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New Year's Themed Wedding Details and Inspiration!


New Year's Eve and weddings go hand in hand for a lot of reasons! While many brides dream of a sunny summer wedding, couples who want to try out something different, or want to ditch age-old wedding traditions are opting to get married on New Year's Eve. For couples who are fun-loving and fancy the idea of dancing, celebrating, and raising toasts of champagnes, New Year's Eve wedding ideas prove to be too spectacular to resist. Probably one of the most popular choices for wedding dates, a New Year's Eve wedding is all about midnight kisses, popping bubbly,  glitter and shimmer, and sparkler wedding exits.


Since a New Year's wedding will be the first and the last party of the year, it is the perfect excuse for incorporating all the glittery and glamorous wedding ideas - from incorporating metallics and sequins into the wedding reception table ideas to including a champagne tower in your wedding reception to go overboard! NYE wedding ideas will have you beginning and ending the year in style while celebrating the love of your life with a bang.


What's not to like about an NYE wedding? They are all about a couple who loves firework wedding exits and wedding toasts with flowing champagnes. There are many perks of tying the knot on the last day of the year- from the glitz and glamorous wedding décor ideas to the ideal opportunity of being surrounded by people who are most loved, there are so many reasons for getting married on NYE. It is the time to really go wild and take your wedding party to the next level! Whether you are planning to host a backyard wedding on the last day of the year or looking to host the wedding as everyone counts down to midnight, there are reasons New Year's Eve weddings are special and maybe the perfect time to say “I do.” Here are some of the awesome new year's eve wedding ideas that will drag everyone into a festive and party-ready vibe. 


Our favorite New Year's Eve wedding details for an unforgettable party:


Shimmering wedding dress


While planning your wedding wardrobe for your NYE wedding, make sure to steal all the thunder by wearing a metallic or shimmering wedding dress. Synonymous to glitz and glam, a shiny NYE wedding party can be completed with a glittering NYE wedding dress. Couples who are hosting an NYE wedding should not shy away from incorporating shiny wedding details and totally look the part when it comes to their attire. Brides who do not like a sequin or embellished wedding dress can also opt for a super-chic satin wedding gown that will make them look as though they’ve just stepped off a Hollywood red carpet! Accessorizing a simple satin wedding dress with intricate beading, tulle, or other embellishing details can also give an over-the-top wow factor. 


Sparkling and metallic bridesmaid dresses 


For an unforgettable session of NYE wedding pictures, don't forget to embrace the glitter and glam that New Year's Eve has in store for you. Start embracing the glittery details by incorporating sparkling bridesmaid dresses or metallic jumpsuits as your bridal party outfit ideas. One of our favorite wedding ideas is when the gorgeous gang of bridesmaids sparkles and shines in long metallic dresses. Since dark and dramatic wintry wedding colors are nothing new in winter weddings, incorporating sequined and beaded bridesmaid dresses in dark colors will create a unique and modern bridesmaids' look. To make a statement for your NYE wedding reception, incorporate glittering bridesmaid dresses with an assortment of different colors and styles like long sleeves, spaghetti straps, short length, and floor-length.


Tastefully themed New Year’s flavors 


From introducing a mini gold wedding cake adorned with winter wedding flowers and edible gold embellishments to introducing an assortment of champagnes as the drink of the month, bring in tastefully themed flavors that resonate with the most cheerful time of the year is a great way to get started with New Year wedding details. No wedding is complete without champagne. You can also choose a signature champagne cocktail for your guests to toast with, and continue to toast in the New Year's spirits with it for all your upcoming anniversaries. Or go the extra mile and adorn your toasting champagne bottles with golden glitter for incorporating the classic NYEe wedding color schemes.


Confetti, confetti, confetti 


What is an NYE wedding timeline without a shower of confetti? Any wedding party should be fun, but if you're throwing an NYE wedding party then make sure it's particularly dance and confetti shower filled, to not only make it a fun New Year party wedding but also an unforgettable experience for everyone attending. Amp things up a level with glow sticks and party horns, and blow kisses with golden confetti showers. Organize a confetti shower for your reception entrance or a big balloon drop of confetti for your wedding dance floor and surprise everyone as you count down and ring in the new year. Topping off your wedding party with showers of confetti, silly string, bubble guns, or streamers at midnight will get everyone in the mood to celebrate!


Sparkling shoes and embellished bridal accessories


Capturing the magic of winter white weddings is an ethereal experience. But an all-white wardrobe can be boring for an exclusive New Year’s wedding. Hence, wearing sparkly wedding shoes is a practical must-have and a great addition to add a splash of color to the wedding whites with New Year's Eve wedding colors. You can complete your special NYE bridal look with a shiny pair of bridal shoes, or rock a pair of blinged-out Converse or boots if you are not comfortable in pointed heels. There is a wide range of customizable fabulous stilettos and comfortable sneakers for you to choose from, which can make sure that you add a touch of sparkle to your wedding footwear with glitter or rhinestones. Beaded bridal hair accessories are also a great addition to your special NYE bridal hairdo. Crystal or beaded barrettes, combs, and clips can add some sparkle to your already pretty bridal look, especially if you are planning to wear a veil or leave your hair down.


Black and gold wedding invites 


So, what did you imagine your NYE wedding invites looking like? Hosting a wedding on NYE can be the ultimate time for you to bring in your favorite classic black and gold wedding invitation suites that you have coveted in your Pinterest board for all these years. Send out the luxe wedding invitations or save the dates accented with metallic details, like calligraphy or foil, as a hint to your super-sophisticated and chic NYE bash. You can complete the wedding invitation box by smattering a little confetti or tinsel as a cute and whimsical wedding detail.


Black tuxedo 


While we talked about bridal attire all the time, an NYE wedding also calls for special attention to the groom! A classic black tuxedo can be the perfect groom attire for a chic wedding as it will add to the drama and accentuate black tie wedding details. A classic black groom tuxedo is very debonair and spot-on for anyone hosting or attending a wedding on New Year's Eve. Consider adding colorful bow ties or pocket squares or boutonnieres in flexible wedding color palettes to add to the drama and sparkle.


New Year’s wedding cakes


Whether you are hosting a Hygge wedding with cozy and comfortable wedding details or an uber-sophisticated ballroom wedding with glittery details, your wedding on the last day of the year should definitely have sumptuous New Year wedding cakes. The world is your oyster when you are hosting your wedding during the holiday season. Dress up your winter wedding cake in celebratory metallic shades, or bring in multiple small wedding cakes as your favorite Halloween wedding details on NYE. A dramatic wedding cake in a deep color palette with miniature balloons and confetti shower embellishments can add to the excitement of your wedding decorations. If you are not into black wedding cakes, you can also opt for an art deco wedding cake to match your glamorous wedding theme.


Celebratory props


Get everyone in the mood to celebrate by giving out party hats and whistles at your wedding reception on New Year's Eve! Noisemakers, party hats, tiaras and flower crowns, customized novelty glasses, and other fun props can be a great addition to your wedding party as well as these props can double up as New Year's wedding favor ideas. You can display these party favors throughout your reception, or bring them out as surprise elements before midnight as a surprise for your guest. If you are styling a vintage-themed wedding, then you can add the good old alarm clocks as your New Year's Eve wedding centerpiece ideas. Polaroid guest books are also fun and personalized additions to your wedding reception.


Neon signs 


Blaring neon signs can make everyone nostalgic for lively nights that are all about partying and ringing in the new year! Neon signs or neon wedding details in small aspects of a wedding reception can make it truly feel like a nostalgic NYE party. These small and cozy wedding details made out of neon designs can go a long way in elevating your NYE wedding aesthetics. Small details like decorative table numbers or wedding welcome signs in neon shades or even a disco ball can be fun and decorative elements to boost the party vibe. These items can also double as your idea for wedding favors, where your guests will have something to remember your fun wedding day by.


New Year’s countdown


New Year's Eve is all about that clock striking midnight. It's a no-brainer for a NYE wedding to have a midnight countdown to a brand-new year! There are only a few nights in the year that can match the festive vibe of midnight on December 31st. You can install a countdown clock and plan for a vibrant wedding dance session when the clock strikes 12. You can top off this wedding midnight New Year countdown with some fun photo booth props, confetti poppers, simple party horns, tiaras, small cupcakes in traditional New Year cake designs, and top hats.


Sparkler wedding exit


Light up the night by handing out sparklers to your guests and planning a brilliant sparkler wedding exit! Apart from being photogenic, sparkler wedding send-offs can make an unforgettable impression. Sparkles and confetti wedding exits sum up the most epic wedding exit ideas ever. You will definitely want your wedding photographer to click pictures, as they look awesome on film. What is even more epic than a firework or confetti wedding send-off? A wedding send-off with fireworks! But if your wedding venue doesn't allow professional fireworks, you can rent cold sparkler fountains or gather your guests outside and walk through a tunnel of handheld sparklers to create magical photo ops. 


Planning your winter festive wedding with holiday-themed details can be the perfect excuse for you to take your party to the next level. From New Year's Eve wedding cake ideas for your reception and dress suggestions to wedding stationery designs and New Year’s wedding favors, the above details and tips can put everyone into a festive party spirit for your gorgeous union. NYE weddings are all about sparkle and pizzazz when you're ringing in a fresh new start with the love of your life by your side. A NYE soirée is a holiday event that will likely be entirely embraced by most of your wedding guests. So go on and host a fantastic NYE wedding party that will be remembered for years to come and give your loved ones something to look forward to with utmost eagerness.


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