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Amazing Island-Inspired Wedding Color Palettes For A Dreamy Summer Fête!


A wedding means different worlds coming together to form something new. It is an exciting journey, peppered with planning, tasting sessions, and rehearsals for different aspects of your weddings leading up to the special, special day. And when your wedding day arrives, you not only get to tie the knot with the love of your life but also see months of hard work come to fruition! From keeping up with the best wedding trends of the year, to wedding resources that will help you decide what you want for your wedding, there’s a lot to go through. But what if we told you that we have the perfect celebratory twist to your nuptial celebrations? If you love summer and beaches, then how about a waterfront-inspired wedding? Whether you have an island destination picked out or you’re tying the knot in a venue with a water body to mimic the beach look, we have just the ideas you need to bring the tranquility of an island to any venue of your choice! Find out our best picks for color combinations and wedding ideas below. 


Wonderful color combinations for a dreamy island-inspired wedding fête


Whether you’re tying the knot in autumn or winter, or even in summer, there’s never such a thing as too many summer-inspired color ideas! If you’re longing for a dreamy island-inspired wedding, then the choice of colors will be exceptionally crucial for the execution of the perfect summer wedding. If you’re looking for summer color palette ideas that will work for a dreamy island-inspired wedding fête, then we have some ideas for you: 


  1. Cantaloupe and peach


A beach wedding is a mesmerizing event, and colors add vibrancy to your setting. Island weddings are a mix of bright and muted colors, which is why cantaloupe and peach are a big yes to your wedding color palette. The muted peach color comes with many benefits and can be used in multiple ways, with pretty much any bright color. You can use cantaloupe-colored satin ribbons to tie around pristine white tablecloths, use peach-colored napkins and add these ribbons to the greenery of your wedding! Another reason why we love this color is that it works impressively well with the tropical greenery. Tropical greenery is exceptionally vibrant and can overshadow other colors. However, if you use cantaloupe and peach-colored ribbons or decor with the greenery, it can dial down the overwhelming shades of green and add a dreamy touch to your wedding. Additionally, it goes well with muted purple and sage green as well.  


  1. Dusty aqua and pale blue 


When you’re planning a fete-like wedding, you’ll need bright colors. However, the bright colors need to be smoothened out with different shades to bring out the perfect carnivalesque look. If your dream wedding looks like a carnival with bright colors, then dusty aqua paired with pale blue and sage green will work impressively well! You can make use of these colors to diversify your wedding details, and add vibrancy to the color scheme. Dusty aqua will stand out from the other colors, but pale blue, powder blue, and sage will dial down the tone. 


  1. Coral, dusty orange, sapphire, and creamy white 


This color palette is just perfect for a dreamy tropical wedding! This color scheme brings the best of tropical cool and adds to the wedding ideas that you want to execute. A dreamy island-inspired wedding is not just about the color scheme, right? The decor details that you’ll add later should look at home with the scheme and theme of colors. Coral and dusty orange are the perfect choices for a tropical theme. However, these colors are bright, so adding sapphire and creamy white to the mix helps you balance out the shades and give you a breezy as well as a warm look. This wedding color palette can work extremely well for your wedding ceremony. To complete the island look for your wedding ceremony, you can make use of foliage-laden arches, with tropical fruits and flowers. 


  1. Crisp teal and soft gold


If you love rose gold wedding details, then you’ll love adding this color combination to your wedding as well. Teal has a calming vibe to it, befitting the true nature of islands and the oceans. As for gold, it replicates the warm glow of the sun. If a dreamy island-inspired summer wedding fête is what you’re looking for, make use of teal and white (or creamy white) and use gold for details. You can think of adorning the wedding venue with teal drapes with gold accents, tinsels, and streamers, you can even add matte gold balloons with white balloons here and there to build on the ambiance. Next, you can use teal-colored chair sleeves and adorn the chair backs with small wreaths with tropical details! This will give you a picturesque color scheme and lay the foundation for your fairytale wedding theme! 


  1. Blue hues, splashes of sage green and white


The perfect answer to creating an idyllic island-inspired wedding is to make use of color combinations that are inspired by the waterfront. Nothing brings the serenity of the waters more than a beautiful palette of blue hues! Make use of bold blue, pastel blue, or lighter shades of blue along with bold white. If you can make use of pearl white, then it will add even more colors and tones to your wedding venue color scheme. What’s more, if you love blue, sage green, and white, you can create a custom palette for your wedding. You can use blue in different aspects of your wedding, from your wedding stationery to the wedding favors, you can make use of these colors to add pretty details. 


Pretty wedding ideas to add charm to your island-inspired wedding palette 


A wedding is the amalgamation of multiple things, including the shared emotions of love and happiness. Once you have the color scheme picked out, whether you choose one of the above combinations for all the events of your wedding, or diversify the looks by choosing a different waterfront-inspired color palette for different events, you will need to fill in the details. From your dream wedding venue to the outfits you don, you’ll need to plan those details out as well! Here are some ideas to help you get started: 


  1. A picturesque wedding destination 


A dreamy wedding always begins with a beautiful destination and venue! For your island-inspired wedding, start with looking for the perfect place you’d love to tie the knot! Before looking into wonderful wedding destination ideas, start by considering what you imagine your ideal wedding setting to be like! Start by making a list of the different elements you imagine your dreamy island wedding to look like. Think of the backdrop, the surroundings, and your wedding ceremony. Once you and your partner settle on a destination, start looking for unique destinations for island weddings! There are no boundaries to where you can go! You can choose a destination in Europe or you could get married somewhere close to home with a beautiful pond or lake in the background for the island-inspired wedding! If you’re looking for a place close to home, you should check out wedding venues with lakes and outdoor set-ups. This will give you room to bring in more elements for a beach-inspired wedding idea. Furthermore, this will give you space to work with your surroundings, and improve the tropical details you’d love to see in your wedding venue! A handy tip to look for wedding venues, if you’re not flying off to an island for an elopement, is to choose one with lush green gardens and palm trees! 


  1. Vibrant flowers for wedding decor 


Although the wedding venue plays a huge role in setting up the island aesthetic, decor details are equally responsible for creating a dreamy setting. If your idea of a dreamy wedding venue is wonderfully fragrant and peppered with out-of-the-world-like flowers, then pay attention to the choice of flowers! Not only will you need large flowers to build a beach look, but also to add tropical colors to your wedding! Use vibrant colors and large tropical flowers like Bromeliad, Clivia, Protea, Anthurium, and Maraca Ginger. You can add more colors to your wedding decor with White Orchids, Birds of Paradise, Peace Lilies, and Black Dahlias. You can add some Alpinia, Bleeding Heart wine, Chenille Plant, Jasmine, and Bougainvillea to the woven greenery details you have planned for your wedding decor. For a dreamy flower arrangement, you should choose the larger flowers as the centerpiece, and add greenery and smaller flowers in the background. 


Another way to give a dreamy vibe to your island-inspired wedding is to make use of tropical floral hoops with shreds of greenery. To add a mystical look to your island-inspired fairytale wedding, make use of some glitter on the flowers and the greenery. Use a small amount of glitter on the flower arrangements to make them shine and shimmer. You can make use of flower arrangements in different parts of your wedding venue. A good way to bring the tropical vibe to your wedding is to use big flower arrangements and add different kinds of flowers, or use wreaths with some of the tropical flowers we just discussed. More ways to add tropical flowers to wedding ideas is to make use of these flowers as centerpieces. Tropical flowers bloom larger, which is why they make for an exquisite centerpiece. You can add sprigs and tropical greenery, like royal ferns, to the centerpieces for the tables to make them look right at home, but more on that later.  


Another way to build on the island-inspired wedding theme is to generously use tropical leaves as your decor. You can create backdrops with palm leaves or have wedding signage for bride and groom with the delicate font on a fan palm, or create a greenery runner with an areca palm! You can also use tropical leaves to improve your entry and exit arches. Use big leaves, split-leaf philodendron, and banana leaves on either side of the wedding entry arch. To add more colors to the entryway, you can use tropical flowers to create a wonderful look. One of the ideas that we love is to use these leaves as welcome signage for your wedding, isn’t that an amazing twist to welcome signage for weddings? But that’s not all you can do with tropical leaves and greenery decor ideas! You can use woven tropical greenery as hanging arrangements for your reception party and seating arrangements. You could also use banana leaves as your seating chart! 


  1. Choose colorful and leafy patterns! 


If you’re not looking to travel away to a beach to have an exquisite beach wedding, how about bringing the fresh colors of a beach to your wedding venue? All you need is to look for floral and leafy patterns. And when we say go overboard with patterns, we mean it! Think of plates, dinner set-ups, the dinner napkins, and the patterns for your chairs! Choose the entire decor and your wedding set-up accents in amazing tropical colors! You can put in a request with your vendor for tropical-patterned wedding details and chairs. For the dinner table set-up, you can have banana leaves spread out on the tables, in a delicate fashion, and then have the plates placed over them to build on the tropical vibe. Additionally, you can use coconut shells as glasses for the delicious summer cocktails, for nothing says a pleasant beach is better than a coconut shell! As mentioned before, big leaves scream “a dreamy beach wedding”. Try to incorporate real greenery into your wedding setting. You can create big, seashells and fruit-laden tropical centerpieces to add the beach aesthetic to your island-inspired wedding. 


For your centerpieces, it is important to keep your wedding color scheme in mind. When you use the tropical flowers to add some color to your island-like wedding, try to compliment the colors of your wedding. Also, for a centerpiece, you can make use of massive leaves as a table cover, and add your decor ideas on top. If you’re looking for a dreamy tropical wedding idea, all you need to do is think of adding some tropical greenery, if you can find woven greenery to add to the reception tables it would be even better. You can then pair the greenery decor with some fresh ideas like blood oranges, peaches, figs, pears, blackberries, and pineapples! If other tropical details that we discussed do not say a dreamy island wedding to you, then how about using some pineapples as decor details? You can make use of real pineapples as the centerpieces for your wedding tables, this will add an amazing look as well as some fragrance! Apart from this, you can make use of small pineapples, or decanters shaped like pineapples or pineapple-inspired cutlery at your wedding to add more pineapple-oriented details to make your wedding look beachy!


Don’t forget the magical ingredient to your island-inspired summer fête 


Once you have the color combinations in mind, and then you have the ideas to build the perfect wedding, you will need one last thing- a carnival to build on your wedding fête aesthetic. Incorporate a beautiful fête-inspired wedding addition to your venue, by adding an outdoor tent with music, food, and wedding games. You can make use of this to add the carnival colors and ideas like canopied tents, faux light tents, greenery, and string lights to create an artificial ceiling and some amazing activities to keep your guests entertained. You can have live music and dance troops, or you could create stalls for cookie decoration or seashell painting! Add a party flavor to your dreamy summer fête celebrations with ice cone stalls, and ice pops to your reception party and carnivalesque stalls!

When it comes to creating an idyllic island-inspired wedding, there are multiple facets that you need to keep in mind. The above-mentioned list can serve as a starting point for your wedding planning. You can choose to use one idea and run with it while tweaking it to fit your purpose or you could mix and match. Whether you look for a beach wedding venue or you choose an outdoor wedding venue to tie the knot, you can add different elements of island-inspired wedding details to make your wedding stand out. A memorable wedding celebration calls for elaborate planning, which is why we put together a list of different elements that make an island-inspired wedding an easy task! 


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