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Theresa And Shane Enjoy The Quaint Beauty Of Fort Worth for their Outdoorsy Engagement Photo Session!


There’s a saying about April, and we’re not sure who said it first, but we love it anyway. The saying goes something like this, “There is a saying about April: It is a wonderful month filled with love, happiness, and various fools.” And we somewhat agree with it. The month of April is always filled with sunshine and beautiful flowers, and it always, somehow, ends up feeling like a breath of fresh air. We cover a lot of stories, and a lot of weddings, and know that spring is a season of majestic beauty. Theresa and Shane were other couples who booked an outdoor engagement photoshoot with George Street Photo and Video. The couple was from Fort Worth, Texas. And for their photo session, the two were excited to be out in nature and simply enjoying the simpler pleasures of life. For the engagement photo shoot with our photographer, the two decided to take a stroll in one of their favorite parks and were excited to try out different photo poses. For the day, the two picked out one of the best parks in Fort Worth and they decided to use two different kinds of outfits. The couple had discussed their engagement photo shoot outfits and had decided to work on contrasting outfits, which helped in adding more details and colors to their engagement photos. The couple decided to start their day early and made their way to meet our engagement photographer. Our engagement photographer and the couple met halfway through, and then they traveled to the engagement photo location


Out of the many different engagement photo locations, and pretty places in Fort Worth, the couple chose The Trinity Park. The history of the park goes back to 1892 and has always been a part of the city’s beauty. Located right in the center of the city, this park has a lot to offer. The park is made of many different species of plants, and flora. The beautiful park in Fort Worth is home to multiple ecosystems and is home to abundant natural beauty, which makes it an amazing choice for an outdoor engagement photo session. For the day of the photo shoot, the two decided to dress in casual outfits. Even though they chose simple, casual outfits, they were outdoorsy and the couple looked beautiful. As they met our engagement photographer, the two shared that their wedding planning was coming along, and they had made progress. The lovely couple shared that they have already booked their wedding venue, The Milestone Denton by Walters Wedding Estates. Theresa and Shane shared that they were going to have their wedding ceremony and the wedding reception party in the same wedding venue! The wedding date had also been decided, and the two shared that they could not wait for their wedding day. Additionally, Theresa also shared that she had bought her wedding dress already. Her wedding dress vendor was Bridal Boutique. The couple told us that they were still deciding on their wedding decor ideas, and the planning was in process. Theresa, Shane, and our photographer reached the photo shoot location, and they finished talking. 


For the first part of the photo shoot, the couple decided to go in cute outfits. The outfits were semi-formal, yet casual. And when we look at their photos from the photo session, we see how the outfits matched the couple’s pretty personalities. Shane and Theresa were bubbly, full of life, and laughter, and almost looked like pretty rays of sunshine. The outfits they chose were in-line with that. Shane had picked out a pretty navy blue dress jacket, with a white t-shirt and pretty beige pants. To finish off his outfit, he had chosen a beautiful pair of brown shoes. To match his outfit, Theresa dressed cutely. She had picked out a lovely printed dress, airy and fluffy, which brought out her beautiful child-like charms. And to finish off the outfit, she too chose a brown pair of footwear and flat sandals. Her look was very natural. She giggled as she shared that she wanted to look the way she usually dressed, authentically beautiful. So, to attain that, she let her hair down, she had styled her hair to be wavy, which worked well with the day and the chosen venue. And for her make-up, she chose to wear light make-up, which gave her glowy skin. 


Once they were in the park, they talked about their memories of the park, and how they simply loved the ambiance there. The quiet and idyllic nature of the park was what drew them to it. To start off their engagement photo session, they quietly took the spot on a bench where the couple had usually spent their time at. Our photographer was more than happy to add the spot they loved so dearly to their engagement photo session. Theresa and Shane took a seat, right next to each other. Just looking at the two made us aware of the love they shared. The first photo that our photographer took of the two was absolutely stunning and natural. Our photographer did not have to give them any photo pose prompts. The two lovebirds sat down, and they simply looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. Looking at that photo, it is easy to see how they would look in their wedding photos, happy and elated! Then, our photographer helped them tweak their photo pose a little so that they could take another mesmerizing photo of the couple. As they were sitting on the bench, the cute couple took the time to share a soft kiss. Our photographer took that photo of the couple as well! Right after our photographer took the photo, the couple softly nudged each other and gave each other a soft head bump. Our photographer took that photo as well. Looking at these two in their most natural selves made us feel that they had an amazing bond, and the photos express the same. Before leaving the bench, Shane took a moment, softly looked at his fiance, and then quickly planted a loving kiss on Theresa’s cheek! This made Theresa smile brightly. 


Then the two shared that they loved a few more spots in the park. Before taking our photographer to the spots that they loved dearly, the couple shared the locations and discussed the photo opportunities. Our photographer was glad to see their enthusiasm and wanted to help the two have a great outdoor photo session. Then, the couple started walking toward the next spot for their photo session. The next spot was an area with a waterfall. They shared that they loved being around water, which is why they wanted the waterfall to be a part of their photo session. As they were walking towards the waterfall, our photographer took a few of their in-motion photos. Helping them master the photo pose, our photographer directed them to walk as they held hands. Also, our photographer helped them with the look, they asked the lovebirds to not look at the camera but into each other's eyes. As the couple was walking, they followed the instructions and the result was more than mesmerizing. The greenery in the background made the two shine out, and brought the focus on them! Just like that, the couple playfully giggled after the photo was taken, and had bright smiles on their faces. Before they knew it, they had reached the next spot. The location was picturesque and added charming details to their photo session. 


When our photographer along with Theresa and Shane reached the spot, our photographer understood why these two wanted to include this in their engagement photo session. The location was dreamy and beautiful. Serene in every way, the trickling sounds of water sweeping over the rocks filled your ears. The air was cool, and the slight breeze around the waterfall made the hair of the couple dance a little. The moment they reached the spot, Shane and Theresa’s faces lit up, and they smiled broadly. For a minute, everyone simply enjoyed the beauty of the location, the rustling of leaves, the smell of fresh soil, and the chill of water that swept through the air. After a while, the couple smiled and asked our photographer to help them pose in such a manner that they could enjoy the backdrop as well. Our photographer was more than happy to! They asked these two to stand right in front of the waterfall so that they could capture the beauty of the greenery behind them, along with the water and the rocks. The couple was ecstatic to hear that and smiled at the idea. 


The couple was natural in front of the camera, our photographer felt. Right after our photographer told them what to do, the couple got into the positions and did it like they had been doing this all their lives. The first photo these two took at this new spot was pretty. Theresa had her arms placed on Shane’s shoulders and they slightly bumped heads, it gave our photographer an extremely romantic photo to take. For another lovely photo, Shane softly kissed Theresa, while Theresa had her arms around Shane’s neck. This photo, we feel, is the perfect Instagram-worthy photo! Another amazing photo that our photographer took of the two was after the soft kiss when they broke off their kiss, they simply forgot about the world around them. In the same position, Shane and Theresa simply looked into each other’s eyes, lost. Both of them had lovely smiles on their faces, cute and happy. Then, the two spent a few moments softly talking to each other. We can imagine that they were probably talking about how they couldn’t wait to start their lives together, and we agree. Looking at the photos of this lovely couple, we can imagine how much love they had for each other. 


Before the two decided to change into the next set of outfits, the couple found an amazing tree that they thought would add beautiful details to their photo session. Our photographer agreed to that, and they agreed to the couple’s choice of using the tree. The tree was big and majestic, with another trunk stemming out of the primary trunk, which made the tree look as though it had two arms. The beautiful couple sat down on the tree and smiled at each other. Then our photographer helped them pose for the photo better, which had Theresa slightly sit on Shane’s lap. The photo turned out to be amazing, and it makes the couple look deep in love. Theresa’s smile is hard to miss. Both of them, even though we can’t see Shane’s face in the photo, we can see how he adores him and can imagine how his face looked at that moment! The couple took a few more photos around the tree and smiled brightly. Then as they made their way back to change into the second set of outfits for the engagement photos, it was easy to see that the two of them wanted to dip their toes into the water. Their eyes followed the water, and then they looked at each other and smiled softly


Before the couple changed into the next set of outfits, our photographer took a few more photos of them. The surrounding greenery was just perfect for them and made the couple look absolutely dazzling. Our photographer took a few of their walking hand-in-hand-like photos. As they smiled and talked softly about their future. Then, our photographer also helped them pose next to a beautiful tree, which had different shades of green on it. For that photo, our photographer asked Shane to stand behind Theresa and asked Shane to hug her from the back. As Theresa leaned into Shane, he planted a soft kiss on her cheek, which made her blush a little, giggle a little and close her eyes. Then the two of them moved on to the beautiful footbridge in the park. The footbridge was cute, and beautiful and was a great photo location. The two enjoyed each other’s company there and had some amazing photos. A few of our favorites are the ones with them smiling and looking into each other’s eyes, them standing next to each other with the lovely greenery of the park behind them, and the one where Theresa is leaning on the bridge’s railing and Shane leans forward to softly whisper something into her ear. As the couple was making their way to change into their outfits for the second leg of the engagement photo session, they found a pretty stone wall they wanted to pose in front of. Our photographer helped them pose. The stone wall had a stair-like appearance, so it was easy for the two to try out different poses. They tried some goofy photo poses too, which made them laugh and smile. Near the stone wall, there was a lovely path near it, which was bounded by greenery and shrubs, which made the two want to pose for a few more photos. Our photographer helped them pose in some traditionally romantic photo poses, which made the couple look absolutely stunning. Then, before they left our photographer for a brief moment to change, Shane took Theresa’s hand and softly kissed it. Seeing the opportunity, our photographer took the photo. 


Then, the two parted ways with our photographer only to find them a while later in a different set of outfits. The couple had followed a similar pattern for their second set of outfits. However, this time they matched their outfits by choosing to wear a pair of jeans. Both of them had picked out deep blue pairs of jeans. To finish her outfit, Theresa had decided to wear a lovely olive green top, while Shane chose to wear a deep shade of purple. His polo t-shirt stood out brightly from the surroundings. Happy and smiling, the couple was excited to pose for more photos. Theresa had decided to keep her make-up and engagement photo session hairstyle the same. For the last section of their photo session, the two discussed it with our photographer and decided to use the spot with some rocks. The rough and jagged rocks added more details to their photo session. The couple softly smiled and looked into each other’s eyes which made them look happy.  


The second half started with the two smiling and looking at each other. As they were walking towards the location, our photographer walked ahead of them and took a few more photos. As the two were walking, and kissing each other, our photographer took a few photos. And then, they found the spots where the rocks were. The two were quick to find a few spots they loved and wanted to have their photos taken! Shane found a big rock and sat down. Theresa, gingerly with a lovely smile, sat on his lap and gave him a soft kiss. The photo made the two look like a renaissance paintings! They took a few more photos in the rocky area and then moved on to the greener parts of the park. A few of our favorite photos from these spots were when Shane lay down, placed his head on Theresa’s lap, and sat down next to her to pose for a photo. The couple had a great time posing in the natural space of the city they called home and loved so dearly. As they ended their photo session, the two shared that their engagement session in one of their favorite parts of the city made them see the city a little differently. Happy to hear that, our photographer wished them luck and parted ways. We can imagine that the couple’s wedding and the ideas they have in work for it, will be absolutely worth it!


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