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Winter White Grooms Attire Ideas For Your Wedding Day


White is a common color choice for weddings. Although it is common to see brides in white, grooms are not that far behind. Grooms look just as amazing in white wedding suits, as brides look in their white wedding gowns. That said, there are many ways to pull off a white wedding outfit, and there are different ways to style it. If you’ve been planning your wedding, and have decided to twin your wedding outfits, then you should look into different ideas, and plan it together. If you’ve been looking for groom outfit ideas, then you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll list out the different styles, ideas, and ways to do an amazing wedding look with just white! 


  1. The All-White Wedding Suit  


Let’s start with the most obvious idea and then slowly work our way around the other ideas, shall we? You can have an all-white wedding suit to go with the bride’s white wedding outfit. Regardless of the season or the theme of the wedding, an all-white wedding suit would look perfect. However, when you’re deciding to wear an all-white wedding suit, remember that the white in your wedding suit does not clash with the bride’s white gown. Usually, brides wear ivory, so if your outfit is stark white, it will definitely clash with it. So, the best way to work around this problem is to simply use softer shades of white. Instead of stark white, you should choose options like cream, and off-white. What’s more, you can create an ensemble with different tones of white. You can add a cream wedding jacket, a stark white tie or bow, an off-white dress shirt, and a pair of cream pants. The primary appeal of an all-white wedding suit is that it looks brilliant with bright wedding decor and colors. Another reason why we love an all-white wedding suit is that it is timeless, like a beautiful white wedding dress, you can wear them for a snow-white winter wedding. However, the thing to note is that this wedding groom’s suit is perfect for a wedding in any season. 


  1.  White Suits and Black Details


Another timeless and celebrated groom's look is a white wedding suit with black details. You can follow the same tips as mentioned in the first point to choose your wedding suit in white. But you can look for a white suit with some black details. Think of white wedding jackets with a black pocket, or black jacket liners. And if you’re looking for wedding attire without a wedding jacket, you can choose a white dress shirt with black borders on the collars and the cuffs. Or better yet, you can choose a simple dress shirt, white, of course, with black buttons! If you’re opting for a groom’s look with a bit of casual fashion in mind, then you can look for a white shirt with a block of black strip running in the middle. Another way to rock the casual wedding outfit look is to use white patterned shirts as your wedding day shirt. However, when you’re choosing a patterned shirt, ensure that you’re looking into patterns that do not clash with your wedding theme. Another interesting way to add a fun quality to your groom’s look is to look for shirts that have patterns similar to your wedding’s theme. For example, if you’re bringing your pet along, you can look for a shirt with cute doggos. Or if you’re getting married under a mistletoe, you can wear a white shirt with a cool mistletoe pattern. And if you can’t settle on a pattern, you can choose the universal black polka dots! However, before you choose a white shirt for your wedding, ensure that the pattern on the shirt is not too loud. The patterns should be sublime, it should look like a part of your wedding decor and theme. Also, you can pair it with colorful pants or choose the traditional wedding pants in black, navy blue, or gray. 


  1. The Black and White Combination


With the previous two ideas in mind, how do you feel about mixing the two? A black-and-white wedding look is an all-time favorite. Most grooms enjoy black-and-white combinations and wear them well. Since this blog is all about using white in your wedding outfit, it is only natural for us to talk about one of the most popular wedding outfit ideas with white taking the center stage! You can use black and white in many different ways. You can choose a black wedding jacket with white details and pair it with a white shirt and a pair of pants. Or you can choose to wear black pants and a shirt with a white wedding jacket! You can also try to go for a black and white wedding look without the jacket. All you’ll need is black suspenders, a white dress shirt and a pair of pants. Although white pants and shirts look excellent with black suspenders, it could be a bit much for some grooms. And if that’s the case, we have another idea for you! In case you find too much white in your wedding outfit overwhelming, then how about adding some contrast to the wedding look? Instead of pairing your white dress shirt and black suspenders with white pants, you can choose to wear gray, navy blue, pastel pink, or any other color you like. But when you’re deciding to choose a color for pants, remember to check in with your wedding planner or with your partner to see if the colors go well with your wedding theme colors. 


Tweak the Style: White Dress Shirt, Black Suspenders, and Shorts!


Are you and your partner planning a beach wedding party? If so, then you can easily pair your wedding shirt and suspenders with shorts! As we just mentioned, you can choose to pair the shirt and suspenders with any color, as long as you’re paying attention to the wedding colors! What’s more, you and your groomsmen can don similar looks! For example, if you’re wearing a white shirt, black suspenders, and pastel blue shorts as your wedding attire, then your groomsmen can wear white shirts, black suspenders, and navy blue pants. What we’re trying to say is that you can have your groomsmen wear shorts or pants in different colors than yours, but you can choose to keep the color choices in the same color family. However, this fits the idea of a winter wedding only if you’re planning a winter destination wedding or have a completely heated wedding venue.


  1. White, Navy Blue, and Black Wedding Outfit


White, navy blue, and black are some of the most popular color choices for wedding outfits. Instead of using these colors in isolation for your wedding outfits, how about adding them to the same look? However, since we’re talking about white color combinations for your wedding outfits, we’ll list out the options with white being the primary color in the ideas. So, the first idea is to use a deep black wedding shirt, and navy blue pants, and pair them with a white wedding jacket! You can even add a check-patterned white tweed wedding jacket to your fall-inspired wedding theme! Another way to add white to the colors in the discussion is to use a white dress shirt with black stripes with a pair of navy blue pants. Another way to wear these colors is to choose a black wedding jacket with white details, a white shirt, a black bow tie, and deep navy blue pants! 


  1. Floral and Tropical White Shirts


If you’re craving the quality of a beach wedding, then why incorporate some beach details into your wedding outfit? Instead of choosing the traditional style, how about adding some tropical-patterned wedding outfits? One of the best ways to add style to your outfit is to use a white shirt with floral or tropical prints, and pair the shirt with off-white pants! You can also choose to don a beautiful pastel-inspired wedding outfit! Use a white shirt for your wedding, and pair it with any pastel color which is in the same color family as your wedding colors and decor details! This will help you look right at home with the details of your wedding. This will also help you to set the tone for your wedding! You can choose to throw your wedding with a “mandatory beach wedding dress code,” and you can lead the way with your beach attire. Another interesting way to include beach vibes in your winter wedding is to choose a wedding jacket with some tropical details. You can also choose to have a custom-made wedding jacket with tropical-styled jacket liners! 


  1. White Wedding Jackets, White Pants, and Colorful Shirts


Apart from the most common options for your wedding outfits, let’s talk about a colorful way to style your outfit. You can choose to wear white wedding jackets and pants, and pair them with a colorful shirt! From bright red dress shirts to dusty blue, the choices are limitless. But the thing with this type of outfit idea is that you have to be careful with the color of your shirt. As we mentioned before, your wedding outfit should not clash with the bride’s wedding dress and the wedding set-up. Although finding the right shade of white for your wedding jacket and pants will not take as much time, you’ll have to be careful with your wedding dress shirt. When you’re choosing the color or the shade of your wedding shirt, remember to get some help. Or you could ask your partner to help you out. A great way to find the perfect shade for your wedding shirt is to use a pinboard and color swatches of different wedding elements to see if everything sits well together. The reason why we absolutely recommend this style and idea is that it is extremely versatile and quite easy to manage. 


Ways to Add Style to your White Groom Outfits


Now that we’ve listed down some great wedding outfit ideas, let’s talk about how to make the most out of your outfit. When you opt for a wedding outfit with lots of white in the mix, you need to find an anchor to balance out the tones. White can be quite overwhelming and overpowering, which is why neutralizing the colors is necessary. If you want to pull off a white wedding look, then here are some things to keep in mind: 


  1. The Setting of the Venue: A winter wedding usually means you’ll have an indoor wedding party and wedding ceremony. That means the wedding venue will be heated. So, when you’re choosing your wedding jackets or your shirts, keep that in mind. Ensure that you choose the right material. 
  2. Consider Thicker Shirts: A great way to stay comfortable during your winter wedding is to have to choose thicker shirts. You can still choose cotton shirts, but make it a point to look for thicker options, these shirts will keep you warm during your photo shoots! 
  3. Match your Partner: If you’re not sure of what style to choose, start with matching your wedding outfits with your partner. You can use similar colors, details, or accessories to add a similar tone. 
  4. Accessories Matter: Whether you’re opting for an all-white wedding style, or you’re pairing white with any other color, your accessories will neutralize your wedding outfit. You can choose bold accessories to neutralize the color. Also, you can add colorful socks to neutralize the outfit. 


When it comes to donning a white look for your winter wedding, the rules are not that different from a white-laden summer wedding suit. However, the only thing to keep in mind, always, is that your white outfit should not clash with your wedding color palette. You can use your groom’s look to add contrast to the wedding color tones and hues. For example, certain hues don’t sit well with plain white. In those situations, you’ll have to add pocket squares or other accessories to make your outfit look like a part of your wedding. An example would be a fall wedding with orange and yellow wedding colors. In that case, an all-white wedding suit would look out of place. But if you add an orange shirt, black pants, and a white wedding jacket. An all-white wedding suit will look right at home with pastel or softer wedding palettes. With that said, we hope you can find a way to make your white outfit look just perfect, regardless of the wedding theme!


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