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The Sea Air and the Grand Flair of San Luis Hotel!

Out of many not-so-extraordinary days in our lives, one day shines with a little more brilliance than the others- your wedding day! This is the day you take an oath in the company of your close ones to forever hold the hands of your partner and celebrate your love! This is the day you get to create a magical slice of heaven right here on earth and allow your most far fetched dreams to show colors. This is the day when the sun takes a break and you get to be the center of the solar system, with everyone fussing about you, attending to your every wish and whim. While there are various different things which help in bringing your wedding day together, the wedding venue surely has a huge role to play in this. Having the perfect wedding venue to fit into your vision of your dream wedding makes your special day even more special. Finding the right match in your wedding venue is extremely imperative and makes your wedding day feel complete. 

If you are a couple who has their heart set on having a Texas wedding, you have chosen right with Houston as your wedding backdrop. There are many things that Houston is famous for, and being aesthetically impressive and full of photo opportunities just happens to be two of many! Being the country’s fourth-largest city, and the largest one in TexasHouston is full of life and fun activities and attractions, ranging from classy restaurants offering delicious cuisines to inspiring arts, to magnificent hotels to updated shopping centers, from a culturally enriching street to a thriving nightlife. The city of Houston is densely associated with the Space Center Houston, and the city takes you on a bewildering ride from the Historic Heights, through the Museum District to the Houston Grand Opera and you can end the memorable exploring of the nightlife of the city. The city of Houston is favored by a lot due to its low cost of living and self-sufficiency.

Adorned with remarkable tourist attractions, towering architectural structures, inviting parksmuseums, and more, the city is abundant in things to see and do! On top of that, Houston comes with a stunning skyline and a terrain with just the right mix of greenery and concrete! Capturing the pretty city in the most artistic photographs is something that our Houston wedding photographers will love to do! Whether you are hoping to capture your engagement photo session around the iconic structures, or you are hoping to tie the knot in a rustic southern farmhouse of the city, the city brings the party along with its stunning backdrops. 

If getting married by a pristine beach with the soothing sound of the water within your earshot, saying your vows in San Luis Hotel on Galveston Beach might just be the thing you were looking for. As soon as you walk in, the gorgeous wedding venue meets you with the panoramic view of the Gulf, the sandy beach, and the picture-perfect hotel itself, standing in all its glory. The outdoors is full of romantic settings to make your wedding day even more lovely. The cool breeze from the water hits one gently and the features like the white charming gazebo and the charming palm trees add to aesthetics, promising a beautiful wedding day. There is no doubt why this AAA Four-Diamond Hotel is favorite among both lovers and photographers in Texas, as it provides several stunning backgrounds to be captured in beautiful photographs. One who chooses to celebrate here can choose for an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception, or some version of both. The Grand Ballroom and Mainsail Salon will add a majestic splendor to your celebration and will ensure your guests are in awe. Mainsail Salon is a more intimate space ideal for a smaller celebration. No matter which option you choose, you are guaranteed a ball of a time!

A part of the wedding reception packages, the stunning ceremonies held in the Gulf-view Gazebo are ought to be the truly apt backdrop for your magical wedding ceremony. You can almost imagine walking down the aisle with the stunning backdrop and saying the vows to your love as your guests marvel at the view of both the display of love and the grandeur of nature. After the wedding ceremony is done, you can enjoy the spectacular reception in the breathtaking Grand Ballroom. The Grand Ballroom can accommodate up to 500 guests and features elegant décor embellished with romantic extra large chandeliers hung above the plush carpeted floors, adding to the grandeur of the event. The romantic and elegant ambiance fills up strategically placed lighting, which will charm you off your shoes, creating a wedding celebration to remember. From an intimate gathering to a grand affair, Galveston's San Luis Resort is equipped to handle both. From the seaside views to the larger-than-life grandeur of the hotel, this wedding venue will provide the perfect stage for your dream wedding to play in. 

Does the wedding win the hearts with its stunning features? Sure it does! Sure, the view matters and the luscious greens calm the soul. But at the end of the day, it is the staff of a wedding venue which makes or breaks the perfect wedding. San Luis Hotel’s professional event staff is incredible in every sense of the word and is committed to bringing to you the most gorgeous wedding that you ever dreamt of having. Not only are they there to help you plan the wedding of your dreams, but they are also by your side to help you battle and solve any issue which might crop up on your wedding day. From dealing with the littlest of details to coordinating through the event, San Luis Hotel sure knows how to take care of a couple to be married. They understand that you might have a lot on your mind already, and they will do everything in their power to deliver a stress-free wedding day. The wedding venue also comes with several facilities which make your wedding planning a whole lot smoother. With flawless service and abundant facilities, San Luis Hotel makes its mark as one of the easiest wedding venues to work with. In short, the Robinswood House comes with all the tools to ensure that your wedding day is nothing short of perfect. While our award-winning culinary team works closely with you to customize a menu as per your preference, the management and associates ensure that your special day sails by with seamless execution of service and immaculate attention to detail. The team of professionals is committed to providing you a wedding day which is nothing less than spectacular. 

Your wedding day is like a ride in the amusement park, fun as a whole, but it feels like a blur of activities if you go into detail. This is where wedding photography comes in handy, as it allows you to recall and relive the magical day in a more detailed manner. Our Houston wedding photographers will do a fabulous job of capturing beautiful moments of the marrying couple, as the wedding venue provides the perfect setting for many photography opportunities. From the stunning waterfront ceremony grounds to the lavish reception area, San Luis Hotel is full of opportunities waiting to be explored. Being a beachfront hotel wedding venue, the sea does half of the job, leaving the lovers to explore and take advantage of the stunning views laying ahead and capture them in perfect photo frames. We love the little features which make this wedding venue a big win for wedding photographers. Be it the romantic gazebo, or the exotic palm trees, the pristine waterfall, or the glamorous interiors, everything does its bit to make San Luis Hotel the perfect setting for a wedding day to be cherished forever. We love that the outdoor ceremony allows space for those perfect captures, the indoor event spaces are just as accommodating. The neutral colors allow the couple to shine without distraction, while the elegant decor adds to the majestic frames. What more could a wedding photographer in Houston wish for?

While a wedding day is just for a brief 24 hours at the max, the memories of the day live on in your mind forever. From the time you walk in till the time you leave under the canopy of sparklers with your new spouse to claim your share of happily-ever-after, the wedding venue does its best to give you the magic you have been craving on your special day, but it doesn’t end there. As you leave, you leave behind a piece of your heart in the venue, as it will forever be a part of your love story. It is a place that will be revisited in the memories every year as you celebrate your wedding anniversary or every time you flip through your wedding album. Having San Luis Hotel as a part of your love story will ensure that every time you think back on your wedding day, there will be nothing but fond memories to look back on. With the stunning landscapes and exquisite details of San Luis Hotel, your wedding memories will be beautiful and sublime, just as you imagined!

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