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Stephanie and Cody’s Lush and Classy DC Wedding


The wedding day! Isn't your wedding day certainly the brightest star in the night sky of one's life? Whether you have reenacted this day in your mind thousands of times since you were a little girl, or the thought has just recently befallen upon you, getting to spend the rest of your life in the company of the person you adore is a present and a privilege, something that not everyone has had the chance to encounter. We are happy to be able to bear witness as several love stories have rejoiced with joyous hearts. Every time we get to incorporate a couple who are so love-struck and immersed in the magic of love, it makes our souls happy too, as it reestablishes our confidence in the stubborn standing of love and how it makes everything instantly better. Love presents a direction in life, heals the jaded and heals the burned, and motivates one to accomplish all the things out there, with an enormous smile on their faces. Stephanie and Cody's Washington DC wedding is the kind to have us cheering for them and their beautiful story and leave our minds full of happiness. Let us take a glimpse at this beautiful couple’s grand wedding day!


Stephanie and Cody chose the impressive city of Washington DC as the framework for their wedding day. A remarkable place that needs almost no introduction, and is loved and valued as the capital of the United States, this iconic city is home to the famed architectural structures like the White HouseLincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument, places which come stuffed with political importance. If you are a couple looking into planning for a wedding in Washington DC, there are countless possibilities for you to pick from and this outstanding city will never disappoint you. This is a city nicknamed after George Washington, who was the first President of the United States and a Founding Father. Chock-full of historical richness, the city has a lot to contribute in terms of photo opportunities, which can be well incorporated into your wedding photography. For the couples with a fascination for the world of history, or for the couples who love the grandeur and panoramic beauty that the city serves, Washington DC plays the perfect muse for lovers and photographers alike. Let our DC wedding photographers blend the historical wonders with the elaborate romanticism that the city grants, delivering to you some classic and timeless Washington DC wedding photography. Even if history is not something that sparks joy in you, DC has a lot more to offer than just that, be it is the pristine wonders of nature, the exquisite golf clubs, natural sanctuaries, or romantic wineries, this beautiful city is like a treasure chest for picture-perfect wedding locations! From architectural revelations to idyllic parks and everything in between, this is a city equipped to provide you with a wedding that will be exceptional! There are several striking locations in Washington DC that will make any wedding extraordinary and will never fail your expectations but will rather surpass them. Stephanie and Cody’s perfect wedding is a fitting example of the same!


Stephanie and Cody chose The Purple Iris at Hartwood Mansion as the venue for their special day, and we love it! Martinsburg's hidden gem, The Purple Iris is a stunning neo-Georgian revival style wedding venue with a 10,000 plus square foot mansion. Tucked away just south of Martinsburg in Berkeley County, WV, the mansion is established on 17 acres of exquisitely landscaped grounds enclosed by flowering trees, woodlands, and gardens and is a perfect venue for a wedding to happen. Less than 2 hours from Washington DC, The Purple Iris at Hartwood Mansion offers the ideal setting for the most beautiful wedding ceremonies and receptions enveloped in the most serene. The couple gets access to the first level as well as the ballroom area, and the outdoor patio area. Offering the most romantic of setting, the choicest of luxuries, and the best of nature, this wedding venue truly comes through and leaves one feeling like they are far away from the bustling city lights and impatient traffic horns. Right from the woodsy nooks and crannies of the setting which provided the perfect backdrop for the Washington DC wedding photographers to capture some amazing pictures, to the rustic stone mansion which brought in a stately air to the environment, Stephanie and Cody couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding venue. 


The wedding day came in like a shy bride, slightly overcast and magical. The couple got ready for the lovely day that laid ahead of them. Stephanie looked stunning in a beautiful trumpet-cut dress with a swooping train and intricate lace paneling which created the most romantic and beautiful pictures. We love the high neckline and the delicate lacework which makes this dress so exquisite, and the lace paneling which travels down the skirt, creating a beautiful silhouette. The back is deep and perfect and the long veil in the light-as-air tulle completes the picture beautifully. Stephanie's flaming auburn hair is held together in a beautiful bun which was adorned with a pretty hair accessory, and a few face-framing tendrils of hair made the hairstyle complete. Her makeup was neutral and minimal and a pair of delicate earrings are all the jewelry she wore. A simple bouquet with white flowers and eucalyptus leaves added the finishing touch to her look. Stephanie’s bridesmaids wore classy floor-length black dresses and clutches of matching roses and foliage tied together with long rippling white satin ribbon, making a beautiful bunch altogether. Cody wore a classic black suit with a crisp white shirt and white boutonniere, and a pair of black formal shoes, and looked quite dashing! His groomsmen wire black trousers, white shirts, black suspenders, and black bows. Together the wedding party looked quite impressive and classy with the perfect contrast of black and white balancing the tonal harmony perfectly. 


After some detailed shots, and the single portrait shots of the couple, it was soon time for the wedding ceremony. We love how the couple did not go overboard with the decoration in the wedding ceremony and the wooden arbor with a minimal drape and some tasteful floral decoration framed their “ I Do” moment perfectly. Stephanie walked in with her father walking her down the aisle and soon met her soon-to-be husband at the beautiful arch. We love how the luscious greenery of the woods in the backdrop added a vibe of enchantment and whimsy to the wedding ceremony and added a lot of freshness to the wedding photographs. Enveloped by nature, and in the company of their friends and family, the couple exchanged their vows, exchanged their rings, had their first kiss, and were soon declared married. After the wedding ceremony, the Washington DC wedding photographers took the opportunity to take some beautiful group pictures, with the family members and the couple, the bridesmaids, and groomsmen. We love the beautiful capture taken in the front of the mansion as the newlywed couple along with their bridesmaids and groomsmen lined up posing for the shot. After several artfully captured group photographs, the couple was photographed together for some romantic couple portraits.


After a handful of pretty pictures, the couple joined their guests to celebrate the wedding reception. The patio was shaded and arranged beautifully for a lovely wedding reception, and we love how the area was done up elegantly, yet minimally, which seems like the running theme of the wedding. The neutral tent shade was accentuated beautifully with gorgeous chandeliers and twinkling fairy lights, making the whole area glow and come alive for the celebration. The couple was welcomed in among cheers and they had their toasts, their first dance together as a married couple, and finally cut the cake, a beautiful white rustic cake with a pretty cake topper saying “Mr and Mrs”. The night ended among food, merrimaking, and dancing, and the moment Stephanie tossed her bouquet onto her friends was beautifully captured by our wedding photographers in Washington DC. We love the no-fuss classic and elegant vibe of the wedding, with minimal rustic additions warming up the classic tones beautifully. The main colors of the wedding seem to be black, white, lots of wood tones and greenery. We love the wooden ring holder and the personalized wooden accents lending a dash of personality to the wedding day. We love how the interiors of the wedding venue are classic and timeless with hints of vintage, adding a bit of depth to the contemporary elegant tone of the wedding day. We love the wooden closet, the framed mirror, and the exquisite exteriors of the mansion. The little details of the wedding day have been captured beautifully by our DC wedding photographers, be it the sweet table with the cupcakes and the wedding cake, or the charming sweetheart table set up for the newlyweds. Overall, this is a wedding that is simple yet full of class and elegance, and we love it all!


It is truly fascinating how a couple in love counts down every day for months leading up to their wedding day, preparing to get everything in point and for the day to go just smoothly, that when the day finally comes, it is done before they can even comprehend it. The wedding day is one of the most treasured days of one’s life and every passing instant is extraordinary and beautiful, but it is also surreal and busy, and in retrospect, the day feels like a giant blur of motions. While some memories stand out to you as you reminisce through your day, others slip by and are lost eternally. This is precisely where wedding photography swoops in and saves the day. They catch the memories in time so that every significant and trivial moment of the day is forever captured, ready to be treasured for years to come. This is exactly why catching those slippery moments in ideal photographs is so critical. Your wedding album is not only a place for your wedding memories to be displayed, it is essentially a time traveler which takes you to the most joyful days of your life by just flipping through the album. This is a keepsake that you will treasure forever and go back to whenever there is a milestone moment in your life, like a wedding anniversary, a birthday, or a romantic date, etc. Our Washington DC wedding photographers took on this responsibility pretty well and were able to capture the wonderful moments of Stephanie and Cody's special day in the most alluring captures. From the gorgeous couples photography to the beautiful ceremony caught against the stunning backdrop, our DC wedding photographer sure understood what they were doing, and did an excellent job of capturing the delicate wedding details in the most beautiful captures. We love the little wedding details which are captured beautifully with the DC wedding photographers, be it the delicate moments of the first dance, or the creative flat lays of the rings and the wedding shoes featured with bridal bouquets. We also love how the wedding photographers of DC managed to capture the quirky charm of the wedding venue with its rustic meets vintage allure. Overall, the wedding colors and the greenery, and the rustic wedding details come together in the wedding photography quite beautifully, fully encompassing the wedding day in pictures! From the artistic detail shots to skillful captures of those delicate moments, everything is picked by our wedding photographers in Washington DC with a practiced hand, ensuring that every second from the day lives on forever!


Weddings, being the extremely moving adventures that they are, are distinctive for every couple and evenly inspiring and refreshing for each couple. Every couple in love comes with their highs and lows, unique stories, and their own special narrative which makes their love story special and unique to every other story out there! This guarantees that no two weddings are identical, be it in theme, aesthetics, or personality! Stephanie and Cody's beautiful Washington DC wedding is exceptionally unique with its special natural appeal and tons of character and unique quirks which makes the day truly theirs. From the rustic romantic details to the touch of enchantment and woodsy whimsical vibe, the couple’s special day is profound and aesthetic, and memorable. With a sprinkling of elegance and an abundance of nature, the wedding day looked just ideal and is truly exceptional. As our lovely couple headed out from the venue into their assured "happily-ever-after", with stars in their eyes and anticipation in their hearts, they looked like they had everything they wanted just out there for grabs and happiness was theirs to have!


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