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Winter Whimsy: Tim And Kristen's Magical Wedding Celebration In Lehigh Valley


One of the best days of your life is the day you marry your soulmate. The wedding date chosen by Kristen and Tim was during the peak of the winter season, and was everything you’d imagine a lovely winter wedding to be! Our wedding photographer had met the couple before they started getting ready for the day and was happy to have a conversation with the couple to understand what kind of wedding photos they wanted from their wedding. And when we saw the photos, we knew that these two were not only perfect for each other but were filled with happiness throughout the day. Every photo from the day that our Lehigh Valley wedding photographer took of the couple was a work of art, their emotions were visible. It is no secret that the happy couple planned their wedding intricately, every wedding detail was just right and perfect. Our photographer had a great time working with Kristen and Tim, and we had a great time looking through their happy photos! Theirs was a day of happiness, shared emotions, and a celebration of a new beginning! 


For Kristen and Tim’s beautiful winter wedding, we’re going to Lehigh Valley! Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley unfolds as a captivating region that seamlessly marries urban sophistication with the serene beauty of the great outdoors. This diverse area, comprising cities like Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, offers a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural wonders. The Lehigh Valley boasts a fascinating blend of urban and rural landscapes. Allentown, the largest city in the region, thrives with a vibrant arts scene and a rich historical heritage. The Allentown Art Museum, a cultural gem, showcases a diverse collection that spans centuries, from Renaissance masterpieces to contemporary works. The city's historic district, complemented by beautifully preserved 19th-century architecture, invites visitors to stroll through time. The iconic PPL Center, a state-of-the-art arena, anchors the downtown area, hosting lively events that add to the city's dynamic atmosphere. Bethlehem, known for its historic charm, is a city that beautifully reflects the spirit of the Lehigh Valley. The Moravian Book Shop, the oldest continuously operating bookstore in the world, stands as a testament to Bethlehem's enduring legacy. The city's SouthSide Arts District buzzes with energy, offering eclectic shops, art galleries, and a thriving culinary scene. The SteelStacks, a former industrial site turned cultural campus, stands as an industrial cathedral, hosting events, concerts, and festivals against the backdrop of towering blast furnaces.


Easton, situated at the confluence of the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers, exudes a timeless appeal. The Crayola Experience, a colorful haven for creativity, delights visitors of all ages. The historic district, with its cobblestone streets and centuries-old buildings, creates a nostalgic ambiance. The Crayola Gallery, part of the Williams Center for the Arts at Lafayette College, enriches the city's cultural tapestry. Beyond the urban allure, the Lehigh Valley is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The Lehigh Canal and D&L Trail offer scenic pathways for hiking and biking, allowing residents and visitors to explore the region's natural beauty. The Lehigh Parkway, a sprawling park along Little Lehigh Creek, provides a peaceful retreat with its walking trails, gardens, and open spaces. Lehigh Valley's commitment to preserving its natural beauty is evident in its numerous parks and green spaces. Trexler Memorial Park, with its lush landscapes and walking trails, is a popular spot for outdoor recreation. The Lehigh Valley Zoo, nestled within the park, allows visitors to connect with wildlife in a conservation-focused setting. The Lehigh River, a prominent waterway in the region, adds to the area's scenic grandeur. Water enthusiasts can explore the river through kayaking and rafting adventures, taking in the picturesque landscapes that line its banks. Lehigh Valley unfolds as a brilliant destination that offers a harmonious blend of history, culture, and natural splendor. From the urban vibrancy of cities like Allentown and Bethlehem to the tranquil beauty of parks and waterways, the region invites exploration and promises a rich tapestry of experiences. The Lehigh Valley, with its museums, monuments, and natural wonders, stands as a testament to the enduring charm of Pennsylvania's heartland. 


The wedding venue for the day was the lovely Bear Creek Mountain Resort. Our wedding photographer took one look at the venue and knew that the place would witness two souls coming together and would be the perfect backdrop for them! Nestled in the scenic hills of Macungie, PA, Bear Creek Mountain Resort is a magical haven for couples seeking a rustic yet elegant wedding venue. Just a short drive from Lehigh Valley, this secluded resort boasts 330 acres of breathtaking mountainous terrain, offering an idyllic backdrop for love to blossom. Bear Creek's charm lies in its perfect marriage of natural beauty and inviting architecture. The lodge, with its cozy exposed brick walls and earthy tones, exudes an authentic cabin feel, creating an immediate sense of warmth. It's a sanctuary that beautifully blends with the surrounding woodlands, providing couples with a serene and intimate setting for their special day. What makes Bear Creek truly enchanting are its versatile event spaces. The Mountain Ballroom and Courtyard, adorned with rustic accents and sparkling chandeliers, offer couples stunning mountain views for a truly romantic ambiance. The Lodge Ballroom, with its large windows and inviting fireplaces, and the Woodland Courtyard, featuring a heated deck, provide elegant spaces for vows and celebration. For those dreaming of a countryside wedding, Bear Creek beckons with outdoor terraces overlooking expansive grounds. Imagine saying "I do" in an amphitheater-style setting, surrounded by nature's beauty. Beyond the celebration, Bear Creek offers a haven for relaxation and adventure. With a luxury spa, outdoor pools, and hot tubs, guests can unwind and rejuvenate. Mountain-view rooms and suites provide a tranquil retreat, turning Bear Creek into not just a venue but a destination where wedding dreams come true. In every architectural detail and natural element, Bear Creek Mountain Resort creates a magical tale of romance and rustic elegance. It's where the allure of the outdoors meets the sophistication of a mountain lodge, inviting couples to craft unforgettable memories in a truly enchanted setting.


The day started with the couple deciding to get ready for the day separately. The couple decided to have a first-look photo session. Excited to see each other as soon as possible, the couple took to their specific dressing rooms and started getting ready. Our photographer took photos of both of them getting ready, separately, and then captured their love in the first look photos. Before Tim and Kristen's big day, there was this calm excitement in the air. Kristen and her bridesmaids were in comfy pink-striped getting-ready outfits, setting a vibe that was happy and relaxed. Before she got all dolled up, Kristen had some heartwarming moments with her mom and sister. Dressed up in this mix of joy and love, they posed for a beautiful group photo that captured their bonds on this special day. As Kristen geared up to put on her wedding dress, our photographer turned their attention to the little details like the beautiful ombre wedding stationery and other personalized touches. Each piece told a bit of the couple's love story, creating a visual tale of the day. It was like a warm-up act before the main event.


Kristen's wedding dress from Jennifer's Bridal. This gown was like a dream, a mix of classic and dreamy with ruffles flowing like a fairytale. As Kristen slipped into it, the room felt like it was holding its breath, witnessing a bride turning into a vision. After Kristen had put on her bridal dress, our wedding photographer also took photos of the bridal shoes. Since it was too snow outside, Kristen had decided to have fur-lined white boots as her bridal footwear.



After capturing Kristen's moments, the photographer shifted focus to the other star of the day – Tim, the groom. Our wedding photographer skillfully snapped shots of the groom’s outfit, a dapper ensemble that brought a pop of color and style to the scene. The inner part of Tim's blazer was made of pretty colors and motifs, adding an artsy touch to his wedding look. But it wasn't just Tim standing out in style. His groomsmen were all decked out in matching burnt-red outfits, creating a coordinated yet effortlessly cool vibe. Each of their blazers had unique and mismatched inner designs, giving the crew a playful and personalized touch. With suspenders holding it all together and deep brown shoes to seal the deal, the groom and his squad were a sharp, stylish contrast to the day's excitement. And just like that, they were ready for the special day to unfold. Before the wedding ceremony was scheduled, it was time for the first look photo session! The first photo of the first look photo session was a no-look first-look photo! Kristen stood next to the door, and Tim stood on the other side of the door, and our photographer took a photo of the two. And from there, they made their way to the spot on the lawn of the venue, separately. 


In the quiet anticipation of their big day, Tim and Kristen decided on a first look, a moment frozen in time where anticipation met pure joy. Tim, standing in the chosen spot on the lawn, had his back turned, a mix of nerves and excitement in the air. Meanwhile, Kristen, with her heart doing a happy dance, walked out, her skirt rustling with every step. As she approached, the air was thick with emotions. Kristen, with a radiant smile, gently tapped on Tim's shoulder. The moment was like a breath held before a magical reveal. Tim turned around, and in that instant, time stood still. His eyes met Kristen's, and the world faded away. It was a moment that felt both timeless and brand new as if the universe conspired to create this perfect collision of hearts. Their smiles spoke volumes, and the quiet lawn witnessed the magic of two souls seeing each other before the chaos and beauty of the ceremony. It was a first look that wasn't just about seeing each other but feeling the weight of the promise, the excitement of forever, and the beginning of a journey written in the stars. In that simple tap on the shoulder, a chapter of their love story unfolded, setting the stage for the grand tale of their wedding day. And just like that, it was time for these two love birds to take their wedding vows and start their journey together! 


For their wedding ceremony, the couple decided to have an indoor ceremony surrounded by wedding guests and family. Keeping the wedding ceremony decor minimalistic, the couple had decided on mauve chairs and a lovely wooden wedding arbor with greenery. As the couple was gearing up to have their wedding ceremony, our wedding photographer took photos of the wedding details. Our photographer captured the beautiful gold and black “His and Her” vow envelopes. And just like that, our groom and the groomsmen stood next to the wedding arbor, and the wedding officiant waited for the bride to enter. The wedding guests took their spots and patiently waited. And before they knew it, the bride walked in the doors with her father. For her wedding ceremony and walk down the aisle she had put on a faux-fur jacket, with light browns and blacks in the jacket. In her hands, was a beautiful winter-inspired bridal bouquet. The bouquet was made of deep red flowers and greenery, making it look romantic. Just like that, she walked down the aisle, met her soon-to-be husband, and took their wedding vows together. Walking down together, the couple smiled and cheered with their nearest and dearest. 


As the guests were resting and enjoying the cocktail hour before the wedding reception party. Our couple posed for a few amazing wedding photos with their family. Then the groom and his groomsmen posed for some photos together. They even took lovely photos by posing some stoic poses as well as goofy ones. And then our photographer used the stone walls as the backdrop for Tim and Kristen’s romantic couple photos. Then our couple even posed for photos with their snowboards, making their photos look amazing. Before the reception kicked off, our photographer skillfully captured the artistic and enchanting details that adorned the wedding venue. The couple, with a thoughtful touch, set up a beautiful memory table to honor those who had passed on. Framed photos and heartfelt messages adorned the table, accompanied by the soft glow of small pillar candles, creating a space that felt both reverent and warm. Adding a dash of uniqueness to their celebration, the couple opted for a wooden snowboard as their wedding guestbook, inviting guests to leave their well-wishes on this unconventional yet charming canvas. The wedding decor was a feast for the eyes, featuring buffet trays laden with fresh fruits and tempting snacks for guests to enjoy. Each table boasted a cluster of small floating candles in delicate glass holders, casting a soft and romantic glow. The round table dinner settings were elegantly white, accentuated by sleek black napkins, creating a timeless and sophisticated atmosphere. And then, there was the wedding cake – a masterpiece in three tiers, resplendent in white with a burst of vibrant red flowers and greenery adorning every level. The cake stood as both a visual delight and a delectable treat, a sweet centerpiece that echoed the beauty and love of the celebration. Every detail, carefully curated and creatively displayed, wove together to create a tapestry of memories, love, and joy. As the couple embarked on their journey into the reception, these details whispered stories of their unique love story, creating an ambiance that was not just beautiful but deeply personal.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the celebration, Tim and Kristen shared a magical first dance. Their eyes locked, the world melted away, and it was just them, surrounded by the gentle melodies that echoed their story. The wedding cake was a three-tiered masterpiece, adorned with red flowers and greenery, and became a delicious centerpiece for the celebration. As they cut into the cake, laughter and cheers filled the air, encapsulating the joy that radiated from the newlyweds.


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