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Jessica And Jonathan Get Married In An Eloquent Cleveland Affair


Cleveland in April is amazing, and is, in fact, one of the best months to visit the city! The city, during the months of April and May, comes to life. First off, it is not unnatural to see some snowfall, which is always welcome, and secondly, the weather is amazing, it is neither too hot nor too cold. The days and evenings are pleasant, making it a great time to visit the city, and even better if you want to tie the knot with your soulmate! And that is exactly what Jessica and Jonathan did, their wedding date was April 2nd, 2022, and was, in our opinion, a great day to start a brand new chapter in their lives. When we looked at their wedding photos, we could only think of a quote by Antoine De Saint-Exupery, which goes like this - “Loving is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction.” After we looked at the lovely wedding photos and saw the couple be themselves, looking into each other’s eyes and starting a new chapter in their lives, we couldn’t help but smile! Their wedding day was well-planned and simply elegant. The two had a lovely wedding with a two-venue wedding celebration. Their wedding ceremony was pretty and had some traditional aspects as well. And for the wedding reception, the two had picked an amazing wedding venue, which fit the day and the celebration. 


The wedding took place in their hometown, Cleveland. Wearing its Rust Belt badge with honor, owing to its industrial past, Cleveland’s landscape has changed by large measures. Although some old remnants, the steel mills, railroad tracks, and warehouses still pepper the city’s landscape, the other areas have long progressed. The city is known for its bustling downtown area, which sits on Lake Erie, which is perfect for watching the sunset and enjoying a pleasant evening. It is also home to the largest number of Slovenians population, which makes it home to  Cleveland Kurentovanje, which is the Slovenian equivalent of Mardi Gras. Apart from this, the city is home to many other amazing experiences, including delicious delicacies, immense beer options, and arts and culture to visit. It was here, in this city, that our couple, Jessica and Jonathan tied the knot in late winter. For the wedding day, the couple decided on a classic wedding theme, blue and white, with mauve touches to the wedding decor. The wedding tablescape was minimal and pretty and was adorned with greenery, and some woven greenery as well. The couple was big on minimal wedding details, which we could see in their brilliant photos of the wedding.  


For the day, the couple had decided to get dressed separately and had decided not to go for a first-look photo session. Our wedding photographer met the couple at their wedding venue, where the two were getting dressed for the day. For the day, Jonathan had picked out a formal three-piece wedding suit in navy blue and paired it with an ivory tie. Our wedding photographer took some amazing photos of the groom and the groomsmen as they were getting ready for the day. Our Cleveland wedding photographer also took some detailed photos, which included the belt and the brown formal shoes he planned to wear on his wedding day. To make his outfit complete, Jonathan put on his gold watch, and just like that he was dressed for the day. Before Jonathan and the boys stepped out to travel to the wedding ceremony location, the boys sat down for a customary drink after getting ready. As the boys stepped out, Jonathan’s mother helped her son with his boutonniere, which was made of a pretty white flower and green leaves. Then, Jonathan took the opportunity to take a few photos with his parents, who looked just as happy as him. And then, all of them made their way to the wedding ceremony venue. As the boys were getting ready, the girls and the bride-to-be were doing the same. Jessica and her bridesmaids put on their getting-ready robe alternatives. Jessica was in pretty cream and brown pajamas while the bridesmaids had lovely black ones. Before getting dressed for the day, the bride-to-be posed with the flower girls


And then, Jessica’s bridesmaids decided to get dressed. As the bridesmaids were getting ready for the day, our bride-to-be had her make-up done. Jessica had asked her makeup artist to give her a pretty natural look, with dramatic eyes. For her bridal hairdo, she had decided to have her hair brushed and slightly curled, which was let down. The bridesmaids followed suit and had natural make-up as well, and were dressed in mismatched types of dresses. However, the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses was the same, sea green. After the bridesmaids were dressed, they helped the bride to put on her beautiful wedding dress, which had a pretty neckline and a slit, which made her dress look even prettier. And to finish off the wedding outfit, Jessica used a lovely mid-length wedding veil. And, when she was dressed for the day, she asked her father to come and see her. And the moment, the father of the bride was overtaken with emotion and smiles. He smiled and hugged his daughter. Our wedding photographer took photos of the two and the memorable moment when Jessica’s father hugged her. Then, before leaving for the wedding ceremony, Jessica posed with her father for a photo. Then she had a family photo, with her sister and mother. 


And then, she and her father made their way to the wedding ceremony location. Jessica had a broad smile on her face. Jonathan had already made his way to the wedding ceremony location, and he was patiently waiting for Jessica to show up. As the wedding guests filled the wedding ceremony’s location and were seated, Jessica was readying herself to walk down the aisle. Jonathan stood at the altar, waiting for her to walk in just any moment. And then the doors opened, and she walked with her father, hand-in-hand, and smiles on their faces. Jessica softly walked down the aisle, softly smiling, her eyes fixed on the love of her life. As Jessica reached the altar, Jonathan helped her up. And then the ceremony began, with the both of them stealing glances at each other. To seal their life’s bond, they took their beautiful wedding vows and then had their first kiss as husband and wife. All the wedding guests got to their feet and clapped for the couple. One of our favorite photos from the wedding ceremony was the one where Jonathan was kissing Jessica right after the wedding ceremony. Jessica, in that photo, is holding her white wedding bouquet and the wedding guests are standing in the back, clapping for the two. And then, the two of them walked down the aisle. The wedding guests made their way to the wedding reception venue, Pine Ridge Country Club Golf Course. As the guests left, the couple and some of their closest family and friends stayed back to have some wedding photos taken. Before our wedding photographer took photos of their friends and family, they took photos of the couple. Jessica’s wedding dress’s train looked absolutely stunning with the veil. After taking some photos at the altar, our photographer took them outside to take some photos of the day. As the couple walked out, Jonathan pulled her in and leaned into her for a romantic photo pose right at the entrance. Jessica giggled after our photographer took the photo, and then they posed with their family and friends. 


The first of the many family photos for their wedding day started with their families. Our wedding photographer helped them with poses. These two lovebirds took turns posing with each of the families, and then they all huddled together in a group photo with both of their families. And then, the families made their way to the wedding reception venue, the couple, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and the friends stayed back for photos. First, the groom posed with all of his groomsmen and the handsomely dressed ring bearer. Then, Jessica joined in with the boys, and all the groomsmen flanked her. After this, Jonathan posed with the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids’ bouquets, which were smaller cascading versions of Jessica’s, looked pretty in the photo. After Jonathan posed with the bridesmaids, Jessica also joined in to have a photo. And then, Jessica posed with each one of her bridesmaids and closest friends. Then all of their friends, bridesmaids, and groomsmen left for the venue. Our wedding photographer then took some photos of the couple. The two posed in romantic poses, kissing each other, softly landing a forehead kiss and some dramatic photos of the couple. Jonathan was standing behind Jessica, and looking into the camera, then he walked up to Jessica and pecked her cheek. As the two were readying to leave for their reception party, Jessica softly kissed Jonathan’s cheek. 


And just like that, the two left for their wedding reception. The wedding reception entry was simple, yet elegant. The moment the two entered, all of the guests gathered around to watch these two lovebirds have their first dance. As the music swelled and filled the room, Jonathan and Jessica twirled, softly smiling and looking deeply into each other’s eyes, they were lost in a world of their own. Then the two danced with their families before opening the floor for their wedding guests. Jessica danced with her father, it was easy to see that they were talking without words, and exchanging many emotions. Before the couple opened the floor for the wedding guests to enjoy themselves, Jessica’s father hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear. As the lovebirds were busy with their wedding guests, our photographer took some wedding detail photos of the decor and the pretty floral decor. The theme for the wedding dinner was stellar white and green. The couple had picked out a pretty, minimal wedding theme for the tablescape and the reception party. The tables were dressed in lovely whites, made complete with a vase of green plants. The dinner table was set for the wedding guests with minimalistic white and silver crockery. The entrance to the wedding reception was pretty white signage, which had the names of the two bounded by greenery designs. The wedding welcome signage for the wedding was similar in color and theme to the couple’s color scheme for the wedding dinner. The sweetheart table was a pretty one too. The couple’s wedding details were minimal, and the sweetheart table was similar to that. For the sweetheart table, they chose acrylic white Mr and Mrs. signage and paired it with a long woven greenery runner. Also, the table had a big white bow on the front, which made it look cute. The wedding cake was a white cake with some gold details. They decided to skip the wedding cake topper. The wedding cake display table was pretty and similar to the sweetheart table. The wedding reception party was lively, and pretty. As the night was drawing to a close, the couple and their wedding guests took their spot. Before the dinner was served, the couple’s best man and the maid of honor gave their speeches. Then the couple had their wedding cake-cutting ceremony, surrounded by all of their wedding guests. And then, dinner was served, and the party went on. The couple spent time with their guests and friends. The couple also sneaked out to pose for a few more amazing photos in the wedding venue. Using the stairs and the venue’s wrought iron details, they posed for some amazing photos, most of which were worthy of being framed. Then the couple went back to their reception party and spent some time with everyone. And then, just like, as the party was going on in full swing, the couple took their leave. All the wedding guests gathered to usher the couple out. Their wedding exit was simple and soft. Our wedding photographer watched the two leave the ceremony and walk toward a new future. Our photographer had never seen a couple who were just as right for each other as them.


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