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Wedding Guest Book Alternatives That Aren't Over Done


If you’re planning your wedding, then there’s a chance that you’ll want your wedding to be planned down to the very details. And when it comes to wedding planning, you will want to make sure that the minutest of the wedding details are well-planned, and go well with your planned wedding theme, then you will need to plan the wedding details and check if they go with your wedding plans. And when you’re planning your wedding details, today let’s talk about your wedding guest book! Although we like the pleasant and elegant binder for your wedding guests to leave warm notes for you as a newly wedded couple, there’s always room to try new things! Today, instead of talking about conventional wedding guest books, let’s talk about some alternative wedding guest book ideas. If you’re looking to add a stylish touch to your wedding guest book, then here are some interesting alternatives to try out for your wedding: 


  1. Stitch a quilt with your wedding guests’ notes!


One of the best ideas for wedding guest book alternatives is a quilted wedding guest book! Actually, this idea is not even an actual book, and that’s what makes it so appealing and creative. See, this idea could be a DIY idea for you, if you’re good with sewing. The idea is to set up a table with a sewing machine at your reception venue! Make sure that the sewing table is visible to your guests. To make the table recognizable, you can add a neon sign or have a chalkboard with the details of the station. To decorate the signs for this station, you can make use of wreaths made out of your wedding flower details, to maintain the synchronicity of your wedding theme. As for the wedding guest book alternative idea, all you’ll need is swatches of cloth that you would love to have as a quilt. You can choose to have square swatches or diamond-shaped swatches. For your guests to leave a note for you, make sure you leave a sharpie. You can choose a black sharpie, or you could leave colorful sharpies if you want a colorful quilt! This creative idea will help you to replace a conventional guest book idea with a brilliant interactive station, allowing your guests to have fun even when they leave their warm wishes for you! After the wedding day, you can go through your guest's warm wishes and make yourself an even warmer quilt. If you have colorful notes, you can come up with a color scheme to make use of these colorful blocks! However, if you’re not good with stitching, make sure to get some professional help. Another beautiful way to use these swatches is to create a wall flag of these messages instead of stitching a quilt! It’ll be a fun way of making use of the notes, and on top of that, you’ll be able to revisit these wishes whenever you want! You can even frame the wall flag to preserve the quality of the notes left by your wedding guests


  1.  Polaroids as guest notes!


If you’re looking for a way to capture pretty much every last detail of your wedding day in some amazing wedding photos, then we have just the idea for you! Instead of using a conventional wedding guest book, how about capturing the pretty smiles and happy faces in a timeless memory? An alternative wedding guest book idea that we absolutely adore is this brilliant polaroid photo booth! You can create a DIY photo booth for your guests to take polaroid photos! And with that, you can add a section where your guests can take polaroid photos of themselves and write notes for you and your partner. The reason we love this idea is that, firstly, it can function as an interactive photo booth! And second, it can help your guests to leave photos, with smiles and a note, which gives the wedding notes an extremely personal touch. Can you imagine going through the polaroids, looking at the faces of your family and friends only moments before they left you a warm note? We imagine this moment to feel as though they are right at the moment when you read their notes! If you want to have a polaroid photo booth with the extra feature of it functioning as a wedding guest book, simply add a note for your guests explaining the steps to leave a note with their photos! You can have an eloquent frame with the instructions. Apart from that, make sure that you have a hardbound book or a basket with a lid for your guests to drop their messages for you! Also, there are some things to remember when you set up a polaroid booth, such as leaving marker pens, a polaroid camera (leave two cameras, if you can), ample film, double-sided tape if you’re leaving a binder for them to stick their photos in, and some props to add vibrancy to the photos! When you’re planning a polaroid photo booth for your wedding, remember to consider the older crowd for your wedding. There’s a chance that they won’t take selfies. So, ask one of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen to take the responsibility of going around to see your guests who want to be photographed with the polaroid and leave a note for you and your partner. Another way to do this is to have your wedding’s flower girl and ring bearer help with this. It will make your wedding party adorable, and make the tiny ones feel immense joy! Before you decide to go ahead with any of those two ideas, make sure you ask them if they want to take on the extra responsibility. 


  1. Signed map as an alternative guest book!


Since we’re on the topic of creative and interactive alternatives for a guest book, how about creating something even better? You can have a station with a large world map. Your wedding guests can have sticky notes to leave notes on and stick to any part of the world. The best part about this idea is that not only do you have a large map with lovely messages, but you can also use the locations as a bucket list entry! This can give you a lot of ideas to take holidays to! The sticky notes that you choose to leave for your guests can be in the colors of your wedding theme! Another way to make the most out of this is to add colors to the map! For example, if you’re throwing a wedding party with greenery and green details, you can choose a green watercolor wedding detail by putting in an order for a watercolor map! 


  1. Puzzle pieces for a wedding guest book!


Now that we’re on the topic of custom wedding details, let’s take it up a notch! How about instead of looking for small details, you have a bigger custom detail? Well, we have a great idea for you that is not only interactive for your guests, but also for you! How about you have a custom-made jigsaw puzzle? Make sure to have jumbo pieces! Ensure that the order you put in is for blank puzzle pieces. The reason why we recommend jumbo puzzle pieces is because they will give your guests the space to leave a heartfelt note for you! After the wedding, when you and your partner have finished opening your wedding gifts, you can put the pieces of the puzzle together and read the messages. There are two ways to execute this wedding idea, one is by decorating a separate station, right next to your wedding favors table. And the other is to leave the puzzle pieces at your wedding guests’ tables, with a marker pen on each table. Why we love these two ideas of showcasing your brilliant creative wedding guest book idea is that you make it easier for your guests to access the puzzle pieces to leave a note for you. None of your guests will feel left out when it comes to leaving a personal note for you! Also, since you’ll get the puzzle pieces made through custom order, you can have the service providers add some colors to the pieces! Or better yet, you can have your initials embossed on each piece or add some illustrations! 


  1. Personalized Jenga set!


If you want to keep the memories of your wedding day fresh, while reminiscing the warm wishes of the day, then there’s nothing better than a personalized Jenga set wedding guest book! All you need to do is purchase a jumbo set, and leave it at your reception venue! Add a pleasant note along with it for your guests to know that they can leave their wishes on one block of the Jenga set! The tan set works amazingly well for this idea because it will make the words your guests leave easy to read! This interactive wedding guest book idea will help you to make use of the Jenga set whenever you want to have some fun, all the while reminiscing pleasant memories. What’s more, you can even customize the Jenga set and have a centerpiece embossed with your initials! If you’re wondering how to make a Jenga set wedding guest book, then it is simple! Have a table set up, around the exit of your reception venue, and leave a few marker pens for your guests! To let your guests know what to do, you can print out a page or put up wedding signage in the same fonts as your delicate wedding invitations! This will help your guests know what to do with the Jenga set! 


  1. Bucket list wedding guest book!


If you’re looking for a unique wedding guest book idea, how about collecting some amazing ideas for adventures? A bucket list wedding guest book will help you to feel close to your wedding guests, and give you a bunch of ideas to follow through on during your blissful married life. This idea, like many others on our list, is a simple one! All you’ll need is to have a bucket and place it next to signage that explains the idea to your guests! You can use a board and handwrite a message for your guests! Another way to add more details to the wedding guest book idea is to have printed signage! You can make use of your wedding color scheme to add the details! Leave paper or cutouts of wooden pieces to help your guests write down their notes. You can even have heart-shaped wooden pieces for your guests to leave their ideas for some great adventures you and your partner can go on! Another way to make this idea a great one is to have Christmas decor items! You can leave Christmas tree decorations, big ones, for your guests to write down their ideas! You can use these Christmas decorations on your Christmas tree! Also, the Christmas tree decor for bucket list additions is perfect for a Christmas-themed wedding, or a winter wedding! What’s more, when you and your partner cross off the adventure from your bucket list, you can get in touch with your guests and share your experience! This idea double backs into many fun activities, and gives you a deeply personal note to carry for the rest of your lives! 


We hope that these ideas help you create a wedding guest book that is not only unique but also something that gives you and your guests immense joy! Planning a wedding, especially the details, requires precision and attention to detail. Since a wedding is a shared experience, for you, your partner, and everyone you invite, these ideas will help you make every part of your wedding personal. All of the ideas that we came up with help you keep the personal touch alive, even when you’re planning out the details. If you love an idea or all of them, we hope you and your partner will have a blast planning how to incorporate the idea into your wedding!


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