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Jazz-Age Inspired Wedding Details


Oh to be alive in the Jazz Age! After almost a hundred years of Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby celebrating the true spirit of The Roaring Twenties, people continue to celebrate this glamorous and luxurious era of endless parties and fun that are marked with a dash of classic sophistication and enchanting amalgamation of cultures. The glitz, glamor, and overindulgence of that era continue to be a part of celebrations as an ode to the time that was best known for flappers, prohibition, endless dancing, the rise of jazz music, and the start of Hollywood's Golden Age. The idea is to capture the true essence of this Golden Era's style elements that include pearls strands, ostrich feathers, dangling crystal chandeliers, Art Deco details, rose and copper accents, and endless sprinkles of sequins. And of course ice sculptures and endless champagne fountains! From the vintage-themed details that are often translated in metallic gold and silver paired with dark and dramatic colors like black and purple to the celebration of glamorous jewel tones like emeralds and rubies. Reliving the Jazz Era is all about reliving glamor and extravagance!


And if you are a bride who has a penchant for Art Deco wedding ideas and a soft corner for vintage wedding styles, there is never been a better time for a great Jazz Era style wedding that celebrates the true essence of the roaring '20s and raises a toast to a Great Gatsby themed wedding. So how do you compare vintage romance with unadulterated glamor and turn your wedding into a true 1920s celebration? For the perfect Jazz Era wedding style, it is all about enjoying the elegant shine and sparkle of The Great Gatsby era. The Art Deco wedding aesthetics continues to make brides giddy with excitement as this vintage-themed wedding style is accented with luxurious splendor and simply elegant wedding ideas that are meant to wow their guests and leave them stunned with pure glory! From the glittering and glamorous wedding details that are marked with jeweled headpieces, champagne towers, and gold accents to the exclusive black-tie wedding details that showcase Jay Gatsby's extravagant soirées, for all the to brides who want their wedding day to be remembered, don't skip this opportunity to host a Jazz Era themed wedding straight out of Gatsby's Mansion! There are many tasteful ways to throw a modern Jazz Era styled wedding that can celebrate your unfaltering love for exquisite finesse and star-kissed opulence. Let's get started!


Jazz Era inspired wedding inspirations that can make your heart skip a beat:


A Mansion Wedding Venue 


The setting of your Great Gatsby wedding will have the greatest impact on how your theme is perceived. The most memorable part of the Great Gatsby is the famous Gatsby Mansion which was all about opulent and extravagant parties. To recreate this lavish mansion setting, it goes without saying that you have to choose an incredibly statement-making wedding venue or recreate the same atmosphere as a starter. While any wedding theme can be emulated through intentional decoration and event design, some settings lend themselves better to certain themes, and this is especially true of a Great Gatsby wedding. The Great Gatsby theme is incredibly glamorous and speaks to an era that loved to celebrate, and it's perfect for any time of year. For a Great Gatsby wedding theme, a glitzy ballroom of a majestic mansion or an outdoor tent would be ideal, though there is no hard and fast rule here. Most wedding venues can accommodate a glamorous Great Gatsby-themed wedding and it's all about how you design a space, highlight the era's elegance and decorate it to make it yours.


A Renaissance Wedding Dress With Vintage Accents 


If you want to feel like you are in the 1920s, you will need to dress appropriately! Fortunately, because this era is all about simple elegance, finding lovely vintage-themed wedding gowns shouldn't be a problem. You will want something long, sleek, and possibly a little shimmery, and pearls or diamonds can help complete the 1920s bridal look. Stick to soft materials that swish as you walk and avoid puffy details and fussy cuts. Consider a beaded sheath, a V-neck fit-and-flare dress with lots of pearls and embellishments, or a midi dress with fringe or a glittering cape for a Great Gatsby wedding dress. You should look and feel your best. But do you want to know what's pleasant? Because this is, after all, your wedding, and you will be expected to dance a lot. So opt for a shorter gown that falls just below the knee and is lined with sassy fringe, as well as glittery bridal shoes with block heels. Or finish your 1920s attire with a pair of statement wedding high heels decorated with rhinestones or beaded embellishments.


Glam Art Deco Wedding Invitations 


Your wedding invitations are the first clue your guests receive about your unique wedding theme. And thematic wedding invitations will give guests a taste of what's to come! Look for designs with angular lines reminiscent of Art Deco, gold metallic accents, and an elegant script font. Geometric borders, metallic gold foil, and an attention-grabbing black envelope are the basics of this stationery suite. This is also the time to introduce your wedding color scheme, which should feel sophisticated and elegant. You can use white and cream shades, soft blush tones, and gold and pearl accents or stamp your wedding invitations with a stylish reminder of who is starring in the celebration. Handwritten wedding invitations also go a long way to celebrate thoughtfulness and decorating them with vintage stamps will make them stand out. Use a fountain pen and find good stationery paper so the invites will look custom, yet professional.


Setup A Champagne Tower 


Do you know what was the classic drink of the flappers? Bubbly champagne! A fancy wedding party cannot get fancier without some bubbly champagne and French fizz. It can be the easiest way to add drama to the wedding reception. To serve this celebratory drink as both refreshment and wedding décor, set up a soaring champagne tower at your wedding reception. This is the most important decorative feature of any Jazz Era wedding theme. For this style of wedding, a champagne tower is ideal as a tower of champagne flutes filled to the brim with bubbly perfectly captures the maximal vibe of a Gatsby party. Collaborate with your venue or bar staff to create this statement-making visual display that will leave your wedding guests speechless. You can also start celebrating early by sipping champagne out of customized flute glasses with your gang of girls as you get ready for your big day and create some adorable getting-ready photos!


Bedazzling Bridal Accessories 


Opt for vintage bridal jewelry and accessories to channel Daisy Buchanan's sense of style. Go for a glittering embellished bridal cape and antique birdcage veil making this outfit ideal for the occasion. A short veil is typically worn to the side, slightly covering one eye can achieve an iconic vintage bridal look. From the moment you walk down the aisle, your wedding attire sets the tone for the rest of the day, so pick thematic bridal accessories and add-ons that will help you blend in. Also, a jeweled headband is a great way to tie the whole Jazz Era bridal look together, and you can keep it simple by tying a band with some shimmer on it as a circlet, or go all out with a beaded cap headpiece and your veil. Feathers are also great to channel your inner peacock if you want to make a statement. Moreover, long and layered necklaces are another great accessory option from the Roaring Twenties. Layer a few pearl strings around your neck and watch how they move as you dance!


Statement-Making Groom Look 


Black tuxedos are formal, but a white tuxedo jacket is as fancy as you can get. If the groom wants to stick with the Jazz Era wedding theme, he should go with a classic white dinner jacket, or a dapper Victorian-era look with a shawl lapel. Otherwise, the groom can incorporate the theme with 1920s-era shoes and cufflinks. If your partner has a bright personality, you can consider a colorful suit in a luxe fabric like velvet instead of a traditional black tux to keep with the maximal style. This velvet tuxedo looks like it would fit right in with Jay Gatsby's wardrobe. You will be perfectly dressed to the nines for your nuptials if you add a sleek bowtie and classy loafers to your ensemble.


Little Art Deco Wedding Touches 


Little wedding touches can go a long way to speak for the main theme. For your Art Deco-inspired wedding, get started by setting up a ceremony backdrop featuring floating golden triangles with clean and precise lines as it is a strong nod to that era. You can also set up a vintage bar cart for your cocktail reception that indulges in stylish and classic 1920s appeal. You can bet that if Gatsby threw a garden party, he wouldn't leave out gold and copper glitter and sequin linens for the table. Round table numbers can also complement an Art Deco wedding theme by adding a subtle touch to the grand reception tablescapes. The opulence of The Roaring 1920s can also be brought back to life by creating a romantic place setting featuring gilded flatware, plates of intricate designs, and a menu with the standard Art Deco sunburst, all set against a laced canvas. Add a soft statement garland of baby's breath and greenery to tone down the over-the-top 1920s glitz and glam. Use colors to your advantage- with a mix of vintage and modern candle holders and contrasting hues, a classic black, gold, and ivory palette creates a moody and elegant feel. Try to create an opulent lounge area that can be completed with plush pillows, velvet furniture, sequin accents, and heirloom designs, which can turn out to be the ideal spot to unwind during a Roaring '20s wedding reception. Also, a seating chart with a "speakeasy" vibe can be created by a mirror framed in weathered gold propped on an easel and using an antique typewriter as a guest book, which is an epitome of vintage charm!


Live Jazz Band For The Reception & Charleston Dancing 


What would a 1920s wedding be without the right music to dance to? The name itself suggests that The Jazz Age was known for having strong inclinations toward jazz music, so hiring a live jazz band to perform at your wedding reception is only natural. A big band dressed in white dinner jackets, along with a fabulous singer who commands the stage, can recreate the vibe of this era. This will not only encourage guests to dance the night away, but it will also make them feel like they have been transported back to the Roaring Twenties. Fast-paced jazzy tunes will put everyone at the party in a good mood, but if you want to impress them and have a good time, practice Charleston dancing. It's quick and entertaining, and you can plan out the entire choreography ahead of time for the big day. Foxtrot is another great option, and you could even hire a dance instructor to come in and teach the guests some basic moves. Make them shimmy and move around, and they will remember the entire evening fondly.


Art Deco Wedding Cake Designs 


You don't need to know your Art Deco from Art Nouveau to admire a wedding cake's geometric Gatsby style! You can also finish off your sweet wedding treat with a cake topper that incorporates prominent Art Deco elements such as bold geometric shapes, glittering metallic gold accents, and vibrant colors. There are custom cake and topper designs that feature mini models of bride and groom dressed in classic 1920s attire in front of a gleaming gold backdrop with pearl detail, or a statement-making wedding confection dressed to the nines in 10-karat-gold twinkle dust. Whichever way you choose, your wedding cake design can play a vital part in the overall 1920s wedding décor and theme.


A Roaring '20s themed wedding continues to hold a special place in our hearts for its timeless allure and artistic ideas. From classic literature lovers to the fans of Leonardo DiCaprio, envisioning an extravagant and glamorous wedding that can channel the glitz and glamor of the flapper era can be the ultimate dream come true. Having said that, the arresting designs full of distinctive silhouettes, sharp geometry, and extravagance still stand the test of time. And today's brides have demonstrated how the '20s themed vintage wedding details never lose these eternal qualities when thrown into a soirée in the name of love. Jazz Era wedding touches have evolved into more subtle touches, with many of them receiving a modern refresh that only adds to their charismatic aesthetic. 


From a classic black-and-gold wedding color palette that will never go out of style to a smoky grey resin with lavish accents or bright white hand greenery, gilded wedding details will always be our favorite for their unparalleled glitz and glam. The vintage wedding ideas can be anything- from using gold triangles or diamonds as a ceremony backdrop or picture-perfect reception table setting and centerpiece ideas to evoke the period's strong and bold lines. Geometric wedding décor is one of the prime aesthetics of the Jazz Era which is still getting a lot of attention in clean and modern wedding color palettes. Since Jazz Era wedding inspirations are endless, get started with something simple and minimal. For instance, for a fresh take on rustic wedding décor, use 1920s typography on your paper goods and signs. Or go for statement vintage accessories like bringing in a bar cart or candle holders, and the flappers' favorite drink: champagne. Also, don't forget to take a ride in your vintage getaway car into the night!


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