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Fall Orange: The Season’s Favorite Wedding Color Gets A New Look!


Almost everyone who loves nature wants to have an autumn wedding! So when the season of fall arrives, it's difficult not to contemplate the refreshing weather and the delightful seasonal flavors brimming with cinnamon rolls and pumpkin spice! The transitioning seasons bring forth a variety of stunning fall wedding colors that set the stage for hosting an early fall wedding. It's no surprise that fall weddings are a sought-after time for exchanging vows. When deciding on your fall wedding color palettes, it's crucial to remember that the choices extend beyond the natural hues like vibrant reds and yellows. Fall weddings also provide the opportunity to incorporate splendid jewel tones, deep and dramatic wedding colors, as well as captivating neutrals and earthy tones. The possibilities for blending shades from these fall wedding color schemes are abundant!


When we think of fall wedding ideas, the colors of changing leaves immediately come to mind. Although red, orange, yellow, brown, and green are typical shades associated with the cooler months, you needn't confine yourself to the hues of trees for your autumnal wedding day. There are plenty of beautiful autumn wedding colors that are linked with the season and can ignite your creative inspiration! However, bringing nature to life entails choosing the best fall-inspired wedding colors. This is where you might get confused as your fall color choice will dictate everything from your beautiful fall wedding bouquet ideas to the reception table details to your overall wedding look. You might be unsure about the suitable colors for fall or how to create a cohesive wedding color palette. Just remember that, as soon as you decide on your wedding color palette, it will enable smoother and more efficient progress with the rest of your wedding planning. Consistency will be maintained across your venue, stationery, and final presentation creating a cohesive fall wedding design without any rough edges!


Your fall wedding color palette can impact everything from infusing coziness and warmth into the wedding reception to imbuing an elegant spookiness for your Halloween wedding details. With the changing leaf colors and the increasing fall foliage, a striking natural backdrop can be created with the color orange. In this article, we are going to talk about the color "orange" and how it can instantly transform your celebration into an elegant affair! Orange wedding color is not the most common choice when it comes to choosing wedding color combinations. Moreover, this bold fall wedding color can be a bit tricky to work with, unlike other simple colors. However, if you are looking to make a statement with your fall wedding color choice, then orange is definitely for you! Whether you opt for it as a primary or accent color, combine it with neutral tones, pair it with unconventional shades like purple or fuchsia, or introduce a few orange highlights into your neutral wedding décor, your wedding setup is guaranteed to stand out. 


Frank Sinatra once said, "Orange is the happiest color!" So it is not surprising why this autumn wedding color continues to be popular even now! You can call it as you wish - terracotta, cantaloupe, rust, tangerine, Aperol spritz. But no matter how you describe it, it's evident that the orange wedding color schemes are currently in the spotlight. Despite standing in stark contrast to the soft pastels and neutral palettes that have dominated recent wedding color trends, you might initially feel that orange wedding décor is too bold for your taste. However, the vibrant energy that orange-themed weddings embody is precisely why this color is gaining attention now. Surprisingly, it's more versatile than you might assume. One of the great things about an orange-inspired wedding color palette is its ability to be as attention-grabbing or understated as you desire.


Orange isn't your typical wedding color, as it's usually reserved for early fall bridal bouquets and floral elements. But this bold wedding color choice, which gained popularity in the 1970s, is making a strong comeback! Often associated with creativity and joy, orange proves to be a fitting choice for weddings. Beyond its symbolism, orange surprisingly complements a wide range of fall wedding themes and venues. Moreover, couples hosting tropical weddings are often the ones that incorporate orange into their wedding color schemes, as this shade is already present in many natural elements of surrounding settings, like sunsets, foliage, and even wildlife. However, other locations such as farms and deserts can also embrace different shades of orange wedding colors to resonate with modern, rustic, or bohemian wedding themes.


Orange is a remarkably versatile wedding color that can evoke feelings of romance, modernity, vibrancy, softness, or edginess, depending on the complementing wedding colors. While white, blush, and pink are commonly favored choices for wedding colors, incorporating orange is truly exciting! It's a color that seamlessly complements a wide array of wedding styles and other color palettes. You can pair orange with soft pastel wedding colors for a heightened sense of romance, combine it with whites and neutrals for a timeless and classic appearance, and even match it with deeper or more daring tones to introduce an element of drama. In this article, we will be sharing some of our favorite orange wedding ideas to display its flexibility, whether you want it to display this hue along with other fun rustic wedding colors or use this as your primary color to style your fall wedding


Our Favorite Elegant Orange Wedding Ideas


Botanical wedding invitations 


The latest wedding invitation trends include using old-fashioned botanical illustrations and motifs. Incorporating oranges or other citrus fruits into your invitation design can serve as inspiration and introduce a burst of artistic color! Another approach to infusing orange into your wedding invitation design is to use the color for fonts and accent details. Subdued hues like dark teal, blue, and maroon can season the vibrancy of the orange shade.


Terracotta bridesmaid dresses 


Exuding richness, warmth, and an earthy feel, terracotta bridesmaid dresses evoke the essence of a fall wedding. They beautifully capture the gentle radiance of the season - envision changing leaves, autumnal sunsets, and rustic accents. These fall bridesmaid dresses are an ideal choice for contemporary fall wedding ceremonies! However, it's worth noting that with its diverse range of shades, spanning from delicate peach to deep rusty brown, terracotta can make a striking statement in any kind of celebration. If you are looking to infuse a natural bohemian touch, opt for soft and light terracotta bridesmaid dresses. On the other hand, for glamorous fall weddings, it's hard not to fall in love with the allure of velvet terracotta gowns! 


Sunflower ceremony arch 


The sunflower ceremony arch can be a radiant and captivating focal point that adds a touch of natural beauty to any wedding setting. With its vibrant yellow petals and towering presence, the sunflower arch symbolizes joy, positivity, and growth, making it a perfect choice for couples seeking a cheerful and meaningful backdrop for their vows. The ceremony arch can be adorned with sunflowers to create a picturesque frame for the couple, invoking feelings of warmth and happiness as they embark on their journey together. You can soften the bright orange wedding flowers with greenery and place the ceremony installation outdoors amidst lush landscapes or indoors with an inviting rustic charm. 


Muted orange flowers 


Dark orange tones are equally captivating as their brighter counterparts, particularly when it comes to fall wedding flowers. A bohemian and earthy wedding bouquet can feature a blend of peach garden roses, vanda orchids, carnations, and ranunculus in diverse shades of orange. You can use spiral eucalyptus, astilbe, and pink rice flowers to contribute to the arrangement's beauty. 


Rust velvet sweetheart tablecloth 


It is no secret that we love velvet wedding details in fall weddings! A rust velvet sweetheart tablecloth can exude an enchanting and opulent ambiance, adding a touch of sophistication and warmth to the fall wedding reception. The rich and deep rust hue, coupled with the luxurious texture of velvet, can create an inviting and intimate ambiance. This choice of tablecloth adds a sense of vintage elegance while also embracing a modern trend, making it an excellent fit for couples who appreciate a blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics. 


Burnt orange accessories 


Burnt orange wedding accessories for the groom and his groomsmen can offer a distinctive and stylish way to infuse a pop of color and personality into their ensemble. From ties and pocket squares to boutonnieres and socks, these accessories can bring a touch of warmth and vibrancy to the overall wedding party look. The deep and earthy shade of burnt orange also adds a sense of richness and depth, complementing various suit colors and styles. Whether paired with a classic black tuxedo or a more casual ensemble, these orange wedding accessories can create a cohesive effect. 


Wedding shoes 


Stylish wedding shoes offer the perfect opportunity to experiment with your wedding color palette! Consider heels or other wedding shoes with orange accents, such as stiletto sandals featuring coral straps. 


Eucalyptus and orange aisle décor


For those seeking a simple and elegant touch for chair aisle décor, look no further. You can strike a balance between subtlety and impact by combining eucalyptus or understated greenery with vibrant orange roses or even orange peels for a burst of color that grabs attention in an elegant way. 


Terracotta reception tables


Elevate your wedding dining experience with the charming allure of terracotta tones. You can consider introducing a touch of color through terracotta-hued napkins, or take the orange wedding theme to the next level by opting for burnt sienna tablecloths. This warm and earthy shade blends beautifully with wooden tables, and it truly comes to life in wood-paneled spaces or rustic barn venues. To enhance the fall color palette, you can include lighter tones using peach-toned floral centerpieces and infusing a delicate contrast. For subtle bursts of color, you can also explore the possibilities of candles, crockery, or chair sashes, allowing for a well-rounded and visually captivating table setting.


Balloon ceremony arch 


For a whimsical touch, consider adding an ombré balloon arch to your décor in different shades of orange. This '90s-inspired balloon-inspired wedding idea can infuse a burst of color into your wedding venue and serve as a delightful photo opportunity for guests.


Vintage furniture 


If you are looking to make your wedding cozy, you can create a wedding lounge or aim to elevate the head table's appeal by opting for rental furniture. Rental wedding furniture in your favorite wedding colors can introduce the primary theme and add textures to your wedding celebration. For instance, a rust orange velvet chair or two can instantly infuse a retro, hip vibe into your wedding.


Orange vintage getaway car 


Looking to make a grand wedding exit into your happily ever after? Enhance your wedding photo opportunities with a vintage orange VW Beetle, whether as a wedding getaway car or a charming photo backdrop. You can check your local transportation rental companies that may offer similar options to add a touch of whimsy to your special day.


Warm ambient lighting


Craft the perfect atmosphere for your reception through warm wedding lighting. Warm reception lighting has the power to amplify the richness of your color scheme, promoting an inviting and intimate ambiance that perfectly suits an intimate wedding gathering. You can also opt for candles or delicate string lights, as they offer an impeccable choice. You can use them to cast a soft, embracing glow throughout the space, or strategically position them to emphasize specific areas you wish to highlight, adding depth and allure to your wedding setting.


Candle aisle markers 


You can enhance your ceremony aisle with bursts of color by incorporating orange candles, lanterns, pampas grass, and greenery. This ethereal setup can seamlessly integrate orange wedding details without overwhelming the ambiance.


Orange cocktails


Elevate your reception cocktail experience with the vibrancy of orange wedding drinks. From zesty citrus blends to creative twists on classic favorites, orange cocktail ideas promise a burst of flavor and a visual treat. Sip on refreshing orange mojitos or tantalize your taste buds with a tangy orange margarita. For a touch of elegance, explore the sophistication of an Aperol Spritz, where the bright orange hue can add a pop of color to your glasses.


Floral arrangements 


Centerpieces and floral arrangements offer ideal spaces to explore the orange wedding trend. Even if you opt for non-orange flowers, incorporating botanical accents like vibrant fall foliage, bronze amaranthus, and dried bunny tail grass can highlight orange tones.


Terracotta vessels 


Opt for terracotta clay vessels in diverse shapes as alternatives to traditional reception centerpieces and accent arrangements like metal or glass vases. These vessels can add a touch of intrigue and variation to the aesthetic.


As days become shorter and once-green leaves transition from vibrant summer shades to the warm oranges, reds, and browns of autumn, the nature around us becomes an abundance of design inspiration for those exploring fall wedding color palettes! Fall provides you with the best of nature for hosting your dream outdoor wedding! With its vibrant nature, the possibilities for fall wedding color schemes are limitless. Embrace a spectrum of impactful colors like orange, red, bronze-green, and purple. These stunning fall-inspired wedding shades will blend with nature, ensuring an incredible wedding experience and beautiful fall wedding portraits.


2024 fall wedding trends are expected to see the color orange stepping more into the spotlight. Ranging from terracotta to copper, weddings are anticipated to showcase a variety of warm and vintage orange hues. If you are keen on making a bold statement by including orange in your wedding's color palette, we encourage you to go for it! You can use our favorite orange wedding details and ideas if they resonate with your wedding style and discover the versatility of this surprisingly gorgeous wedding shade. It is a warm and lively color that pairs harmoniously with almost any other color. It thrives in both early and late fall wedding settings, and it also shines in burnt orange tones or even vintage shades. 


A dynamic orange wedding color combination is an excellent choice for an outdoor ceremony or reception. With the sun setting in the background, it will cast a beautiful glow over your event, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Similarly, opting for a dramatic orange color scheme is a bold decision for your wedding colors, particularly when matched with shades like lavender or olive green. This infusion of hues will bring a touch of sophistication to your event and lend it a more refined ambiance. 


Considering that the color orange is associated with optimism and creativity, it's no surprise that couples are gravitating towards a hue that holds such sentimental significance for their special day. While the bold burnt sienna might not be the initial shade that comes to your mind when envisioning your wedding, there exist numerous ways to incorporate this rich color into your big day celebration - ranging from subtle accents to daring statements. This remarkably versatile wedding color encompasses lively and citrusy tones as well as earthy metallics like copper and gold. You don't need to be concerned about your wedding celebration looking excessively quirky; the infusion of various orange wedding shades can evoke a truly luxurious ambiance.



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