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Heritage Sandy Springs Wedding Photos

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Embrace the best fusion of Traditional D├ęcor & Modern Amenities on Your Wedding Day only at Heritage Sandy Springs, Atlanta!

Heartiest Congratulations on your recent engagement! We can see that sparkling new diamond rings on your ring finger are gaining so much attention and in fact making some of your girlfriends jealous! (hahaha!). Now we know you can’t wait to plan the perfect wedding that you have always envisioned since you're a little princess. But we also know that there is one big decision that you might struggle with: where to host your grand and dazzling Atlanta wedding reception! You surely need a place that perfectly fits the theme of your wedding reception and the needs and demands of all your wedding guests! 

As a bride-to-be with great attention to detail, you’ll find the best Atlanta wedding venues reflecting a combination of awesome lighting, impeccably decorated interiors, and perfectly manicured outdoors. Perhaps you can't find a venue that's the right look for your princess-themed reception. Or maybe you can't imagine hosting your quirky, Star Wars-themed wedding reception in a church or another formal venue. So, if you’re looking for an unconventional wedding venue combining traditional décor with an amazing natural setting, go for a wedding ceremony and reception at Heritage Green, the gorgeous venue operated by Heritage Sandy Springs in Atlanta. The stunning outdoor setting of the Heritage Sandy Springs will offer you the flexibility to choose any wedding theme. The beautiful natural surroundings of trees, flowers, and the gleaming sky will create the perfect backdrop for our Atlanta wedding photographers to magical wedding photos of your day! No matter what wedding reception theme you're going for, this ravishing wedding venue in Atlanta will make all your wedding dreams come true! 

Resting in Atlanta, Georgia, Heritage Sandy Springs is a rustic wedding venue that will definitely make your wedding photos magical and stunning! The Heritage Sandy Springs wedding venue is a non-profit property that promotes and preserves the cultural identity and historical background of Sandy Springs. With a fabulous park stretching on four acres of land, Heritage Green is home to the Heritage Sandy Springs Museum, and Sandy Springs Society Entertainment Lawn offers an oasis of green space that serves as a thriving space for you to celebrate your day of love! 

Celebrate your day of love at Heritage Green, home of the historic William-Payne House and real and authentic ‘Sandy Springs’! So, before the bubble of thought appears in your mind saying, “No way I am not getting married at a museum”, then, we just want you to hold your breath, calm down for a while, and just hear us out! The historic location and quaint garden encircled with woods and charming structure make it easily one of the most idyllic spots around! With expansive grounds to explore, our wedding photographers in Atlanta and its suburbs will have enough photo opportunities to flaunt their photography skills while capturing your swoon-worthy wedding photos

Featuring luxurious, elegant, and modern indoor ceremony spaces with panoramic views of the outdoor ceremony locations, the Heritage Sandy Springs is an ideal Georgia wedding venue that is perfect for a lovely and flawless gorgeous Southern-style wedding! The venue’s versatile indoor and outdoor sites can be combined in a variety of ways to match your perfect vision. Touting its professional and skilled staff and various lucrative wedding packages, no doubt Heritage Sandy Springs is an idyllic destination with a faultless setting for your special day. The unforgettable setting for your special day will be offered year-round by this ravishing wedding venue!

We can assure you that your wedding celebration at Heritage Sandy Springs will feel tranquil and fresh, even though this lovely venue is situated right in the heart of the city! Heritage Green represents the perfect location for both formal and casual weddings, simply because it offers 4 different ceremony spaces with a great variety of scenic locations which will make your Atlanta wedding a talk of the town! So, let us take you on a virtual tour of all these 4 stunning event spaces featured by this glorious property so that you can find the perfect fit for your day! We advise you to take our expert and skilled Atlanta suburbs wedding photographers along with you for a better understanding of photo opportunities! 

The Williams-Payne House and Grounds

Spanning 2 acres square foot of space, the William-Payne House and Grounds feature a grassy and wooded area. The flexibility and versatility of this beautiful space will allow you to transform an outdoor garden ceremony to a lonely and breathtaking garden reception. Adorned with a Victorian-style gazebo, the park also offers a brick terrace and a beautiful rustic Spring Shelter for you to pledge your vows! Imagine you are walking down the aisle towards the gleaming gazebo, surrounded by panoramic views of the beautiful original Sandy Springs, creating a picturesque backdrop for your beautiful wedding photos. The beautiful Atlanta skyline and exquisite greenery all around is a treat for our talented wedding photographers in Atlanta and its suburban areas to capture all your precious ‘I do’ moments! After you have exchanged your vows, make the best use of this impressive Victorian-style gazebo by posing with your bridesmaids to have some funny and candid bridal party photos to add in your wedding album! In fact, you can also dance the night away under this lovely gazebo, while our team of professionals Atlanta suburbs wedding photographers capture your dance moves and spins in the flawless frames! 

After your lovely outdoor wedding ceremony, the place can be transformed and decorated to have a wonderful and memorable garden reception. You can decorate this outdoor space with string lights, white and pink satin drapes, accompanied by beautiful floral arrangements, will set-up the stage for your fairytale wedding reception. The changing tones of the sky during the sunset will create a mesmerizing frame for your outdoor wedding photography! The golden rays of the settling down the sun and the warm glow lent by the string lights will make this outdoor setting more cozy and romantic for all your wedding guests to savor the celebration. 

The Williams-Payne House and Grounds also include the lower level of the 1880s farmhouse-style Williams-Payne House, where you will have access to a lovely dressing room and an enclosed Garden Room. While you get all dolled up for your big day in the dressing room, pop a bottle of champagne with your girlfriends to have some cool and bridal party photos that will surely inspire soon-to-be brides for their upcoming bridal party photoshoot! This spacious dressing room will allow you to have some stunning bridal portraits before your memorable ‘I do’ moment! Don’t miss the chance to share some family moments with your adorable mother and sister/sisters before you exchange your vows! Our talented wedding photographers from Atlanta and the nearby areas would love to capture every moment in the picture-perfect frames before your memorable wedding ceremony! The enclosed garden room is a cozy and romantic spot to get some dreamy first-look captured by our Atlanta and its suburbs wedding photographers! 

The Entertainment Lawn

Rolling over 14,000 square feet of expansive space, the Entertainment Lawn is the largest venue featured by this beautiful and luxurious Heritage Sandy Springs! Featuring tiered lawns that sloped down to a large concrete stage, where the alluring wooden trails make for a quaint backdrop for your whimsical wedding photos! The Entertainment Lawn offers beautiful panoramas of expansive green space for all our Atlanta and its suburban wedding photographers to capture! This attractive lawn is decked out with stone and blends natural beauty with rustic charm to create a multi-purpose venue for your special day! After you have exchanged your romantic vows, this luxurious concrete stage can be transformed into the dance floor for you to share some choreographed moves and spin with your sweetheart and all your loved ones! Imagine your near and dear ones raising a toast for you both, while you both danced till you dropped off! You can also share a romantic kiss underneath the starry Atlanta skyline while all your loved ones go gushing over the two most romantic couples who are truly, madly, and deeply love-struck! The Entertainment Lawn offers great photography opportunities for our Atlanta and suburbs wedding photographers to snapshot some stunning and enhancing golden-hour photos

The Community Room and Veranda

Featuring 1,100-square-foot indoor space that acts as a blank canvas for your perfect cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvre. The flexibility of this space offers you to transition this space into a beautiful and mesmerizing intimate outdoor reception area. The Community Room and Veranda allow you to express all your wedding visions in the form of decoration! So, go ahead girl, it’s your day and therefore every corner of this space should resonate with you and your personality! The cherry on the big and delicious cake is that you also have an option to use the Veranda, which is a covered patio that overlooks the well-manicured and pleasant grounds of the Heritage Sandy Springs and makes a great spot for you both to relish some alone time together! While you have left the whole world behind in the Community Room to savor some time with your darling, allow our expert team of wedding photographers from the Atlanta and suburban areas to encapsulate some detailed and must-have wedding photos in the best of frames! Another thing that we want you to get enlightened with is that the Heritage Sandy Springs’ professional and dedicated staff will set up the tables, chairs, and floral centerpieces of your choice! 

Heritage Hall

Featuring a 3,000 square foot indoor facility, the Heritage Hall at the Heritage Sandy Springs comes with great surprises and endless photography opportunities for our wedding photographers in Atlanta and its suburbs to capture. With an elegant outdoor garden wedding ceremony and a classic and sophisticated indoor reception in the Heritage Hall, we assure you that all your near and dear ones who have come all the way from their places to witness your exchange of vows will have the best of both world experience! They will be blown away with the charisma of this beautiful ballroom as Heritage Hall opens right onto the Entertainment Lawn! The rustic elegance exudes by this hall will make a stunning ambiance for your classic indoor wedding photography! The grandiosity of this space speaks for itself, therefore a minimal decor of your choice will do wonders to this room! The large and impeccable floor-to-ceiling windows allow a wealth of natural light to pour inefficiently while illuminating the entire indoors! The golden and warm glow from the ceiling chandeliers, when fused with the soft and shining radiance of sunlight, will light up the whole setting making it more inviting and romantic for all your guests to witness the charm of celebration. The Heritage Hall comes along with an expansive laminated dance floor so that you can let your hair loose and get drowned in the moment of your first dance with your sweetheart! As an added advantage for all the brides, this luxurious hall also features a bridal suite, where they can get all dolled up for the day! This bridal suite will indeed make your wedding planning an easy breeze! In fact, you and your partner can share some heartwarming first looks moments here in this bridal suite before declaring your love for each other in front of the world! 

No matter which event space you choose for your dream wedding and elegant reception, every corner of this luxurious property offers an unforgettable setting that is dwelled in history and has an abundance of charm and beauty! Not only this, on your wedding day you will be offered a variety of cuisine and style and take into consideration the dietary needs of all your near and dear ones! 

The staff working at the Heritage Sandy Springs completely understand the importance of your once-in-a-lifetime moment, and thus they will always be there on every step- from planning to your final sparkly send-off, assisting you in creating a memorable wedding! 

The historic resonance and the large colorful gardens will add a touch of sophistication to your bridal luncheon, engagement party, and rehearsal dinner. Most importantly, the simple, refined décor at this venue will assist you in creating the perfect setting for your big day. As skilled Atlanta wedding photographers, we love the unique characteristics of this romantic wedding venue and would love to discuss your creative vision for your wedding. We’ll capture the most touching details and moments of your union at Heritage Sandy Springs.

We all know that Atlanta is a big and green city with lots of great parks and locations that are considered as the best engagement locations and also the best locations to have some relaxed post-wedding photography sessions! In truth, almost anywhere with adequate light will work, but finding a place that has some variety, uniqueness and isn’t too far to hike especially for those with props or short legs in tow is critical information to make sure your pre-wedding photography session and post-wedding photography sessions are beautiful and enjoyable. Below we have curated a list of best Atlanta engagement locations and best photography locations in Atlanta to have a stunning post-wedding photoshoot! 

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Documenting a couple at Atlanta Botanical Garden is a dream come true for any photographer! Beauty abounds throughout Midtown Atlanta, especially when you factor in all of the enchanting displays at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Your engagement or post-wedding photos will be ravishing as this park features endless space to pose against! Snap some photos at the Vine Arbor, Fuqua Orchid Center, Skyline Garden, and Kendeda Canopy Walk! Just remember to take a photograph of the majestic Earth Goddess, a living sculpture that overlooks the Cascades Garden!

Ponce City Market

We know nothing is more relaxing and soul calming than heading to shopping! And Ponce City Market is one of the best shopping center hubs in Atlanta! Grab a bite at the Central Food Hall to refuel, then head up to the rooftop for carnival games, miniature golf, and gorgeous views of the city. You can see and photograph Midtown, Downtown, and Buckhead from up here!

Piedmont Park

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is next to Piedmont Park with acres upon acres of green space, colorful trees, and peaceful walkways. It’s such a treat having both of these beautiful attractions within walking distance of Stonehurst Place! Feel free to take an afternoon stroll with your sweetheart through the park and find the perfect angles for your relaxed post-wedding photographs. You can even rent one of the convenient bicycles or electric scooters to get around quickly and make the most of your time.

We know your wedding day is the most important and greatest milestone in your life and we are pretty sure that you don’t want to take chances with your wedding photos! Many times couples pay an enormous amount of your wedding budget in looking for professional and talented wedding photographers still they remain dissatisfied! But that’s definitely not the case with George Street Photo & Video! All across the States, the team of wedding photographers at George Street Photo & Video are known for their best talent and that too in an affordable wedding package! Our professional team of wedding photographers knows every trick in the book, from lighting to poses and more, to ensure that you truly slay those photos! Your wedding day means that there will be lots of memorable moments- including some you might miss, so in that case, our experienced wedding photographers will catch all the moments and memories. With an experienced team of wedding photographers at the helm, we can assure you that your wedding photos are going to be frame-worthy! The prints that you will be getting from us will be of the highest quality, and your team will likely help you create an album that will be amongst your most precious keepsakes! So, to savor the best of our services, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with our team of wedding photographers and experience how the most beautiful day of life unfolds in the best of frames! 

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