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Your Best Wedding Photography in Lehigh Valley

Apart from being a foodie’s dream, the expansive vintage mansions to classy and contemporary hotels exquisitely adorned with magnificent ballrooms to lavish resorts that have rustic tint complementing the panoramic view of snow-covered mountains, make the Lehigh Valley a hotbed of wedding venues to suit all sorts of wedding dreams. 

Located around 60 miles north of Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley is home to three gorgeous cities - Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton.  

The Lehigh Valley has plenty of scenic landscapes and historic beauty. If you are looking for a wedding venue that would match your prerequisites, the Lehigh Valley won’t disappoint you. Whether you and your partner are adventurous kinds or romantic or have an inclination towards history, the Lehigh Valley has something or other for everyone! 

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is about you and your partner celebrating a great beginning to your new life together! You would want to do it in style. In a style that speaks the language of love for both of you. A style that talks volumes about your personalities as a couple. A grand milestone of your lives like this would need proper researching when it comes to wedding arrangements

Now that you have announced your love to all your loved ones, it’s time to decide upon various other important things that are going to play a vital role in your celebrations. Let’s begin with the wedding venue. If you are utterly confused or don’t even have a fair idea about where all you can have your wedding celebrations, we’ve got your back! 

In order to make things a bit easier for you, we have narrowed down a few locations that you might want to consider for your wedding. Not just that, if you are looking for an engagement location in Lehigh Valley, we’ve got you covered there too! Read on to explore more about the places that are gorgeous backdrops to romantic Lehigh Valley wedding photography. 

Engagement Locations in Lehigh Valley We Can’t Get Enough of! 

Lockridge Park

The Lockridge Park is an erstwhile humongous anthracite burning iron furnace, dating back to 1868. The park was opened to the public in 1976 and since then, it has been one of our favorite photography spots! The park, as of now, is home to a museum, a picnic pavilion, glorious remains of the furnace structures, an old rail track, and scenic walkways around a pond. For your Lockridge Park engagement photography, the most beautiful spot is against the stone walls. You could carry props like food items to add a new dimension to your engagement photography. The walls provide a perfectly rustic backdrop to your romantic pictures. The arches form the ideal frames to encompass all your love! It’s a classic of the Lehigh Valley engagement photography. 

Jacobsburg State Park

When it comes to Lehigh Valley engagement photography, we totally recommend Jacobsburg State Park, which is about 15 minutes away from a popular wedding venue, Riverview Country Club.  Jacobsburg State Park is home to various historic buildings, rivers, and forests. It also houses a lot of walkways and rocky river beds, which are like a totally different world - a little dreamy and photogenic big time. The bridges at this Lehigh Valley engagement location are so scenic, that it’s impossible to resist posing around them. We simply love how any Jacobsburg State Park engagement photography just lights up with romance on the bridges! If the dreamy engagement photography had a name - it would be this! If you or your partner have a dog, it would be fun to make your doggo a part of your engagement photography!  Well, if you don’t you could introduce various fun elements to make your engagement photography epic.  

Cairnwood Estate

The Cairnwood Estate is a historic 26,000 square foot home that rests on 300 acres of gorgeous countryside in Bryn Athyn, in the suburbs of the Lehigh Valley. The grandeur of the Gilded Age can be seen in specific details such as the carriage house and a 12-foot wrought-iron gate. The manicured lawns are a treat for the eyes and a perfect backdrop for a dreamy Lehigh engagement photography. The estate is beautifully maintained, the lawns are neat and lush, making them an ideal place to have a classic Cairnwood Estate engagement photography. The driveways and the walkways are other beautiful spots to take romantic portraits of you and your sweetheart. The outer walls of the home are made from red bricks and white stone, which our Lehigh Valley engagement photographers absolutely love as a backdrop! The balustrade also makes for a beautiful spot to click storybook pictures, nothing short of a fairytale. And romantic engagement photography here lets you create your own fairytale.  

Bethlehem Steel Stacks

The Bethlehem Steel Stacks was an erstwhile steel manufacturing plant for the entire country.  The plant was shut down in 1995. Amazing isn’t it? How about making this history-making plant a part of your Lehigh Valley engagement photography? Resting peacefully on the shores of the Lehigh River, the Bethlehem Steel Stacks is a marvelous place to shoot your engagement photo session. The industrial vibes lent by this place are like none other in the city. You could begin with posing against the stone walls which offer a traditional look and an old-world charm for a classic Lehigh Valley engagement photography. The vintage structure and its broken windows have a unique story to tell. The historically rich feel provided by these is unparalleled.  The staircase makes for another photogenic spot to take romantic photos. The steel stacks are a gorgeous piece of art! As a backdrop, they provide a great industrial look to your photos. 

Manatawny Creek Winery

Manatawny Creek Winery spans over a 90-acre family farm in Amityville, along the banks of Manatawny Creek, and is home to a 10-acre vineyard. A winery always has a different kind of vibe to it - of timeless elegance. You could take a walk along the 10-acre of grapes that are spread over three separate vineyards.  Walking hand in hand along the trees is a classic Manatawny Creek Winery engagement photography. As you sit across the lush greens, our Lehigh Valley engagement photographer would love to click the romance that glows out of you both! The lush rows of vineyards form a great backdrop with their green and brown hues. The lush trees and manicured lawns, all together look promising and become the most natural forms of backdrops to your romantic engagement photography. The Manatawny Creek Winery is a perfect place to enjoy a day of solitude and get photographed while you do so.   

Wedding Venues in Lehigh Valley that We Simply Love!

La Massaria at Bella Vista

An erstwhile stable on a homestead property belonging to the era of 1802, La Massaria at Bella Vista is an ideal combination of rustic, scenic, and elegant elements. Engulfed by flawlessly manicured lush lawns, you can celebrate your big day both inside or outside. Our Lehigh Valley wedding photographers love to capture the romance between a newly-wed couple amidst the serene surroundings of lush greenery and shady trees. The lush landscape comprising the greens, the pond, and the tranquil walkways are perfect spots to capture some iconic Lehigh Valley wedding photography. The indoor ballroom is great for having your wedding ceremony and wedding reception, both. The exposed wooden beams lend a rustic vibe, whereas the chandeliers and drapes add to the elegance of this beautiful Lehigh Valley wedding venue. Tip Alert! - Subtle tones of glamor and sparkle look totally rocking against a rustic background like this. The romantic ambiance lit by the candles into the stonework flicker lends an alluring glow to the ballroom - the one that wedding dreams are made of!  Take a cue from Emily and Brandon’s rustic wedding in Seattle to see how it’s done! 

Riverview Country Club

Riverview Country Club is a tranquil, panoramic, and rustic wedding spot offering the scenic views of the Delaware River. Riverview Country Club features both indoor and outdoor event spaces best suited for hosting a wedding ceremony and reception. You can exchange your vows under the woven wood of the gazebo and see the rusticity look stunning on your Riverview Country Club wedding photography. As you walk down the natural stoned aisle with your daddy, it becomes the perfect time to capture those overwhelming father-daughter moments! An ideal place to hold your wedding reception, the Villa on the Green, is a sheer delight! The floor-to-ceiling windows of this hall offer an enchanting view of the luscious green golf course, crystal clear blue skies, and scintillating lake! The abundance of natural light is an obvious bonus. Our Lehigh Valley wedding photographers love capturing real photos in natural light, with all the angelic glow on them. The villa is adorned with exposed wooden beams and a vaulted ceiling. The interiors create a fabulous ambiance for rustic wedding photography. As the sun goes down, the stone fireplace and romantic string lights create a dreamy ambiance for everyone. As you realize that this moment is passing way too fast, we want you to ‘live’ your first dance as our Lehigh Valley wedding photographers capture those precious moments between the newly-wed couple. 

Hotel DU Village

Located in New Hope, in the suburban countryside of the Lehigh Valley, this gorgeous wedding venue spans across an area of 12 acres. An erstwhile schoolhouse and boutique hotel, the hotel is now known to be a popular wedding venue in the Lehigh Valley. Whether you are thinking of hosting a small and intimate affair with 140 guests or want to throw an extravagant wedding reception with the guest count of up to  200 people, Hotel DU Village is the perfect match. Beautifully adorned with two ravishing ballrooms offering the picturesque views of the sparkling river and well-manicured gardens, this hotel lends an inviting and romantic ambiance for you to rejoice your most special day! You can say your wedding vows in a stone courtyard amidst lush greens and towering oaks. The Colt Ballroom is ideal for larger weddings of up to 200 guests and looks stunning ornamented with an authentic fireplace from the 1700s. The ballroom has an old-world charm provided by the fireplace, the exposed wooden beams, and hardwood flooring. The blend of vintage and elegance makes for stunning Lehigh wedding photography. There is a foyer attached to this ballroom which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The Historic Ballroom is perfect for a smaller wedding celebration with up to 140 guests. The huge windows provide a great backdrop to all your wedding photos. The interiors of this ballroom boast an authentic vintage bar and rustic wooden ceiling. All the features of this timeless wedding venue are ideal for a classic Lehigh Valley wedding photography. 

The Lake House Inn

Located in Perkasie, The Lake House Inn is an unbelievably romantic wedding venue in the suburbs of the Lehigh Valley. They also have packages for one and two nights that make your wedding a destination wedding without having to fly anywhere! And we’re talking about locals, but guess who is going to be awestruck by your destination wedding venue - your outstation guests! The gorgeous Lehigh Valley wedding venue can accommodate up to 425 guests. The venue is a great blend of rusticity and elegance, perfect for your Lehigh Valley wedding photography. This property comprises a 19th-century building, which has been redone in an urban style. This venue is home to a LakeFront Ballroom which spells opulence with Murano glass sparkling chandeliers hanging from high vaulted ceilings, adorned in dreamy drapes. Our Lehigh Valley wedding photographers love capturing the whimsical interiors of this elegant wedding venue. If you thought this was dreamy enough, wait till you see the breathtaking views that the outdoors have to offer. Panoramic views of the lake make for a spectacular sight and a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photography. You could have your wedding ceremony overlooking the serene lake, on the stoned ground. You can get creative with your wedding arbor, and design that perfect one that looks perfect as a backdrop as you two are pronounced ‘man and wife.’ The landscape around is perfect for romantic portraits of the newly-wed couple. We absolutely adore the effect the scenery has on a classic Lehigh Valley wedding photography. As the sun goes down, take off to the lush gardens and see how our talented wedding photographers work their magic!  

The Barn on Bridge

While most of the millennials are either adventurous and up for bold wedding venues, some want to spend lavishly on their wedding. Then there are those who are old-school and love the vibes of a rustic wedding. For these kinds of couples, the answer to your wedding dreams is - The Barn on Bridge. Located in Collegeville, The Barn on Bridge is an ideal countryside wedding venue in the suburbs of the Lehigh Valley. It is the 18th-century barn which has been given an avatar of modern facilities. Ideal for up to 200 guests, this rustic Lehigh Valley wedding venue is like a blank canvas that you can paint your love on. There are so many dimensions that you can add to the decor, click here to get inspired! The exposed wood beams, stone walls, and multiple levels lend your wedding photography an old-world charm. A combination of string lights and classic market lights offer a warm glow and make the ambiance even more romantic. The result - dreamy wedding photography! The ground level houses huge windows, which offer great views of the surrounding greens and forest. The event space has two gardens - The Upper Garden which has a permanent white tent and a Lower Garden which is more rustic and exudes elegance with a white fence all around. The exteriors of the barn provide a gorgeously contrasting backdrop for your wedding photography and serve as a perfect spot to capture romantic photos of the newly-wed couple. The bridge and manicured lawns are other locations where you can have your post-wedding romantic photography. You could rope in your bridesmaids and groomsmen to pose against the gorgeous landscape. 

The mentioned wedding venues are our top favorites when it comes to weddings and wedding photography! There is a uniqueness in every couple and that’s what makes you decide on the wedding venue that is the most suitable for you, that suits your personalities and portrays your style as a couple! Since a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, the venue should also meet your desires that you’ve always had about the happiest day of your life! For more wedding inspiration, check out the rest of our blog!         

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