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Ditch Traditional Sparklers For Wedding Send-Off! Go With These Chic Ideas Instead!


Caught you daydreaming about your perfect wedding day again? Now that you have a big rock on your finger and unending trails of DMs congratulating you on your biggest milestone, we can see that ear-to-ear smile on your face! Of course, all the eyes will be on you and your partner, and it's on you to make it worthwhile. From preparing a wedding reception timeline with every big-little detail to keeping up with all the latest wedding updates and trends, it is everything but easy. After all, it is all about the big and little details that make up the wedding day which makes it one of the most significant days of one's life. From arriving on your wedding day in style to making a grand exit into your happily ever after, every moment will be captured to create swoon-worthy wedding photos which you will cradle close to your heart for all the years to come. 


So the first dance has been done and the big wedding cake has been cut. Now what? Yes, a grand wedding exit, that will mark this momentous occasion and create some epic wedding photos! After all, why should the last few minutes of your wedding day be any less splendid? Epic wedding exits are some of the best non-traditional wedding trends that we have grown to love over the years. From bubbles and flashing lights to confetti showers and newlyweds riding away in style, this part of the wedding reception is all about creating memories as you embark on the next chapter of your life.


One of our favorite wedding day details is how modern couples are embracing unique wedding send-off ideas to end their big day celebrations. From giving way to some of the most beautiful low light and night wedding photography to creating memorable and fun experiences that give back to nature, there are many incredible wedding send-off inspirations that can be considered traditional wedding sparklers alternatives. Just like you are going to make your wedding entrance idea an incredible one, make sure to go for one of the unique wedding exit inspirations that suit your personality as a couple. For instance, if you and your partner consider yourself as a pair of old schoolers, how about a lighter send-off for a rock-and-roll musician couple? Do you want to give back to nature instead or looking for tips for a sustainable wedding? Why not go for birdseed wedding exit ideas? Not only can it be a sparkler wedding send-off alternative, but also create some of the most stunning must-have wedding photos in your wedding album! All these wedding exit inspirations are about one thing- the party is going to end on a high note, and we are not complaining!


Stunning Wedding Exit Ideas That Are Not Sparklers:


Wedding exit with pillar candles
Your guests can light the way out with romantic pillar candles, creating a sweet sea of candlelight for you and your love to leave through. Or, you can let your guests talk about the two of you while they walk down a candle-lit aisle. The best part of the send-off is always being able to give a big hug to the newlyweds as they leave with all of their guests. A little romantic light works well in dark rooms and at night-time parties, but please use votives to protect the flame.


Wedding exit with glitter and confetti
Make your wedding send-off the best of both worlds by having your guests throw glitter and confetti. Make sure you get big glitter instead of "normal" glitter so that it will show up better in your exit wedding photos. It also makes cleaning up faster and easier. However, since confetti and glitter stick easily to hair and skin, it might take you and your partner a while to get rid of all of it after this wedding exit idea. 


Wedding exit with colorful streamers
Give your wedding guests colorful streamers to wave at you as you leave. The bright colors will look great in your wedding photos and will be a lot of fun for you and your new spouse to walk through. And, of course, you can match the colors of the streamers to those of your wedding.


Lightsabers wedding exit
If you are a huge "Star Wars" fan, you have to have this idea for your wedding send-off. At the end of the ceremony or reception, give your guests lightsabers and have them line up on either side of you and your partner. For this Star Wars-inspired wedding idea, you and your partner can walk through a colorful and exciting tunnel made of sabers. It will be a memory your guests will never forget.


Wedding exit with balloons release
For a truly uplifting moment, have your guests let go of a sea of biodegradable balloons into the sky. As a traditional guest book alternative, you can also ask guests to tie their good wishes to balloons and let them all go at the same time from a balcony. This works best for a wedding during the day so that you can watch the balloons rise into the sky. This is a perfect after-ceremony send-off idea.


Wedding exit with tinsel streamers 
Streamer cannons are the best way to say, "It's time to party!" For a more simple wedding send-off idea, stick to your wedding colors or a set that goes together, like all silver, all pink, all blue, etc.


Wedding exit with balloon toss
Don't worry that your wedding won't be outside. Just as magical, and maybe even more fun, is tossing colorful balloons around. Have your guests throw them at you and your partner while you try to avoid them or hit back. Choose colors and textures that go with your wedding's style and location, and then sit back and wait for photos that are full of fun.


Wedding exit with sky lanterns
If your wedding reception ends after dark, as most do, your guests can let go of sky lanterns as you leave. Nothing is more romantic than seeing these float through the air. The idea for a sky lantern wedding send-off works best for couples who want to end their reception as the sun goes down or later in the evening so that the magic of the moment can be felt. Paper lanterns look beautiful in the sky and in pictures as well. Some people think that sky lantern ceremonies bring good luck and new starts because the people who release the lanterns usually write prayers, blessings, or requests on them before they send them up into the sky. The goal of this thoughtful send-off idea is for the lanterns to float up to the sky so that the universe can hear the wishes of the people who set them free and make them come true. So, before you set your paper lanterns free into the night sky, you might want to have everyone at the wedding reception write marriage wishes on them at some point. But instead of an open flame, which can start a fire, use battery-powered lights.


Wedding exit with rose petals toss
Flowers are no longer just for flower girls to throw down the aisle. A petal toss after the wedding is a pretty and fun way to start the rest of the party. For instance, you can use rose petals tossed at your ceremony. Rose petals have always been a popular thing to throw at the end of a wedding. Add flowers of different colors to make the event even more special. Buy pretty pre-filled sachets, and a lot of freeze-dried roses that will last, or talk to your wedding florist about getting fresh petals for the exit toss. Fake flower petals are also an option. They are best for indoor ceremonies because they are easy to clean up.


Wedding exit with glow sticks
If your wedding venue doesn't allow sparklers, you can still end the night on a bright note with glow sticks. Glow sticks wedding exits are also a fun way to get everyone excited about the after-party. The classic glow sticks that you can wear are great for this event.


Wedding exit with little bubbles
Streamers and petals are pretty, but they take more time to clean up after the ceremony. Bubbles can be fun party favors that make less of a mess but don't let them get too sticky. You might think that these suds are only good for daytime parties, but we don't agree. If there is enough general lighting, a bubble fest can still be seen after dark. You could also use bubbles that light up in the dark. And if you want to take your bubbly wedding exit to the next level, use a bubble machine.


Wedding exit with fireworks
One of the grandest and most spectacular ways to leave your wedding is with a fireworks show. Firework wedding exits have been a classic choice since time immemorial. You can even ask the fireworks staff if you can add your and your partner's names to the show, or if your wedding colors can be used instead as customized wedding fireworks are very popular. However, wedding fireworks can start fires, so you should ask your wedding venue if it's okay to have them there.


Wedding exit with releasing butterflies
Letting butterflies go means starting over and being happy. Just make sure to find a company that makes sure the butterflies are safe before anything else. The butterflies will flutter around the newlyweds and then fly away, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take a picture and the last wedding memory you will never forget. These are always so pretty, and it's a nice way for guests to send well wishes to the newlyweds.


Wedding exit with smoke bombs
A smoke show is a fun and creative idea for a wedding send-off that will make you and your partner look like rock stars. You can give your guests smoke bombs that they can carry with them or hire a professional to do the job. During your smoke bomb wedding exit, make sure to take some epic pictures with your wedding guests or wedding party, or drive your getaway car through the colorful haze. However, when you use smoke bombs, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, get permission from the wedding venue and only use smoke bombs outside. Second, smoke bombs can leave stains on clothes, so tell your guests before the event that this might happen. Lastly, communicate with your wedding photographer about your smoke bomb idea so they can get ready.


Wedding exit with releasing doves
Releasing doves into the sky as you and your loved one head toward a happy ending. Just like with the butterflies, make sure the doves' safety comes first. Putting out doves is a sign of good luck and wealth, love that lasts forever, and a peaceful home. What more could we want?


Wedding exit with maracas
With this fun idea for a maracas wedding send-off, you can add music to your big day. Add your names and those of your partner to the maracas and paint them in the colors of your wedding. Maracas can also be a unique gift for guests at a wedding. 


Wedding exit with oversized glitter

Oversized glitter wedding send-off? It will show up better in your photos and is easier to clean up than regular glitter. Just remember that this is glitter, so it will stick to your skin and hair, especially if you have been dancing all night and are sweaty.


Wedding exit with cheerful pom poms
Give out cheer pom poms in the colors of your school, sports team, or wedding. This will bring back memories and show your spirit. Running through a tunnel of cheer pom poms is the best way to get excited about your new life with your spouse. 


Wedding exit with sequins
If you want a very sparkly wedding exit, you can't go wrong with sequins. Plan a sequin toss for an event that takes place during the day or in a well-lit area, since the sequins will shine best if they can reflect light. We suggest having a sequin or glitter toss on a hard surface, like pavement or wood, instead of grass or sand, because it will be much easier to clean up.


Wedding exit with confetti poppers
Confetti will fly everywhere like glitter and make colorful wedding photos. It doesn't shine as much, but it's easier to clean up. Throw biodegradable confetti instead of traditional confetti so that the natural environment around your venue won't be hurt.


Wedding exit with lavender toss
Lavender buds are not only pretty, but they also have a hint of a scent that makes for a unique wedding scentscaping experience. They work well with romantic or pastel color schemes. You can buy lavender wedding toss tubes or sachets that are already filled and can also be used as beautiful escort card holders. Or, buy the buds in bulk and let your guests put them in whatever you want.


Wedding exit with fake snow
If you are having a winter wedding, there's nothing better than throwing handfuls of fake snow on the newlyweds as they walk to their wedding getaway car. You can always go for the real thing if it snows on the big day, but this could turn into an all-out snowball fight. In either case, you will get magical wedding photos of a sparkling wedding send-off.


Wedding exit with mini beach balls
Planning a beach wedding? Then use this idea for a wedding exit toss at your party. This way you can feel like you are on vacation or at a destination wedding no matter where you are by tossing mini beach balls. You and your wedding party will have to take time to blow up each beach ball, but we promise it will be worth it.


Wedding exit with ribbon wands
For a touch of rustic whimsy, make ribbon wands for your guests to wave back and forth as you make your great escape. Plus, making these colorful wands is a very easy do-it-yourself wedding project. Choose your favorite combination of ribbons and tie them to dowels for the most exciting and photogenic wedding exit.


Wedding exit with rice toss
A traditional rice toss wedding exit will make wedding photos look like something out of a movie. The custom goes back to Roman times, and throwing rice is a sign of fertility and good luck. This classic is also affordable and easy to find; just grab a bag the next time you go shopping.


With a little help from your wedding guests, it's easy to make an epic wedding exit! Customized wedding exit ideas are all about finding the fit that will fit your "couple personality" perfectly. Our favorite wedding exit shots include everything from eco-friendly colorful smoke bomb send-offs to vintage wedding car exits! It's all about finding your personal and fun way to end the night. While confetti, glow sticks, and bubbles can all be budget-friendly and simple wedding exit inspirations for the to-be-weds to organize, there are creative reception send-off ideas like including oats for an oatmeal-loving couple!

Whether you want to sparkle and toast your way into the new year at the very end of the special night or exit from your wedding ceremony venue in style, creative wedding exit ideas can be included anywhere in your reception timeline. We have seen many people combine their first dance with their wedding send-off as everyone gets together on the dance floor to mark the end of the night with a lot of craziness. The wedding photos are epic!

Yes, wedding sparklers used to be one of the most popular wedding send-off ideas. But couples are looking for wedding exit alternatives that will sync with their unique personalities and quirky sides. Your wedding photographer will use their own lighting system that will create well-lit wedding exit photos even in dark, so you don't have to worry about that. Even the smallest of bubbles and confetti showers are captured by wedding photographers during wedding exit shots. So whether you are going for a classic or creative wedding exit, make sure it's epic!


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