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Candice and Mike’s Colorful Orlando Wedding


Weddings are a celebration of love, and each wedding says a different story. While some weddings leave us in awe of the decor and the grandeur, others will blow our minds with the selection and the quality of food. There are some which amaze us with a stunning backdrop, there are others which take us back in time and let us revisit the historic mansions of the yesteryears. While there are some which will wow us with a wedding theme which is unlike we have ever seen, some will warm our hearts and give us the warm fuzzies. Candice and Mike have a likable vibe about them and make their wedding warm and inviting. There is easy-going energy around this lovely couple that pierces through the photographs and reaches out to us. Let us take a stroll through Candice and Mike’s special day through the photojournal of the couple captured in the most stunning frames. It will surely have you smiling ear to ear and wish on a star for their happiness.


Candice and Mike chose the beautiful city of Orlando as their chosen place to express their love to the world. Orlando, sitting comfortably in central Florida, is known to be home to theme parks, ranging from Walt Disney World, Magic KingdomEpcotUniversal Orlando, and more! Sprinkling a dusting of magic to the regular life, Orlando surely knows how to live in an enchanting larger-than-life manner. Whether you are a Potterhead and want a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, or you are fascinated by Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there is something for everyone here, as long as you are a believer! Starting from historic college campuses to soothing nature trails, this Florida city is full of energy and fun and is beautiful in every season. One of Florida photographers’ favorite cities for capture, Orlando is just the picture-perfect location which provides the perfect setting to tell your love story in the most picturesque locations. Whether a lovestruck couple wants to get their engagement photoshoot done at Tom Fruin glass house outside the Canvas restaurant or they want to experience the thrill as they go down the roller coaster hand-in-hand, Florida complies to every mood. Starting from the Winter Park Train Station and Hannibal Square to the exotic murals on 4th and Sanford Ave near 3rd and Sanford Ave Seminole Wekiva Trail Inside Rabbitfoot Records, this Central Florida city has something for every couple. By choosing this stunning city as their location, Candice and Mike are ensured of a wedding which has the same positive energy and fun vibes that Orlando represents, along with that touch of enchantment that the city packs.


It comes as no surprise that Candice and Mike chose Casa Feliz as their wedding location because it sure paints a beautiful picture. The Robert Bruce Barbour House, also known as Casa Feliz, Spanish for Happy House, is a restored Spanish farmhouse designed by James Gamble Rogers II and restored later. Situated in the lap of Winter Park, Florida, this stunning wedding venue overlooks the golf course. In the year 2000, the city of Winter Park moved it to its current location to save it from destruction. Known to be the "Winter Park's Community Parlor", Casa Feliz with its gorgeous red brick structure with beautifully restored interiors, a charming and scenic garden which provides a welcome escape from the hustle culture. From the original Spanish roof tiles to the whitewashed century-old bricks, the gorgeous bell tower to the precise landscaping, this location provided a picture-perfect backdrop for Candice and Mike’s wedding. The interiors are a depiction of 19th-century Spain, with a living room, dining rooms, library, courtyards, and a garden room which can accommodate up to 120 guests. Outside, one can exchange their vows on the front lawn or the rear courtyard. A cliche of rustic Spanish setting in middle Florida, this wedding venue is a gem and provides the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.


The wedding day started bright and early and the couple started getting ready for the ceremony with a smile in starry-eyed enthusiasm. Candice was captured enjoying her fun getting-ready session with her bridesmaids and it was a fun moment to be seized forever. She was dressed in a white silky ankle-length robe, while the bridesmaids wore the same robes in a pink hue. She soon changed into her gorgeous bridal gown, a sweeping lacy number with a strapless neckline and a long train. The detail on the dress was awe-inspiring, as it was adorned with intricate lacework and embroidery, demanding all the attention in the room. She matched the dress with a tulle veil which gave her an airy angelic look. Her hair was done up in a gorgeous updo with romantic curls and a stunning sparkling headband adding to the ethereal look. Her makeup was glowy and iridescent and her simple teardrop earrings, bracelet, and her engagement ring added the touch of bling to her look. Her navy blue shoes added a bit of edge, while the bridal bouquet with playful summer tones like cream, peaches, orange, and maroon added the perfect touch of color to complete the look. Mike was looking dashing in his dark blue three-piece suit with a maroon tie and a boutonniere with sprigs of tangerine and maroon flowers mirroring his bride’s bouquet. The glimmer of the golden tie-pin and the brown formal shoes completed his look. We love the fun tangerine floral touches which seemed to make an appearance everywhere from the wedding invite to the bridal bouquet and was reflected here and there in decor, bringing forth a cohesive and beautiful theme. We love the way the Orlando wedding photographer captured the enthusiasm of the couple as they got ready to get married to the love of their lives. Whether it is the creative flat-lays or the moments of anticipation before the big moment, everything was captured just impeccably. 


After the couple got ready and got together for a quick photo session, the ceremony connected the near and dear ones. The ceremony area was decorated simply yet the impact was romantic and charming. The brick-lined walkway led them to the perfect little spot where the couple chose to say the vows. The beautiful arrangement of summer blooms and foliage hung over the ceremony area, filled with speckles of peach maroons and green, and the gorgeous red-brick wall in the background and the arched doorway provided the perfect backdrop for the vows. The couples promised their tomorrows to each other and said their vows and had their first kiss as husband and wife. After the ceremony ended and the guest cheered for them, the couple posed for a couple of photographs and some group photographs with their parents and dear ones. The couple also posed under the gorgeous arch for some elegant captures and as the sun sank low and the golden hour hit them, the couple were caught in the frame with the lush grounds and the golden sun rays lighting them up. 


After the ceremony was over, the couple was ready for a fun evening ahead. They celebrated the wedding amongst their close ones and had their first dance together as husband and wife. The beautiful moments like the toasts and the speeches, the mother and son dance and the cake-cutting was captured with a delicate hand and were memories which will serve them forever. The neutral setting of the interiors along with the hardwood flooring made the perfect blank canvas for the couple to paint the wedding of their dreams. The gorgeous overhead lighting of the reception area allowed our Orlando wedding photographer to capture the magic in their camera with ease. The wedding reception area was dressed up as an assortment of different tables with stark white linens and touches of scarlet came as a relief to the aesthetic. We love the simple China and silverware and the green grass beds underneath that brightened the mood of the setting significantly. It was surely a beautiful wedding day with a gorgeous couple, the people they loved in their lives, and the warm and summery setting to celebrate their special day in. Isn’t that the dream?


The venue chosen by this beautiful couple allowed a lot of charm to exude into their special day, thanks to the rustic Spanish vibes which seem to surround the property. While this venue world with all seasons, we love the summery uplift that the couple gave to this location, making it perfect for their summer Orlando wedding! Delicate tangerine and blood-red roses seemed to have a lot to say in this wedding, as they made an appearance in the wedding stationery as well as the wedding decor. The peach, cream, and maroon roses brought in a flush of color to this rustic setting, establishing a romantic ambiance for the guests to enjoy. The table setting ties in the intent with the bright red napkins which are fresh and exciting and give the wedding reception an unmistakable picnic-meets-garden-party vibe. The theme seemed to be romantic without going the pink route which is refreshing to the eyes which have seen a lot of pink in the spring (and we love pink, too!)- and the overall impact was charming and romantic!


While the wedding lasts for just a day, it’s the memories that live on forever. This is why it is extremely important to capture those memories in the wedding album forever so that one can take a stroll down the memory lane whenever they feel like. Our Orlando wedding photographer did an amazing job capturing those runaway moments of Candice and Mike’s special day in some amazing shots for them to cherish forever. There are several stunning backdrops that the wedding photographer and the couple got to play with, from the rustic beauty of the brick wall to the beautiful archways. We also love the shots taken by the sweeping green grass beds and the swaying trees. We adore the fresh breath of color that the splashes of red add to the frames, keeping things fun and interesting. Whether it is the getting-ready pictures captured with easy expertise or the candid moments between the couple, whether it's the wedding details or the emotions which show up just for a fraction of second, our wedding photographers in Orlando did the perfect job of capturing every moment of the day with perfect grace and ease. From beautifully choreographed bridal portraits to romantic moments captured in couple photography, from candid moments to detail shots, the team covered everything to ensure that the most important day of this charming couple is done justice. 


Love was definitely in the air on that beautiful summer afternoon when Candice and Mike pledged their life to each other in front of the people they hold near to their hearts. From the rustic open brick exteriors to the bright splashes of joyful colors, from romantic backdrops that look like a fairytale to smile as real and honest as it can be. With a wedding day as beautiful as this, the couple is guaranteed a happily-ever-after. Like a ray of sunshine in a dreary morning, this couple comes with the sunshine of positive vibes which they seem to carry with them, wherever they go. Candice and Mike’s special day seemed to be made of picture-perfect moments, each more perfect than the last. As they step into a new chapter of their lives, they will think back to this special day and they will see how perfect every moment was and how that was just the start to a life full of many more amazing days. With hopes in their eyes and fistful of dreams, this beautiful couple steps out in the world as newly married, ready to create a magical fairytale of their own, and we wish them the very best!


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