Philadelphia engagement session. Click here for more inspo. How about carrying your doggo along too?

Fairmount Park

Sitting on a bench, envisioning what your future would be like together, against a breathtaking waterfront backdrop with the city lights shining behind you and their reflection adding a whimsy - what a dreamy Philly engagement photography looks like. Now, imagine that in your wedding dress! It’s a beautiful amalgamation of fiction and reality which gives you stand-out photos for your post-wedding photography. This gorgeous gem of a place is about a half-an-hour drive from Philadelphia Ballroom. 

Grounds for Sculpture

For a soulful Philly vibe in your post-wedding photography or engagement photography, with an artistic touch, head to the Grounds for Sculpture. There is beauty all around, which our skillful Philadelphia engagement photographers know how to capture in the most stunning and artistic ways. The 42-acre Philadelphia engagement location is just 26 minutes from the Philadelphia Ballroom and can be perfectly used for your pre-wedding or post-wedding photography. 

Boathouse Row

This historic engagement location in Philadelphia is located on the east bank of the Schuylkill River, right in the heart of the city. Waterfront engagement locations are one of our favorites for engagement photography and post-wedding photography and, the Boathouse Row is no different. Around fifteen historic buildings dating back to the 19th century come together in various colors to give you the most beautiful backdrops in Philadelphia. The location is ideal for late-night post-wedding photography as well, as the lights from the houses set the water below on fire with a unique glow. Boathouse Row is just a 24-minute drive from the wedding venue.  

For your post-wedding photo sessions at one of these locations or the wedding venue, our professional wedding photographers will create magic with their lenses. Your love story and wedding day will be captured as things keep unfolding throughout your big day and Philadelphia Ballroom is the perfect place to experience the magic of your wedding. Trust our Philadelphia wedding photographers to capture all the nuances, raw emotions, every little tear, every joy accompanied by smiles and laughter of your wedding day, and relive your happiest day anytime you want! 

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