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Wedding Planning for the Eco-Friendly Bride


Protecting our environment is extremely important, and in this day and age, eco-friendly finds are becoming more accessible than ever before. For many brides and grooms, there may be a desire to go green, but little idea of where to start! From locations to decor to attire, there are small ways you can include these green ideas into every part of your wedding. Follow along for tips on how to bring an eco-friendly wedding to life.


For the eco-friendly couple, we recommend bringing your ceremony to the great outdoors. An outdoor space will drastically reduce the amount of electricity used on your wedding day. The gorgeous natural light and scenery will only enhance the look of your day. Consider planting a tree for the unity portion of your ceremony. This is a great way to signify the start of your marriage and give something beneficial back to your environment.


When it comes to wedding attire, we love the idea of wearing a dress previously worn by a family member or opting for a vintage gown. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are a perfect trend for an eco-friendly bride as well. Let your ladies wear a dress they already own, or allow them pick out a dress they will feel comfortable wearing again and again. Not only will this cut down on the cost of your attire, but it will reduce the amount of materials used to make the new garments.

Printed Materials:

One of the best ways to reduce  wedding waste is to consider the amount of printed materials you plan on sending. Perhaps this means including less inserts with your wedding invitations, or sending a single postcard style invitation with an online RSVP. Look at using recycled papers for all of your printed goods. Consider creating a sign or chalkboard as your ceremony program instead of printing programs for guests as well!


​Why not continue the celebrations with an outdoor reception as well? We love the idea of utilizing a greenhouse -- it would make for such a unique (and beautiful!) experience for you and your guests. Focus on incorporating recycled materials into your reception decor by repurposing items you already own. Go the DIY route by using frames or mirrors for your seating chart and dinner menu. We also love the idea of a dessert table filled with cake stands and dishes provided by your closest friends and family. An eclectic or vintage display can be absolutely stunning.

Skip the tablecloths and go the au naturale route - there’s nothing more beautiful than a naked wood farm table! If you prefer a covered top, consider burlap or linen for your tablecloths or runners. Both materials are organically dyed and made out of renewable sources. Consider including potted plants over floral arrangements for your decor. These can be re-planted after your wedding, or they can double as a guest favor if you desire! If you’re hoping to incorporate candles in your table centerpieces, be sure to use clean candles -- both soy and honeycomb candles are organic!

Food & Gifts:

When it comes to food, focus on farm-to-table eats for your reception, all of which are sustainable! Farm-to-table will contain less preservatives as well as materials used for transporting the produce. These food items typically support local businesses, too! If you’re planning to register for wedding gifts, ask that your guests skip the wrapping to cut down on paper waste. Or, in lieu of physical gifts, ask your guests to make a donation instead! For your guest favors, consider giving items they will use such as olive oil or seeds for their garden.

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