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Champagne-Based Signature Drinks For Your New Year's Eve Wedding


There is absolutely no denying that Champagne is virtually synonymous with celebrations, especially when it comes to New Year’s Eve wedding celebrations. And when you have planned a wedding on your holiday, then it is indeed a drink menu requirement. And, bingo! That is where this festive bubbly cocktail comes into action. So, make a classic toast to your next adventure as a married couple with one of these delicious and mouth-savoring spritzers in your hand and also in all your wedding guest’s hands to celebrate both your wedding and your lovely and happy future together. 


Whether you wanna go all lavish and grand for your New Year’s Eve wedding celebration or just wanna have a quiet and intimate affair, you can put the following next-level cocktails on your wedding day cocktail menu to have your wedding guests a great celebration ahead. From Prosecco margaritas to sparkling Martinis, and Champagne mules, these concoctions are not only bubbly but also add a classic twist to the usual and traditional wedding cocktails


Whether you wanna go for something fruity in place of wintry or want to bring in the seasonal vibe to your wedding day cocktails, we have created a list of amazing and delectable champagne-based cocktails that will leave all your wedding guests high and happy for the rest of the celebration. So, consider jazzing up your wedding guest’s drinks with unexpected additions like fresh cranberries or tufts of cotton candy. No matter which drinks you are planning to serve to your wedding guests at your end-of-year wedding day bubbly, there is a drink here that you, your darling, and all your wedding guests will relish and savor. And while the joy of your New Year’s Eve wedding comes from spending it with your loved ones, we can assure you that these dressed-up cocktails are sure to add to the merriment and make your wedding celebration a momentous occasion! 


So, don’t wait up much and explore all these champagne-based cocktails and choose the best that goes with your personality and of course with your New Year’s Eve-themed wedding. As everything about your wedding will speak about you, your darling, and you both are personalities. Allow your wedding guests to hold up the glasses and raise a toast for you, your sweetheart, and your bright and colorful future ahead! 



Well, if you have ever been to any brunch, we are pretty much sure that you probably have had a mimosa. Everyone’s all-time favorite signature champagne cocktail. Talking about mimosa, then it’s a pretty simple cocktail to create, just including two simple and easy-to-find ingredients: juice and champagne. While OJ is definitely the most popular, and it’s your wedding day, just feel free to experiment with different fruit juices (we highly suggest looking at what is in season around your wedding day). Making this champagne cocktail is nothing but a cakewalk. All you have to do is mix it up, pour it into champagne flutes, and ta-da! Your champagne cocktail is just to serve all your wedding guests for your New Year’s Eve wedding. With this signature and killer cocktail, you are good to go for your memorable and amazing New Year’s Eve wedding.


French 75

The French 75 is a classic cocktail featuring gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and of course, champagne. This amazing and beautiful-looking cocktail drink is a crowd-pleaser for just about any occasion. Featuring a perfect balance of flavors and enough effervescence to keep things bright, French 75 is just a perfect signature champagne cocktail that you can add to your New Year’s Eve wedding cocktail. This lovely drink takes its name from a famous WWI artillery piece (known as a field gun) that the French employed to great effect on the battlefield. This tempting champagne cocktail drink first made its appearance in 1927 in a New York humor magazine, and then it was picked by the Savoy Cocktail Book in 1930. And the rest is history!


The Ultimate Stroke of Midnight

With a unique and classic name like Stroke of Midnight, we can assure you that this champagne cocktail will be nothing but a big hit for your New Year’s Eve wedding celebration. Made up of just three ingredients- Cointreau, Champagne, and grenadine, this amazing champagne cocktail is easy to make, you can build it in the glass. That will be helpful if you are your partner and have thought of playing the bartender for a while for the night. In fact, even your wedding guests will also be able to create this champagne-based cocktail themselves right there at the bar. Know the recipe for this amazing cocktail and you and everyone in the audience will be primed to mix up a Stroke of Midnight as the clock nears 12. 


The Sparkler To Light the Night

The Sparkler is an effervescent, easy-drinking champagne cocktail that begins with a base of Playa Real Pineapple Tequila making it a great choice for cocktails for couples who are planning to have a wedding celebration on New Year's Eve. The flavored tequila tastes like juicy pineapple, but it still provides a spirited punch that stunningly stands up nicely alongside the other ingredients of this cocktail. The Sparkler is combined with fresh lime juice, honey syrup (the recipe for honey syrup is easy, all you have to do is mix equal parts hot water and honey, and then cool before using it), and Bittermens Burlesque Bitters, which adds a tart and floral accent to the drink, making it a perfect drink for your wedding celebration. And lastly, shake up those ingredients together with ice to have the best champagne-inspired wedding cocktails


Champagne Julep

The Champagne Julep is a simple, easy, yet creative, and bubbly variation on the classic Mint Julep, making it an incredible champagne-based cocktail for a New Year’s Eve wedding celebration. While the Champagne Julep begins just like the original, with bourbon, sugar, and mint, this amazing recipe adds champagne to mellow out the sugar and then gives this drink a dash of cosmopolitan elegance on top of its genteel roots. As if the Kentucky Derby was not fancy enough, the Champagne Julep is just the perfect cocktail for any black-tie wedding celebration or even New Year’s Eve wedding celebration. 


The Iconic Jingle Bell Fizz

The classic Jingle Bell Fizz is an original cocktail consisting of Aberfeldy, the single malt scotch produced in the Highlands of Scotland. This amazing cocktail just calls for the brand’s 12-year-old expression, which beautifully adds notes of honeyed fruit, spices, and mild smoke to the drink making it a perfect signature cocktail for a couple's New Year’s Eve wedding celebration. From there, the unfiltered apple juices lend the ultimate freshness and a holiday-themed apple cider note, while the spicy-sweet cinnamon syrup and tart lemon juice add a perfect balance to the drink making it just ‘wow’! This festive cocktail and its fancy name will be the perfect addition to your New Year's Eve wedding cocktail menu. This sparkling treat will leave everyone in great amazement. 


The Sparkling and Whimsical Sangria

Hosting a wedding on New Year’s Eve a sparkling sangria is an absolute must-have wedding cocktail. While you might have probably made one or two batches in your lifetime, now is the right time to step up your creative game and leave everyone shocked on your wedding day. You can always use the traditional medley of fruits, along with brandy, and fruit liqueur. And if you wanna make it a touch festive, you can just use the base of champagne instead of wine to rock your wedding celebration in style


Classic Bellini

The Bellini is a classic champagne cocktail made with sparkling and bubbling wine (often Prosecco, since it is an Italian drink), along with some peach puree, and optionally peach liqueur. Bellini has long been a favorite at brunch, as it introduces some really fresh, fruity flavors, that fantastically pair with any breakfast food. While Bellini has a reputation for being a bit of a girly drink, we think that’s an old-fashioned idea, this cocktail can be enjoyed by everyone on your New Year’s Eve wedding celebration with a little touch of champagne into it. 


Kir Royale

Kir Royale is the amped-up version of the ever-popular French cocktail, Kir. Well, the original drink was made from a classic mixture of creme de cassis and wine. To make it a champagne-based cocktail for your New Year’s Eve wedding celebration, you can consider trading in the wine for the champagne of your choice as doing this will leave everyone in the audience with a seriously tasty blackcurrant bubbly beverage. A pro tip here- this cocktail is normally drunk as an aperitif, so just encourage all your wedding guests to grab one before the wedding reception food is served! 


The Vintage-Style Cocktail- Airmail

Talking about Airmail cocktails then they are just the perfect cocktail drinks if you are going complete vintage for your New Year’s Eve wedding celebration. The reason we are saying that they are classic vintage-style cocktails is due to their retro roots. This cocktail emerged around the 1920s and since then has been a staple on bar menus, while making a huge comeback in weddings when it comes to champagne-based signature cocktails. Airmail cocktail drink involves rum, champagne, lime juice, and honey, making it a bit boozier than the aforementioned beverages. 


Prosecco Cocktail

Well, here is another great champagne-based signature cocktail drink that you can consider serving to your wedding day guests on your New York Eve wedding, which is this classic and incredible Prosecco cocktail! It's extremely classy, and sophisticated, and the best will come when you will pair the citrus notes of Grand Marnier with lots of bubbles. It will not only evoke the New Year vibe but will also give great photography opportunities to your creative wedding photographers. You can add an orange twist and this fancy cocktail will only take just minutes to make it! It’s almost an evening version of lovely flavors in a classic mimosa: strong on citrus but with an “after 4 pm” vibe. It will indeed make a great champagne-based cocktail that you can consider having at your wedding day celebration and leave all your wedding guests high and enthusiastic. 


Chambord and Champagne Cocktail

All those couples who are looking for some effortless drink to make their New Year’s Eve wedding celebration a memorable celebration to remember, then go for this cocktail, Chambord, and Champagne together. These two go together like one of those famous pairings of tomatoes and basil, peaches and cream, or peanut butter and jelly. To make this amazing combination you have to simply mix the raspberry liqueur with bubbles and there you have got a sophisticated Chambord cocktail perfect for celebrations of all kinds! The bubbly sweet-tart flavor is very much refreshing and unexpectedly nuanced for two ingredients. 


Pomegranate Margarita

Well, there is no such hard rule that says that on your New Year's Eve you only need to have bubbly drinks for your wedding guests to relish every moment of celebration! Try this Pomegranate Margarita, it will definitely please all your wedding guests in no time. Sweet tart pomegranate juice perfectly pairs with tequila and lime, balanced with the orange perfume of Cointreau. For this champagne-based cocktail, you can either use pomegranate juice or freshly-squeezed juice from the fruit, making it just perfect for New Year's Eve wedding celebration. It’s a great winter cocktail for when pomegranate is in season: but honestly: you can drink it at any time.


The Enchanting Blackberry Lavender Champagne Cocktail From the Adventure Bite

Not only to taste but this cocktail will be the prettiest drink on your wedding day cocktail hour menu, especially for your New Year’s Eve wedding celebration. We can assure you that your wedding guests will love any berry and the classic champagne combination in this drink will bring out the best in your mouth when you will sip it. But, blackberries will bring a deep inky sheen that takes your incredible signature cocktail champagne from good to gorgeous. For an instantly-elevated effect, just add lavender to bring out the best flavor. 


French 77

Looking for a perfect New Year’s Eve wedding day cocktail that will set everyone's mood in no time to relish every moment of your wedding celebration, then try this classic champagne cocktail French 77! This champagne cocktail is a beautiful spin on the classic French 75 cocktail that tastefully adds St. Germain elderflower liqueur. And dare we say it: it makes this classic cocktail even better! French 77 is nothing but bubbly and effervescent, with pretty floral undertones, a botanical pop from the gin, and the zing of fresh lemon juice. 


Mouth-Savoring Toasted Almond Drink

If you are in search of a unique and flavorsome New Year's Eve wedding day dessert cocktail, then you must try the Toasted Almond drink for your wedding day cocktail hour. This creamy and savoring drink balances vodka, amaretto, and Kahlua, which perfectly results in a flavor that is surprisingly and deliciously similar to toasted almonds which makes this champagne-based cocktail drink incredibly unique in taste. There is something really special about the coffee liqueur which perfectly adds a roasted flavor that makes this cocktail both balanced and intriguing, at the same time. 


Red Snapper Cocktail

Here is a fun champagne cocktail that will make your New Year’s Eve wedding celebration a fun celebration to be remembered for months to come with the Red Snapper! Trust us, the name does not betray this drink, as it is both red and snappy! But, do you know that it is holding a secret: it is essentially a classic Bloody Mary with gin? You can also consider switching out the vodka leads to a whole new drink: savory, spicy, and tangy, with a hint of botanical on the finish from the gin! This Red Snapper Cocktail is a fun variation on the standard: and even more so to surprise all your wedding guests with this unique and classic spin on a usual wedding day cocktail! 


Well, the list does not end here! Apart from the above-mentioned drinks, there are other classic champagne-based cocktail drinks that will elevate your New Year’s Eve wedding celebration. But, with these cocktail ideas, we are pretty much sure that you will take your wedding celebration to the next level! So, don’t think much and introduce all these champagne-inspired cocktails to your New Year’s Eve wedding celebration and make it a blast!


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