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Spring Alter Ideas For Your Wedding Ceremony


Spring is one of the best times to tie the knot with the love of your life. The reason why spring works best for weddings is because of the fresh look of colors. With everything in bloom, the weather in the spring season is just perfect, and stable, and gives you an unforgettable ambiance for your wedding. If we had to choose a season perfect for the celebration of love, we’d always go with spring. Spring weddings make us feel as though love is in the air, as though there’s nothing better than celebrating life, and is an amazing time to make memories. For us, a spring wedding gives us the opportunity to take the wedding celebrations outside, have outdoor wedding events, and enjoy the pretty blooms everywhere. We have covered many spring weddings, which is why we love talking about ways to improve yours, should you want one. So, for today, we have some amazing spring wedding ideas. Today’s topic is “altar ideas.” But to make it fun and full of ideas for you to plan your wedding, we took it a step further and came up with only spring-inspired wedding altar ideas! Without much ado, let’s dive in!


  1. Floral Wall Altar 


Let’s start the list of ideas with a bang, shall we? All of us love a beautiful wedding altar, but how many of us think of making the spring altar look a little different? Well, floral walls as wedding accents are an amazing detail. And since that is the case, floral walls for your altar decor just work super well. Think of big, bold, and bright floral walls! To help you figure out how to create a floral wall altar, we have a few ideas. One idea that we have is to create a floral wall in different colors, the colors can be different from your wedding color scheme. If you choose a different color scheme for your wedding altar’s floral wall, then you’ll have something that is only for your wedding ceremony. For the flowers you’d want to use for the floral wall, you can use the same flowers you’ve picked for your bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, and for your wedding decor. As for the kind of floral walls for your wedding altar, we have a few ideas. One of the ideas that we absolutely adore is the fact that you can use wooden frames, and use it to create your floral wall. Another idea that we love is that you can use an actual door frame, hollow of course, to weave the flowers in the frame to create your floral wall! 


  1. Overhanging Floral Beauty! 


Since we just discussed an idea that will pretty much take up all the space at your wedding altar, we thought why not give you an idea that helps you keep the space open and beautiful? Although there are many ways to decorate your wedding altar, we think a delicate floral arrangement that hangs above you, your partner, and the wedding officiant will look fantastic. To make sure that this idea helps you make the most of your wedding’s theme colors and the aesthetic that you’re going for, you can choose the same colors, and flowers for the overhanging decor. However, if that is not something you’d want, and you want to create a different space for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception party, You can create an ethereal floral overhanging arrangement by choosing to have streams of flowers hanging from the overhanging arrangement. And these streams of flowers, which are woven floral runners, can be uneven in length. For example, the runners that appear first can be the shortest and the ones that appear at the end and are the furthest can be the longest. Another way to add more style to this is to have them uneven from one side to the other. For example, you can have the woven floral runners decrease in size as you go from left to right or the other way around. You can use the two different ideas on lengths and evenness as you see fit. Both of them work well whether you use them together or stand-alone ideas. As for color combinations, you can use a similar color scheme as your wedding theme, or you could change it with different colors. We would love to see this idea with beautifully white, lavender, and some green in the color scheme. Another way to make this overhanging altar idea beautiful is to use white and purple wisteria! Wisteria is naturally a hanging-type flower, so it will add beautiful charms to the overhanging arrangement. 


Additional tip: We left the shape of the overhanging arrangement up to you. However, if you need some ideas, then how about using a shape? We think oval and round shapes for such arrangements will be perfect. But if you want to make your wedding ceremony decor unique, then you can use a rectangular shape to have your overhanging floral arrangement. 


  1. Overhanging Floral, Greenery, and Candle Altar Decor 


Speaking of ethereal decor ideas, we thought about using something absolutely stunning! Perfect for a spring indoor wedding ceremony as well as an outdoor one, this idea uses all the best elements of a great decor idea. You can use some greenery, floral runners, and use suspended tea lights for your altar decor! This will help you create a warm glow at your wedding ceremony, and give you amazing wedding photos of you and your partner taking vows. You can use it to create round overhanging hoops, and pair it with some greenery hoops to go with it. These hoops can be hung with the help of a thin string, or you could use an arbor to hang them there to create the perfect wedding altar. Another idea that we love, and think will be perfect for any kind of wedding will be to have this kind of overhanging altar decor, and add some amazing hoops with a faux ceiling in your wedding ceremony seating area. Another great way to add some exceptional decor to your altar is to use pillar candles and tea lights on a small table for the ceremony. You can also pair it with some greenery wreaths. You can also use this idea to inspire a few other decor ideas as well. For example, you can have all-greenery hoops in the cocktail hour decor as well. Apart from that, you can also use hoops of greenery to decorate your wedding reception decor. This way all of your wedding decors will be similar and look as pretty as a picture. 


  1. Use a Greenery Chandelier (or Floral) 


Greenery decor for spring weddings is something else entirely. If you’re looking to add a dreamy touch to make your wedding close to the idea of a dream wedding you have envisioned for years, then you can use a greenery chandelier to add some interesting touches to your wedding decor. For your wedding ceremony altar, you can go absolutely minimal and use a chandelier with some electric candles and wrap the entire thing with some greenery. You can also add a fresh look to the same chandelier with some flowers in it. Or you can also swap the entire greenery and add flowers instead. Since it is a spring wedding either of those options will work for you. You can decide, depending on the wedding reception tablescape or the accents. Other than this, you can also choose to do something entirely different for your altar decor. A great way to personalize this for yourself is to add a few photos of you and your partner to the chandelier, just have a few polaroids, attach a thin string, and suspend it. That's all. 


  1. Half and Half 


When we say half and half, we know we kept it vague and it is a little confusing. So, hear us out. This idea involves using a wooden arbor and decorating half of it with one kind of decor, and the other half with something else. Also, before we start discussing ideas, we want to let you know that it is not necessary to have 50-50 as half and half. You can have a side a little heavier than the other one. Also, you can choose to have the decor idea stand at 60-40 as well. Now that we have that cleared out, let’s talk about the ideas. What you can do is, you can use drapes on one side and the other side can be decorated with beautiful greenery, white fresh blooms, and some twigs. Other things that go well with drape decor for your wedding arbor, are colorful floral blooms, you can use woven floral runners too, or have a corner decorated with an extravagant floral arrangement. If you’re not looking to use drapes for your wedding arbor, then how about using some ribbons or even balloons? Both of these ideas will make your wedding arbor stand out! 


  1. Wedding Arches 


Now that we’re nearing the end of our inspiration blog, let’s talk about some of the simpler and easier to add to your wedding altar ideas too. So, one of our all-time favorites is wedding arches! The wedding arches make everything look pretty. From the entrance to your wedding to the wedding ceremony, you can use a beautiful wedding arch to add charming details to your wedding. However, for your wedding ceremony, you can use a slightly different color scheme and details. For example, if all the other wedding arches in your wedding are made of single floral details with woven greenery, then your wedding ceremony arch can be made of different colors, greenery, and ribbons. Additionally, you can use some corner pieces too. You can use candles right at the foot of the arches. Or you can also use beautiful vases with some lovely floral arrangements! Other than this, if you’re having a wedding ceremony outdoors you can simply tie small bells to the ribbons. Because on the off chance that you have some slight breeze when you’re taking your vows, you may hear the soft tinkling of the bells, we think it will be adorable. Apart from this, another idea that we love for your wedding altar is a lovely wedding arch with loads of greenery and colorful blooms, And when we say that, what we mean is that we like the bend of the arch on top to be all about greenery, and the edges to be a little broader with floral blooms! This will create a lovely arch, and this kind of arch is perfect for elopements and even a wedding venue with a view


  1. Hoops with Details 


When we say hoops with details, we mean you can use anything to decorate it. You can use lovely balloons to add some depth to your wedding decor. Other than that, you can also use some beautiful greenery on the hoops to make them look absolutely stunning. Although it is an unpopular opinion, we feel that greenery and pastel balloons on a hoop for your wedding altar will look mesmerizing. To add more colors and details, you can have some balloons double-sided taped up, and have them stuck to the floor. This will help you make sure that you do not have a “gather-the-balloons-quick-SOS” on your wedding day. Another way to add more colorful touches to your wedding day hoops is to use dried leaves and pampas grass and pair them with fresh blossoms, this will be a great way to add colors to your wedding too! Other than this, for people who love a minimal wedding, one of the best ways to attain that is to use a metallic hoop with some smaller floral arrangements, that too probably towards the end of the hoop for a better look. You can also use metallic ribbons on the metal hoop for a cute and minimal look for your wedding.


With that, we come to the end of our blog. We hope that the ideas we mentioned above help you create a lovely look for your wedding. One of the best ways to ensure that your wedding is perfect is to come up with the color scheme for your wedding along with all the other details. Usually, most couples tend to feel pretty strongly about their wedding planning. And as thorough as they may be, you may always end up missing out on some things, and the theme of your wedding arches or the altar decor is something that most people may forget. Apart from the ideas that we have mentioned above, you can also choose to have corners around your wedding altar, in a similar theme to your wedding. Other than that, we also recommend using a small table with similar details. And if you’re confused about the tables, always remember, if you want to add a table to your wedding altar and make it look pretty, you can just use a tablecloth in a similar color as your wedding theme, take add some greenery or even myrtle leaves, and add a couple of candlesticks! That’s it, your wedding altar is done! Additionally, please remember our intention is to help you find the right ideas for your wedding and help you come up with a great decor idea for your wedding day!


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