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The Odyssey Wedding Photos

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Where Romance Weds Chic - The Odyssey, Tinley Park

A Quintessential Chicago wedding. That’s the promise of The Odyssey, a dream wedding venue located amidst lush gardens, luxurious fountains, lakes all around, picturesque landscape, just a little outside of downtown Chicago. 

Somewhere in the quaint village of Tinley Park, away from the cacophony of the busy city life, lies a dreamland that vows to give you a memorable wedding that’ll be remembered for generations to come. Uniquely characterized by gorgeous gazebos, dreamy lawns, sparkling water features, and everything swoon-worthy! 

Whether you and your partner want a lavish wedding under the glory of glittering chandeliers or a nature-inspired wedding that’s surrounded by the grandeur of nature, The Odyssey in Tinley Park makes it all possible. From the mojitos and warm summers to s'mores and white Christmases, the perpetual charm of this wedding venue in Chicago is bound to leave you awestruck. From the vibrance of a spring-summer wedding to the warmth of a fall-winter wedding, The Odyssey provides an unforgettably romantic wedding experience. 

The Odyssey houses various event spaces where you can have your ceremony and reception - Odyssey Ballroom, West Ballroom, Terrace Ballroom, Grand Ballroom, and East Ballroom. Each unique to its style, personifying elegance with breathtaking views! This traditional wedding venue is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the Chicago Suburbs. 

And, for couples who wish to have an outdoor wedding or an eco-friendly wedding, this gorgeous Chicago wedding venue has just what they are looking for! You can have a wedding ceremony outdoors, against the scenic backdrop of serene nature, just how you imagined in your dreams. 

Let's imagine an outdoor wedding setting - a picturesque wrought-iron gazebo overlooking a lake, a 40-foot lit fountain, and superbly manicured gardens! The lake adds an element of whimsy to the entire setting and looks every bit of postcard-worthy. As far as your eyes go, you see the beauty of nature all around you. All the elements come together to form a scene straight out of a painting. And you walk towards the aisle as your sweetheart waits for you under the gazebo while your loved ones, seated on flawless white chairs, look at you in awe! The expressions on everyone’s faces sing praises for you! 

Amidst all the excitement, your blushing-glowing face catches a glimpse of the phenomenal surroundings. Isn’t it how you always wanted your wedding to happen? And at that moment, we want you to remember us for introducing you to this one-of-a-kind venue. The Odyssey makes you realize that wedding dreams actually come true. And if you and your partner haven’t had much time to daydream about your wedding, this wedding venue will show you exactly what the wedding dreams are made of! 

Among the Chicago Suburbs wedding venues, The Odyssey stands out like a diamond with a cut above the rest (pun intended!). If you and your partner are looking for classic wedding venues, this venue will undoubtedly impress you with its elegant wedding event spaces. 

Let’s give you some insight into the wedding facilities at The Odyssey. 

The Odyssey can play host to a maximum of 800 guests. As you make your way through the property, the lobby and entrance of this vintage country club wedding venue will take your breath away. They say, only two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression. And The Odyssey sure makes a jaw-dropping first impression! The lobby and entrance are absolute favorites of our Chicago wedding photographers. The place calls for some memorable photos to be captured. You could have your first look photos taken here if you are planning on doing it.  

The lobby is also great to have portraits with bridesmaids and groomsmen. It’s the freshest look for everyone! So undeniably becomes the time to capture some flawless wedding portraits. The grandeur of the entrance matches the elegance and sophistication of finely dressed bridesmaids and dashing groomsmen

Now coming to the event spaces at The Odyssey - the spectacular wedding venue will impress you with the abundance of beauty and opulence. This magnificent wedding venue houses five elegant ballrooms. The ballrooms have recessed ceilings that are adorned with Baroque-inspired painted accents. All the ballrooms flaunt floor-to-ceiling windows that offer magnificent views of the outdoors. So, no matter where your guests sit, they will still be able to have a gorgeous view through those windows! The lush landscape of the outdoors not only promises breathtaking views for the guests but also becomes beautiful backdrops for your Chicago wedding photography. To perfectly complement the outdoor views with the indoor setting, you can include some greenery in your indoors also. Click here for more ideas. And if your’s happens to be a winter wedding, you could bring in more contrasting colors. Take a cue from our blog on introducing festive winter colors and greenery to your wedding. 

The ballrooms are adorned with modern touches that make for chic interiors. Grand is an understatement. The East Ballroom, West Ballroom, Grand Ballroom, and Odyssey Ballroom are all ornamented with sparkling chandeliers that are eloquent in grandeur. The huge boat-shaped crystal chandeliers add a warm glow to the ballrooms and a royal feel to the ambiance. The Terrace room, on the other hand, looks stunning with round chandeliers, suspended from the ceiling. The enormous floor-to-ceiling windows ensure the outdoors are appreciated well enough. And to add that perfect wedding zing, you can throw in some glitter! What better occasion to have some glitter around than a wedding? For more inspiration on how to up the glam quotient with the confetti of glitter, click here

This amazing Chicago wedding venue also houses great dancing spaces. Watch yourselves getting immersed in the romantic feel of your first dance as a newly-wed couple in a perfect ambiance. The dance floor is appealing enough for everyone to come on board and shake a leg. And it’s this moment that it all comes down to, from your first meeting to this very moment! Trust our Chicago wedding photographer to impeccably frame your love story coupled with the elegant charm of interiors and beauty of the outdoors and capture all the wedding shenanigans.

The Odyssey has a lot of options for both pre-wedding ceremony photography and post-wedding photography. From the lawns, the fountains, and the gazebo to the lake, and the bridges, you’ll find beauty in every nook and cranny! As far as your wedding photography is concerned, you can be assured that this is one of the best venues in the suburbs of Chicago. After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds can escape to the grounds for a romantic photoshoot. Or when all your guests are busy enjoying themselves, you and your spouse (ahem!) can sneak out for a bit! How about stealing a few moments just for yourselves. Take to the lawns and let our wedding photographers capture the effervescence of your new-found marital status. We totally recommend the bride and the groom to find some solitude to let the magical feeling of being newly married sink in. And as you both cherish those precious moments, your wedding photo album would get the most romantic photos of the day. If your wedding is in the winter months, you can dress accordingly. How about wearing a faux fur shrug as you venture into the outdoors? The lawns are too magnificent to ignore, the gorgeous landscapes beg to be included as your wedding photography backdrops! You could even have your family portraits shot in the outdoors. It’s a perfect place to have adorable photos taken with your father. For more inspo on wedding photography with fathers, check out our blog. The golden hour is a perfect time for this momentary elopement! Let our Chicago wedding photographer capture the gorgeous tones of sky enveloping you both in a warm hug of love as you share an intimate moment reveling in your happiest day! The spectacular backdrop of lush landscape and pristine water add to the myriad beauty of the moment. 

When it comes to post-wedding photography, you could even hop to various nearby locations. There are so many options to choose from, and that's got us excited too! And we are glad to bring you a compiled list of nearby locations where your post-wedding photography will be a trendsetter! So, whether it is an on-the-way-to-your-wedding photoshoot and you shoot on the way to The Odyssey or a post-wedding photoshoot where you shoot on the way back, either way, these locations are a great idea! Moreover, these locations are a great idea for pre-wedding photography as well! 

La Salle StreetBoard of Trade

This location promises that quintessential Chicago vibe, with high rises of downtown Chicago all around you. Located just 30 minutes from the wedding venue, La Salle Street is mostly recommended for a weekend wedding, when all the offices are closed and the area is relatively less crowded. However, if you happen to be getting married on a weekday, we would advise you to get here after work hours for a more relaxed post-wedding photo session. 

Millennium Park

Located around 30 minutes away from The Odyssey, the Millennium Park is home to various unique photo ops. A state of the art collection of architecture, landscape design, and art makes Millennium Park a great place to shoot your romantic post-wedding photos. The place is a hub of photo ops! Starting at the iconic Cloud Gate (the Bean), then covering the Lurie Garden, and walking down to the lake - the POA is flawless!  The Millennium Park is even better after sunset as the place is a glittering wonderland that looks surreal in photos. The city lights form an uber glamorous backdrop to your post-wedding photography.  

Chicago Theater

Well, can it get any more ‘Chicago’ than this? We bet not. Your wedding dreams just came alive in the whimsical city of Chicago, there’s no better way to shout it out to the world than the iconic Chicago Theater sign shining right behind you, in all its glory. This landmark of a spot is located within the EL and belongs to the Chicago Theater established in 1920. It’s equivalent to six-stories and a post-wedding photoshoot at the Chicago Theater conveys your love story that bloomed in this amazing city. This gorgeous post-wedding photo session location is located only 30 minutes away from the wedding venue. 

Chicago Skyline

The symbolic skyline of Chicago is considered to be one of the most beautiful backdrops for pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots. The spectacular views of the skyline can be absorbed from various locations like the Riverfront Walk, the Cloud Gate, Grant Park, Chicago Cultural Center, Michigan Avenue Bridge, Adler Planetarium, Millenium Park and Navy Pier. 

Chicago RiverWalk

Right in the heart of downtown Chicago, there lies a gem of a walkway, which stretches for 1.2 miles along the south bank of the Chicago River. You might have been to the Chicago Riverwalk, but on your wedding day, it’ll feel like a totally different experience. The place buzzes with people, waterfront cafes and restaurants, wineries, and museums, all of which means - a lot of people around. Therefore, we have the perfect location to have a quiet and romantic post-wedding photography. Right before the river flows into Lake Michigan, a paved path, that lies on the northeast side of the river and is adorned with wrought iron benches and cast iron lamp posts. That magic spot is the answer to your super romantic post-wedding photoshoot which has a heartbeat of the mighty Chicago river!  

Buckingham Fountain

Did you know that the Buckingham Fountain is one of the largest fountains in the world? Located in the middle of Grant Park, the fountain is built in rococo wedding cake style, and inspired by the Latona Fountain at the Palace of Versailles. And when the fountain lights up after sunset, it is a sight to behold! It also forms one of the most romantic backdrops for post-wedding photography in Chicago. Do you remember the fountain being featured in the iconic American sitcoms, Married with Children? It painted such a romantic picture on the television screens back then! And to date, we absolutely love the magic that this fountain creates, be it during the day or night! 

Whether you get your post-wedding photo session at one of these locations or the wedding venue, our professional wedding photographers will create magic with their lenses. Your love story and wedding day will be captured as things keep unfolding throughout your big day. The Odyssey is the perfect place to celebrate the happiest day of your lives and to create memories that will last for you a lifetime. It is an excellent blend of style and natural beauty for the kind of wedding that you have always dreamt of! Witness our Chicago wedding photographers capture all the nuances, raw emotions, every little tear, every joy accompanied by smiles and laughter, and relive your wedding day anytime you want! 

If you and your partner are looking for photographers near Chicago, we’ll be honored to help! We at George Street Photo and Video provide an exceptionally talented wedding photography team and highly competitive packages, starting from USD 1,500. Click to know more about our wide range of wedding photography and video packages by scheduling an appointment with us!

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