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Kasey and Matt’s Old-World Philly Winter Farm Wedding!


Your wedding day is clearly one of those few days that twinkle the brightest in the treasure chest of your life story. Whether you have fantasized about this day since you were a wee girl, or it has just newly chanced upon you, getting to spend the rest of your life in the company of the person you love is a gift and a privilege, something that not everyone has had the opportunity to experience. We are fortunate to be able to bear witness as hundreds of love stories are celebrated with joyful hearts. Every time we get to cover a couple who is so love-struck and engulfed in the aroma of love that nothing else exists for them, it makes our hearts happy too, as it restores our faith in the stubborn light of love and how it makes everything a little (or a lot) better. Love provides a purpose in life, restores the jaded and heals the burn, and reinspires one to achieve all the things out there, with a huge smile on their faces. Kasey and Matt's Philadelphia wedding is the kind to have us rooting for them and their lovely story and left our hearts full of bliss. Let us take a glimpse at this lovely couple’s gorgeous wedding day!

Kasey and Matt had their hearts set on Philadelphia for their wedding day, and it is evidently the perfect choice for their special day. The gorgeous city of Philadelphia proved to be the perfect backdrop for them to tell their story, and the effect was nothing less than stunning. A city of abundance with beauties all around, with beautiful skylines, the striking blue water lines of Schuylkill River, Philadelphia is sure to pay you with beautiful views from all around. The gorgeous city that is a favorite with love and is a photographer’s dream come true, Philadelphia is stunning and photogenic and will never disappoint one in when it comes to delivering perfect frame-worthy panoramas. The city is rich in its historic past, while still being relevant and contemporary, making Philadelphia a multi-faceted center in terms of social and cultural composition. It is this fun duality of the city which is a charming place to host a celebration of love, and a delight for the Philadelphia wedding photographers to capture. Being at a convenient distance of just two hours from New York City, Philadelphia is just an hour away from the blue waters and a swift drive away from the countryside, making it a comfortable place to be in, with just the right amount of approachability to the city lights or the country life, whatever you are in the spirit for. The city of Philadelphia’s vibrant art scene and lively diversity make it an exhilarating and invigorating experience. There is surely a lot to do and see here, which will get you excited. From the gorgeous Art Museum to The Franklin Institute, historic buildings and sights like the Liberty Bell, Franklin Court, and Independence Hall, and beautiful eighteenth-century buildings, Philly has a lot in her pockets! On the other hand, in the banks of Schuylkill River lies Fairmount Park, as well as the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rodin Museum. All in all, Philly never disappoints in terms of picture-perfect backdrops and the vibrant historic vibes, making it the perfect choice for a love story to be told, just like Kasey and Matt’s unique tale of love told against the striking city!

While there are many beautiful places to host a wedding in Philadelphia, Kasey and Matt chose Maugeri Farms, a quaint vintage farm operating since 1928. Spread over 600 acres of land, Maugeri Farms is a gorgeous family-owned and operated business that has seen many hearts get together. Primarily known for a variety of fresh produce, this award-winning farm in Gloucester County, NJ is located in Woolwich Township. Managed by third-generation family fruit and vegetable farmers who offer retail and agritourism in the farm market which opened in June 2011. It all started when in 1922 Salvatore “Sam” Maugeri entered America accompanied by his wife Alfia from Catania, Sicily and settled in the Swedesboro\Woolwich Twp. area. The couple worked long hours working picking crops in the fields and working as farm laborers, to eventually become sharecroppers with another established farmer. After a while, they saved up enough money to buy their own farm and in 1928 they settled on a beautiful farm nestled on the banks of the Oldmans Creek, and Maugeri Farms was born. Salvatore farmed successfully for many years and eventually, his son Joe took over the operation. Maugeri Farms sells a wide range of in-season New Jersey produce, including produce grown within the farm along with selling produce that is grown in other states, such as citrus fruits, mangoes, and avocados, among others. Maugeri offers a very unique setting for lovers, with its rustic farmhouse appeal, along with a farm-to-table approach with a hint of old-world charm. This ensures that your wedding day is set in a setting that is full of personality. The wedding venue also offers a lot of lush greenery in the backdrop, providing a refreshing setting for your special day. Maugeri Farms also offers hayrides during the autumn months. The charming farm provided the perfect backdrop for our lovely couple to host their beautiful wedding.

On the day of the wedding, the couple got up bright and shiny and soon started getting ready for the day. Kasey got her hair and makeup done as she chilled in her lovely silky robe. And then she changed into a lovely wedding gown in the ballgown cut, with strappy sleeves and delicate lacework. The deep V-neck was romantic and alluring and the dress in itself is timelessly appealing. Her hair was done up in a romantic updo which is adorned by delicate floral hair accessories. The makeup was fresh and pretty and her jewelry was minimal yet sparkly, and her strappy blingy sandals and tulle veil completed the look with a flourish. The bridesmaids wore floor-length bridesmaid dresses in burgundy. The girls all carried white cloud-like delicate baby’s breath bouquets, and Kasey added a bit more to her bridal bouquet by adding a few more maroon and white blooms. Matt looked dashing in his inky blue trousers, crisp white shirt, maroon suspenders, and a matching bowtie. The groomsmen wore matching attire, with the only exception being that the groomsmen wearing blue suspenders instead of maroon. The men all wore matching tan shoes and burgundy boutonnieres. Together, the wedding party looked beautifully balanced like well-versed poetry.

After getting ready, the couple went in for some pictures, a series of couple portraits, wedding party group photography. The groomsmen and bridesmaids were photographed with the groom and the bride separately and together as a whole group. Our wedding photographers in Philadelphia did a perfect job capturing the duo in some frame-worthy couple portraits. Soon the couple headed to the wedding ceremony, a simple yet beautiful affair. The setting was not over-decorated, with the lush greenery acting as the perfect backdrop for the vows. The couple exchanged the vows, the rings, had their first kiss as a married couple! After the wedding ceremony, the couple went in to join their guests for their wedding reception celebration. The couple swayed to the music as they had their first dance, and the moment was beautifully captured by the professional Philadelphia wedding photographers. The evening came to an end with Kasey and Matt cutting the wedding cake, a beautiful three-tiered white cake with gorgeous maroon, white and purple roses adorning the cake, making it perfectly in line with the wedding theme. With that, the lovely wedding day of this adorable couple came to a glorious end, but the journey has just started.

The wedding decor was pleasing to the eye, with winter hues of maroons, and deep blues, and the wedding colors remained consistent in all the platforms. We love the rustic elements which made an appearance with all the signages, the mason jar floral arrangements, and mainly the vintage farm-like backdrop that the venue brought to the table. We love that the approach was simple yet impactful, and the altar did not have extensive decor elements, with the farm itself playing the perfect backdrop for the vows. The beautiful blink-and-miss wedding details were captured beautifully by our affordable Philadelphia wedding photographers, with close up shots of the rustic white ring box, to the beautiful bridal portraits, from the personalized K+M tags on the flower vases to the beautifully arranged welcome table for gifts and cards. Every detail is well thought out and meaningful and lends a personal touch to the couple’s special day. We love how the Philly wedding photographers did not miss a single detail and caught every precious moment with a perfect delicate hand.

It is truly interesting how a couple in love counts down every day for months leading up to their wedding day, planning to get everything in place and for the day to go just perfect, that when the day finally comes, it is over before we even know it. The wedding day is one of the most cherished days of one’s life and every fleeting instant is special and beautiful, but in retrospect, it is also confusing, fast and a giant blur of motions. While some bits stick out to you in your recollections of the day, others are lost forever. This is exactly where wedding photographers come in and save the day. They capture the memories in their lense so that every big and little moment is forever seized and cherished for years to come. This is precisely why capturing those slippery moments in perfect photographs is so important. your wedding album is not only a memory box, it is also a time traveler which takes you to the happiest days of your life easily by just opening the album. This is a keepsake that you will cherish whenever your heart recollects your special day, or whenever there is a milestone moment in your lives, like a wedding anniversary, a birthday, etc. Our Pennsylvania wedding photographers took on this duty quite well and were able to seize the beautiful moments of Kasey and Matt's special day in the most captivating shots. From the beautiful couples photography in the lush green outdoors to the striking ceremony captured against the beautiful backdrop, our Philly wedding photographers sure knew what they were doing, and did a perfect job of capturing the wedding details in the most flattering captures. We love the crisp couple portraits against the lush backdrop and the heavy sprinkling of vintage vibes which the wedding brought to the table. The charming old-school romantic vibe and the best of nature ensured that every capture of this gorgeous day turned out absolutely perfect. From the beautiful detail shots to seizing those delicate moments, everything is caught by our wedding photographers in and around Philadelphia with an expert hand, assuring that every instant from the day lives on eternally!

Weddings, being the profoundly moving experience that they are, are different from every couple and equally exciting and refreshing for each couple, no matter how many weddings you have witnessed. Every couple in love comes with their own highs and lows, stories, and their own unique narrative which makes their love story special and unlike any other ever! This ensures no two weddings are the same, in theme, aesthetics, or in soul! Kasey and Matt's beautiful Philadelphia wedding is remarkably unique with timeless appeal with tons of personality and unique quirks that make the day truly theirs. From the rustic romantic details to the touch of vintage, the couple’s special day is soulful and aesthetic and packed with personality. With a sprinkling of old-world charm and an abundance of nature, the wedding day looked just perfect and was the kind that is truly memorable. As our lovely bride and groom headed out from the venue into their promised "happily-ever-after," the couple with stars in their eyes and hopes in their hearts looked like they had everything they wanted just at their arm's reach and happiness was theirs to have!


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