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Love makes every bit of the journey of life sweeter. If it isn't for love, what even is the point? Isn't all that we do is conclusively for love? Love adds character to our existence and lets us live in a dreamy fairytale in our own mundane lives. So when it comes to celebrating our once-in-a-lifetime love, there is no other option but to go all out! From the day you say yes to spending the rest of your days in the company of your special one, the countdown to the most joyous day of your life starts! Unlike most of the other significant days of your life, you are in control of your wedding day and in creating just the wedding that you want! From selecting your wedding theme to choosing your hair accessory, there are a lot of decisions to be taken, and everything will add to that vision in your head about the dream wedding you have been daydreaming of! While there are so many elements that go into building your perfect wedding day, one of the most well-known aspects has to be the wedding venue you choose. Picking the perfect wedding venue provides your wedding day a perfect set-up for your dreams to come alive in so it is only logical that you take great consideration while cherry-picking the ideal one!

If you and your partner are from Chicago, you are probably full of options when it comes to picking the ideal wedding venue. A beautiful city filled with scenic locations for engagement as well as wedding, Chicago is a city which will never deliver less than what is promised. The city brings with it some of the world-class architecture and striking artwork, including some of the most stunning statues and sculptures. This certainly makes Chicago abundant in some fascinating elements which provide the city its unique charm and stature. A favored city for lovers and photographers alike, Chicago is undeniably a beautiful city to look at, with every scene jaw-dropping and artistically perfect to grace someone's living room as a piece of art. Affectionately named ‘Windy City’, Chicago comes with its namesake breeze which can intensify to a temperamental wind depending on the time of the year, creating a memorable and beautiful picture. Residence to some of the most epic horizons in the country, Chicago sure boasts some of the most gorgeous city sunsets, immersing the city in its magical glory of golden rays. Apart from the stunning amazing cityscape, the city is home to several remarkable pieces of architecture, be it the Cloud Gate or the Sears Tower. It also features some touristy spots like the Navy Pier or the Shedd Aquarium, making Chicago a fun adventure that promises to leave behind only good recollections and a lingering feel-good vibe. Located by the beautiful Lake Michigan, Chicago is a bustling city that always offers something fun to do, from its beautiful dreamy beaches and parks to intriguing museums. A fun city full of vitality and beauty, Chicago is perfect for featuring in your love story, and it is promised that your Chicago wedding photography will come to life in a magical glow. 

If a beautiful waterfront wedding has always been the dream, check out Chicago’s spectacular The Abbey Resort. Sitting pretty on the coast of Lake Geneva, The Abbey Resort offers just the perfect place for you to host your wedding. With over 50 years of experience in servicing weddings and events, and with over 90 acres of luscious greenery, exquisite rooms, and more, it is easy to see why couples seem to love this resort. Let your wedding day be celebrated nestled next to a cozy rustic fireplace while enjoying the gorgeous view of Lake Geneva. The Abbey Resort is a wedding venue that can cater to a wedding of many sizes or just the theme you want. They offer an assorted range of venue spaces to present the best environment for your event and can accommodate up to 400 people. The event spaces available in the wedding venue are the West Shore Pavilion, Pavilion Gazebo, Harbor Ballroom, Wisconsin Ballroom, Porto, Harbor Gazebo, Sandbar, and Harbor Patio. This venue provides various different facilities to make your wedding day a breeze. Some of their services include catering and bar packages, an extensive list of preferred vendors, event rentals, and more. The Abbey Resort wedding venue comes with an abundance of on-site food options as per the guests’ convenience. The couple can choose between food stations, buffet or plated selections, and add on cocktail receptions. The packages include china, linens, glassware, and flatware. The resort also offers a range of accommodation options, including 334 guest rooms, 14 luxury villas, and the Bridal/Groom suite, along with a stunning Avani spa. Aside from wedding ceremonies and receptions, the resort also provides other services like rehearsal dinners, day-after brunch, marina, and resort activities. All in all, by choosing this location as your preferred wedding venue, you are guaranteed a wedding day wrapped in luxury, while still staying rooted and close to nature with spectacular views

A wedding day is a monumental event of our lives, something which is planned for months in advance and creates treasured memories for one to look back for years to come. While the months leading up to the wedding seem to be moving at a slow pace, the actual day of the wedding passes by swiftly. After the wedding is long done and you sit to recollect the memories from your wedding day, there is a chance that you find that the day is hazy and everything you remember is a giant blur of activities. Of course, you remember the surge of excitement and the sheer moments of joy, but the details tend to skip away! This is where artfully captured wedding photography comes in and rescues those memories. Wedding photographs captured those slippery moments in some beautiful photographs so that you never lose a precious moment from your special day. While many elements come into play while creating a truly aesthetic wedding experience, the wedding venue has a lot to add to it. Abbey Resort is an interesting place with stunning backdrops and packed with personality, providing the couples with plenty of opportunities for some amazing couple portraits and group shots. Our Chicago wedding photographers will have a whole lot of fun as they capture you and your sweetheart in this amazing setting. 

There are various different factors that make a wedding venue so amazing. Of course, it is the aesthetic value of the place and the facilities that it comes with, but most of the time it is the innate vibe that the wedding venue exudes. The aesthetics and the personal taste are important factors, sure, but a wedding venue that accommodates a wide range of amenities along with the perfect feel-good feeling makes a wedding venue truly unique and perfect! While people might forget the gorgeous landscapes and the cute details, the way the staff of the venue makes its host feel makes a lasting impression. Sure Abbey Resort is a perfect place to host your wedding day, but it is the welcoming nature of the venue which will make it so distinctive. The extraordinary service provided by the skillful team of experts ensures that they provide you with the best of assistance and are qualified to bring to you the wedding day of your dreams. The Abbey Resort brings in an inspiring range of facilities settings for couples on their wedding day, as the staff pays close attention to those minute yet significant details to guarantee that the couple gets the wedding they deserve!

A wedding day is a day that will be ceremoniously celebrated every day with new zeal. It is a day that will go down in your calendar and will be celebrated with champagne, flowers, and sweet words. So it is only sensible that you plan this splendid event of your life to the minutest of details! Planning a wedding is no walk in the park, but it is exciting and rewarding all the same! There are flower colors and palettes that need to be matched, cutlery that needs to be selected, and a wedding menu that needs to be resolved, among many other things. After fragments of ideas that have been wafting around in your head for months, things are finally materializing as a masterpiece of your aesthetic vision. While many things help in the journey towards building that perfect day, the role of a perfect wedding venue is huge! The wedding venue is the one thing that finalizes your wedding in a notable way while becoming an indispensable part of your story! With a venue as perfect as Abbey Resort, you are assured a satisfying day that you will love looking back to for the rest of your life! With a beautiful setting to host your special day in, that newly-wed feeling, and the vibe of love in the air, you are promised just the perfect starting to your happily-ever-after!

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