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Marisa & Thor’s Austin Wedding Winter Wedding with the Touch of Spring Romance


Winter weddings have something magical about them. Everyone who is in love can actually feel the magic this season brings with it. Two souls drenched in love do not care if the wind has ruined their freshly blow-dried tresses, or they have stood in a puddle for the third time this week! For them, their love for each other and for the winter season is enough to bring that adrenaline rush and butterflies in the stomach. There is no denying the fact that winter is the most romantic time of the year. Filled with hot drinks, cozy evenings, tasty treats, elegant festive decor, and trendy winter attires, everything about this season is incredibly enchanting! From soothing holiday music to wintry florals, there are endless possibilities for a couple who is planning to have a winter wedding to bring warmth and charm to even the frostiest of the days! But, that is not the scenario if you are planning to have your winter wedding in Austin, Texas! 


A winter wedding in Austin is full of charm and romance as the weather never gets cold and snowy in this beautiful city! That means you can have a romantic and classic outdoor wedding and can show off all your trendy sleeveless wedding dresses, and can also get creative with various kinds of wedding color schemes for your Austin winter wedding! In short, a winter wedding in Austin will be more like a romantic spring affair! Capturing a winter wedding in Austin is also a treat for our affordable wedding photographers as the winter season in this city is often bright and sunny, and lends an enchanting setting for a swoon-worthy and magical wedding photography experience! 


As there goes a saying “Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale”! And for us and our talented wedding photographers in Austin, that utterly romantic fairy tale was of Marisa and Thor’s wedding day! The sweet and head-over-heels in love Austin couple chose the month of January 2021, to step into their happily ever after phase! Their wedding was a great opportunity for our Austin wedding photographers to snapshot mind-blowing wedding portraits in picture-worthy frames! For their beautiful and memorable wedding day, Marisa and Thor chose the Riverbend Church as their wedding venue! 


Quaintly situated in the scenic hill country on the west side of Austin, this alluring Austin wedding venue is where the wedding dreams actually come true to live! The non-dimensional wedding chapel at the Riverbend Church was built in an old-world style of the 18th century using the native white limestone perfectly mixed with dark stained red oak beams! This Tuscany-style wedding chapel created a mesmerizing setting for Marisa and Thor’s indoor wedding ceremony in Austin city. The chapel features contemporary stained-glass windows that not only allow a wealth of natural light to pour in and illuminate the interiors but also give a bucket full of opportunities to our wedding photographers in Austin and its suburban areas to capture outstanding indoor wedding photos! The chapel opens up to a beautiful and spacious stone patio where you can host your whimsical cocktail hour and further wedding festivities! This classic wedding venue in Austin oozes a fantastic storybook charm and rustic elements in every corner. The Riverbend Church wedding venue is a perfect blank canvas for any wedding! 


These days it seems everywhere you turn, Austin, Texas, is making the headlines! Affectionately known as the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’, Austin also boasts fingerlicious barbecue to die for and pleasant weather throughout the majority of the year along with some incredibly photogenic locations for couples to have their engagement photoshoot done! Talking about locations for pre-wedding photoshoots, the options are endless as our wedding photographers in and around Austin believe. From glorious historic locations such as the iconic Texas State CapitolWoodbine Mansions, to park and natural areas including the Mckinney Falls Street Park, Mt. Bonnell, to romantic locations like the Boardwalk at Lady Bird LakeAuditorium Shores, which boast stunning Austin city skyline view, every corner of this city offers opportunities to our professional and affordable Austin wedding photographers to capture incredible photos for the Austin engagement portfolio with out-of-the-box backgrounds! So, if you are a newly engaged couple who is planning to have a wedding in this lovely city, then you are in deep luck! In Austin, there is so much to look forward to, especially during the winter months, as the temperature is moderate yet romantic and everything gets in the process of blooming. No wonder so many newly engaged millennial couples are choosing this dynamic city to have their wedding day. 


Just like every millennial couple who is looking forward to having a unique and unforgettable wedding day, Marisa and Thor were no different! Their striking chemistry was entirely explained with their choice of the wedding venue as we ventured through the lovely wedding photos that gracefully framed all the candid moments of their big day against such a breathtaking backdrop!


This cupid-struck couple’s wedding day was all about them and their endless love for each other. Thinking, how do we know about this? Well, their Austin wedding portfolio says it all. Marisa and Thor’s beautiful wedding day was warm and rustic and full of love. We can assure you that their wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings we had witnessed in Austin city! If you are in need of a quick pick-me-up, scroll on, as we take you on a beautiful journey of this couple’s picture-perfect wedding day!


The big day of this winter yet not so winter wedding in Austin of our adorable couple, Marisa and Thor started bright and early. The cozy and warm rays of the morning sun lounged on the stunning couple and all their loved ones as they were getting ready for the biggest and happiest day of their lives highlighting the rustic chic and traditional elements of their wedding day! Our professional wedding photographers in the Austin suburbs started their day by documenting detailed shots and bridal portraits! The detailed shots of this fabulous Austin wedding range from bright and sparkling bridal shoes laid out against a blush pink background making them pop out and the gleaming white wedding dress hung against the rustic-wooden door, eagerly waiting for its beautiful bride to slip into it! Before Marisa, her lovely bridesmaids, and the cute flower girl, slipped into their gorgeous dresses to make a dramatic entry, our Austin suburbs wedding photographers captured some fun-filled and smiling photos of Marisa with her wedding party wearing white and champagne-colored robes. From the wedding ceremony decor that featured a rustic vibe to the incredible wedding sign that said "Pick a seat, either side, you are loved by both the groom and bride" beautifully calligraphed in white and brown and adorned with flower and greenery, the Austin wedding photography session picked up the excellent choice of color combination in beautiful keepsakes. 


The candid bridal getting-ready photographs showcased Marisa getting ready for her big day while her hair stylist and makeup artist were bringing out the best in her. Her bridal suite was perfectly lit and adorned with lights and created a perfect setting for Marisa and all her bridesmaids to get all dolled up for the big day. Everything about Marisa and Thor’s wedding was about blush pink with a little tint of green and white. Our Austin wedding photographers have keen eyes for the details, so while our first photographer was busy capturing the getting-ready moments of Marisa, our second professional wedding photographer captured the pleasing photos of the wedding decor and wedding ceremony space in the best of frames! While Marisa was getting all prepped up for her big day, our handsome groom and his charming groom squad were all decked out and posed for some group portraits! 


For his dynamic groom look, Thor wore a blue formal suit and classically paired it with a crisp white shirt and a black bow tie! The charismatic groom’s outfit accessories like the white boutonniere with green accents and white pocket square along with his shiny black shoes completed his uber-trendy groom look. The heart-throbbing groomsmen flared their astounding coordinating groomsmen suits by coordinating with the groom and wearing the same outfit exactly! 


Before Marisa walked down the aisle towards the love of her life, she stopped right outside the chapel and posed with her stunning bridesmaids for some must-have wedding pictures! Marisa donned a tulle wedding dress with a deep plunging V-neckline. There was intricate embroidery work on the bodice. The strappy sleeves and exquisite neckline details adorned her beautiful bridal look. She paired her entire bridal look with minimal bridal jewelry, including small diamond-studded hoops. The wavy curls and minimal bridal makeup made Marisa look like she just came out of a runway fashion magazine, and not to forget her simple yet elegant bridal bouquet comprising white and yellow roses and green accents flawlessly complementing the overall theme of their wedding! As Marisa posed with her bridesmaids before the wedding ceremony, we just could not stop but admire the beautifully coordinated blush pink attire of her lovely ladies holding the matching bouquets as of Marisa! 


Marisa entered the chapel with her best man, her dad, and floated through the aisle like a princess, especially with her wedding veil, while Thor was damn excited and emotional to see the love of his life walking towards him and soon into his life. They had their traditional wedding ceremony after which they both leaned in for their first kiss. Our talented wedding photographers never miss out on capturing these kinds of special moments, and they did the same when Marisa and Thor had their first kiss after they were officially declared as husband and wife. After their romantic and tender first kiss moment, it was Thor’s sweet family who posed with the newly married couple for some official wedding portraits! 


After they made the exit from the chapel, the wedding party quickly regrouped for an exceptional group photography session. From a sexy gang of bridesmaids and dapper groomsmen posing with the lovey-dovey married couple posing in the outdoors to the dashing groomsmen posing against the lush green background along with the individual bridal portrait and groom portraits session. Every little moment made our Austin wedding photographers fall in love with the romantic energy that this joyous couple and their loved ones brought to the table on the wedding day!


The quintessential and romantic settings paved the way for Marisa and Thor’s candid couple wedding photography session in Austin. This beautiful couple posed for endless romantic couple photos from stealing a kiss to the cute peck on the cheeks! The playful delight of the romantic couple was marked with backdrop of the glorious green foliage and mind-blowing golden hour couple portraits with the setting sun in the background! A wedding portfolio is incomplete without some formal and family portraits in them. Marisa and Thor posed with their adorable family for our wedding photographers in Austin and its suburban areas to snapshot some amazing family moments in the best of frames! There was a picture, where Marisa’s parents were kissing on her cheeks at the same time. That photo literally took our hearts away! All our wedding photographers got an aww-moment! 


After the wedding photography session was over, everyone headed for the wedding reception which was hosted in the ballroom offered by the Riverbend Church, and the evening wedding photography session showed the delicate details that marked the whole celebration and also elevated the experience of everyone present! This indoor wedding reception space was gracefully decorated with string lights that made the entire setting more romantic and pleasant. The ceiling over the dance floor caught everyone’s attention as it was flawlessly decorated with fairy lights which were lending a whimsical vibe to the whole dance floor! The newly married couple, Marisa and Thor, sat at the table which was flanked by green and white foliage, and welcomed everyone to their wedding reception with big and bright smiles! Their single-tiered white wedding cake was placed on top of a white wooden table. Marisa and Thor cheerfully had their cake cutting ceremony and our wedding photographers in and around Austin were able to capture all those happy moments in beautiful frames! Marisa and Thor had their first dance on that expansive wooden dance floor and allowed our Austin suburbs wedding photographers to capture the romance between them in glorious frames!


Weddings always inspire us and make us fall in love again and again and lastly encourage us to love even more deeply and harder. And Marisa and Thor’s wedding was one of them! We are very much sure that their memorable wedding and reception are going to stay with us for a long time, and just like their gleaming and sparkling smiles, we wish that Marisa and Thor have a lifetime of candid and picturesque moments!


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