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Love Under The California Sun: Allie And Phil's Los Angeles Wedding Adventure


We love the spring season and feel that it is the perfect time to tie the knot with your soulmate! In our opinion, spring is a great time to start a new chapter of your life. With love in the air, Allie and Phil were married surrounded by their friends and family. The pretty L.A. couple’s wedding turned out to be everything that we imagine a dreamy wedding to look like. We loved the minimal wedding details that the two had chosen to have for their wedding and loved how happy the two were. Whether it was when they were posing for solo photos or they were getting dressed for the wedding day, the two looked happy, and the twinkle in their eyes did not leave even for a second. Looking at their wedding photos, we see just how in love they were with each other and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. The beautiful L.A. sky and the wedding day were just right that day. The wedding date was March, 26th, 2022, and the two were uber-excited to breeze through the day they had planned with so much effort. 


Los Angeles is one of our favorite cities to visit and see. With the picturesque beauty of the city, the gritty architecture, the dazzling beauty of Hollywood, the variety of neighborhoods to explore here, and so much more, L.A. is a city that pulls you in and makes you fall in love with the city. The city of Angels is one of those few beauties that has everything for you, from mountains only a few miles away from the City Hall to the golden beaches, this city has a plethora of tourist attractions and has something for everyone! With a large influx of dreamers from all over the country, L.A. is home to several theaters, places to catch some shows, Hollywood, and amazing museums. Apart from that, the food, music, and drink scene here is hard to beat, especially when you add the beauty of architectural relics in the city. Some of the best places to visit in L.A. are the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Griffith Observatory, visit the beautiful beaches, check out the Venice Boardwalk, visit the historic Olvera Street, or take a trip down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And this is the city where the two tied the knot and decided to start a new life together. Our L.A. wedding photographer met the beautiful couple on their wedding day. The couple was excited to get their day started. The couple had decided to get ready separately instead of getting ready together but had decided to have their first look photo session before the wedding ceremony. As the two were excited to get their day started, our wedding photographer was too. 


The wedding venue for the day was the Calamigos Ranch, a beautiful venue. The wedding venue looks the best in spring, which was exactly why Allie and Phil had made the decision to get married here. The venue’s greenery, and towering trees had given the venue an enchanting look, which made the wedding look even better. To utilize the best of the wedding venue’s natural beauty, Allie and Phil had decided to get married outdoors and have their wedding reception party indoors. Since the wedding ceremony was slated to happen in the afternoon, the couple started getting dressed before their wedding ceremony started. Phil was dressed before the girls and Allie were. The groom put on a beautiful two-piece black formal suit with a black bow tie. The best man and the groomsmen were dressed in similar wedding day outfits too. The boys looked like a band of brothers. Before getting dressed Phil showed his accessories to our photographer, which included a beaded bracelet and a watch, all of which were black. Once Phil was dressed, he made his way outside, a space between the building of the ranch and the wedding ceremony venue, the space where the two had decided to have their first look photo shoot. And before the boys left for the spot to take first-look photos, Phil pulled out a handwritten note from Allie, and our photographer saw Phil smile softly after reading the note. Then our wedding photographer made their way to the bride and the bridesmaids to take their photos. The girls were dressed in satin robes and were sitting down to talk about older memories. The bride-to-be was dressed in a satin robe with lace trims, while the bridesmaids were dressed in rose gold robes. The girls posed for a few getting-ready photos by huddling together and smiling for the camera. Then our wedding photographer saw the girls sit down and start getting dressed for the day. They took photos of Allie having her make-up done, getting dressed, and having her mother help with the wedding dress. 


As the bridesmaids and the bride were getting ready, our photographer took photos of some of the wedding details. Our photographer took a brilliant photo of the wedding dress. The bridal gown was beautiful, it had embossed details on the top, and a fluttering skirt with a long train. To make her wedding outfit just perfect, Allie also had a wonderful chapel-length wedding veil. For the day, Allie had picked out pretty blush pink footwear as her wedding footwear, our photographer took a photo of that too. And right next to the footwear, she had placed her wedding jewelry and the wedding rings. Our photographer also took a photo of the beautiful rings, the wedding rings were stacked on top of each other, and to take a beautiful photo, our photographer angled one of the rings to get the perfect wedding ring photo! Then our photographer also took a photo of the wedding stationery, which was a beautiful setting with peach backdrops and gold borders. As the bride got dressed, the mother of the bride helped the bride with the back of the dress. Her bridal hairdo was pretty and simple. With a middle part, she let her hair flow in soft curls in the back and had a pretty hair clip to keep her hair in place. After Allie was dressed for the day, she pulled out a handwritten letter that Phil had written for her. Before Allie made her way to the first look photo session’s location in the wedding venue, she stepped out to see her father. The bride’s father was overwhelmed with emotions and happiness. He hugged her as the bridesmaids were standing behind them, looking at the father and daughter duo with smiles on their faces. And then, the bride, in her amazing wedding dress and beautiful smile, made her way to the place where the two lovebirds had decided to have their first look photo session! 


Allie swiftly and softly made her way through the winding walking paths in the venue, which were covered by canopies and small trenches of water that ran by the side of the paths. The sun was shining by the time the two had decided to meet for the first look photo session, and the sunlight had made the greenery even more beautiful. Phil was waiting for Allie to show up. He had his back turned to her, and had a serious look, which turned into a bright smile the moment he heard her approach. Phil’s face lit up and he hugged Allie, smiling. Allie smiled, and then they posed for an amazing photo right there! Then the couple made their way to the wedding ceremony. The outdoor wedding ceremony was dressed in beautiful spring colors! The pretty place outdoor wedding ceremony was dressed in white and green colors and had a pretty outdoor arbor. The wedding arbor had a floral and greenery runner with white blooms. The couple had also picked out two floral arrangements with similar flowers and greenery as decor at the edge of the altar as well. The wedding aisle decor was simple, they had decided to use white flower petals to line the wedding aisle. The outdoor wedding ceremony was made complete with a lovely seating arrangement with white wooden chairs!


As the time for the wedding ceremony was coming closer, the bride walked in with her father. The groom and the groomsmen were already at the altar. The bride was followed by her bridesmaids and the wedding ceremony commenced. As the wedding guests looked at the two taking their vows and stealing glances at each other, they probably felt just as happy for the soulmates as we do after seeing their photos. And then, the two sealed their wedding day with a kiss and the guests clapped. Our photographer took a few more photos of the two at the ceremony as they walked down the aisle, hand in hand. As the wedding guests piled out to take a break, the bride, the groom, and their closest friends and family stayed back for some photos. The two decided to take photos with their families first. Allie and Phil took turns posing for group photos with the bride and the groom’s family. And then, the two took photos with their closest friends. Our wedding photographer helped them to pose for the photos and look natural. Just after that, the couple decided to pose with their best boys and girls. The bridesmaids were dressed in blush blue dresses, and the groomsmen were in black two-piece suits. For the group photos, the bridesmaids flanked the bride and the groomsmen flanked the groom. Then Phil posed with the groomsmen and the bridesmaids as well. As the groomsmen and the bridesmaids decided to take a short break, the couple decided to take the opportunity to click some solo photos. Using the beautiful backdrop of the wedding venue, the two took some romantic photos. 


And then, the couple made their way to the reception party. Before the party and the celebrations began, our photographer took photos of the wedding details the two had decided for the wedding. The wedding reception setting arrangement was a roundtable and was dressed in white. The reception setting was complete with brown chairs and white floral centerpieces. The escort cards were nature-inspired with brown backgrounds and green borders with the name of the wedding guests. The couple had also decided on a beautiful wedding registry with creative fans for the wedding guests. They had a photo of both of themselves and their little poodle cut out for the fans and a register for the guests to leave messages for the day. The wedding cake table was decorated with white flowers and greenery. The wedding cake was a lovely three-tier cake with edible flowers on it and a pretty cake topper. Allie and Phil made a soft wedding reception entry and had their first dance as a married couple. As the couple twirled and danced, they smiled. And then the two danced with their family before letting the wedding guests enjoy their time on the dance floor. Then the two had their wedding cake-cutting ceremony, before letting the guests know that the dinner was being served. As the wedding guests sat down, the closest to the couple had their speeches. The speeches brought smiles to the couple's faces and loads of emotions. As the wedding party continued, the couple decided to step out for a moment to have some more photos. They decided to walk around the wedding venue and took some photos near the waterbody in the venue, and decided to head back. Our photographer took some more photos of the two right before they entered the reception venue again. As the day came to a close, the wedding party continued. The couple made their wedding exit with smiles and their closest friends and family cheering for them. Our photographer took photos of the two walking out of the venue with high hopes and huge smiles on their faces.


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