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A Classic Black-Tie Affair Of Katie And Joseph With Neutral Details & Boho Touches In The City Of St. Louis!


When you are in love there is no black and white, right and wrong, or good and bad. Everything is just beautiful, perfect, pleasant, and of course colorful and lovely too! 


While growing up we were always taught to see things in the two extremes until you met that person (yes, the person, who changes your way to see the world completely), that person who was out of the ordinary, atypical, fresh like the first drop of rain or the morning dew on the grass, all this romantic novels definition of different. Meeting that person, you just could not resist and that instant feeling of keep getting drawn towards that person is just something out of the world. Being with that someone, you will see and feel things from a whole new and unique perspective. Before that person, life for you was 3 dimensional no wonder, but they did make you see the remaining romantic and also the beautiful dimension which you never knew existed before. 


You both were not exactly like peanut butter and jelly, in fact, together you both felt like the odd pair of super early Sunday morning mediation and Monday night’s roller-coaster ride at a carnival. To be in love with someone it is not mandatory to have the same likes and dislikes. Well, as per the physics theory “opposites always attract”! So, there might be the chance that you may be a fan of pop music while he or she loves podcasts. You are a morning monger madly in love with a night owl. Maybe you are a basic orange popsicle where your someone special is a fancy Aglio olio dinner, a science nerd and a sports nut, calm and utmost chaos. Well, the one thing is that all these different and extremely opposites make the best of the combinations when paired together, and so will you and your sweetheart. Yes, you both lived at the two ends of a spectrum, but still managed to meet in the middle which made you both try new things, and also made you understand and respect each other’s way of living life better and also falling madly, deeply, and truly in love with each other. And that middle road, that means, that in between, that buffer was none other than “love” and this love makes you do wonderful and of course craziest things at the same time. 


When you are in love with the world and everything around you seems to ease you out when you are around that person who you call someone special. With whom you have dreamed of getting engaged, and spending the rest of your life together at a serene location. Waking up next to that person every day is something that keeps running in your mind every now and then. And with all that in mind, you start planning on your wedding day too! Once you are engaged to the love of your life, all you want is to step into the next beautiful chapter of your love life, which is your wedding. 


Weddings do not mean a grand celebration with endless memories to get captured in swoon-worthy frames by professional wedding photographers, but a lifelong commitment to loving the love of your life till the last breath, no matter how gloomy or bright the days are. Well, talking about weddings, then our team of professional wedding photographers recently got the opportunity to capture a beautiful black-themed wedding with lovely and romantic neutral details with extremely romantic and surreal chic boho touches in the city of St. Louis! 


Our beautiful and madly in love with each other St. Louis couple, Katie and Joseph had a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony filled with classic and enchanting natural details with fine and elegant boho touches. And they hired our professional St. Louis wedding photographers to capture the most romantic and also memorable day of their lives in the best of frames. 


Our romantic and unique couple chose to have natural details for their St.Louis wedding celebration. Talking about natural details with a little tint of boho touches, then Katie and Joseph’s wedding is indeed the perfect example of it. For dreamy nuptials in any season, a muted color scheme of ivories, beiges, nudes, and champagnes together work flawlessly. Our couple’s wedding day has all these lovely colors in the perfect ratio. The peaceful and enchanting natural wedding color palette used in Katie and Joseph’s classic black-tie celebration was nothing but extremely wonderful as it seamlessly blended with their outdoor celebration and also with their indoor wedding reception. With so much beauty to capture in the most alluring frames, our talented St. Louis wedding photographers had a great time documenting Katie and Joseph’s St. Louis wedding in the most magical frames possible. 


With a little bit of rustic touch and boho vibes, Katie and Joseph’s St. Louis wedding portfolio is indeed an inspiration and also a treat to look at. So, hold your breath, as we are going to take you on a photo tour of Katie and Joseph’s wedding day through the lovely photos captured by our wedding photographers of St.Louis with the most magical backdrops. Before we go ahead and dwell on the lovely and beautiful wedding photos of Katie and Joseph, let’s explore a bit about their wedding day. For their romantic and memorable wedding day celebration, Katie and Joseph chose Old Barn Inn at St. Albans as their St. Louis wedding venue


Gracefully and beautifully nestled on lovely and panoramic acres of scenic rolling hills near the lovely and photogenic Missouri River, you will witness a surreal retreat known as The Inns at St. Albans. This whimsical and breathtaking wedding venue in St. Louis is what was once considered America’s western frontier. This historic and vintage wedding venue was built on lands first charted by Lewis and Clark. Book this wedding venue for your wedding day celebration and offer high-end hospitality and impeccable service in a beautiful country to all your wedding guests which they will love and will also remember for years to come. This wonderful and unique European-style bed and breakfast and event venue will also offer amazing wedding photography opportunities to our creative St. Louis wedding photographers to capture beautiful wedding photos. The well-manicured and beautiful gardens along with immaculate gardens, and sweeping and swoon-worthy lake vistas make this St. Louis wedding destination one of the most desired wedding locations in St.Louis. Featuring two event spaces, the Old Barn Inn and the Studio Inn, to have an unforgettable wedding celebration, our couple, Katie and Joseph, chose the Old Barn Inn at St. Albans. A convenient and short 10-minute drive west of Chesterfield, The Inns is the perfect destination for your memorable wedding celebration.


There is nothing that either we or you will not like about this lovely and classic outdoor bohemian wedding! It’s not just the neutral color, the white and gold combination of beautiful wedding color palettes, the alluring and whimsical styling, and the enthusiastic festival vibe, but everything about Katie and Joseph’s wedding day was worth documenting. Now is the time to talk about Katie and Joseph’s wedding day. We will also give you a sneak peek of the lovely wedding photographs captured by none other than our talented St. Louis and suburban wedding photographers. While giving you a sneak peek of their incredible wedding portfolio, we will also share some of our best photographs that we absolutely loved. 


It’s All About The Details

As you know, our wedding photographers are detail lovers. We believe that it is the smallest details that make the biggest impact. From capturing the beautiful bridal bouquet made with white and natural hue flowers to documenting the groom's accessories which include Joseph’s black shoes, his bow-tie, and lastly his dark brown classic strap watch. Apart from the groom's accessories, our photographers creatively captured Katie and Joseph’s reception decor in the great frames. From the guests' table setting to the three-tiered white wedding cake adorned with golden touches, they did not leave any stone unturned in making Katie and Joseph’s wedding day a celebration to remember for years to come. 


Groom’s Getting Ready Moment

Not only for brides, but the getting ready moment is also special for the groom too. Donned up in a crisp white shirt with royal blue pants, Joseph had a great time getting ready for his big day moment with one of his groomsmen. Our creative wedding photographers in St. Louis amazingly captured Joseph's getting ready moment.


Joseph looked extremely charming and handsome in his groom's outfit. The white shirt, royal blue suit, and bow tie made him look heart throbbing. His boutonniere looked lovely as it beautifully matched Katie’s bridal bouquet. His neatly parted hair and chiseled face can take anyone’s breath away. Apart from getting ready for the big day, Joseph posed for some groom portraits. He also took out the time to go through his wedding vows once before he recited them to Katie. 


Before we went for his wedding ceremony, our photographers captured the groom with his dad, and his groomsmen in the best possible backdrop and setting. We absolutely loved the picture where Joseph stood right in the center with all his groomsmen standing in coordinated outfits making a “V” shape together. That one picture beautifully showed #groomsmengoals and looked incredibly cool in Katie and Joseph’s wedding portfolio. 


Bride’s Getting Ready Moment

A bride’s getting ready moment is undoubtedly a great time for wedding photographers to capture incredible bridal portraits and all her lovely bridesmaids in their best form. Before our lovely and damn gorgeous bride got all dolled up for her big day, she posed for some casual and fun-filled portraits with her bridesmaids, and her mother in a lovely pink satin robe while sitting on the bed. Once done with her pre-wedding bridesmaid's photo session, our pretty bride, Katie started getting ready for her big day, while her mother helped with donning up her bridal accessories, and jewelry. Our St. Louis wedding photographer beautifully captured the special mother-daughter moment in such a lovely frame, that while looking at it, the only thing that comes out of their mouth is “awww”. 


For her wedding day bridal look, Katie slipped into an impeccable full sleeves white flowing wedding gown adorned with intricate embroidery work on the neck, shoulder, and sleeves. She kept her bridal makeup very minimal and paired it with drop pearl earrings. For her wedding day hairdo, she left her hair open with a side partition into loose curls. She gave the final touch to her wedding day look with a long, flowy, floor-length wedding veil. Kaite looked extremely gorgeous, no wonder why Joseph got his heart stolen by this lovely lady. Katie looked like an epitome of beauty. 


The Most Romantic Moment- First Look Moment

If you ask us, we are lovers and suckers of first-look moments, and capturing them is always a delight for our photographers. Our lovely couple had a traditional first look moment, and that very exact moment gave so many heartwarming moments for our wedding photographers of St. Louis to snapshot. The moment Katie and Joseph saw each other, it was pure love and bliss. We were actually able to see the eyes full of tears, the excitement, and the adrenaline rush, on both Katie and Joseph’s faces when they both saw each other all decked out for their big day celebration. The way they hugged each other was really very romantic and left everyone looking out for tissues. After their first look moment, it was time for some full-filled wedding party photography session


Wedding Party Photography Session

A wedding portfolio is incomplete without some fun-filled photos of bridesmaids and groomsmen. The way groomsmen coordinated their outfits for Joseph’s wedding day, Katie’s lovely bridesmaids also color-coordinated their outfits and slipped into golden-colored satin dresses. Apart from capturing Katie’s bridesmaid in lovely frames, our photographers also captured stunning bridal portraits of Katie where she looked extremely gorgeous. We completely loved the picture where Katie’s bridesmaids posed with the charming groom, Joseph, they looked incredibly amazing together in the frame. 


It’s Time For Katie & Joseph’s Couple Portraits

Our couple headed inside the barn and posed for really romantic couple portraits where they shared a kiss with each other. The rustic and dramatic indoors of the barn added great drama and character to their couple portraits. 


Our lovely couple explored the beautiful outdoors and the greens and posed at various cozy corners for beautiful outdoor couple portraits. We are totally in love with two photos of Katie and Joseph. The one where they walked together with their squad in the background and the other one where they both posed on lovely greens overlooking the beautiful blue waters in the background. That picture was really an adorable one. Our photographers just can’t have enough of that photograph.


Apart from documenting our soon-to-be-married couple, it was time for some lovely and beautiful family portraits. Katie and Joseph posed with their family moments to seize the lovely moments in beautiful frames. 


The Most Awaited Moment- Wedding Ceremony & Wedding Reception

With all the pre-wedding photography sessions, it was time for the big moment. Katie walked down the aisle with her best man, her dad! That very exact moment was priceless and was also captured majestically by our creative wedding photographers. Our couple had a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in the presence of all their loved ones. There’s no shortage of amazing details from the moment this free-spirited couple steps up to their dreamy ceremony setting to say their vows. Their first kiss as an officially married couple was documented in a very alluring way. 


Post the wedding ceremony, the couple again posed for some lovely family photos and also took out time to pose as the newly married couple. And lastly, it was time to dance the night away till the beat dropped. Our newly married couple made their dramatic entry to their wedding reception. They had an indoor wedding reception with an endless rustic vibe. They had their cake-cutting ceremony and toast-raising ceremony. After which they both headed to the dance floor to dance the night away in a whimsical rustic plus vintage setting. Once done with the first dance moment, it was time for the father-daughter dance moment. The father-daughter dance moment is indeed a very special one, and our photographers did not leave any stone unturned in capturing all the special and priceless moments through their lenses. 


It was indeed a celebration to capture. It always fills our hearts with great joy and happiness knowing that two people who are madly in love with each other are all set to start the new journey of their life together. Lastly, all we want to say is that there are few things greater than a young couple in love. “Nothing that a boy can do when he's got the fever for a girl,” declared Bruce Springsteen, and Joseph has got the fever for sure. With a catch like Katie, it’s easy to see why. Our wish for them is that their love remains just as ardent as they enjoy a long and happy life together.


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