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Month-End Wedding Resources: April 2022


“April can make old things new”, they say and you can find us nodding in agreement. Everything is new, vibrant, and earnest around this season, from blossoming flowers to green luscious grass springs to the way the air appears to have its aroma! It's no surprise that spring has become a favorite theme of adoration among poets, composers, and artists. This season delivers so much beauty that the planet feels like it's suddenly dolled up for a party. Spring may bring in freshly blooming flowers, picnics, and strawberry shortcakes, but it also brings in love! Remember how wonderful it felt to be in love with your fiance? With weather like that, how could it not be a part of the mix? Come April, we see a lot of couples strolling through parks and lounging out in the outdoor sections of local bistros. You must have also received a huge number of engagement announcements and wedding invitations. Understandably, love stories get sweeter in the spring. Congratulations to any brides who have just been engaged or are planning a wedding in the coming days! Come in, relax, and take notes as we have some fascinating resources online that can help you with your wedding planning! From bridal shower invitations to trendy food and drink walls, from recognizing your wedding style to handling your excess food smartly, we come bearing a hoard of information. Let's hop in!


Do you need some innovative thoughts for your wedding gown? The Bridal Fashion Week presents designs in real life after two years of virtual presentations and runway shows, and the results are interesting, to say the least. From dramatic ball gowns to lush floral designs to fun party dresses, the 2023 wedding dress styles will provide plenty of ultra-chic inspiration. These are the 2023 wedding dress trends to be aware of if you're planning a wedding next year or merely daydreaming about your future wedding outfits. Find out more by reading this article!
The Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2023

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Of course, love is great and the wedding dress is stunning, but the reason most people love weddings is simple and as humble as possible- food! There are a plethora of options to eat during a wedding, from the cocktail hour hors d'oeuvres to your multi-course dinner to the late-night snacking spread, which leaves plenty of space for food waste! Here are a few plans and ideas for any leftovers from the reception, as well as ways to reduce food waste. Continue reading to learn more.
What Should We Do with the Excess Food from Our Wedding?

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Are you sending out bridal shower invites soon? The first step in organizing a pre-wedding festivity that gets you and your guests in the spirit for the big day is to find the best bridal shower invitations. Your invitations can be anything you want them to be, from lighthearted and playful to sophisticated and classy, just like a beautiful bridal shower. However, with so many various styles, moods, and colors to choose from, narrowing down your invitation options can feel nearly impossible. Don't know where to begin? Begin by reading the following link.
The Best Bridal Shower Invitations for Every Event Style

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Traveling together sure brings lovers closer. Between scheduling activities to experiencing new adventures together, it is surely a perfect way to get to know someone more. Seeking inventive ways to integrate your travels into your wedding is a delightful way to make your big day special if you and your future spouse like traveling together. Do you enjoy visiting waterfalls? Or do you love the time you went swimming with the dolphins? Take a look at some of our favorite ways to incorporate the adventures you've had together into your big day.
5 Meaningful Ways to Incorporate Your Travel Experiences Into Your Wedding

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Every bride is different, just like every flower in the garden. While some will love sashaying down the staircase in a billowing princess bridal gown, others might love to get married in the woods in their best white cotton dress. What kind of a bride are you? While we believe we all have our nuances and quirks, everybody has their unique wedding style. Take the quiz in the link below to find out what your wedding personality is. Maybe you will get to know something new about yourself!
Quiz: What's Your Wedding Style?

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Food on the wall? Welcome to a modern wedding. While these trend has been around for a bit now, the kind of food to go up these walls have changed drastically and have only gotten more innovative with time. Not only are food walls perfect for wedding decor and bringing in that wow factor, but these installations also allow attendees to drink and munch during your event without having to wait in lines or for servers to make rounds. If food walls and drink walls have always intrigued you, read the link below for some more ideas on the subject.
Wedding Food and Drink Walls That Will Elevate Your Cocktail Hour and Reception

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Days tumble and seasons shift and change is incredibly reliable that way. Trends shift, and what's fashionable today may not be so tomorrow. Love, on the other hand, does not alter with the tides and lingers, like the soft memories of a beautiful spring day. It's a heady sensation to be able to marry your darling, and we're sure you're giddy with anticipation as you arrange for that wonderful day! We have a soft place for a good love story, but as romantic as love is and as magical as the path of wedding preparation can be, sometimes all we need is a little inspiration! If you're looking for a new viewpoint, insight into what's hot and what's not, or just some inspiration, we're here every month to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information. Hope that helps as you weave together your happily-ever-after!


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