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Trend Prediction: Spring Wedding Elements For 2024


Our love for spring weddings is undeniable for many reasons. One of the prominent ones is the fact that spring weddings are colorful. And who doesn’t love colorful weddings? We love that you can choose any wedding theme for your day, any color scheme for your day, and have a blast! We absolutely adore the spring season and its blooms, and above that, we love how it sets the tone for a perfect wedding. If you’re tying the knot with the love of your life in spring, then we have just the thing for you! Today, we will talk about trends and ideas that will work for your spring weddings. Before we list the ideas and trends for a spring wedding, we’d like to say that it is not necessary that these ideas be used only for the year and the time we have mentioned. You can use these ideas, liberally, whenever you stumble upon the blog and whenever you tie the knot with your partner. Although the information we have here will be perfect for a spring wedding in 2024, it can also work for a spring-themed wedding in winter in 2023, or some other year. So, what we mean to say is, do not let “time” restrain you from trying things. Remember, if you’re using any of the ideas that we leave for you in this blog, you can use them as it is or tweak them!


  1. A Classic Wedding Theme 


Let’s start with the bigger details, shall we? Wedding themes play a crucial role in your wedding aesthetic, it helps you create an ambiance and also give you lovely wedding photos. Spring weddings, in general, are a colorful affair. However, classic wedding themes are gaining momentum. At present, winter weddings are usually embodying a classic or vintage wedding theme. We love the classic, retro-ish feel of a wedding. To us, a retro wedding or even some retro details incorporated in a wedding makes us feel that we’re in a time capsule. Since a classic wedding theme is catching momentum, it is only natural for spring weddings to take on the same route. If a classic wedding theme is your idea of the perfect spring wedding, then you can use vintage decor ideas. A great way to change up your wedding’s look is to use black and white as your primary color scheme. Next, you can change your wedding’s dinner table settings. You can try changing how the wedding dinner table settings are placed, or even the kind of cutlery you use. For cutlery, you can choose some old-themed cutlery, you can also add goblets and brass cutlery to enhance the vibe you’re trying to create. You can also choose vintage-themed table runners, which to us are lovely velvet table runners with gold borders or gold fringes! This will add more details to your wedding theme and aesthetic. 


  1. Floral Aisles


When we say floral aisles, whatever your past understanding of this term has been, chuck it out! The latest trend is big, better, and brighter! Instead of simply adding some floral details to amplify your wedding theme, we are talking about all-out floral details for your wedding! So, when we say go all-out with floral details we mean to tell you to add flowers, woven floral details, and petals to your wedding ceremony aisles! This wedding trend is specific to only spring weddings. There are many ways to incorporate this into your wedding, and it ranges from colorful flowers to single-color flowers. The choice of colors for flowers and floral details for your wedding aisle will depend on your wedding color scheme. Another idea that we love is to set your wedding ceremony decor apart from your wedding reception party. Different color schemes, especially for your wedding ceremony and reception party, work well for an indoor wedding reception and an outdoor wedding ceremony. This way, both areas can be different, give you amazing wedding photos worthy of a photo book, and help you change the vibe a little. As for what you can do for a floral-heavy wedding aisle, we have a few ideas for you to try! You can decorate the aisle with big blooms and have petals scattered throughout the aisle. This way, when the bride walks down the aisle it looks amazing! Another idea that we love for wedding festivities is to have woven floral details, have them run from the starting point to the end of the aisle, and have petals scattered in the center. And if you’re looking to have a minimal wedding and want details that go with your wedding idea, then you can simply choose woven floral details and add them to your wedding aisle’s sides, and right next to it, you can create a path down the aisle with flower petals! 


Tweak the idea


If you want to go for a colorful ambiance for your wedding ceremony, you can add a couple of things to the trend and the ideas we just mentioned. You can simply add a faux ceiling made of greenery and have smaller floral arrangements hanging for your ceremony. You can also have floral or greenery hoops hanging from the faux ceiling. This will help you accentuate the wedding decor. For your wedding ceremony’s floral petals, you can also add color to the aisle. Adding color is as simple as choosing different colors of flowers, and then scattering the petals that way. This will help you add color and depth to the wedding ceremony aisle. Lastly, to marry all the different elements of your wedding, you can simply choose to have a flower petal shower as your grand wedding send-off! Additionally, you can also choose to have a wedding reception entrance planned with floral petal showers! Another amazing way to use floral showers is to have them fall down from the ceiling or have your wedding guests throw some as you take the floor for your first dance. 


  1. The Last Dance 


This trend is still catching on, and we’re in love with it. We are all accustomed to the idea of a first dance with an audience, which is how things have always been done. However, the recent trend that is still catching on in 2023 is a private dance. Many couples are opting to dance alone at their wedding, after the wedding ceremony, reception, and party are over. And if you ask us, it makes sense. After months of wedding planning and making sure that your wedding turns out to be the way you have imagined it to look, it only makes sense for you to take a while off, and spend some quality time with your significant other at your wedding. If this trend interests you, you can simply choose to create a lovely backdrop, maybe a wall with all of your photos and memories, and decorate the space to have your last dance. Another reason why we love the idea of a last dance for your wedding is that it allows you to get away from your guests, and spend some time with each other, which gives your wedding photographer the opportunity to click some romantic photos as you dance to the tunes of your favorite songs! If you’re planning on adding this to your wedding celebrations, then we’d like to recommend choosing a spot that is a little further away from your reception venue. This way, you will ensure that you are truly away from your wedding guests for a while. As for the timing of the last dance during your wedding, then we’d like to suggest a few ideas. A great time, according to us, will be right before your wedding exit, after the dance with your family members, or right before the cake-cutting ceremony. Another great time to have a last dance is right after your first look photo session if you’re choosing to have one. However, we’d also like to tell you that it is your wedding day, and you get to choose when you want to have your alone time with your significant other. 


  1. Live Greenery 


A spring wedding is all about beautiful decor details, greenery, and floral decor! Spring wedding ideas are always full of ideas about the colors, floral details, and greenery additions to your wedding’s aesthetic. And this trend, we are pretty sure will catch on, and some couples have used this before as well. This trend is all about using greenery, but not in the way we usually talk about it. To us, greenery is an amazing addition to your wedding, but this time around, we’re going to talk about using live greenery in your wedding setting! A great way to add live greenery to your wedding is to choose house plants and add them as wedding decor. House plants work great because these can be used as wedding favors for your guests. Another way to make the most of your wedding decor is to take back the house plants to your home, as a memento of your wedding. Another way to make the most of your wedding day’s decor is to use a live greenery wall as well! You can use LED or neon signage for your wedding day, it can be a quote or the names of the couple, in the center of the live greenery wall. This will help you add greenery as well as create a backdrop for photos! An interesting way to use live greenery for your wedding is to use these plants as wedding place cards or escort cards! You can have a small house plant, and have your guest’s name added to it, which your guests will pick up and find their spots. Additionally, these can also double down as wedding favors. To let your guests know that their place cards or escort cards are a part of their wedding favors all you need to do is leave a note at the tables or have the note jotted down on the name tag for your wedding guests. This way, everything will be streamlined and leave no room for confusion. The reason why we love this trend so much is that it can be utilized for any wedding, and is not just applicable to spring weddings. 


  1. Airy Wedding Dresses 


Well, this trend is simply for spring weddings only. However, we feel that it can be used for other wedding themes as well. Well, airy wedding dresses are not something that has only recently become popular. These have been around for a while, but lately, brides are opting for airy wedding dresses, especially for their spring weddings. You can choose an airy wedding dress with minimal details or go bold with embroidery or embellished dresses. Another way to incorporate this trend into your wedding is to choose colorful airy wedding dresses. See, a spring wedding is all about celebrating color, so why not use the opportunity to do just that? You can use your wedding dress to add a pop of color! A great way to implement this trend is to choose a color that you will not have in your wedding color palette, but the color should either be from the same color family of the colors in your wedding color combinations or should be a complementary color. This way, what you’ll get is a brilliant look, and you’ll look different from your wedding decor! This way, your bridal photos will also look pristinely perfect! 


More Spring Wedding Trends to Love and Use 


In this section, we will talk about some trends that we did not mention above. Simply put, the trends we’ll discuss before were simply because these trends are additions to the primary wedding theme. An impressive wedding trend that you can easily incorporate into your wedding is to use lattice wedding stationery! Wedding stationery helps you set the tone for your wedding, so you can use this to incorporate some cute details into your wedding. Another trend that you can use is fern wedding aisle ideas! This trend can be used in the second section of this blog. You can have petals scattered on the wedding aisle and have ferns line up the wedding aisle. Another trend for 2024 spring weddings will be boho-themed weddings. When we say the boho-wedding theme, think of macrame wedding details, floral table runners, flower crowns, waterfall floral arrangements, and delicate earthy decor for your wedding. Apart from this, a running trend, which we feel will still continue to grow, is the choice for your spring wedding venues. So, for spring wedding venues, think of picturesque outdoor wedding venues like a water-side venue will be amazing. Vineyards for your wedding are another choice that you can use for your wedding. Another trend that will continue to grow for spring weddings is as simple as a wedding venue with built-in greenery decors such as wineries, creeping vines, and beautiful outdoor spaces. You can also choose a garden wedding venue or even a venue with woods or forests on the premises as well. 


Now that we’ve listed the trends that are coming along and the trends that will stay in place for 2024 spring weddings, we’ll like to leave you with some practical advice for your weddings. Whether you’re planning a spring wedding or you’re looking to throw a wedding in any season, remember to add some seasonal elements to your wedding. Also, remember to compare your wedding elements with each other. This will help you understand how your elements sit well together. That aside, as you’re planning your wedding, remember to check in with your partner. Your wedding is important for you and your partner, and it only makes sense to discuss and include them in your wedding planning.


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