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Host Your Dream Wedding at Palos Country Club, Chicago!

Affectionately, also known as the Windy City, Chicago City’s every corner is beautiful and charming and sprinkled with a bucket full of elegant pockets and plenty of historic interest. Without any doubt, this alluring city is full of tons of glamorous wedding venues for a couple to choose from in order to have a memorable and lavish Chicago wedding. With lush parks, iconic historic hotels with amazing architecture, industrial spaces, and picturesque golf clubs, Chicago undoubtedly has no shortage of great wedding venues where you can tie the knot! For all the newly engaged couples who are looking to get married soon in this enchanting Windy City, availability could prove tricky, unless you are looking for a quick City Hall wedding ceremony! It never hurts to start planning in advance, because it’s your wedding day and we are pretty much sure that you want everything to fall into place making every moment of your day unforgettable and every moment picture-worthy! 

We know picking up a perfect wedding venue at times gets overwhelming. It’s a dream of every bride to find a place that allows her wedding imaginations to go wild. And with keeping COVID-19 guidelines in mind, surely a wedding venue to conform to social distancing guidelines yet offering a sense of normalcy. Your wedding day is the most beautiful and memorable day of your life and we want you, your partner, and all your wedding guests to have the best experience of it in this amazing city! It will also give our Chicago wedding photographers an excellent opportunity to capture swoon-worthy wedding photos in the best of frames! 

Today, surely there are endless possibilities than ever before, especially when it comes to finalizing and booking a wedding venue. Being in the whimsical Windy City, your options are even wider. You can choose an authentic and traditional option for a traditional wedding and go to a church. Or you can try something different under the gleaming Chicago city skylines by going for an outdoorsy wedding theme in a park. In case you want to have a low-key celebration in the outdoors, your relative’s backyard is always a great place to exchange your wedding vows! Still, there are couples who might go for a beautiful and luxurious mansion for an extravagant wedding and wedding photography experience. The growing number of wedding venue options means you have more freedom than ever when it comes to making your choice. But there is an option out that suits every style, theme, and every couple’s wedding budget

So, if you have sorted through all these options and nothing’s quite jumping out at you as the perfect venue, don’t despair. There is one more option that you might not have thought of yet. We are biased, of course, but we think it might be the perfect choice for an ideal Chicago wedding venue that you have been looking for! Why not host your ideal Chicago wedding at a golf club? A wedding at a golf club is something that will match your wedding theme and style. A golf course wedding will surely give our team of professional and affordable wedding photographers endless and creative opportunities to document magical wedding photos

These days golf club weddings are becoming so trendy and growing! As more and more newly engaged couples are beginning to see the value in it. Just by taking a moment to give it a little thought, we are pretty sure that you will too be able to see all the benefits of hosting the most special and beautiful day of your life at a golf club! The gorgeous interior and exterior spaces make a golf club a romantic wedding venue for a memorable wedding. While the endless lush greenery creates a tantalizing landscape offering a bucket full of wedding photography opportunities to wedding photographers in Chicago

We know that moment when we said let us get you married at a golf course, we know that thousands of questions are popping up in your head. We can probably guess that you might be thinking that a wedding on a golf course is only for avid golfers, but country clubs are great settings for countless special events! Even if you don’t know a birdie from a bogey! We know as a bride you want your wedding day to be in the way you have always dreamed of since you were a little girl. Whatever your wedding visions are, the experienced and talented wedding planners at the Palos Country Club will bring every inch of them to life in the best way possible! 

Just a short drive of 45 minutes outside of downtown Chicago, Palos Country Club offers an enacting setting and surreal atmosphere for your big day. Conveniently located in Orland Park, your wedding celebration at this incredible location will sweep off all your wedding guests! It will also be a treat for our talented and skilled downtown Chicago wedding photographers to document a wedding at this pristine location! The versatility and flexibility of this incredible Chicago wedding venue give our bride to take control of creativity. So, beautiful, wear your creative hat and adorn the space as per your wedding visions! This outstanding wedding venue is perfect for both a low-key affair and a grand celebration. With the space to welcome from 15 to 400 wedding guests, Palos Country Club wedding venue also comes easy on every couple’s bank balance! Our wedding photographers in and around Chicago love seeing how our beautiful bride transforms this unique space to match her wedding visions! Palos Country Club is a romantic setting where you can plan your wedding with any theme or style you imagined. Any color scheme and decorative theme will work well with this fantastic venue! Our Chicago suburbs wedding photographers are always looking for various creative angles to capture the wedding decor in picture-perfect frames! Plus, how can we forget the picture-perfect landscape, this beautiful place has to offer! It unquestionably makes it easy for our wedding photographers in downtown Chicago to capture stunning photographs of you and your wedding party!

Palos Country Club takes great pride in keeping its tradition alive of offering only the finest and delicious quality food and impeccable service. This lovely wedding property offers a panoramic golf course with a stunning backdrop for all your must-have wedding photos along with a classic clubhouse for you to host an extravagant indoor Chicago wedding reception which will be a treasured celebration for everyone to remember for decades! 

For your wedding ceremony, you have options! Either you can exchange your romantic and promising handwritten wedding vows while the sun is shining out bright giving endless opportunities to our Chicago wedding photographers to capture whimsical outdoor wedding photos. Or you can take your wedding vows inside the clubhouse and keep it more subtle and an intimate affair! 

For outdoors, you can have your wedding ceremony under the beautiful gazebo featured by the Palos Country Club! There's also a special space for a summer wedding ceremony outdoors if that is your choice. The gazebo is already well-appointed but still, you can add your own twist and make it resonate with your personality and your unique love story! Garnish the gazebo with seasonal blooms, satin drapes, and of course some fairy lights to make it stand out. Imagine the moment when you are all decked out from head to toe in that gleaming white wedding dress and walking down the aisle towards the love of your life while everyone’s eyes are resting upon you! And the very next moment you are there, standing under the gazebo in front of your sweetheart, all set to start your happily ever after! Isn’t this the moment that you have envisioned endless times in your head? Well, allow our wedding photographers in Chicago and its nearby areas to save this beautiful moment into swoon-worthy wedding pictures! Your wedding portfolio will be something that will make you and everyone else lose their hearts too! Trust us! 

After you and your partner have been announced as the newly wedded couple, you can bring your family and friends and pose with them under the gazebo to get some adorable and cute family moments captured by our professional wedding photographers! After which you along with your team of lovely bridesmaids and dapper groomsmen head to the lush grounds of the gorgeous club for a fun-filled wedding party photography session! The quintessential grounds of Paloc Country Club will offer you endless space to pose for some detailed and candid bridal portraits as well! In fact, you can make the best use of the grounds for some heartwarming and dreamy first look wedding photos. No wonder the classic combination of white and green is always outstanding! You in your shining white wedding dress encircled with greenery all around posing for your first look will surely make your Chicago wedding portfolio a cut above the rest! 

Well once you are done with your wedding ceremony, you can venture into the well-manicured grounds of Palos Country Club and check out some romantic corners for your post-wedding photography session while the changing tones of the sky create a dramatic backdrop for your stunning golden hour romantic couple portraits

If you want you can have your cocktail hour right under the starry sky of Chicago city! All you need to do is adorn the space with some satin drapes and fairy lights and everything is set for your amazing cocktail hour! Allow your guests to mingle over a glass of wine while adorning the classic view of the greenery all around! In the meanwhile, allow our Chicago and its suburban wedding photographers to capture all the beautiful moments including those where your best friend is raising the toast for your union and sharing some stories of your dating times! 

For your further wedding festivities, you can take the celebration inside the classic clubhouse of the Palos Country Club! The best part of hosting your wedding indoors is that all your wedding guests will have the opportunity to cherish the serene beauty of the outdoors! The impeccable windows of the clubhouse bring the mesmerizing views of the outside world inside. Our Chicago wedding photographers will have myriad possibilities to capture enchanting indoor wedding photos

With the space to welcome up to 350 of your wedding guests with utter ease and comfort, the Grand Ballroom of the clubhouse at Palos Country Club is ideally meant for dancing all along the night! The Grand Ballroom comes with a built-in dance floor for you, your sweetheart, and all your wedding guests to shake a leg together. So, while you are drenched in the moment of your first dance, allow our wedding photographers in Chicago to capture all your choreographed moves and spins in the best frames for you to cherish forever! 

While your guests are having the best time of their lives dancing on the dance floor, you along with your darling can head to the outdoors for a small and romantic walk. While you both are cherishing all the time alone, allow our professional and talented Chicago wedding photographers to capture the love-struck couple in picture-perfect frames! 

Inside or out on the grounds, no matter where you are going to get hitched, we can assure you that the incredibly serene and panoramic beauty of Palos Country Club will leave you enchanted and breathless! Happy Chicago Wedding!

Palos Country Club

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