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Taylor and Erin’s Bold and Beautiful Wedding at The White Owl in St. Louis


It is no surprise that we love a good love story here. The electricity that crackles into the air when a couple in love looks at each other, and the magic that they possess turns instantly the energy of any room that they walk into, is truly intoxicating. And the best part about a love story? The fact that each couple is special and brings with them their own story, their own grins and tears, and how they defeat all odds to be together. It transpires hope that you will find your person, no matter what! Now isn’t that a reassuring thought in a world full of cynics? Taylor and Eric’s heartwarming St. Louis wedding is a delight to watch, charms us right off our boots, and leaves behind a prism of optimism and that feel-good feeling. An LGBT wedding is a rainbow on its own device, rising from the cloudy spins of societal constraints, which is why a wedding shines just a little extra brighter and leaves us rooting for them! Let us take a moment to soak in the beautiful wedding of Taylor and Erin and the captivating contrast of the rustic setting and the dark bold hues!


Taylor and Erin chose the charming city of St. Louis to be the place where they could celebrate their union, and we couldn’t be more excited! A city of pretty gardens, huge baseball stadiums, and a charming old-school feeling, St. Louis is one of the most sought after wedding and engagement destinations in St. Louis, Missouri. Whether you want to take in the breathtaking bird’s eye view of St. Louis from one of the 32 windows at the top of the Gateway Arch or you enjoy the glistening skyline in the pristine currents of the Mississippi River, St. Louis, MO is famous among wedding photographers and engagement photographers from around the globe. Home to one of the most beautiful architectural brilliance like the Compton Hill Reservoir Park and standing as a witness to some of USA's rich history and heritage like the Jefferson Barracks Park, St. Louis is surely inspiring for everyone, be it a pair of lovers or a keen photographer. One can spend their evenings in the Soulard district, home to barbecue restaurants and clubs playing blues music. St. Louis is not only a pretty place, it has a lovable personality which is sure to translate in all your wedding pictures. It boasts breathtaking locations to plan your wedding photoshoot and engagement photo sessions, and hosting one’s love story here is never going to be disappointing. Taylor and Erin got married in this charming city and the terrain provided just the perfect touch to their love story!


Taylor and Erin chose The White Owl for their rustic barn wedding and the effect was sweet and romantic. The White Owl is a private outdoor event and wedding venue with a quaint chapel, barn space, and stunning banquet hall. The venue has a romantic and endearing story which makes it stand out from the rest. Mike and Janie Parisi met as teenagers in Harvester, and started their humble beginnings, raised three children, and braved the startup of 5 businesses throughout their marriage. Now, it’s been more than 45 years since they first met, they’ve been married over 40 years, have 3 grown children, 9 grandchildren, and perfect business. The Parisi's first bought the property where The White Owl sat today in 1998 and has hosted several weddings since then. Starting a solace to host weddings for friends and family, it has since then evolved into hosting all sorts of events and gatherings. Named after a white owl sighted in the property, The White Owl is symbolic of love and growth, and there couldn’t have been a better match for our beautiful brides! The wedding venue comes with several event spaces, each more enticing than the last. The barn pavilion is a bright red barn space for the couple to customize their wedding as per their unique taste. Serving as an alternate ceremony location and an alternative reception location, space provides plenty of room to mingle and have fun. The outdoor chapel comes with church seating overlooking the lake and a dock where ceremonies take place. The dining hall is beautifully decorated in a rustic glam spin, with elegant chandeliers, screen windows, and wood plank interior walls, all perfect for a celebratory dinner after the wedding. The Hen House and the Tool Shed are perfect places for the couples to rewind with their friends before the big day and share a drink. This is also the perfect place for the couple and the wedding party to get ready on the wedding day or for any quick touch-ups! With the lovely story backing it up, and the rustic splendor it lays out for the lovers, The White Owl is the perfect place to say “I do”, and it set the perfect scene for this beautiful wedding. 


Taylor and Erin got ready for their wedding day, both looking like a vision for their special day! Erin wore a pristine white wedding gown with a higher neckline, and intricate lacework in the bodice, and an A-line silhouette. Her hair was done up in a classic updo with the splash of aqua in her hair making a statement, and her makeup was minimal and glowy. A white veil and a bouquet of dark florals in vibrant blues, magentas, and greens completed the look. Taylor looked gorgeous in a white V-neck dress with a ball gown silhouette, a plunging back with a mesh overlay, and intricate lace details. We love the sweeping train of the dress and the ethereal white veil. The vibrant hair took the center stage and was arranged in a beautiful updo. We love the turquoise in the jewelry and the makeup was perfect with the mulberry toned lip color tying the dark blooms of the bridal bouquets in with perfect harmony. While the girls from Erin’s side wore long floor-length gorgeous dresses in deep maroon, the other bridesmaids wore the same dresses in a brilliant navy blue. The bridesmaids carried minimal white bouquets to complete the look. The brides and the bridesmaids all wore matching converse shoes with colorful rainbow soles, adding a hint of personality to the ceremony. While wearing white wedding gowns as a nod to tradition, the brides poured color all over the wedding, whether it was the rich jewel tones of the hair, the bridesmaid dresses, or the slightly moody bridal bouquets or it was the bright shoes. And the impact was cheery, vibrant, and fun!


The ceremony commenced as Erin was first walked in by her father and as she stood in anticipation of her partner to join her in the altar, Taylor, walks in her father, looking like a dream. With their gang of girls on both sides, their close friends and family before them, and the jawdropping lake and greenery in the backdrop, the couple shared their vows and exchanged rings and sealed the deal with the first kiss as newlyweds. After the ceremony, the couple posed against the rustic wooden barn doors adorned with a gorgeous white wreath of white blooms. The bridal party joined them for some amazing group photography and the pictures came out looking perfect. The newlywed couple snuck out to the woods for some couple portraits and the lush greenery in the background added a magical charm to the pictures. We especially love the two of them kissing with the shimmering blue of the water being the perfect backdrop for the shot. There is something so dreamy and ethereal about that shot that it makes you feel like you are watching a movie. The rustic metal wall provides edge and depth to the pictures, while the sunny grass bed doted by shady trees added an old school romantic to the frame, as the brides walked hand in hand. After the bridal pictures are done, the couple joined the guest for the wedding reception so that they can finally let their hair down and celebrate with their friends and family. The couple toasted to their future as they sipped champagne out of their personalized glasses and they cut the lovely three-tier cake with the same jewel-toned flowers which were seen in the bridal bouquets, tying the color palette together perfectly. We love how the St. Louis wedding photographer did the perfect job of capturing the sweet moment of Erin and her father sharing their father-daughter dance. The moody rich colors from the maroon in the bridesmaids’ dresses to the forest green in Erin’s parents’ clothing tied in perfectly with the prefall woodsy rustic feel of the wedding. The sweet table was brilliantly put together and the woodsy paradise feel of the welcome table was charming and almost magical. We love the natural woodsy feel of the wedding invitation, the pristine background which bore witness to the beautiful ceremony, the wood and metal rustic touches, and the enchanting couple photography featuring the woodsy backdrop, all working together to create a wedding which felt like an escape and a vibrant celebration all at once!


Isn’t it fascinating how a couple spends months leading up to this day preparing to get everything in place and when the day finally arrives, it is over in the blink of an eye? The wedding day is amazing and beautiful, but also chaotic and a giant blur of events. While there will be some moments that stand out in your memories in vibrant colors, there will be other moments that you will probably have no recollection of. This is exactly why getting those moments captured in perfect photographs is so crucial. A wedding photographer captures those precious gems of moments from that day and provides you with the gift of memories which you get to hold on forever. As the years spread out in front of you and as you celebrate every anniversary with sweet wine and chocolates and romantic slow dances and heartfelt poems, you will appreciate being able to look back at the day when you said “Yes” to your partner. Wedding photographs are more than just photographs, they are memory boxes of the happiest day of your life, and the images that depict the happy times. Our Saint Louis wedding photographers took on this responsibility quite aptly and were able to capture the beautiful moments of the couple’s big day in the most captivating photographs. From the gorgeous wedding invites to the enchanting woodsy photographs, the stunning dress to the gorgeous sweet table, the wedding photographers did a fabulous job of capturing the details of the wedding in the perfect light. Whether it is the bridesmaids’ group shot with the rainbow shoes or the perfect moment by the dock when the brides kissed, the photography was deeply personal and endearing at this wedding. The vibrancy and richness of the day and the emotion in the eyes of the loving couple were brought to life with a skillful professional hand. From the stunning detail shots to the delicate moments, everything was caught by our wedding photographers in St. Louis with the excellent touch, ensuring that the moments get to live on forever in the couple’s wedding album.


Finding a person you are ready to spend your life with is special, and it never gets old. It will forever be a heartwarming thing and will always be celebrated. Witnessing a wedding is new and refreshing every time and is full of promises and love and hope. While each couple brings with them their very special variety of magic, there are some who touched us a little more than others. Taylor and Erin’s stunning wedding is captivating with the gentle touch of nature and greenery and bold strokes of colors. There is something endlessly romantic about the way they look at each other and at the life which awaits them to be explored together. They looked stunning in this traditionally romantic setting and made it entirely their own. Taylor and Erin were all about making their own rules and left a trail of the rainbow as they headed out in their rainbow-soled shoes towards their happily-ever-after!


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