Leah and William’s Philly Love Story Captured in Decorative Details

There is something so aesthetically pleasing about this photoshoot, it is surely a party for your eyes. Be it the refreshing spring vibes of the frames or how each bit of the image looks like it’s meant to be just there and clicks together like a puzzle, we love how Leah and William brought their A-game to the photoshoot and ended up with pictures they will treasure for a lifetime. There is ease, quite like the way the sun shines effortlessly and ends up looking pretty, in a matter-of-fact manner, just for kicks! Let us take a stroll through Leah and William’s love story as we look through their stunning photos, and get to know them a little better!

So where did it all start? Leah shares-
I was 18 working at a tanning salon in which Bill’s best friend at the time owned. For months, Bill would come in to tan just to talk to me. 

Isn't that so cute? Their engagement shoot was just as cute as Leah dresses up in a white and light teal floral dress and beige heels, as her hair was left down to dress up the occasion. William wore a white shirt and navy pants and a tie which was the exact shade of teal as Leah’s dress. Black belt and black shoes completed his look. We love how intentionally dressy they looked way like they were ready to celebrate! The location they chose for the engagement photo session matched their vibe perfectly as if dressing up for the occasion too! The shady trees in the background, the white flowers in the background, the white marble arched background, with the turquoise door, everything worked, making every capture just perfect. The beautiful archways and the lush natural beauty added to their engagement session tremendously. We looked at the woodsy details lent by the cutesy park benches, logwood cabins, and the beautiful stone-walled background. Result? Stunning photographs and memory for a lifetime!

Their proposal story is just as adorable as the cute couple. On being asked about the proposal story, Leah shares-
It was definitely a raw moment. I was cuddling our youngest child, who was four months old at the time. It was Memorial Day and we had a barbecue with family planned later that day. While cuddling my daughter, Bill confessed that he’s been waiting forever for this moment and this felt right to him. So we became engaged, at home, on Memorial Day, with all three of our kids around. 

That's what we call a perfect match! The wedding day pictures brought in a whole range of emotions and warmed up our hearts right away. The first look pictures turned out pretty and the couple photographs by the stone wall turned out stunning. The wedding photographer captured the couple in several awesome shots. Leah looked like a million bucks in a lacy white wedding gown with delicate strap details. The low bun and the light-as-air veil added to the allure, making Leah a sight for the sore eyes. The burst of sunflowers in her bouquet was only apt and completely matched her sunny personality. William wore a light gray suit with a light teal tie and his boutonniere had touches of yellow to match Leah’s bouquet. The photographer did the perfect job of capturing the lovely couple with their adorable kids, the wedding party, and putting together different combinations of group pictures. The groomsmen wore matching gray suits as the groom, and the bridesmaids dressed up in that trademark teal which essentially brought the whole look together. The bright red of the barn of the location, Barn on Bridge brought in a shock of color which added character to the wedding album. 

On being asked about the wedding details, Leah says-
Rustic theme with a barnyard wedding. The colors were mint, grey, and yellow! 

Like every wedding planning, there were challenges here too, but the couple fought is off.
We were already together for years, had children, a mortgage, and other responsibilities so we added paying for a wedding completely by ourselves to the list. It was hard but we did figure it out!

Leah shares the best advice she received for her wedding, and it was brilliant-
Take a minute with your spouse on your special day. The day goes by so fast but we definitely made 'US' time 

For the other couples planning their wedding, Leah advises-
It’s a terrible time now and I am truly sorry for most couples, but this too shall pass and your day will be everything and more. Stay to what you want and it will happen! 

Speaking on Leah’s favorite moment of her wedding day, she says-
The best man/maid of honor speeches. They were hysterical and it was the first time after saying I do, that I got to sit down with my new husband. A year later and it still feels like yesterday! I loved our team, a special shout out to Vlad. He was down to earth and it didn’t feel like I hired someone. It felt like he was part of the fun and the party!

Something about this couple is comforting and reassuring and restores the faith and replaces the cynicism which has taken its place when it comes to love and marriage in modern times. The couple did things their way, raised kids together, build a home together, but every time they look at each other, there is no wariness, but just love!

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