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Experience A Heaven of Natural Charm on Your Wedding Day with The River Farm, Washington D.C.

The venue, venue, venue! This aphorism applies when a bride is in search of an ideal and perfect wedding venue after her recent engagement! We know how important it is for you to find that perfect wedding venue for you to celebrate your day of love! You want a unique space that perfectly resonates with your unique story! You want, the moment your wedding guests walk into the wedding venue you have decided to for your big day, they should experience the style and visual vibe you have decided upon! 

Searching for a wedding venue that is both unique yet practical? Then we suggest that look no further than the countryside! Yes, a countryside farm wedding is all the rage now and not without reasons! Trust us! It will be a mind-blowing experience for you both to exchange your vows under the clear blue and open sky amidst the sprawling greens of mother nature, and an incredible opportunity for our Washington D.C. wedding photographers to capture swoon-worthy wedding photos! But that is not all! There are endless reasons why more and more newly engaged DC couples are opting for a River Farm Wedding

Rolling over 25 acres of expansive lawn, meadows, woodlands, formal gardens, and scenic vistas of the gleaming Potomac, River Farm wedding venue is a stunning and breathtaking place of natural year-round beauty and a perfect showcase for your wedding any time of the year! It is an ideal Washington D.C. wedding venue for all those lovely couples who are looking to instill old-world flair with a modern flavor into their Washington D.C. wedding portfolio

Located four miles south of Old Town Alexandria, River Farm is a wonderful wedding venue acclaimed for its spell-binding panoramas stretching down to the lovely and photogenic Potomac River, along with its creative children’s garden, gorgeous four-acre pasture, and colorful flower displays. This surreal wedding venue is not an ideal choice for our soon-to-be-married couples but is also a favorite destination amongst birth-watchers, and painters! Whether you plan an intimate affair or an elaborate celebration, River Farm has got you covered and will surely provide every possible opportunity to make your big day as special as the two of you! It will surely be a treat for our wedding photographers in Washington D.C. and surroundings to document your wedding here at this pristine location! 

This historic and vintage property has steeped rich in history! On your wedding day, your wedding guests will have a fantastic opportunity to take out some time from the celebration and immerse themselves in the rich American history behind this graceful venue while relishing the vibrant colors of the expansive gardens! The bucolic country legacy sits just outside of the Washington, DC metro area, combining a convenient location with an idyllic aesthetic.

Since 1973, River Farm has been serving as the headquarters to the American Horticultural Society. This classic and elegant manor-style building’s proud history stretches back over 250 years! In 1760, this lovely property and the dwelling were sold to George Washington and so River Farm took its place as the northernmost of Washington’s five farms! The roots of history always create beautiful presents, and so does this glorious wedding venue! This expansive property still features lovely and charming Kentucky coffee trees, descendants of seeds germinated by Washington after his trip to the Ohio River. As a permanent accessory of this landscape, the Osage orange tree is something that will surely make you fall head over heels in love with this place! It will be love at first sight with River Farm. These quintessential plants bring the beautiful history of this property to life while the estate itself shows the beautiful time-lapse of the time gone by! No wonder, if you have decided to celebrate your day of love at this charismatic wedding venue, we can assure you that you can actually watch and experience your wedding dreams blooming into life amongst the serene surrounding of this majestic venue! 

Even in the most admired wedding venues, there are various off-the-beaten-path spots for lovely wedding portraits! These lovely and unique places create an incredible backdrop for portraits of brides and grooms or even family portraits. After many years of photographing weddings at River Farm, our professional team of wedding photographers in Washington D.C. and its suburban areas has discovered excellent locations for all your must-have wedding photos. Here are just a few favorites: A four-acre part of the property filled with native grasses and wildflowers, portraits here can make you feel like you are miles away from the hustle-bustle of this lively and happening city. Just a pro-tip- When planning your wedding celebration at the River Farm, just check out the River Farm's guide to bloom times to see what will be flowering in the meadow during your wedding day. But since the meadow is ever-changing with the seasons, there is always something beautiful blooming, that will surely make your wedding photos inspiration for all the soon-to-be-brides! 

The venue features a manor-style house, formal and informal gardens, and sprawling lawns which offer endless options for you to hold an unforgettable Washington D.C. wedding. The farm is home to a unique collection of terrain with lush meadows, woodland, and scenic views. Where else in the world can you find such refreshing and endless greenery mixed with the chic setting for your D.C wedding photography?

The River Farm allows you to celebrate any time of day year-round. This is not just a venue but it’s a home for those looking to start their happily ever after at a special place. It offers ample spaces for you to choose the perfect location for you to share vows; you might choose the meadow and the Potomac River as your ceremony backdrop and imagine how magical your D.C wedding photographs would be?

You both can give a kick-off start to the most special day of your life by getting decked out in the dressing room situated on the second floor of the Estate House! While you both are taking your time to rock the wedding rock, don’t miss out on the opportunity to pose in front of the cameras to have some detailed bridal portraits and some fun-loving candids with your bridesmaids and adorable family cuties! It will be the best time for you and your girlfriends to enjoy some last moments of your bachelorhood! So, make the most of it while our DC and suburbs wedding photographers are all set to capture every small detail! While you rock your bridal look in one of the dressing rooms, our second wedding photographer will be busy capturing your sweetheart getting-ready moments in the best of frames! 

Before you head to the stage to declare your eternal love for each other in the presence of your loved ones, move onto the red brick front steps for an intimate and heartwarming first look moment! You can take as much time and energy as you want in getting those romantic and dreamy first look shots perfect! So, when you have them on your living room walls, the walls should be able to narrate your unique and magical love story! After you have been done with your first look moment, you have time to decide where you want to exchange your hand-written vows! Inside or outside? No wonder whichever space you choose for your wedding ceremony, it will be a win-win situation for you! But if you are our advice, we will surely suggest the outdoors! Nothing is more soothing and calming than having an outdoor wedding ceremony under the blue skies while the sun and verdant greenery witness the union of two souls who are madly in love with each other and thus have finally decided to spend the rest of their loving and being with each other! 

For your beautiful and romantic outdoor wedding ceremony, you have the option to choose the meadow and the Potomac River as your outdoor wedding ceremony backdrops, or in fact, you can also plan to say your vows in the formal or informal gardens! You can relish a woodland wedding covered by shading trees and natural foliage while your wedding guests bask in the bright sunshine on the luscious green lawns! The well-manicured lawns of the River Farm offer a picturesque setting for a perfect outdoor wedding! For an iconic outdoor wedding ceremony, River Farm features a calming garden, an enchanting orchard, and a wildlife garden, home to goldfish, frogs, and turtles. The halcyon gardens create an idyllic backdrop for romantic outdoor wedding pictures while the enchanting forests provide a fairytale-style setting for an intimate ceremony. If you and your darling is a water baby, then you can also plan a waterside wedding ceremony. While you both have your ‘I do’ moments against the Potomac River, your wedding guests will have the chance to adore and relish the tranquil views of the Potomac River

The outdoors of the River Farm features incredible photo opportunities for our wedding photographers in and around Washington D.C. An alluring shady spot on the property that boasts a huge, 200 years old Osage-orange tree. This symbolic giant tree will effortlessly add a wonderful and spectacular natural vibe to all your wedding photos! The cherry on the cake is the tree's lovely limbs create awe-inspiring, chiaroscuro light ambiance that creates a perfect ambiance for utterly romantic wedding photographs at any time of day. Be sure to check out this unique spot with your bridesmaids and groomsmen and leave no stone unturned with our wedding photographers! 

How about leaving the world behind for a while and go for a romantic short walk and get incredible romantic pictures clicked down by the river? Great idea! Right! While everybody relishes the cocktail hour on the spacious wrap-around porch of the elegant and classic White Estate House. Let them mingle over the glass of fine wine or champagne (whatever they like!) and adore the surroundings of the River Farm, while you hold your partner’s hand and head for a short romantic walk to the riverbank in the evening around the sunset! As the golden-hour during the sunset is one of the most romantic times of the day for perfectly flattering couples portraits! As an added bonus: the light at this time at the River Farm will be pretty from both sides, which offers a plethora of possibilities for our Washington and its neighborhood wedding photographers to snapshot majestic and dramatic couple portraits! So you'll get great photos with the light falling on you and the river behind you, or even facing away from the river and standing on the bank with the light behind you (the silhouette effect)! 

For your glorious wedding reception, you have two options to choose from! If you are going for a low-key wedding reception, then the chandelier ballroom is the perfect fit for your gathering! With the space to welcome up to 80 guests, this ballroom is the ideal place for intimate and cozy affairs! Lined with windows all around, this exquisite ballroom offers beautiful and abundant natural light for a stunning indoor wedding photography experience! This special kind of setting will surely blow your guest’s minds and will leave an everlasting impression on their hearts and minds! 

For a grand and extravagant DC wedding reception, you have the option to go for the canopy style event space that offers the room to welcome up to 240 wedding guests! The subtle and mesmerizing tent-style canopy is adorned with elegant chandeliers and bistro lighting fencing against a backdrop of classic fabric liners makes the environment more romantic and tantalizing for your guests to savor the celebration! Sides with Palladian windows open or close depending on your choice and weather, your guests will have an amazing experience of both the worlds! The captivating views and exceptional services will enchant your guests. 

After your wedding reception, if you want some time alone with your sweetheart away from the cacophony of celebration, you can head to the Parlor as it provides a charming setting for after-dinner relaxation! 

River Farm has a beautiful country kitchen onsite, filled with modern equipment, which is open to any outside vendors serving couples on their wedding day. The doors of this traditional mansion are always open to beloved furry friends on the big day, meaning no members of the family need to miss out on your wedding day. Let this spectacular wedding venue do its magic and make your big day the happiest one and create a memorable day!

River Farm

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