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The Bold Yet Subtle D.C. Wedding of Alexandra and Evan


Winter is a great time to tie the knot with your soulmate, that’s something that we have always believed. But when we saw Alexandra and Evan’s wedding on January 22nd not only made us love winter weddings even more. The couple’s wedding was in the first month when the day was a little chilly and the sun was out. The two lovebirds smiled a lot, a smile brighter than sunshine that day, and it warmed our hearts. Alexandra and Evan had their wedding planned down to a T and were not afraid to show it! These two were in love, and we were in love when we saw them. From the wedding decor to the choice of wedding venue, we love every decision these two have made. The chic details paired with a classy color scheme for the wedding, their wedding made us truly appreciate winter weddings


The day of the wedding, it was soft and a little chilly. The day felt like there was romance in the air. As the day progressed, the emotions kept getting higher and the day a little warmer. Our D.C. wedding photographer had a blast covering their wedding, and we had an even better time documenting their wedding in words. The day these two tied the knot, the couple looked more than ready to start their day together. The wedding venue for the day was the Bowling Green Country Club. The wedding venue was a spacious mix of manicured lawns, well-spaced-out rooms, and amazing architecture, which suited the lovely couple immensely. Before the wedding ceremony took place, the couple had decided to dress up separately. The groom and groomsmen were excited about the day. Evan could not stop talking about how he had been waiting for this day almost all of his life. Our DC wedding photographer took some amazing shots as the groom and his groomsmen were getting ready. The groomsmen’s wedding outfits were classy black two-piece suits. The groom’s wedding outfit was a white and black tuxedo, with black lapels on the white jacket, black pants, black shoes, a black bowtie, and a lovely red boutonniere with greenery and red flowers. As the boys were dressed, the boys decided to waste no time and head downstairs, waiting for Alexandra. 


After taking some getting-ready photos of the groom and groomsmen, our photographer found the bride and bridesmaids. Similar to the groom and groomsmen, the emotions were running high here as well. The girls giggled and smiled, and were excited to start off the day. The bride had chosen a lovely flowy white dress, with a fuller skirt. Alexandra had hung up her wedding dress and was looking at it delicately as the bridesmaids began dressing up. She told our wedding photographer that she had picked out the dress for David’s Bridal a long time back. The bridesmaids and the maid of honor were all dressed slightly differently. The bridesmaid's wedding day outfits were navy blue slip dresses. However, the maid of honor’s wedding outfit was in a pastel light blue slip dress. Even the mother of the bride and the groom were dressed similar to the bridesmaids. To help their bride get dressed and look stunning, the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride, and the groom’s mother helped the bride get dressed. They helped her put on the wedding dress, helped her with her bridal jewelry and the girls also helped her set the wedding veil to complete the wedding outfit. Her bridal makeup was simple, she chose a very natural wedding look, the only thing she wanted a little bolder in her makeup was the lip color. The natural bridal make-up worked with the lovely weather and the aesthetics of the winter wedding. Before the bride could leave the dressing room, one of her bridesmaids helped with finding her bridal bouquet. The bridal bouquet was a great representation of a winter wedding bouquet. It had a few red blooms, and a lot of greenery, and was hand-tied. As the bride stepped out of the dressing room, the bride’s father, dressed in his army uniform, was waiting to see her. The moment Alexandra stepped out, her father had a beautiful smile and then hugged his daughter.   


Before the wedding ceremony took place, the groomsmen stood next to each other, shoulder to shoulder, and posed for a photo. The photo with only the groom and groomsmen turned out absolutely stunning. And then, the boys went indoors, to the wedding ceremony venue. Before the wedding ceremony took place, the boys took their place at the altar. The wedding ceremony decor was simple and opulent! The brown carpet of the venue went along with the deep brown chairs the couple had picked out for their wedding guests. To complete the decor for the day, the couple utilized the original decor from the wedding ceremony venue and added a few more details. A cute wooden signage board with some cursive lettering, a white metal lantern with some pillar candles, and greenery. The simple wedding decor was charming and fit the lovely couple’s personality. The groom had decided to bring out a great way to carry the rings for their wedding day. Instead of a ring bearer, the couple had chosen to find a small briefcase, which had “Ring Security” written on it. The groomsmen passed it from one to another and took it to the altar. Inside the briefcase, the wedding rings were set in a pretty geometric box, and the photo of the wedding rings does no justice to the actual thing. 


As the guests were seated, Evan was waiting for his soon-to-be-wife to walk down the aisle, the groomsmen took their spots, the doors flung open, and in walked the bride. Looking stunning, with rosy cheeks and wearing a wonderful smile, the wedding guests and Evan, could not keep their eyes off her. The bride walked down the aisle, and the groom helped her take her spot next to him at the altar. The altar was decorated with white drapes and floral decor. The couple had chosen big pillar-like accents, and lanterns to decorate the ceremony altar. As the couple took their vows, they smiled and sealed their wedding with a kiss, and just like that they were married. As they walked down the aisle, their close and loved ones clapped and yelled congratulations! Right after the wedding ceremony, the wedding guests were ushered out to the cocktail hour venue, while the bride and groom and their close friends stayed back for some photos. 


The bride and the groom, happier than ever, posed for a few group wedding photos with the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, the groomsmen, the best man, and the parents. Taking a few shots, the bride and the groom decided to take a few photos with just the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. The groomsmen even posed with their flasks with the groom. Then, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen decided to take a break before they had to be making their way to the reception party. As the two had some time alone, they took some wedding portraits to remember the day. The snow-covered background of the wedding venue made it beautiful. The couple had a lot of laughs posing for romantic photos. Then our photographer asked the bride to pose for some bridal portraits, which she happily agreed to. One of the best shots of the bride was when she climbed the steps to enter the venue, and she was standing next to the round tapered fluted pillars of the venue, it was an impeccable shot. Our photographer helped the groom take some portraits to remember his wedding day. As the two were almost finished with their wedding portrait session, the groomsmen returned to let them know that it was time for the next event on their wedding program. Before Alexandra and Evan stepped back, our photographer took two more photos of the two. One was with the groom and the bride looking happily into each other’s eyes, under the wedding outfit’s veil, and the other one was when the groomsmen picked up the bride in their arms and posed for a photo. It was easy to see, the groom, the bride, the bridesmaids, and the groomsmen shared a deep friendship. 


And just like that, it was time for the last event of the day, the wedding reception. By that time, it felt as though time had just flown by! The groom and the groomsmen, along with the bride and the bridesmaids were preparing to enter the reception venue. While the reception party venue was empty, our photographer took some wedding detail photos. The wedding decor for the reception party was done in the same vein as the other decor, it is just that the decor had some blue in it as well. The wedding cake was displayed with other desserts. The dessert table at the wedding was decorated on a white tablescape with a blue cloth, some brown details, and lovely lantern details with candles in them. The wedding cake was a simple white two-tiered cake with a few roses popping on the top. The wedding decor, further, had a few red details, white china tea cups with red details, and some pretty red display cards. The wedding tablescape was decorated with hollies, greenery, blue tablescapes, and cutlery. The escort cards were in-line with the couple’s choice of wedding stationery, a movie-themed wedding invitation. They had found a creative way to have every guest’s name printed on a movie stub, just like the older ones, and displayed for the guests to use. The wedding sweetheart table was dressed in white, blue, and red. The table had a “Mr and Mrs.” acrylic signage for the table as well. To finish the charming details of the wedding decor, the table had an overhanging greenery decor, which had pretty details. Alexandra and Evan had also chosen to have a memory table to give their respects to some of their close ones who had passed away. 


Right after that, the wedding guests began entering the reception venue and began finding their seats. The groom and the bride made their entry to the wedding reception party with great happiness. The wedding guests cheered as the two entered. And then the two had their first dance. As the couple twirled and took well-practiced steps for their first dance, the guests looked on. And then the couple danced with their parents before the two opened the floor for the wedding guests to enjoy themselves. As the night progressed, our wedding photographer took a few more photos of the couple. The couple enjoyed the company of their friends and family. Additionally, Evan also posed for a photo with his parents flanking him on both sides. During the wedding reception party, Alexandra also posed with some of her family members, and then friends. She also found the cute flower girls playing amongst themselves, and decided to talk to them. The flower girls were dressed in satin skirts and white tops. As the night continued on, the groom and the bride stepped to the dance floor once more to dance with the wedding guests, posed for a few photos with the guests, sat down to have dinner, and enjoyed the wonderful company. Our wedding photographer even took a photo of the two kissing at the sweetheart table. The wedding cake-cutting ceremony was held, surrounded by the guests and happy smiles. The couple cut the cake, and the room erupted in cheers. Right after that, the bride and groom relaxed and let the night continue on. And just like that, it was time to make the wedding exit and call it night. As the wedding guests enjoyed themselves, the couple decided to take their leave. The guests slowly made their way for a lovely send-off for the couple. As the guests congratulated them and happily smiled at them, Alexandra and Evan walked out, to a new future that both of them were determined to start. Our wedding photographers looked at the two and found themselves smiling. Their wedding day was great fun.


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