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An Atlanta Love Story: Loragrace And Paul's Enchanting Outdoor Wedding


For the wedding of Loragrace and Paul, we’re going to Atlanta! Our Atlanta photographer took amazing photos of the two, but before we get into the beautiful wedding day of the two, let’s talk about the lovely city! Nestled in the heart of the American South, Atlanta stands as a vibrant testament to history, culture, and the relentless pursuit of progress. Known as the "Capital of the New South," this enchanting city boasts a blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication, inviting travelers to explore its rich heritage and dynamic attractions. Atlanta's historical significance is deeply etched into the pages of American history. The birthplace of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., the city played a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement. Visitors can delve into this vital history at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, which includes King's childhood home and the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Atlanta's neighborhoods exude distinctive charm. The historic district of Sweet Auburn is a time capsule of African American history, with its colorful shotgun houses and soulful vibes. Virginia-Highland, on the other hand, offers a hip, eclectic atmosphere with unique shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Atlanta's culinary scene is a delightful fusion of flavors. Savor classic Southern dishes like shrimp and grits, fried chicken, and pecan pie at renowned restaurants like Mary Mac's Tea Room and The Colonnade. The city's international influences shine through at Buford Highway, a culinary corridor featuring diverse eateries representing various global cuisines. The Georgia Aquarium, one of the world's largest, houses an incredible array of marine life, including awe-inspiring whale sharks. The World of Coca-Cola takes visitors on a journey through the history and culture of this iconic beverage, complete with tastings from around the globe. And, of course, the Atlanta Botanical Garden's stunning displays of flora and fauna are a treat for nature enthusiasts.


Atlanta's cultural scene thrives with world-class museums and theaters. The High Museum of Art boasts an impressive collection of art spanning centuries and continents. The Fox Theatre is a historic treasure, hosting Broadway shows, concerts, and ballet performances. Music lovers can explore the legacies of legends like Ray Charles and Otis Redding at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Nature lovers will find solace in Atlanta's abundance of green spaces. Piedmont Park, a sprawling urban oasis, offers picturesque walking trails, a serene lake, and stunning views of the city's skyline. The Atlanta BeltLine, a former railway corridor turned greenway, provides a scenic path for walking and biking, connecting neighborhoods and fostering community. Atlanta is also a thriving business hub, home to major corporations, making it a destination for business travelers and professionals. However, its warm hospitality and diverse offerings ensure that all visitors find something to cherish in this enchanting city. With its historical significance, cultural richness, and vibrant charm, Atlanta beckons travelers to immerse themselves in its story. From the echoes of the Civil Rights Movement to the hum of contemporary life, Atlanta truly offers a captivating journey through time and culture.


This is where Loragrace and Paul met. Their engagement photo session was beautiful, and their wedding day was even better! Our wedding photographer was ready for the day. The wedding venue was decided to be Payne Corley House. Sitting amidst the lush greenery of Duluth, Georgia, the Payne Corley House is an enchanting wedding venue that whispers of timeless beauty and Southern charm. This historic mansion, draped in elegance and surrounded by picturesque gardens, serves as a captivating backdrop for couples seeking a dreamlike wedding experience. The Payne Corley House, originally built in 1873, exudes a sense of historical grandeur that instantly transports visitors to a bygone era. Its classic white façade, adorned with stately columns and intricate architectural details, welcomes guests with a sense of grace and sophistication. The venue's warm and inviting atmosphere makes it a perfect setting for couples who appreciate the beauty of history. The venue's immaculate gardens are a highlight of its charm. Lush, manicured lawns enveloped by vibrant flowers and ancient trees provide a serene and romantic ambiance. These natural surroundings offer a tranquil escape and create a delightful backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. From exchanging vows beneath a canopy of trees to dancing beneath the stars, the gardens at Payne Corley House are a haven of natural beauty. Stepping into the mansion reveals interiors that seamlessly blend historic elegance with modern comfort. Chandeliers dangle from high ceilings, casting a warm and romantic glow across the polished wooden floors. Ornate fireplaces and vintage décor elements pay homage to the venue's rich history, creating an atmosphere that feels both luxurious and welcoming. Payne Corley House offers a variety of spaces that cater to different wedding styles and sizes. Couples can choose to exchange vows in the enchanting garden gazebo or within the mansion's timeless interiors. The venue's flexibility allows for both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations, ensuring that each couple's vision is brought to life.


One look at the wedding venue and our photographer knew how they were going to use the space to have amazing wedding photos. As the couple, their bridal party, and the family were deciding to get dressed and ready for the day, our photographer had already begun shooting some amazing photos to remember the day. Using the outdoor space of the beautiful wedding venue, our wedding photographer had the bridal dress and the groom’s beautiful outfit posed in the sunlight! Taking photos of Loragace’s wedding dress, and having Paul’s three-piece blue suit on a hanger and taking a photo of that, our photographer did not stop and had another idea. Using the lovely bridal bouquet of the bride, our photographer had the earrings hooked to the band that held the flowers together, and took a photo of that too! Before going indoors and meeting the couple as they were starting to dress up for their special day, our photographer also took a photo of the beautiful bridal bouquet. This bouquet was made of fresh blooms, which looked like a breath of fresh air in spring and was tied with a dusty blue ribbon. Once done, our photographer was ready to take the getting-ready photos of the bride and the groom. 


As the girls were getting ready, our photographer took the opportunity to take the groom and his groomsmen to a get-ready session. The air was thick with excitement, and the boys couldn’t wait to get their friend, Paul, down to the wedding ceremony. Dressed like a boy gang, all of them were dressed in bright blue suits like Paul’s. Except for the father, who was dressed in a brilliant light gray suit with a blush pink tie. To finish their outfits, Paul and his groomsmen had green ties to make their wedding outfits look amazing! As the time for the wedding ceremony was drawing close, our groomsmen and the groom were ready. Our photographer took a few solo photos of the groom, Paul before they left to wait for the bride at the wedding ceremony spot. Our photographer had Paul sit in a chair, casually and took impressive photos of him. The sun was hitting him from the side, which made the entire photo look stunning. After the solo groom photos, our photographer decided to get some amazing photos of the girls. Loragrace was just starting to get dressed. She had picked a beautiful sleeveless dress with intricate lace details from Charme Bridal & Prom. To finish off her wedding day look, she added a chapel-length wedding veil. Her bridesmaids had already dressed up for the day. The bridesmaids’ outfits were in deep green. The bridesmaids and the maid of honor helped the bride put on her bridal earrings and helped her with the wedding day makeup. As she was dressed, the mother of the bride helped her fix the wedding veil. The couple had decided to have a first-look photo session, so our photographer helped the two capture a love-filled moment of togetherness! 


The two had picked a spot in the wedding venue and had decided to decorate the area with a lovely white arbor. Paul was waiting for Loragrace to come around and tap him on his shoulder. Our photographer captured the delicate moment they shared. Their first-look photos clearly show the love shared between them. And just like that, it was time for their wedding ceremony. Under the open sky, amidst the serene backdrop of nature's beauty, Loragrace and Paul's outdoor wedding ceremony unfolded with grace and charm. As the gentle rustle of leaves provided a natural symphony, anticipation filled the air. The wedding guests took their seats. The sun, casting its golden rays, illuminated the picturesque scene, setting the stage for a heartfelt union. Loragrace walked in with her father and walked down the pretty brick-stone pathway that they used as their wedding aisle. With every step she took down the aisle, Loragrace's radiant smile mirrored the beauty of the day. Her gown, adorned with lace and subtle beadwork, flowed gracefully around her, lending an air of timeless elegance. As she drew nearer to Paul, standing at the altar, his eyes never wavered from her presence. Surrounded by their dearest friends and family, the couple exchanged vows that echoed their love story. The heartfelt promises they made to each other were a testament to their unwavering commitment. Taking their wedding vows, the couple promised to be by each other’s side, no matter what. The officiant, with warmth and sincerity, pronounced them husband and wife, marking the beginning of their lifelong journey together. As they shared their first kiss as a married couple, the crowd erupted into joyous applause. The newlyweds, hand in hand, made their way back down the aisle, a tangible sense of happiness and love radiating from their very beings. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the outdoor ceremony set the tone for a lifetime filled with shared moments, the great outdoors, and the beauty of love celebrated beneath the open sky.


Our wedding photographer took photos of the couple right after the wedding. The wedding photos of Loragrace and Paul captured the essence of their special day, reflecting the beauty of love, laughter, and cherished moments. The outdoor setting of the wedding venue provided a picturesque backdrop for their wedding photography. With the lush greenery and serene surroundings as their canvas, the couple decided to take family photos separately with the bride's family and the groom's family. These candid shots showcased the pure joy and love shared by both families, creating cherished memories to last a lifetime. Loragrace's bond with her maid of honor was beautifully encapsulated in a series of candid and heartfelt photographs. Their laughter and shared moments radiated the strength of their friendship, adding a touch of warmth to the album. As the sun cast its warm glow over the horizon, Loragrace and Paul had their moment in the spotlight. Against the backdrop of nature's beauty, they posed for romantic photos that captured the depth of their love. Each stolen glance, each gentle touch, was artfully preserved by the skilled photographer, making these photos a testament to their profound connection. The groom and his groomsmen shared some playful moments as they posed together, showcasing their camaraderie and unique personalities. A fun detail that couldn't go unnoticed was their mismatched socks, a lighthearted touch that added character and personality to the photos. From the heartfelt family portraits to the romantic shots of the newlyweds, Loragrace and Paul's wedding album told the story of a day filled with love, laughter, and the beauty of shared moments. The outdoor setting allowed for a perfect blend of natural beauty and genuine emotions, resulting in a collection of photographs that would be cherished for generations to come.


Then it was time for the wedding reception! Our wedding photographer took photos of the brilliant wedding details. The bride and the groom had decided to have a memory table with those who could not be at the wedding anymore. They also had decided to put up some wedding signs to tell their guests not to litter. Putting a twist to the wedding guestbook, these two had left out a few sheets of paper with “What is love?” written on it for their guests to leave notes. The wedding reception party was indoors and was packed with delicious wedding snacks and food items. The couple had picked out delicious chocolate cake and other desserts, which were on display. Also, the couple had picked out some delicious and beautifully decorated muffins, which looked like sunflowers! As the wedding sweetheart table, it is retro and minimal. With little floral details, it stood out. Our bride decided to put on a denim jacket, personalized with her new last name and the wedding date. The wedding cake was decorated with dripping white chocolate and a lovely cake topper. Our couple made their amazing wedding reception entry and took the dance floor for their first dance. Taking their time to slow dance through the floor, our couple was happy and could not stop looking into each other’s eyes! Then the wedding floor was open to the guests, and our couple sat down at their sweetheart's table. The celebrations continued on!


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