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Window Shots That Frame Up Must-Have Wedding Photos

Deciding on a venue might be the most difficult decision you’ll make during the planning process, but it’s also one of the most important. One thing we always recommend keeping in mind when scouting out the perfect location: windows. The amount of natural light throughout your wedding venue will make the job of your wedding photographer easier, as well as ensure well-lit, beautiful photos on your wedding day. Read on for more on why we love windows as a main feature in wedding photography.

Whether you’re going for an ethereal, architectural or artistic vibe, gorgeous window shots are must-have wedding photos in our book! Your wedding photographer will tell you, picturesque windows are the perfect backdrop to capture a unique and reflective point of view. We could let the beauty of these shots speak for themselves, but we’re here to share a few reasons why we love them.

First, let’s talk flattery. Wedding photographers love shooting in front of windows because of all the natural light they bring in creating a soft, flattering focus. They allow soft, diffused light to pour in, just like your favorite photo filter. Just imagine your  bridal veil or wedding accessories illuminated by the sunlight streaming in - so angelic! Window shots can also be striking, since they offer the perfect opportunity to play with light patterns and shadows from sculptural window panes and grates. Natural light is always preferred to artificial light in venues!

The unique angles and perspectives windows offer are endless. Your wedding photographer can get creative, shooting through the window frame or from the inside looking out. Picture this: a dramatic shot of your wedding dress hanging in front of the window, bathed in natural light with the train flowing free. Why not nod to nature right outside the window and admire your bouquet? Or pause and reflect on the next big step you’re about to take. Or, get creative and try an artsy reflection shot. Bridal portraits, first looks, and formal portraits of you and your groom are made for these gorgeous venue features.

The transparent, light-filtering beauty of windows is practically made for unique framing - from playing with proportion to angling for asymmetry. Make the most of the architecture surrounding the window, too! Spot a window bench? That calls for a hand-kissing shot. A majestic arched window? You and your future spouse will look absolutely regal embracing beneath it. Bridal prep photos are begging for large, beautiful windows.

Scout out your favorite window nooks and spots for photos during your dress rehearsal or walkthrough. Rely on your photographer to find unique photo opportunities during the day and trust their vision!

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