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Engagement Fall Rustic DIY Outdoor Details Props

Michelle & Bryan's Fall Engagement Session with Furry Friends at Holliday Park!


We lost a lot to the C-virus, but not hope. And it was this ray of hope that turned into a spear and bumped off the monster before it could steal from us any more of our beautiful moments and happiness in 2021. While the always young-and-cheerful spring walked into the year wearing masks, giving us the vibes of gloomy winter, the autumn in 2020 dawned on us like spring, miles away from the brooding landscape of the pandemic. This couple made the most out of what they had in their hands during turbulent times - amber, auburn, and crimson autumn! Ah, autumn engagement shoots! We have a thing for the season. Not only does fall allure professional wedding photographers, but couples as well, that love having engagement photoshoots during the season. The weather is pleasant and the fall foliage in sepia tone dances to the tunes of crisp air. All the more reason to plan an engagement shoot in the fall!


Life is like a novel full of suspense. You have no idea what’s in the offing until you turn the page. And as we turned our next page, it was a beautiful destined-to-be-together couple with their cute furry friends in front of us for their nature-inspired fall engagement shoot at Indianapolis’ spectacular dog-friendly park location. Capturing love stories with our camera is what sprinkles our donuts, what sprinkles yours? Spending time with your loved ones like this sweet couple? We love it when couples incorporate their prized fur babies into their engagement sessions. Michelle and Bryan were parents of cute Australian Cattle dogs, and both the fur babies worked like a charm on their woodsy engagement photo session! We are sure they’d have gotten bonne bouches for being good pups during the entire shoot that day! We are not sure if we could put into words how much we enjoyed documenting the tale of their love with the tails of their life, but we are pretty much sure that you want to see how pets can just gild the lily with their presence in a wink when you are celebrating the most treasured moments. Michelle and Bryan’s Indianapolis engagement session at Holliday Park had everything - love, light, and luster! On camera and off camera, our fantastic four were p-awesome, and we were dancing in the streets to be chosen for the shoot. Can’t wait to share the pictures with you. Enjoy a look at our favorites!


The season was the best decision for many reasons!

It is no secret that we are obsessed with fall, the season of love! Autumn is like a swing, on one extreme point there is scorching summer and on the other, it’s chilling winter! And striking remarkable poses for engagement photos in fall is no less than that breezy swinging experience. The season itself adorns mother nature with everything beautiful, she looks even more beautiful in changing hues. Nothing in the world can beat the excitement of getting photographed with the love of your life amidst those glamorous fall colors! Maybe the retired and happy leaves and flowers falling off the trees to rest, maybe the touch of romance and the aroma of air making lovers weak on their knees, maybe the cozy weather and crisp air pulling you right into the festive spirit, or maybe just the holiday vibes as far as the eyes can see, fall without any doubt is the ideal season to have a fun engagement or an authentic proposal photo session. Isn’t the hidden aesthetician inside you already jumping with joy, envisioning the crisp orangish-red hues and warm earthy tones in the surroundings?! If the lovely shades of red, brown, orange and yellow won’t make for the perfect backdrop, we don’t know what will? So buckle up and strike some dreamy and romantic poses for frame-worthy engagement photos that are going to serve you in myriad ways soon. From being a souvenir of that particular day when your partner went on one knee to pop the question, to decorating the wedding venue in a way that will be etched in the memories of your loved ones. We are happy that they chose autumn for their engagement photoshoot, and now they have a gallery full of beautiful photo squares that will allow them to relive together that treasured, momentous event. Thanks, October, for decking up the paths and background for these two lovely people in love who are soon going to start the new chapter of their life with spring in their steps


Shoot Location: Holliday Park

When you both really, really love greenery and rays of light poking through the changing trees; a trip to somewhere full of organic beauty like the Holliday Park in our hometown Indianapolis is in order! The newly-engaged Indy couple picked Holliday Park for their photoshoot, and it’s easy to see why! Situated about six miles north of downtown on Spring Mill Road, this 94-acre picturesque green space, rich with all the necessary amenities, is one of Indianapolis’ oldest parks. When at the park, you can explore the nature center, play on one of the city’s best, hard-to-leave playgrounds, hike more than 3.5 miles of striking trails down to the banks of the White River, or take a stroll around the one-of-a-kind Holliday Park Ruins - the most identifiable element of the park. Holliday Park is a spectacular pet-friendly park with a beautiful trail in a forest, which makes it a perfect choice for engagement shoots with dogs. Your pooch will love splashing around in the shallow areas, climbing over tree trunks, small footbridges, and up and down all of the different types of stairs. There's plenty to wear off all of their extra energy! Trails can be narrow in spots but, so far, all other dogs we've stumbled upon have been leashed and very well-behaved. It's not easy to not get lost when being close to the White River, it lends breathtaking scenery for jaw-dropping couple pictures. The only place you cannot go with your dog is the Nature Center. Holliday Park indeed makes a great engagement photography location if you are absolutely into the nature vibe and don’t want to navigate downtown Indy with your pets.


Photos with doggos!

Engagement shoots and dogs, what a pretty nutty combination! We are like a dog with two tails if we get to capture photos with doggos! Engagement photos are the best way to commemorate the occasion, this much momentous. Michelle and Bryan didn’t need smoke bombs or any other playful photo props to spruce up the photos, their cute canines did the job wonderfully! Let’s tell you that we are animal lovers, especially dogs! They jump, they run, they drag constantly at their leashes, and are just generally thrilled at and about everything. Smelling like a baby, wagging tails, hanging tongues out, panting heavily, they just can’t hold up their excitement… for everything. We love it all. To that end, including furry friends in the couple shoot is a great idea to add your true personality! Our professional engagement photographer in Indianapolis got the ball rolling by taking adorable pictures of the couple with their doggos, so as to free the inquisitive creatures quickly, and they could hang out and explore the park their own way. These cutie pies literally were stopping strangers in their tracks, just enamored by their cute faces. SO much personality! Sometimes we see things that we can't help but exclaim, "Now that is just dang cute!" Both the cutie pies are posing like besties with their new mom and dad on the grounds blanketed with old and new leaves! We also adore the picture where the soon-to-be-married couple is taking a stroll with their dogs and the iconic Ruins are posing in the backdrop (OwO!). 


Bryan loves Michelle, and the photos say it all!

It was the 20th day of October 2020. They managed to reach the location early in the morning to avoid the crowd and to capture those Instagram-worthy golden hour pictures! The light was bound to be magical, and we were in high spirits! We almost let out an involuntary squeak (we’re sorry, but how friggin’ gorgeous they are!), the moment we saw them bringing their dogs who were great dog models, we must say. Look at the couple's portraits where they are sharing a gentle kiss sitting on the park bench, standing in front of the historic Ruins, and walking leisurely in the park. We are particularly smitten with the capture, where Michelle and Bryan are holding a custom infinity sign bearing their names along with a tiny heart and stealing a kiss behind it! What a beautiful way to announce the engagement! The frozen moment where the cute couple is tossing the bunch of maple leaves in the air sure belongs to stock photos. Indeed, autumn is the second spring, when every leaf is a flower. Colors in the wind! The Indy engagement photographer moved around with the love birds to find the best light and backdrop and snapped some swoon-worthy couple shots (including hand-in-hand, arms looping each other, cheek-to-cheek, forehead-to-forehead, lip-to-lip clicks) surrounded by mature fall elements with still-green leaves playing peek-a-boo! These engagement photos are sure to have you wishing for an autumn proposal! Look at the picture where our man in black is kissing her sweetheart with everything else blurred in the backdrop, it sure deserves a million thumbs up! Some of their pics look like a movie poster. The blurry ring shot where they are sharing a tender kiss with their eyes closed reminds us of “Orangelove” (Russian movie poster). He also captured some fun couple pictures of this charming MMIH that can tickle anyone pink. For instance, have a glance of the pics where Bryan is giving a piggyback ride to his BAE, don’t they seem like birds of a feather!


From golden hour to greenery to bare mature trees to fallen leaves to fall photo props, their Holliday Park fall engagement session had all the elements that a couple would want to announce their engagement! It’s easy to see how incredibly our Holliday Park engagement photographer in Indianapolis made the most of the photo opportunities. He never missed a chance to capture the sparkling token of their love on Michelle’s ring finger, neither Michelle forgot to flaunt her bling! So what if her sparkling eyes, glowing face, and megawatt smile were stealing the thunder from the ring! The ring shot captured with just their hands is one of our fave shots! After taking plenty of couple shots with the customized prop, our professional Indianapolis engagement photographer snapped some solo shots of both, which too came out incredible. How cute is that! Can someone just get these two a movie deal already?


The Indy couple cut a stunning figure in all 3 rounds of the session!

Doing three outfits is almost like getting three photoshoots for the price of one, because it makes the pictures stand out, adding more colors to the photos. That’s what our fall couple did but in casual vs. formal style. Instead, they chose to wear something that could allow them to wander freely and reflect their true self. Michelle did three engagement photo outfits (Bryan did two, tho!), all casuals! While Michelle paired her skinny blue jeans and black shoes with 3 different tops in cerulean, murky green, and jet black colors, Bryan picked burgundy and black hues to pair with his blue denim and to coordinate with his pretty fiancée. Michelle cut a dash in all her three looks, her side-parted undone blonde waves and barely-there makeup only added to her charming face! She also threw on a gray-hued zipper fleece jacket in between the shots to keep herself warm while adding variety to the pictures. Michelle’s fiancé was a nice, clean-cut young man! He was looking handsome as usual in both his pullovers! His spiffy haircut with clean edges and smooth face was only making him even more dapper! And finally, the classic watch completed the look of Michelle’s groom-to-be! We loved the way they color-coordinated their attire in jewel tones, donning blue denim pants and black shoes! When the lady was in blue, the gentleman was in burgundy, and when she was in green and in black, he was in black! Absolutely loved how their jewel-toned outfits popped right out of the landscape!


Thanks, M&B for counting on us during these difficult times!

2020 was the time when weddings were jumping the shark, but not love! While COVID was stealing the best time of their life, many couples clicked the middle finger to the buzzkill by staying behind the masks and walls and by thoughtfully planning or doing what they could! Fall last year hit us like a freight train, and we were pleased as punch to see couples calling us to plan their engagement photoshoots! We are beyond happy to share with you the beautiful pictures of this 2020 couple that our professional and affordable engagement photographers captured during the chaotic times! The star-crossed couple tied the knot at Mill Top Banquet and Conference Center recently in the month of July this year. And we wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!

Michelle and Bryan, you guys were a breeze to work with, it was an amazing day that we got to spend with you. We truly relished documenting your tale of love and are at peace with the world that our engagement photographer could feature your doggos beautifully in the mesmerizing engagement photos the way you dreamt of. Y’all were at the top of your game during the entire shoot! Once again, congratulations! You were a dream to work with, and your alfresco engagement session was absolutely LIT! And just like this outdoor engagement photo session was hit out of the park, your wedding portfolio also is gonna go a bomb!


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