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Ditch The Pastels: All The Details For Decorating A Bold Spring Wedding


One of the best things about a spring wedding is as simple as saying, “So many colors.” However, there’s more to spring weddings. We feel that spring is the only season when you can experiment and try different ideas, especially with colors. The thing with these weddings is that you can choose to play with bright and bold colors for your wedding color theme, or you can choose a lighter and prettier color scheme with pastels. Although spring weddings are usually associated with pastel colors, we feel that these weddings can also do well with something bright, something bold. If you’re lucky enough to tie the knot with the love of your life during spring, this year, or next, we feel that the ideas that we have for you will help you greatly. 


  1. Bold Florals  

Yes, we’re aware this is pretty normal. However, we’d like to start with wedding floral ideas for your grand celebration because, to be very honest, wedding flowers and floral details are the best way to inject colors into your decor. Pastel and mellow-colored wedding floral decor is the trend, but we feel that you can totally switch it up with an amazing bold color scheme. Depending on your preferences, you can switch out the pastel colors, for bolder colors. Bold colors for flowers include colors like bright red, yellow, purple, and orange. You can choose flowers such as rose lilies, Bromeliads, Gerbera, Anthurium and Alstroemeria will be a great addition to your wedding. These flowers, the ones we just mentioned, are some amazing rare additions that you can add. You can pair these with your regular and more common flowers that are bright in nature, such as pretty Petunia, lovely Angelonia, whimsical Verbena, playful Zinnias, and beautiful Pentas. Apart from these, you can use colorful roses. You can get roses in a variety of colors, you can order those from your wedding’s floral vendor. Now that we’re done discussing the kinds of colorful flowers you can use for your wedding, let’s talk about bold wedding floral decor ideas


One of the best ways to use bold floral decor is to choose an overflowing woven floral decor idea for your wedding arbor or the hoop you’d have at your altar. You can use a bridal bouquet made out of only flowers. You can skip the fillers, and use only bold flowers, perhaps use one of the rare flowers as your bouquet’s primary focus. You can also add big woven greenery runners which are peppered with big blooms, especially in bolder colors. Another way to improve your wedding’s look and move away from pastel color combinations, you can choose to have flowers in bold colors as centerpieces. If you’re looking to put a creative twist on your wedding decor, then you can choose to have a pretty arrangement of big flowers on big soup cups or tea cups as your wedding tablescape centerpieces. You can also add some interesting touches by using a runner made of lovely flowers, big blooms, or bold flowers from the few options we mentioned on top, as runners for your wedding aisle. 


  1. Bold Wedding Outfits! 

 Choosing to move away from pastel colors, then how about adding a twist to your wedding outfits? A great way to use a bold color for your wedding is to use beautiful outfits. Think of it as setting the tone for your wedding through your creative wedding stationery, and choosing to use colorful outfits to add as a cornerstone for your wedding color scheme. You can use the outfits to accentuate your wedding’s color theme, which will in turn help you to improve the wedding photos! So, if you’re thinking of adding something more to your wedding, then decide to choose bold colors or bold color tones. To use colorful and bold outfits in your wedding is to first choose a color. You can either choose outfits in one color or choose to have a gradient flow of the color you’ve chosen. For example, if you choose navy blue for your bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits, then you can either have every bridesmaid and every groomsman wear an outfit in navy blue or have them use a gradient flow starting from navy blue and every outfit getting lighter. You can do this with just about any color. Another way to inject bold colors but still keep the colors balanced is to choose ombre outfits! You can create an ombre look for the groomsmen by choosing ombre pants or ombre overcoats. This will also help you add a wonderful touch to your wedding. To make your outfits, especially your bridesmaids and your wedding day look, you can use a trending floral headpiece


  1. Colorful Wedding Cakes!  

Wedding cakes have always been an essential part of any wedding celebration, and a colorful wedding cake can add a touch of uniqueness and personality to the day’s celebration. While white wedding cakes are the traditional choice, colorful cakes have become increasingly popular in recent years. The appeal of colorful wedding cakes comes with the fact that they add a pop of color to your wedding reception party and helps you to improve the color palette of the wedding! A colorful cake can be customized to match the wedding theme, décor, and color scheme, and will also give you some amazing photos to add to your wedding photo album. Colorful wedding cakes can also be used to showcase the personalities of you and your partner, along with your tastes. Whether it's a bold ombre cake, a bright watercolor design, or a naked wedding cake with bright floral accents, a colorful cake can reflect your unique style and preferences. It can also be a fun way to incorporate your favorite colors or flavors into the wedding celebration. We love colorful wedding cakes because of their versatility. With so many color options available, a colorful cake can be matched to any wedding theme, whether it's a romantic pastel wedding, a modern and bold wedding, or a rustic country-themed wedding. A colorful cake can also be a great way to complement the wedding flowers or the bridesmaids' dresses. Also, the perfect colorful wedding cake can help you create an amazing visual impact. A colorful cake can be a real showstopper and can add a sense of drama and excitement to the reception. A brightly colored cake can also create a fun and lively atmosphere, making the wedding celebration more enjoyable and memorable for guests. Depending on your wedding theme, you choose the kind of wedding cake you’d need. For example, if you’re throwing an outdoor wedding, you choose a pretty naked or semi-naked wedding cake with floral accents, if you’re throwing an indoor wedding reception, then you can choose a bold wedding cake with edible flowers, edible accents along with some hand-painted details. 


  1. Bold Tablescape!  

A great way to improve your wedding’s overall look and appeal, we feel that the tablescape can help you change your wedding color scheme. You can choose a bold and dramatic tablescape idea, or you can choose to have a brilliantly colored dainty kind of idea for your wedding. If you’re looking to choose bold and dramatic colors, then think of using bright colors and hues. Colors like red, yellow, purple, violet, and even black will help you switch things up. However, remember the use of black should be minimal. Too much black in the tablescape will make your tablescape moody, and give fall aesthetic vibes to your wedding. Using these colors for your wedding’s tablescape is as easy as choosing bright-colored plates, brass or bronze, or even rose gold cutlery, table runners, napkins, and beautiful escort cards or place cards. This will help you change your wedding’s color scheme. This kind of tablescape idea will work absolutely well for a romantic affair or even an outdoor wedding idea. And if you’re looking to choose something bright but dainty, then using metallic colors will help you attain that! Instead of using a pastel and laid-back style of a tablescape, you can swap out some of the details with a metallic tablescape. Think of vintage brass candlesticks, and black tapered candles and pair this with rose gold cutlery, or even silverware! You can also add some gold details by adding string lights to your table. And to add more details to your wedding tablescape, you can even add satin table runners with pretty woven greenery, this will help you attain a brilliant look for your wedding! 


  1. The Extra Details 

 One of the best ways to incorporate bold colors for your wedding is to choose some bold details. You can choose to include some accents that help you add the perfect details to your wedding day. For example, think of adding an artsy piece of signage for your wedding as your wedding’s welcome signage! You can also add some colorful art pieces to your wedding. These kinds of boards and art pieces will help you add extra color to your wedding. These wedding boards and signages, even the artsy pieces are just perfect for your wedding guests to take photos in front of. Apart from this, you can also choose to include an amazing wedding menu card and signage for your wedding party’s signage. For example, you can choose to add bold and beautiful artsy signage that gives your guests an idea about the different food stations at your wedding. If you’re stepping away from the wedding escort cards and choosing to switch it up with a placement chart, then simply choose a bold color for it! You can choose to change things up with beautiful watercolor signage. You can choose flowy lettering for your wedding guests’ names for your wedding seating chart. To add more colors and style to your wedding, you can also choose mirrors as signage boards. This adds a brilliant bold touch to your wedding. 


Things to Remember  

A spring wedding is a celebration of love and color, so when you’re deciding on the color scheme for your wedding, make sure that you know how chosen colors sit with your wedding details. Make sure that you use swatches or the color wheel to understand the placement of colors. Sometimes, some color ideas look perfect. But these colors, when put together, or next to each other, do not. This is why it is important to check the colors and how the hues match. Furthermore, if you have a wedding planner, you can ask them to help you out with this. Additionally, remember to keep where you’re holding your wedding in mind. For example, if you’re throwing a daytime wedding, a completely outdoor wedding, or if you’re having an outdoor wedding ceremony and beautiful indoor reception. 


Spring is the season of new beginnings and renewal, and it's no wonder that it is one of the most popular times of the year for weddings. With its blooming flowers and fresh greenery, spring provides a stunning backdrop for any wedding. The air is filled with the sweet scent of fresh blossoms, and the world seems to come alive with vibrant colors. A spring wedding is a perfect opportunity to incorporate the season's beauty into your special day. From the vibrant hues of blooming flowers to the delicate pastels of early spring, there are so many colors to choose from to create a truly magical and memorable day. Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by cherry blossoms, tulips, and daffodils, with the soft glow of the sun on your face and a gentle breeze blowing through your hair. The colors of the season can be incorporated into every aspect of your wedding, from the invitations to the decorations to the wedding cake. Spring also represents a time of growth and renewal. It's the perfect time to start a new chapter in your life with the person you love. With the world bursting into life around you, it's impossible not to feel inspired and energized. Spring weddings are all about celebrating love, hope, and the promise of new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate than being surrounded by the beauty of the season? Spring is also the perfect time to experiment with different floral arrangements, adding a touch of whimsy and romance to your special day. Consider incorporating fragrant blossoms like lilacs, peonies, and hydrangeas into your bouquet and centerpieces. These flowers not only look beautiful, but they also fill the air with a sweet, delicate fragrance that will transport you and your guests to a world of beauty and wonder. That said, we hope that this inspiration blog helps you choose the perfect details for your wonderful wedding. Spring weddings can be dreamy, and we hope you find exactly what you’re looking for.


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