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A Minimalistically Beautiful Santa Barbara Wedding: Sianne And Colin Celebrate Their Love In Style


When we saw Sianne and Colin, we knew eternal love looked like these two looking into each other’s eyes, just like that. The wedding in Santa Barbara was on October 16th, and it was everything that we imagine a dreamy wedding would be, and when we saw the wedding photos, those were even dreamier! We fell in love after looking at these two lovebirds. Our wedding photographer in Santana Barbara met the two for their wedding day, and took amazing photos of the couple, capturing every emotion the two had to share, the smiles and the emotional moments that defined the day! Their celebration of love. The couple had planned their wedding down to the last T, and the details were awe-spiring! The wedding photos showed us the beautiful wedding decor, the effort the couple had put to make their wedding look absolutely stunning, and showed us the happiest parts of the fall wedding. Santa Barbara’s cityscape and the beautiful shorelines were the perfect places for the couple to take some amazing photos, and enjoy themselves! Our wedding photographer not only was hands-on when it came to capturing the love these two had for each other! 


Santa Barbara is one of the prettiest cities in the U.S., and rightfully so because it comes with lovely sandy beaches and amazing city views. Being about 13,000 years old, the city is home to many historical montages. The city has been dubbed as America’s Riveracourtesy of the Spanish Revival architecture, and rich culture. Today, Santa Barbara is known for its electrifying ambiance, beautiful beaches, many different places to visit, and world-renowned restaurants! And it is in this beautiful city that the couple, Sianne and Colin decided to tie the knot. For the day, the two had found the perfect wedding venue, and it was none other than the romantic and beautiful wedding venue, Villa and Vine. The wedding venue was a great choice, and it fit the lovely couple’s vibe. White and rustic, this wedding venue had different areas for the couple’s wedding ceremony and wedding reception party. The lovely venue’s aesthetics worked amazingly well for the couple, and became a great part of the wedding photos! The rustic details of the wedding venue were completely in sync with the wedding decor ideas that the couple had decided to use for their wedding day. The couple had decided to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, followed by an outdoor wedding reception party at the venue. Additionally, Sianne and Colin decided to use the pretty shoreline of the wedding venue, along with some street photo spots for their wedding photo session. The almost perfect weather for the day made their wedding look and feel even better. 


Before the wedding ceremony, the groom and the groomsmen decided to get dressed in a separate area, while the bride, bridesmaids, and the mother of the bride and groom decided to go to a different dressing room. The couple had decided to not have the first look photo session, but Sianne had decided to have a first look with her father before the wedding ceremony. The groom and the groomsmen wasted no time when getting dressed. The groom was dressed in a solid three-piece suit, gray in color. While the groomsmen put on pretty cream-colored three-piece suits. As for the girls, the girls took some time to sit down and discuss the day’s events, so that they were not delayed anywhere. Our photographer took a few of their getting-ready photos as well, which had the girls smiling and laughing. Then, the girls decided to quickly finish dressing up. The bridesmaids decided to get dressed first, the idea behind that was to help the bride get dressed for her special day without any hiccups! So, as the bridesmaids were dressing up, our photographer took some detailed shots of the beautiful white wedding dress. The bridesmaids were dressed in a gray shade, which was closer to the groom’s wedding day outfit. Then the girls helped Sianne get ready. For the day, Sianne had decided to have her bridal makeup and bridal hairdo simple. For the wedding day, she let her hair down with a slight braid that went around the side of her head. The girls posed for some amazing getting-ready photos as they dressed up for the day complete with bright smiles and smiling eyes. The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom was dressed in different colored outfits to keep their photos slightly different and colorful. The bride was dressed in a beautiful airy wedding dress, and to complete the look she added a lovely wedding veil to her wedding outfit! Before she left the dressing room to go out and see her father for the first look, the gang of girls handed her the bridal bouquet. The fall wedding’s primary colors were white and deeper shades, which was well-represented in Sianne’s wedding bouquet too! Sianne’s wedding bouquet was a simple round, a hand-tied bouquet with lots of greenery and white flowers. She chose to keep her wedding look simple, and did not choose any wedding jewelry for the day. However, even without it, Sianne looked absolutely stunning! And when she was dressed for the day, she made her way out of the dressing room. 


The father of the bride was already ready and had been standing with his back turned towards the staircase so that he would not catch his daughter before she was ready to be seen. The father of the bride was dressed in a similar color as the groomsmen. He was patiently waiting for his daughter to walk down the stairs so that he could look at her. And just like that, she was already there, and when she stood, quietly, behind her father and softly called out to him. When he turned around, Sianne’s father could not stop himself from becoming emotional, gasping, and smiling. He hugged her and gently patted her back. By then, the wedding ceremony time was inching closer. So, before leaving for the wedding ceremony, the girl gang took a group photo, and Sianne posed for a photo with her father as well. As Sianne was readying herself to walk down the aisle with her father, Colin was waiting with his groomsmen for the love of his life to walk down the aisle any minute. As he waited, his best man fixed his bow tie, after doing that, he smiled at Colin and gently patted him on the shoulder before he took his spot behind him. The outdoor wedding ceremony decor was as minimal as other decor details of the wedding. Since the wedding venue’s outdoor space was abundant with nature and natural beauty, the bride and the groom did not have to add too much to their wedding ceremony. The altar was kept simple and had a beautiful gold metallic hoop. The gold metallic hoop had white flowers paired with some cream flowers and loads of greenery as decor! The wedding officiant took the center stage as she married the two. 


As the groom stood at the altar waiting for Sianne, Sianne walked in with her father. The wedding aisle was decorated with nothing but the natural charms of the space. For the wedding guests, the couple had chosen white wooden chairs for them to witness the ceremony. Colin’s eyes did not leave Sianne even for a second, he held his hand out to help her, and then he took the other hand with his free hand, and did not let go during the wedding ceremony. The wedding officiant started the ceremony, and the lovely couple recited their amazing wedding vows, which moved the wedding guests to tears, they exchanged their wedding rings and sealed the day’s celebrations with an adorable kiss! Then the two turned around, cheered with the wedding guests, and walked down the aisle as a married couple. As they were walking away from the wedding ceremony altar, our photographer took a photo of the beautiful couple kissing each other! And just like that, the wedding ceremony was over. The wedding guests made their way to the drinks and cocktails section. The couple had some amazing drinks, and to pair it with the lovely wedding season, the couple had huge clear water dispensers. To make the water dispensers colorful and just perfect for an outdoor wedding, the couple added sliced cucumbers, strawberries, and lemons for their wedding guests to keep themselves hydrated. Before the wedding reception party, the couple decided to pose for some photos with their friends and family. So, before the couple got a chance to pose for some romantic photos with each other, the two decided to take photos with friends. 


Sianne got her maid of honor and the bridesmaids for the outdoor photo session. The beautiful lawns and the garden of the wedding venue were perfect for the girls to pose in front of. The bridesmaids quickly took their spots next to Sianne and smiled for photos. The girls juggled a little and tried some more poses for the group photos. Then Sianne took some lovely photos with her maid of honor. The two girls smiled, and tried to switch up their poses to find the perfect pose for their photo! Then Sianne decided to take a few photos with the cutesy flower girl and the adorable ring bearer. The photos with the two toddlers were cute, Sianne crouched down to take some photos with them. And then, the bride took some photos with some of her friends, their partners, and their families. With bright smiles, Sianne happily posed with everyone she loved. Then the groom and groomsmen posed for a few photos. The boy gang decided to pose for the photos as usual, simple and pretty. After taking a few photos, Colin posed with his best man. The photos with his best man were natural and heartwarming. Then, before the couple decided to take some photos, just the two of them, wanted to get a few group photos with their closest and dearest. So, the couple rounded up everyone and asked them to pose for a few photos. Everyone was smiling and excited to pose for the photos. And just like that, the family members, bridesmaids, and groomsmen took a break before the reception party, and the couple decided to take some photos! 


For them, the wedding venue had plenty of places to pose and use as their photo backdrops. The first few photos from their photo session during the wedding day were right where they took a few photos with their closest friends and family. Colin leaned into her, and kissed her, romantically, the wedding photo turned out amazing. Then the couple posed for a photo by simply looking into each other’s eyes with soft smiles on their faces. After that, both of them decided to walk down to the beach. And the photos from the shorelines were absolutely beautiful. As the two walked hand-in-hand on the shoreline, our wedding photographer took some photos of the two. Sianne and Colin also decided to use the shoreline in the background as their photo backdrop! Then, for the last leg of the photo session near the shore, the two decided to pose for some dramatic wedding photos. They found a cliff and used the horizon, the sandy shore, and the lovely weather to their advantage. But the two lovebirds were not done with their photo session right there! The two wanted to add the beautiful Californian charm to their wedding photos by using the sophisticated charm of the city. So, right after they were done with the sandy beaches, the two walked out of the wedding ceremony with our photographer and used the city’s lovely streets to pose in. Sianne and Colin had to attend their wedding reception and they knew that the streets wouldn’t be a great spot for photo sessions after the evening, so they quickly walked around the venue, making sure not to walk too far away, to pose for some photos. And the photos they took for the last section of their alone photo session were perfect, absolutely worthy of a photo book


Then, the two checked the time and knew they had to make their way back to the wedding venue. The reception party venue was decorated in the same colors as their wedding decor! The pretty and minimal colors were yellow hues with white, green, and some gold. The couple had spent a lot of time planning their minimally styled wedding, and looking at their wedding detail photos, we can tell they had their wedding well-planned. For the escort cards, they swapped them out for place cards. The place cards were pretty lettered gold cards. The dinner tablescape was super simple, with fresh blooms, and greenery. To complete the whimsically pretty look, Sianne and Colin had decided to use some small candles. The wedding sweetheart table was decorated with similar decor ideas, with cute greenery and pale yellow fresh flowers. The couple made their wedding entry, hand-in-hand and with complete cheers. Looking at them, the wedding guests smiled and clapped. As the couple entered, filled with happiness and laughter, the wedding guests cleared the space for their first dance. The couple took the floor, as a married couple for the first time, and danced to the tunes of their favorite song. And when they were done, they wasted no time finding their parents to dance. And when they were done with that, they opened the dance floor to the wedding guests! As the guests started enjoying and dancing, our wedding photographer saw Colin lovingly hug Sianne, and they took a lovely picture of the two. And then, the two took their seats at their sweetheart's table and enjoyed the rest of the evening. As it was time for the wedding cake-cutting ceremony, the groom took the stage to make a small speech. The speech was heartfelt and warm. Then the two, surrounded by their loved ones, cut the wedding cake and the dinner was served right after. And as the wedding party and celebrations continued, the couple watched their closest and dearest share their happy moments with the two. And just like that, it was time for the couple to make their wedding exit. Our photographer waved the lovely couple goodbye as they walked towards a new future.


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