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Easy Last-Minute Wedding Additions to Beat the Heat


The onset of summer makes everything around us dreamy and gorgeous. The lush greenery, blooming flowers, exotic warm weather, and chic summer dresses make the season of summer worthwhile. From the hard-hitting nostalgia of going out to the beach for a dose of ‘vitamin sea’ with the gang of BFFs to slurping poppy-colored tropical drinks on beach beds, summer is the epitome of romance and whimsy. And with this, summer is also the most popular time of the year to say 'I do'. We see so many pretty and creative summer wedding ideas brought to the table by artsy couples each year that pull our heartstrings and make us sing classic love songs. From couples hosting an ultimate summer wedding to wedding planners assembling the most loved summer wedding reception ideas, we are here for all the amazing nuptial scoops.


Time and again we come across some of the most classic summer wedding ideas, and there are times when we are swooned by wedding photos that capture the essence of romantic summer nights. In simple words, the shining sun and higher temperatures give us a strong nod to bring out some of the most amazing outdoor wedding ceremony ideas that can inspire your summer soiree. From the long days of summer allowing couples to host their dream sunset weddings on the beach to the inspiring golden wedding portraits with the newlyweds and their loved ones walking barefoot in whimsical forest settings, summer weddings are a dream, and it is easy to why so many couples wait for this season to start their forever.


The gorgeous blue skies and rustic outdoor wedding settings with white rose blooms and champagne glasses make everything right out of an old fable. You might be envisioning yourself dressed up in a beautiful summer wedding dress and breezing through your loved ones in amazing summery ensembles and gulping down sangria, with the love of your life by your side while sipping mojitos and giggling at the silliest jokes. Yes, you are happy! Amidst the happy colors and peppy moods, in a dreamy small wedding venue by the sea or a vineyard setting in the countryside, the temperatures might shoot up and create a hindrance in your dreamy celebrations. Don’t let mother nature steal your summer wedding dream which has been planned to perfection! If the weather becomes warmer than you expected, having certain things and accessories handy can save the grace of the big day. If you’re wondering how do I keep my guests cool in the summer wedding, there are many tips to help you make sure your day goes as seamlessly and as temperature-controlled as possible.


Top Tips & Last-Minute Additions to Keep Your Wedding Guests Cool:


Personalized hand fans

You can go for personalized wicker or wooden hand fans according to the selected wedding themes for summer celebrations with infused customized details like your initials, monogram logos, or the entire wedding program printed on it as part of eco-friendly wedding planning. For a perfect Hawaiian themed wedding or a whimsical beach wedding, these bright and customized hand fans are a great prop for wedding photos (as your guests wouldn’t roll up whatever piece of paper they can find) as well as a great way to keep your loved ones cool in the heat of an outdoor ceremony. These props also double up as wedding favors that will always remind your loved ones of the day-of, as wedding programs that will help you cut down the waste of supplying additional fans on top of programs, and as a personal message that encourages them to stay cool. For instance, a cute and quirky hand fan can feature an illustration of what the celebration would entail on one side and the wedding date with monogrammed logos on the other.


Refreshing summer drinks

Giving a twist to traditional hors d'oeuvres menus, you can introduce refreshing and hydrating cocktails and mocktails in electrifying summer wedding color ideas. From fruit-and-mint-infused water and lemonades for non-drinkers to tropical shooters in creative and fun flavors, you have easy and delicious ways to ensure everyone is feeling great and staying hydrated as you say "I do." Icy drinks during your outdoor summer ceremony are a tried and true way to cool down your guests. You can set up cool beverage stations that can double as summer-inspired outdoor wedding decorations and deal with the warm temperatures to make guests feel comfortable and cool. Add fresh and edible florals to the drinks decoratively and functionally and cut down on other wedding flowers to have an eco-friendly wedding. Create a creative DIY cocktail menu and introduce the first sips of icy drinks of the season to keep the guests cool. For instance, a beverage station featuring a large glass dispenser with water and fresh citrus slices, coconut water, and edible flowers can be a statement-making addition to your outdoor wedding on a budget.


Strategizing indoor and outdoor spaces

Does your outdoor wedding venue have a naturally shaded area? Having a shaded space for your seated guests while you exchange your wedding vows can keep them away from the direct sun rays, and setting up misting stations or electric fans as part of your outdoor wedding ceremony decorations can help them cool off during day-time celebration. So it only makes sense that when you’re browsing through your wedding venue options, you go for the one that has a mix of both indoor and outdoor wedding event spaces. This will allow your loved ones to take in the sweeping outdoor views and also escape the scorching heat to get the best of your big day. In case there is a lack of natural shade, you can talk to your wedding venue manager to arrange for big and bright table umbrellas or small pop-up style tents with lounge furniture underneath for shaded reception seating arrangements.


Frozen dessert stations and serve-outs

One of our favorite small wedding ideas for summer weddings is to double down on frozen desserts by setting up ice cream or gelato or popsicle stations. From garnishing glasses of champagne with popsicles as the ultimate cool-down beverage to serving gelatos with artisanal sodas, create nostalgic moments with frozen desserts in dreamy summer wedding colors. Create a wedding dessert menu that’s both fresh and delicious by combining frozen elements with the dessert selections. For instance, a bright pineapple souffle can be frozen and served chilled during your cocktail hour as a refreshing and cool treat. Your drink mixing skills can be boasted by freezing your favorite cocktails in freezing temps and serving them as the ultimate summer frozen desserts. The flavors should be a combination of your and your beau’s favorite flavors. Setting up a vintage ice-cream cart on your cocktail hour and serving vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice creams straight from a cart can give the ultimate sugar rush to your guests to keep the fun party rolling. Bottled ice sodas and bottled mineral water can be also given out before the ceremony gets in full swing to stay cool. Snow cones make delicious wedding dessert ideas as well. You can arrange for limoncello "snow cups" as a cool-down idea during the warmer months. Scoops of black raspberry chip or mint and cookie chip ice creams can be served as an after-dinner treat that can double as a cool down.


Cool giveaway ideas

For hosting a sustainable wedding and reduce carbon footprints related to weddings, give away recyclable wedding favors that can be used during the celebration time and be taken home after the party. Match your sustainable wedding favor ideas with your choice of summer wedding themes. Give away cool hats, wicker hand fans, and glass bottles that keep your guests cool during the outdoor summer wedding celebrations and serve as a memory in their homes as these items moonlight as home decor elements. From cute refillable glass bottles at the hydration station as a fun drinking option to giving away fresh and fancy chilled towels by rolling the towels in a mixture of witch hazel and freezing water, the sky’s the limit when it comes to making your guests feel chilled and relaxed using fun and out-of-the-box wedding ideas for a summer wedding on a budget. In case of a beach wedding, you can give away a beach-ready tote bag and fill it with a beach blanket, a towel, sunscreen, and chilled water to prepare everyone for the hot weather by the water.


Cute parasols

As a winsome summer wedding idea that’ll sweep everyone off their feet and create breathtaking wedding photographs in the outdoor setting, opt for color-coordinated and bright-colored parasols to cool off your guests on the summer wedding day. If you want to incorporate rustic outdoor wedding ideas, go for light floral patterned vintage parasols, and similarly, bright and poppy parasols can also be arranged to match the vibrant outdoor wedding themes. Place a basket of parasols at the ceremony entrance, ask your guests to pick them up before entering the wedding ceremony site, and be loved more by your sun-kissed guests for the sweet gesture. The options are endless- from vintage parasols for a Parisian-themed wedding to floral parasols for a whimsical garden wedding. Your guests will feel like true royalty using these fancy and cool items to stay relaxed. Buy ones that match your theme for cute pictures, blend seamlessly with any wedding design or theme, and double up as wedding decor ideas in outdoor settings. Not to mention, everyone will be walking around looking like adorable little cocktails! You can also personalize the parasols according to your taste and wedding theme in the same way as hand fans that were mentioned above.


Quirky Sunglasses

Set up welcome bags with quirky and cool sunglasses along with koozies and citrus fruit for your guests. Another cool and last-minute summer wedding giveaway idea that can double as a wedding favor to make your guests remember this sunny day with a smile. From wayfarers and aviators to vintage and cat-eyes, cool shades equal a cool ceremony. Your loved ones can see you take the first steps for a brand-new life without squinting under the bright sun and look stylish at the same time. Sunnies are items that everyone will love to use again and again and hence make for a great sustainable wedding favor idea. You can buy sunglasses in bulk from wholesale sections online or at a nearby thrift store. The idea is to get a variety of sunglasses in different styles so family members and friends can choose a pair they will wear every other day after the big day is over.



If your wedding celebration will require your guests to spend hours under the burning sun, you can place a spray bottle of high-SPF sunscreen on the welcome table at the ceremony entrance. Make sure you dab some too before the wedding ceremony and set some out for attendees to do the same. You can place a basket with different sunscreen options in the entrance area so that it serves as a reminder to reapply and dab on the lotions from time to time. From gel-based applications to high SPF and non-sticky solutions, there are many options for buying sunscreens in bulk online. You can place the basket alongside the parasols, hand fans, or icy-cold beverages to celebrate the sunny spirit of your summer wedding.


Pool Party

Our favorite summer wedding idea? It’s a pool party! From giant flamingo inflatables to guests chilling with sangrias and mimosas while kicking back by the pool, the world is our oyster with a pool party that undoubtedly gives us “summer wedding goals!” If you do not want the pool party to steal the thunder of your big day, then you can also consider hosting a pool party as an after-party idea for your guests to mellow down at the end of the day and relax while sipping their drinks. An after-wedding pool party is one of the best ways to cool down after a summer night wedding. Along with making some fun and memorable wedding photos, wedding pool party ideas can feature relaxing summer house music and beer serving stations. If your wedding venue does not have a concrete pool, you can get some inflatable pools on wedding rental and create unforgettable summer fun for your guests on the day of!


From the magical wedding sunset photos in the golden hour to the romantic summer wedding ideas that look straight away from a storybook, summer weddings are beautiful and rejuvenating. But, even the most well-planned outdoor wedding ideas for summer can have uncomfortable stories from the attendees. The downsides of dog days of summer can totally ruin your outdoor ceremony, from mosquitoes being stuck to the chic icing wedding cake that a friend baked to dehydrated and sun-burnt guests. Although the last-minute additions mentioned above cannot control the weather, they can still very well control how your guests feel and make them comfortable, so that they take back home only good and happy memories from your bright summer wedding day. 


The ideas to keep your guests cool during your wedding celebration can combine outdoor wedding decorating ideas with functional elements so that your guests feel comfortable as well as are aesthetically pleased. From poppy-colored icy treats to handing out artistic handmade parasols and hand fans, the possibilities are endless to make your guests beat the heat and enjoy your wedding thoroughly without letting the creeping temps derailing their moods. From some of the most loved summer and spring wedding favor ideas that’ll make your guests remember this unforgettable day in the fondest way to providing them with cute and fun DIY wedding ideas for staying cool and relaxed during the celebrations, take your pick to surprise the loved ones on your dreamy summer or spring wedding.


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