Weekly Wedding Planning Resources: September 18th, 2020

Isn’t it funny how just when things look bleary, dull, and out of control, nature has a way of reminding us how perfect the world can be? As the leaves change color from a luscious green to a vibrant orange, as the walks with your dog seem like a treat to the senses, and reading in your chunky cardigan, with a warm cup of tea sounds like a dream, suddenly, just like that, the world is beautiful again, as it is drenched in the colors of fall! After months of going through an endless loop of uneventfulness(or is it too many events?) and uncertainties, we finally can’t help but get excited about something as basic as the change of the season! Another miracle of nature which fills our heart with awe of “falling in” love-and weddings! Especially in this charming setting, love takes a life of its own which is why weddings and engagements witness the highest traffic in the sweater-season. If you have a ring in your finger and date marked in the calendar and are planning a wedding soon, we have just the perfect wedding planning resources for you!


Salons are a tricky place to be right now, and you have all seen the memes that go on to show how it has been a growing dilemma for young women in the past few months. While your bi-monthly salon visit can wait, things tend to get a little difficult when it comes to bridal appointments. While virtual appointments are definitely a thing right now, in-person appointments are also coming back with cautious yet determined steps. Let’s take a closer look at how a bridal appointment looks like in the COVID-19 era and the precautionary measures are taken.


This Is What Bridal Appointments Look Like in the Era of COVID-19, According to Bridal Salons Across the Country

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Recently engaged to the love of your life? Congrats! You must still be floating a good two inches above the ground and feeling the shiver down your spine as you casually say address your partner as “fiance”! Don’t we love the just-engaged glow and the love in the air floating like confetti everywhere you go! Soak in that newly-engaged bliss and after the air clears a bit, here’s everything you need to do. Check out this article which guides you through all the things that need to be tackled right after you say “Yes”! 


Recently Engaged? Start Here

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Guests at a wedding are valued immensely and greeting them properly makes all the differences. While COVID-19 has certainly impacted our social interactions in a significant way, there are still ways you can work your way around the restrictions by finding other thoughtful ways to show your appreciation to your guests. If you put your thought into it, there are several creative ways to communicate! Be it signage, colored bands, or personal notes, go that extra mile to make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated. Read on to find out how!


8 Ways to Greet Guests at a COVID Wedding.

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Elopement, by its very definition, is about running away with your sweetheart secretly. However, over time, the term has lost its sense of mystery, as couples are planning elopements not so secret anymore. Since the lines are so blurry and the very nature so enigmatic, there are no set rules for an elopement. The viability of a bridal shower essentially depends on how “planned” it is. Still confused? Read more to find out more about the bridal shower parameters and make sure you are doing it right!


Can You Have a Bridal Shower If You Plan to Elope?

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We are all itching for a vacation for a while now. Add to that the incoming fall vibes, and we are SO READY for the colder weather! So an autumn-soaked getaway sounds just about perfect, doesn’t it? Insta-worthy images, all the fall vibes, and the closest thing to a vacation that you can achieve right now, these Airbnbs exists with the sole purpose of adding maximum coziness to your regular fall day and amplify it! Think wooden cabins, towering trees in flaming colors, and wood fire smores! Check out this article for deets!


Fall is in the Air: 18 Airbnb Rentals Meant for Experiencing Autumn

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Is a gift card too lazy? Is a cheese tray too impersonal? Gift giving is a tricky business, and can leave the guests confused and directionless, And in sweeps a wedding registry which comes as a superhero to save the gift-giving dilemma. But what do we do when the couple getting married chooses the skip the big wedding do and elopes instead. Do you send a card? Is it rude to skip the gift? What if you weren’t invited? Which are the best gift options to choose from? Give this article a read to figure out all the unspoken rules!


Our Friends Eloped! Should We Send a Wedding Gift?

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The season change is infectious, maybe even more so than a pandemic! There is a tune in your heart, a skip in your boots, and the world seems to be dressed up in a romantic sepia-tinted gown! Apple pickings and pumpkin patch visits are promised, and you spend countless cozy evenings watching spooky thrillers with your loved one. Coffee dates are cozier and every love song sounds a little more intense. For a wild minute there, like a rainbow between storms, the world stops and shows off its beauty, and it seems like the world is a beautiful place, and love truly beats all odds! With the cinematic setting already there to set the mood, planning a wedding in fall has a charm or its own. Whether you visiting stores in person or working through your checklist from the comfort of your couch, every step is beautiful, as it leads to a wedding with your special person. There is a promise of comfort and togetherness ahead, and that is enough motivation! If you are planning your wedding late this year or anytime next year, you are here with all our bearings to help you have the most perfect wedding ever! Happy weekend, and we will see your sweet face soon!