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Our Favorite Bridal Hairstyles And Trends For 2022


From the wedding dress to wedding decor, to entertainment, and bridal accessorieswedding hairstyles, everything tends to change every year. Every year there is something new and unique that brides desire to achieve for their wedding day bridal look. For a bride, it is very important to choose the best hairstyle to complete her wedding day bridal look. But, before you choose the hairstyle for your wedding day, you need to take into account your facial structure, the style of your wedding dress, and other such factors in mind. Well, there are brides who like to keep up with the trend every now and then. So, if you are also a fashionista bride and want to be trendy on your wedding day, this blog is especially for you. This amazing blog is all about the bridal hairstyles and trends that are going huge in 2022


Whether you need trendy bridal hairstyle inspiration for long hair, or for short hair, we can assure you that you will surely find something that will make a perfect fit for you for your wedding day bridal look. So, check out these latest 2022 easy wedding hairstyles for the bride of the new decade.


Stunning Half-Up Braids & Beach Waves

This incredible bridal hairstyle is all over TikTok, which is why the famous celebrity hairstylist, Sarah Potempa predicted that this bridal hairstyle is going to be everywhere in 2022. With so many #hairtok and #hairreels, the inspiration for the lovely braiding details is so accessible to brides. So, brides who are planning to go for this bridal hairdo for their wedding day, and thinking about how to get those lovely beach waves, then we have got something for you. To get perfect beach waves to flaunt on your wedding day, you can consider using a smaller curling iron. All you have to do is first straighten your hair that is long and tends to fall fast if you want your lovely curls to last all day throughout the celebration and make you look stunning in all your bridal portraits. Once done with this procedure of curling and straightening, you or you can ask your hairstylist to get creative with the braids. If you are planning a bohemian wedding, and want to look like a classic bohemian bride, you can go for boho fishtail braids. Well, you can try other braids styles too, like the classic Dutch braids or even the retro bubble braids, if you wanna bring in the classic retro vibe to your wedding day bridal look. If by any chance your hair tends to fall flat, you can consider asking your hairstylist to add layers to your hair. Adding layers to your hair will bring more volume into the look you have chosen for your wedding day bridal hairdo. Well, you can also consider adding hair extensions to balance out the braided top section of your hairdo. Lastly, just pin the braids into a half-up, half-down style, and you are done and good to go to rock your bridal look with a stunning and trendy hairstyle.


The Famous Rachel’s Shags

Calling out all the Friends fans out there! The moment that you have been waiting for is finally here. The sexy shag is official back in fashion as it is making a huge comeback, especially in the bridal hairstyle trend. This stunning hairstyle was popularized by Jennifer Anniston on the hit sitcom, was indeed a huge bridal hairstyle sensation in 2021, and is still continuing to be in the trend in 2022. For all our millennial brides who are looking for a bridal hairstyle that gives them a ton of movement and volume at the crown with airy texture around the edges, then there is no perfect hairdo than the classic shags. This lovely and trendy hairstyle goes well with any hair type, from straight to wavy or curly. “The Rachel” from FRIENDS is the most popular version of this sexy and trendy hairstyle. But don’t hesitate to make it your own just by adding your own twist. Just rock the classic straight-across bangs or your naturally curly hair for your own spin on this classic and evergreen ‘90s-inspired hairdo. Psst: This style works especially well for to-be-weds with short hair.


The Confident and Relaxed Down Styles

These days, the greatest bridal hairstyle is wearing the hair down. This hairstyle is going huge in 2022 as it feels relaxed, confident, and free. Whether you are inspired by the old-Hollywood glam waves or by the iconic middle-parted beach waves, this elegant hairdo is indeed a beautiful way to wear your hair on your wedding day and make a remarkable statement in all your wedding photographs captured by our professional wedding photographers. This trendy bridal hairdo is also a great option for brides who most of the time prefers their hair down. In order to achieve the perfect down style for your wedding day bridal look, start with fresh, clean hair, and create a clean center part or side part. Now, the next step is to get a voluminous blowout, lifting at the root while over-directing the hair. If you wish to add more volume to your hair, consider adding clip-in extensions. You can also seek your inspiration from the old-Hollywood glamor, and consider creating a strong side part just by following the arch of your eyebrows. And tada!! Your stunning and trendy bridal hairdo is all set to make you look breathtaking when you walk down the aisle.


Relaxed and Elegant Wedding Chignon

There is no way that Chignon is going out of fashion anytime soon. No matter what era or year it is, this bridal hairstyle always stays in fashion and also slays in the best possible way. This classic, and yet simple and elegant bridal hairstyle, is the one that perfectly fits the most facial structures and also looks mind-blowing on any bride. No matter whether you are planning a summer weddingwinter wedding, fall wedding, or destination wedding on a beach, this timeless hairdo will always elevate your bridal look and make your bridal portraits look incredibly amazing. The Chignon hairdo is romantic and classic at the same time. If you are going the relaxed version of this hairdo, it will be a little bit undone, with flicks framing the face and adding more appeal to the overall bridal look. This hairdo can also be created as a knotted bun or usual chignon, but a little loose than usual for a different and more elegant effect.


Unique Wedding Ponytail Bridal Hairdo Ideas

Another trending and popular bridal hairstyle especially for brides who have stunning long hair is the incredible and fancy ponytail. Depending on your style, and bridal look ideas, you can jazz up with a simple hairdo and create something more than the ordinary to have a stunning look on your wedding day and have incredible bridal portraits documented in the best of frames by our talented wedding photographers. To have a unique ponytail look for your wedding day, you can try a half-up wedding hairstyle with the ponytail at the top half, or you can just have a regular ponytail, but tied in a bow or in a delightful scarf. 


If you have shoulder-length hair and would prefer a much longer ponytail, then you can think of playing with hair extensions too. Either way, a bridal ponytail hairdo is a long-lasting trend that has continued into the new year and is indeed a great hairstyle for brides on their wedding day. This kind of bridal hairstyle will not allow brides to enjoy their special day to the fullest but also give them a relaxed feeling when they are dancing till the beat drops. 


Messy and Sensuous Bridal Hairstyle for Stunning Bridal Look

If you have a thing for that tousled, “I just woke up like this” look, then perhaps a messy hairdo is for you and will look incredible over you on your wedding day. Well, many people out there think that there is no effort needed to create a messy hairstyle, which is well, absolutely wrong. If you wish to have a sexy messy hairdo for your wedding day bridal look, all you have to do is create the desired hairstyle, but in a more loose manner, with wisps of hair flowing from the front and the sides. 


This bridal hairstyle would be exemplary for a relaxed, bohemian bride, a destination wedding, or a romantic wedding on a lovely beach. This bridal hairstyle will look stunning even after great hours of a fun-filled day. 


Sexy Symmetrical Center Part Bridal Hairdo

While moving into 2022, our modern-day romantic brides are getting their inspiration from red carpet divas in place of classic bridal styles, when it comes to their trendy bridal hairstyles. Following the red carpet, our millennial brides are updating their bridal hairstyle and going for the perfect center part hairdo. It has been observed by various hairstylists that even in the past, a huge majority of brides have gone towards the timeless glam hairdo for their wedding day bridal look. But now, with changing trends, more and more brides are going with a symmetrical look with the middle part. This bridal hairstyle suits all face shapes while giving a symmetrical illusion to all face shapes. With a wet hair look, the middle part always looks sexy and elegant. 


The Timeless Updo is Back, Baby!

If you want you can always blame it on Bridgerton for this classic hairdo! After years of beach waves and undone buns, the glamor of the opulent updo has returned in full swing and is also being like the majority of millennial brides. This new bridal hair updo is not as clean and tight as the prom hairstyle of your youth days, but it does have a much more intentional shape and stunning appeal to the overall look. Well, it is definitely not boho chic, but there is a more natural effect, with lots of room for natural curls and textures and a misplaced coil here and there. Brides going for this up hairdo for their wedding day will definitely make a remarkable statement amongst the crowd. For all the brides who have natural texture hair, they need to consider combining a high shape with some small braids or twisting a braid along the hairline for a classic and inspired take. 


Airy and Loose Natural Trendy Bridal Hairstyles

With changing trends, especially in the world of fashion, many brides are going not to over-style their hair for their wedding day hairdo. They are going with the natural texture they were born with for their wedding day bridal look. This indeed makes the whole process of hairstyling a lot easier, and to match the natural look, brides can choose to have loose and airy hairstyles that perfectly complement the relaxed ambiance that this kind of bride is trying to create. For brides who are planning to have a classic outdoor wedding or a rustic bohemian-themed wedding, this bridal hairdo is just a perfect option. There are various kinds of hairstyles that gracefully fit into this overall look. From classic vintage wedding hairstyles with stunning curls and wraps to big but loose airy braids, you can choose any kind of airy and loose natural hairstyle for your wedding day bridal look to look extremely exceptional and beautiful. Up or down, over your shoulder, or just prefer them trailing down your back, either way, you can decide to steal the show with your natural curls and effortlessly loose hairstyles and make heads turn towards you when you will walk down the aisle and the cool wind unwinds your pretty curls.


The Pretty Bridal Waves For Any Kind of Wedding Celebration

It’s your wedding day and it’s time for you to channel your inner mermaid with the new season’s penchant for heavenly, stunning Hollywood-glamor waves set to continue into 2022 in the league of trendy bridal hairstyles. This classic wavy bridal style will look amazing and mind-blowing when paired with a vintage-style wedding gown. When this bridal hairstyle and the stunning designer wedding gown will be paired together, it will perfectly complete your A-List look for your 2022 wedding. In order to achieve this bridal hairstyle for your wedding day, you can tong your hair by taking small sections and holding it vertically to get the classic and mesmerizing mermaid effect.


In a nutshell, all we want to say is that the year 2022 is really bringing the amazing and classic trend for the minimalist bride. Whether you are desiring a less structured and effortless look or want to go for a sleek approach to a bridal updo, the whole attention should be on the bridal hairstyle, rather than the wedding dress. The simplicity of the glam look never fails to create less attention to be taken from the wedding dress. The above-mentioned are some of our favorite bridal hairstyles that are trending in 2022 and will make any bride look the epitome of beauty when she walks down the aisle!


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