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Two Brothers Roundhouse Wedding Photos

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Just like two snowflakes, no two love stories are the same. Each is a unique fabric textured by little stories and moments which makes it completely your own. If the love stories are so different from one another, it is only natural that your weddings are equally different and diverse. While some might think marrying in a white stately mansion with rolling fairways and romantic fountains is the ultimate dream, others would rather tie the knot amidst the forest in a wooden cabin by the stream. The options are inexhaustible and this is exactly what makes a wedding so interesting! 

If you are based in Chicago and share an equal fervor of food and beer with your loved one, you have struck gold with this venue! Two Brothers Roundhouse is a full-service brewpub restaurant, music venue, and banquet space for large events and weddings. Powered by a great passion for good food and fine beer as well as great architecture, the amazing Two Brothers Roundhouse, with its 70,000 square foot facility was constructed in 1856 to serve Aurora on the Chicago & Aurora Railroad. This historic building is no less than an architectural masterpiece, as the walls were constructed with limestones quarried all the way from Batavia, Illinois, making it the oldest limestone roundhouse in the United States.

Just 50 minutes away from Chicago, Two Brothers Roundhouse is in easy accessibility from the city of Chicago, which instantly makes it alluring. Far enough to feel like a recluse yet close enough to take advantage of the amazing Chicago skylines and architecture, this wedding venue is placed at quite a convenient location. If time permits, you can slip into the city for a quick photo session with your partner. Have our Chicago wedding photographer capture you and your partner around the iconic city structures like the refreshing Navy Pier or the stunning Art Institute of Chicago, capturing the charming city vibes in your wedding photography forever. Whether it is for a city-themed pre-wedding photoshoot or a post-wedding photo session in your billowing wedding dress, we ensure the effect will be nothing short of amazing. 

Originally built to be an industrial train facility, the Two Brothers Roundhouse was later transformed into a brewpub restaurant with an on-site brewery and distillery, an up-beat music venue and banquet space rich in its rustic-chic character and an elegant charm which is impactful. The Brothers Roundhouse is full of personality and a laid-back vibe which instantly puts you at ease as the soothing ambient music whispers, “Just chill, we got you!” And that's exactly what you do. Chill. The place is reminiscent of the cozy feeling that good food, high spirits, and the good company provide. It is easy and comforting, like a friendly hug, an inside joke, or that familiar laugh of a kindred spirit. But it is definitely more than the vibe which makes it quite the popular wedding venue in Chicago. 

Featuring Two Brothers Cafe, Beer Bar, and one of the largest beer gardens you’ll ever see, the venue is quite amazing. Whether you are thinking of just having your close friends and family over or having a gala time with 600 guests, the Two Brothers Roundhouse is quite a versatile wedding venue of Atlanta. No matter what is the size of your wedding or what theme or style you have your heart set on, this wedding venue will justify it all, making your wedding day special in every sense of the word. While the decor can be customized to meet your wedding aesthetics and the season, the beautiful outdoor pavilion opens up the possibilities of a romantic ceremony during spring and summer. The gazebo is a stunning show-stopper, with its rustic details and the terracotta-hued steps which lead up to it. This surely makes a beautiful photo prop for some couples photography right there! The courtyard is especially enchanting, with long romantic vines cascading throughout the area, and matched with entwined fairy lights, the area lights up, giving it quite the ethereal feel. There is a perfect balance of greenery and rustic stone-details in this wedding venue to make it look just right. There is plenty of photo ops for our Chicago wedding photographers to take advantage of while capturing your precious memories, be it the union of the happy couple as they say the vows, or the happy blur of the guests as they mingle with each other. 

Every nook and cranny of the property is quite accommodating and can blend into almost every wedding theme that you can think of, while still staying true to the rustic feel of the venue. There are a variety of spaces, starting from the spacious historic rooms, the beautiful courtyard to the gazebo. The exposed brick and stone-walled details bring out quite a rustic vibe, while the wooden details invite a warmth that is quite welcoming, ensuring that the guests have a great time during the wedding reception. The fun details strewn around the property continue to surprise you in the most beautiful manner. The moody lighting, the tall windows, and the cozy vibe of the interiors translate perfectly into those wedding photographs. The patterned carpets bring in their own spark of personality, while the wood-tiled dance floor invites enticingly, promising a night of dancing with your new husband. The red-brick fireplace is cozy and inviting, coaxing your guests to relax and have a good time. The two-story tavern bar comes with multiple private rooms, ensuring that your guests feel at home, this 162-year-old historical landmark will deliver a truly once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience in Windy City. 

There are several photo opportunities in and around the area which any Chicago wedding photographer will love to capture. The courtyard has the perfect natural light, making it the ideal spot for some of those wedding party photographs. The exposed-brick walls provide the perfect canvas for the wedding photographers in Chicago to capture some bridal portraits as well as couple portraits. The lush greenery can be used strategically to capture some refreshing and vibrant shots for you and your partner to treasure forever. Whether it is a snug cold-weather wedding, complete with fireplaces and open fires, or whether it is a summer wedding, Two Brothers Roundhouse is a perfect all-weather wedding venue and will ensure that your wedding album comes out looking absolutely stunning. 

No matter how beautiful a wedding venue is, or what history it holds, it all comes down to the services and the experience that they provide. Two Brothers Roundhouse surely doesn't slack down in that department. They are right by your side every step of the way and will ensure that your wedding day is nothing but absolute fun. Banquets at Two Brothers Roundhouse cater to the couple’s every need, ensuring that the wedding day floats by without a single bump in the road. The staff members are there to attend to any requests and will go beyond their call to make sure everything goes by smoothly. From the most historic architecture to the most generous services, this Chicago wedding venue is a total pleasure to experience. From the finest bottled brews to the locally-sourced menu, your guests are in for an utter treat. Right from the time the guests step in through the entryway, till the time they have to leave post your grand wedding exit, the staff ensures that they enjoy every moment of the journey. 

There are some wedding venues which are more than just a place to host your wedding. They exist to enrich your experience by providing you with a memorable ambiance with enticing sights and sounds which are a little different from the familiar. After all, it is not usual, the familiar or the regular which leaves an impact, it is the experience which stands out among the crowd of usuals which strikes a lasting cord. With a wedding hosted by Two Brothers Roundhouse, it is bound that it is time well spent and you as well as your guests will always think back to this day with a smile. Even years down the road, you will always think of your wedding day with a skip in your heartbeat!

Two Brothers Roundhouse

205 N. Broadway
Aurora, IL   60505
(630) 264-2739

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