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Floating in Love: Balloons in Your Engagement and Wedding Photography


Love can make you feel light as air, so why not include a prop that conveys that feeling in your engagement and wedding photography? Balloons are synonymous with childhood joy. They excite wonder, anticipation, thrill, and imagination—all emotions you feel as you approach marriage. So, why not bring back this childhood classic for some truly memorable photos?

In addition to their playfulness, balloons bring color and artfulness. The helium-filled props naturally add levels to your photos, giving them more visual interest. You can choose a balloon color in a shade to match your wedding party and décor. You can choose a contrasting color to add a pop, or you can go with a wedding white to brighten up the photos.

We love to see wedding parties pose with balloons for some festive and whimsical wedding party portraits. Extra-large balloons are particularly striking for these wedding photo ops. If you go with an oversized balloon, then you can have each member of the wedding party hold a single balloon for a refined approach.

Balloons are fabulous for the portraits with your spouse. Because of their weightless nature, balloons are great at conveying a sense of motion. Whether you’re walking hand-in-hand or striking a stationary pose in a field, balloons add vibrancy to wedding portraits. For your engagement session, you can carry a bouquet of balloons instead of the flowers that you’ll carry on your wedding day.

Looking for striking reception décor? Balloon installments make a big splash, and you won’t need to add much to the décor. On their own, the look is modern and graphic. Paired with flowers or greenery, balloons telegraph whimsy. You can tie balloons into your tablescape by incorporating them into the garlands or using balloons to add height to centerpieces.

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