Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel WEDDING PHOTOS

Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel Wedding Photos

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Host your Chicago Wedding at The Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel- Where Epic History Meets a Clever and Contemporary Attitude!

If you are planning to get hitched this year, chances are you are being overwhelmed with ideas for where to host your wedding ceremony and a grand reception. Whether you are planning to have a local Chicago wedding or one glorious wedding that requires a bit of traveling, one thing is pretty sure that planning the ceremony and reception at the same wedding venue will surely make your wedding planning an easy breeze! 

With previously unique wedding venues such as rustic styled barns or loft now becoming trendy, though there are some couples who feel like a more traditional hotel wedding is passe! It’s your day and therefore the decision should be truly yours! While outdoor weddings have their advantages, having a hotel wedding has its own perks! How about the idea of waking up on the morning of your wedding day and not having to go anywhere to get decked out for the big day? Or, even after you have partied the night away, how amazing it would be to just buzz up to your luxurious and cozy suite? Hotels are a natural fit for weddings for several reasons, and for one such reason, we advise you to take a tour of this stunning Chicago hotel wedding venueRenaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel for your dream wedding! This stunning and fabulous Chicago wedding venue offers sheer luxury and comfort for every wedding ceremony and wedding reception celebrated here! 

We know that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience—it stands to reason your wedding venue should be just as unique and memorable as you’ve dreamt it would be. The Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel is such an elegant and classic Chicago wedding venue and is one of the finest hotels in Chicago to create life-long memories! 

Proudly and peacefully situated in the heart of Chicago’s intriguing Cultural Mile on famed Michigan Avenue, the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel is a stunning destination for all our Chicagoland brides who want to have an out of the box wedding over any traditional wedding! Just a few steps away from many of the city’s major attractions, and conveniently accessible to its two major airports and public transportation, it will be an easy-peasy way for all your wedding guests to reach this historic wedding venue! 

Located near Michigan Avenue and many of the city’s attractions (an incredible opportunity for your out-of-the guests!), you have endless possibilities to find out the best corner to pose for some heart-warming first look photos! The mesmerizing views of Chicago’s lakefront will surely make your first look photography dreamy

This fancy and lavish hotel is home to a mind-blowing collection of flexible and sophisticated spaces for wedding-related events in downtown Chicago! So, while you host your wedding ceremony and reception here, this grand destination allows all your wedding guests to savor the charm of Beaux-Arts design while relishing every moment of your fantastic celebration! The contemporary art and old-world charm of this place will give ample photo opportunities to our Chicago wedding photographers to capture swoon-worthy wedding photos

The Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel is a legacy as far as Chicago wedding venues are concerned. Their years of experience makes them an ideal choice for your wedding day. The wedding planners at The Renaissance Blackstone Hotel will ensure that your wedding day is exactly how you have always envisioned it! Invigorated with a dynamic mix of historic architecture paired with savvy design, the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel sets a beautiful stage for an unforgettable Chicago wedding experience. 

Lately renovated and flawlessly restored, this iconic and legendary hotel features an unblemished fusion of flawless design and modern layout featuring a creative curation of art and excitement! No wonder its magnificent architectural design will appear upscale in every wedding photo of yours wedding day making it more magical! It would be a treat for our wedding photographers in Chicago and it’s suburban areas to document a wedding celebrated here! The interesting and extraordinary celebration spaces featured by the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel are nothing less than fabulous for any couple hoping for a wedding venue that can make any decor ideas and wedding theme look amazing. From garden-inspired wedding decor to whimsical wedding decor and even modern wedding decor, the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel is a wedding venue with endless possibilities!

Artistically inclined. Plan on having your dream wedding here and get the opportunity to savor in the possibilities of hosting a lavish affair in meticulously altered spaces of the original hotel that whisk you back to an era of splendor and elegance. All the grace and charm radiating the grandeur of this property will flawlessly reflect in all your Chicago wedding photos! Our Chicago and it’s suburb wedding photographers are experts in capturing the true essence of a wedding venue in the best of frames! 

When you host a wedding at the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel, you can choose between the Crystal Ballroom, the Art Hall, and the Barbershop. Our team of talented wedding photographers from Chicago and it’s suburban areas would love each of these spaces because they are all unique settings that will bring your all must-have wedding photographs to life.

The Crystal Ballroom

Spanning 3,400 square foot space, the Crystal Ballroom is the largest of the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago’s nine function rooms! This awe-inspiring and glorious room is an absolute example of Beaux-Arts interiors! The Crystal Ballroom hails from 1910 but has been refurbished to its natural splendor that includes intricate molding, and balustrades! This spacious and lavish room can accommodate up to 345 of your wedding guests for a standing reception or as many as 250 of your near and dear ones for a seated celebration, that also includes an incredible hardwood dance floor! 

The Crystal Ballroom features historic millwork and sculptural details, this two-tiered room boasts soaring 21-foot ceilings paired with extravagant elegant and a sparkling bevy of crystal chandeliers! The neutral color palette at the Crystal Ballroom is suited with any design and style you choose for your big day. Your intimate affair at this ballroom will surely stand out amongst Chicago weddings. The moment you will step into this hall, you will feel like you have entered the set of a fairytale location! 

The natural light pouring through the windows adds to the grandeur of this space giving enough space to our Chicago and its suburbs wedding photographers to snapshot stunning indoor wedding photographs! Our expert Chicago suburban wedding photographers would love using this flattering lighting to capture every detail of your big day.

With your celebration here in the Crystal Ballroom, we assure you that all your wedding guests will have the stunning views of Michigan Avenue and Grant Park. The pristine and shining white walls and jeweled blue carpet compliments the beautiful surroundings. The Crystal Ballroom is a premier venue, especially for weddings! Apart from organizing weddings, this stunning ballroom has held many prestigious events that are prominent in histories, such as a 30-second press conference by former President Jimmy Carter and the infamous Al Capone scene from the iconic movie ‘The Untouchables’. So, go carefreely with the Crystal Ballroom for your wedding reception and make your history in this storied space! 

Art Hall

Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel’s namesake, Timothy Blackstone, was a curator himself, you gifted the Blackstone Hall to the Art Institute of Chicago! This Art Hall is a historic landmark in the entire hotel and thus has been continuous support in Mr. Blackstone’s endeavors by featuring a rotating exhibit highlighting local Chicago artists!  

Rolling over 2,656 square feet of luxurious space, the Art Hall is an ideal space especially for pre-wedding affairs! The artistic bride will love the Art Room, which includes more than 1,600 contemporary artworks juxtaposed with classic architecture. 

Beautifully restored to its unique glory, the exquisite foyer embraces classic architecture with sculptural details of paint brushes and palettes throughout the design. With the room space to welcome up to 250 of your wedding guests, the Art Hall is an idyllic place to innovate, entertain, and inspire all your near and dear ones! The ivory color interior of this beautiful room will perfectly shine out in all your wedding photos! The teal blue colored flooring exquisitely complements the overall setting of the hall! The oval-shaped mirror carved in the center of one of the walls can become one of the best props which you can use during your photography session!  

The Art Hall can be an ideal space for your rehearsal dinner and cocktail hour! Allow your guests to mingle over the glass of champagne and admire the true beauty of this spectacular room! 

The Barbershop

Every corner of the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel has a unique story attached to it and perhaps the Barbershop is the most storied event space in the Blackstone Hotel! The history of The Blackstone and the near lingering aura of its past patrons can truly be felt when you step into The Barbershop. The Barbershop event space is named after its original purpose, as this illustrious corner of The Blackstone Hotel has served the likes of Richard Nixon and Al Capone. From presidents to famous figures will channel these powerful personalities when you plan to host your celebration in the Barbershop room of the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel!

The Barbershop is best suited for small and intimate celebrations. For a more private setting, the 1,117 square-foot Barbershop is decorated with fluted marble columns and an original fountain. The suspended ceilings and Greek columns will bring out the elegant charm in all your wedding photos! The subtle contrast between white and yellow walls keep the ambiance of the room soft and romantic.

English Room

All your wedding imagination will blossom in this one-of-a-kind ceremony space- the English Room! Reminiscent of an exclusive private club, this vintage English Room was imported from the 18th century English manor house, the decedent English Room was reassembled in the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel in 1910. Beautified with shining mahogany walls, ornate plaster, and vibrant and full of colors stained glass gives an enriching experience for up to 80 of your wedding guests! The English Room is the perfect place if you are looking for old-time charm and glam with all the modern updates! 

On your wedding day, you can use this room as your private bridal suite to get all dolled up for the day! While relishing the distinct feeling of an exclusive private club, take your time to get dressed up for the day with your bridesmaids and family members! Pose against the beautiful windows to have some classic and stunning bridal portraits that will give all the soon-to-be-brides bridal portraits goals! Use the couch to share some mother-daughter family moments so that our expert team of wedding photographers from Chicago and its nearby areas capture all these precious moments in the best of frames!

No matter which room you choose, your wedding is guaranteed to be unforgettable at the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel and with its stunning backdrops! Their arresting event space will perfectly meld classic architecture with contemporary decor to capture the true essence of it’s past while savoring every moment of the present day of your wedding! 

This incredible wedding venue is best-suited for couples who are passionate about art and photography! There are endless reasons because of which the majority of Chicagoland brides are choosing the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel over any other wedding venues. And one such reason is that brides here will get the chance to share their wedding photos with their wedding guests in a more memorable way! The Blackstone Hotel will give you the chance to create your own mini art gallery which definitely adds a whole new level to wedding personalization! 

Apart from decor and music, the food and caterings are the two major things that leave a lasting impression on the mind of your wedding guests! For some, catering is just simply a matter of taste, but at the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel, catering is all about touching all of the senses! A perfect wedding menu is an invitation to taste, see, feel, sip, hear, and try something wonderfully new and original. For your dream wedding and reception, the staff working here at the Blackstone will cater to menus that are designed carefully keeping your wedding guests’ tastes in mind! The chef here only uses the freshest ingredients which make every item on the menu list finger-licking! 

The Dining experiences here at the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel are thoughtful and expertly executed, taking your wedding guests on a culinary tour through the bold flavors of Barcelona at Mercat a la Planxa as well as creative craft cocktails in the restaurant's bar and lower lounge.   

We all know that Chicago aka ‘Windy City’ is full of beautiful places where you can have spectacular pre-wedding portfolios done and also to get calm and relaxed post-wedding photoshoot! Just like New York City’s scale and Los Angeles’ constant sunshine, Chicago has so much to offer to every couple and their wedding photographers! Below we have curated a list of some amazing places where you can and your partner can have some fun-loving post-wedding photography. A tip for all soon-to-be-married couples! All you couples can also consider these locations for your Chicago engagement photography session!  

Buckingham Fountain

Situated in the center of Grant Park, the Buckingham Fountain is a fun spot for photos and a must-see if you are visiting the city. For your engagement photograph, you can consider visiting this beautiful spot during Lollapalooza as it’s a beautiful day with enchanting backdrops for photos! Note, in the winter there is no water so it is not so picturesque during the cold months.

Chicago Skyline from the Adler Planetarium

With its prime vantage point on the edge of the Museum Campus, the stretch of Solidarity Drive between Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium boasts spectacular views of sparkling Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline that sets the idyllic setting for beautiful post-wedding photographs and also for romantic pre-wedding photographs! 

Picasso Sculpture in Daley Plaza

The stunning and massive cubist sculpture by Pablo Picasso was the first major piece of public artwork of its kind in downtown Chicago, and today, this Daley Plaza piece is a major landmark. Choose your selfie position — “The Picasso” looks quite different depending on where you stand. Or try posing in front of this giant sculpture to bring some historic grace in your photos!

Wrigley Field Marquee

If you and your partner are a die-hard sports fan, then we can assure you that your trip to Chicago will be incomplete without stopping by the beloved Wrigley Field!  Snap a selfie in front of the iconic red and white marquee, and head inside to check out the latest Wrigley Field expansion and renovations, known as The 1060 Project. This place offers an ideal setting for all baseball couples, so why not utilize this background to the best for an amazing sports style engagement photography session

As it is said that diamonds and pictures are forever! Every individual has a handful of milestones events in their lifetime that should be captured in the best of frames! As children, there are many moments such as first steps, first day at school, and much more! But as adults, one of the biggest milestones in everybody’s lives is getting married! We know your wedding ceremony is a momentous occasion, and you can relive every moment of that day for anniversaries to come! Every picture clicked on your wedding day is a snapshot of time! Your wedding photos will not just represent your day, but will also highlight the timeline, the mood, style, and individuality! To get every element of your wedding day to be framed in a flawless way, you surely need a professional team of wedding photographers, and by professional we mean, George Street Photo & Video! Our expert wedding photographers have plenty of experience in capturing timeless and classic wedding photos! Our Chicago wedding photographers will be able to get the best images in the simplest, and easiest way possible! This way they will take the stress off your shoulder and allow you to relax and cherish your special day! It is time for you to get the most special day of life captured by extremely talented wedding photographers and that too on an attractive budget! Yes! You heard it right! George Street Photo & Video is not only known for its high-quality wedding photography services but is also known for offering budget-friendly wedding packages to everyone all across the States! To book our services, all you need to do is schedule an appointment with our team of expert wedding coordinators and get all the wedding pictures in a snapshot of times that will be surprisingly nostalgic in 20 or 30 years from now! 

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