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Must-Have Moments To Add To Your Wedding Day Shot List


Your wedding day will always be one of the most important days of your life. One of our favorite quotes on the topic of marriage is by William Lyon Phelps, which goes like this, “The highest happiness on earth is marriage.” When you’re tying the knot with the love of your life, it is only natural for you to want to keep the memories of the day alive in any way possible. From beautiful wedding photos to some memorable takeaways, you’ll want to revisit this day for the rest of your life. Above all, the wedding details that you and your partner choose for your day, you will want to see that as well. Wedding day decor ideas and the other decor ideas you have for your day, you will want to see what your wedding venue looked like dressed in your ideas because it is a product of your hard work. Wedding planning is fun and can be a long process, and in the end, when your wedding day comes around, it is all worth it. This is why wedding detail photos help you remember small details of the time you spent planning your wedding and executing it by your wedding day! Since we spent so much time talking about wedding photos and their importance, we will spend some time helping you figure out which photos to take for your wedding day! Let’s talk about some amazing photo shot ideas that encapsulate the moments and things that make up your special, special day! 


The Ultimate List of Must-Have Moments for Your Wedding Day Photo Shot List 


  1. 1. The Wedding Dress and the Outfits: The Things That Makeup Everything 


Let’s start with one of the important parts of your wedding day, if not the most important part - the wedding day outfits. You should consider showing off your wedding dress, and the groom’s outfits in your wedding day photos. To us, to be honest, wedding outfits are one of the best parts of a wedding day. The bridal outfit is picked out precisely to fit the bride and the wedding’s theme. And then, we have the bridesmaid outfits, which are usually one of the most integral parts of your wedding day aesthetic, along with dazzling groomsmen outfits. Likewise, the groom’s wedding day outfit is yet another addition that builds the wedding’s color scheme and overall look of the day. All of these elements are not only worthy of being encapsulated in timeless memories but also revisited a few down the line. Apart from this, how can we forget the adorable ring bearer and flower girl outfits? Also, we know this is a little different but we categorize this under outfits too, especially when we’re talking about it, pets! If you are throwing a pet-friendly wedding and including your fur babies in your wedding with carefully picked-out outfits, then that should be a part of your wedding photo shot list too! 


  1. 2. The Wedding Ceremony and Reception: The Emotion and Love 


There’s a reason why the primary aspect of your wedding day takes a second spot in our wedding inspiration blog, and that is as simple as “Looking your best” is important on your wedding day! And your wedding photographer will take photos of you getting ready and the outfits for your day before the day’s ceremony photos. The photos from your wedding ceremony and from the wedding reception party, and also from your wedding’s cocktail party. Now, for these events of your wedding, let’s not forget that it is not only about taking photos of you and your partner, you need to include your wedding guests as well. You can let your wedding photographer know that you will need photos of your wedding guests as well. This will help your photographer to know they have to take guest photos as well. Apart from this, when you’re creating a photo shot list, make sure that you discuss the photos you want your photographer to capture. For example, before your wedding day starts, talk to your photographer about the ideas of photos you have, the kind of wedding photos you want to put into a wedding photo book, and the photos you’d like to get framed. That said, here’s a short list of things to keep in mind when you’re planning your wedding photos


1. Walking down the aisle.

2. Taking your wedding vows.

3. Walk down the aisle with your partner.

4. Reaching the wedding ceremony venue, if it is separate.

5. First look, before the ceremony, if you choose to have it. 

6. Photos with bridesmaids and flower girls. 

7. Groom and groomsmen photos at the altar. 

8. Bridal party entrance. 

9. Wedding ceremony exit. 

10. Groom’s reaction to the bride/ 

11. The first kiss. 

12. The reception party entrance. 

13. The first dance.


These ideas will help you get started on the photo shot list. Also, although the list above talks about some ideas, we’d also like to mention a few other ideas in the mix. You should consider taking photos of you and your partner mingling with your wedding guests, photos of the maid of honor or best man’s speech, and the heartfelt wedding toasts. Bridesmaids dancing, you dancing with the flower girls, cake cutting ceremony, the pets in the wedding reception party, the wedding band, the wedding tablescape, and the grand wedding exit. These should also be on your wedding photo list. 


  1. 3. The Wedding Details: The Bits and Bobs 


After this, remember that your wedding celebration is more than just the selection of your wedding color scheme and the brilliant wedding theme, there’s so much more that goes into it! When you’re planning your wedding, you will know that you not only want to capture the moments that you spend with your friends and family during the wedding but also the carefully put-together aesthetic of the day. When we say details, we mean every tiny detail that you’ve planned for your wedding day! Think of having photos of your wedding cake and the lovely wedding cake details. For example, if you’re thinking of adding a wedding cake table display, and have it decorated with pretty and cute details, you should have the photos taken of those details. Apart from this, make sure that you also should have photos of the pretty details, like the wedding stationery for your wedding day, photos taken of the pretty wedding decor, and the floral details for your day. You can also have your photographer take photos of the wedding accents and the smaller details. What we mean to say is that for everything that you’ve added and planned to your wedding day, you should ask your photographer to take photos of those aspects. From the pretty lantern decor to the cute floral arches, have your wedding photographer take photos of elements, including your wedding reception dinner. 


4. Additional things to keep in mind: Wedding Detail Photography 


When you’re asking your photographer to take photos of your wedding details, remember to keep in mind that you should also take photos of the wedding signage you have for your wedding day! From the entrance signage to the signage that gives your wedding guests directions to the different wedding stations and bars at your wedding. Also, if you have decided to have a creative wedding guestbook, have those photos taken, if you have pretty photo displays or accent walls, have those taken too. Lastly, if you have wedding programs printed out for your wedding day, fans and hats for your outdoor wedding, or any other detail for your guests, take those photos as well. 


  1. 5. Getting-Ready Photos: The Art and the Artist 


We love getting-ready photos. When we cover weddings for our blogs, we can’t help but spend most of our time marveling at the getting-ready time of the wedding. Simply put, this is the time when the bride-to-be gets her glow-up, the bridesmaids get ready for the day and there are many subtle moments that are spent between the bride-to-be, the girls, and the family! The same goes for the groom and groomsman’s getting ready time. We love both of these, and it is clear to see that emotions run high during this time. So, this is not only a must-have, but it is an absolute must for any couple. From marveling at the bridal dress before you start dressing up, to the bridesmaids helping you put on your wedding veil, from the groom looking at his outfit to his best man giving him a small talk, all of these moments deserve to be captured. 


Additionally, as you are talking to your photographer about these photos, do let them know of the extra details you’d want them to capture. For example, you can tell them that you want to take some photos of the wedding bands, maybe because it is a family heirloom or means something special to you, or you can ask your wedding photographer to take photos of your wedding day accessories because it has been passed down from your grandparents. Things that require special attention, because they are important to you, should be talked about. 


6. Other Things to Consider Putting on Your Wedding Day Photo Shot List 


Apart from the photo ideas we have discussed in our blog, we think there are a few more things that you can add to your wedding photo shot list. You can ask your photographer to take photos of the memory table you have for those who have passed on. This way you can remember your close ones who couldn’t be there physically at your wedding. You can also ask your wedding photographer to take photos of your beautiful wedding favors for your wedding guests. You can also have your wedding photographer take photos of you with some specific guests. This could include a cousin that you’re close with, your grandparents, and more. Lastly, when you’re planning a wedding, you plan many details, which is why, apart from the details and ideas we’ve mentioned above, you can have your wedding photographer take photos of every aspect and detail of your wedding


7. Wedding Photo Shot List: Things to Remember 


Before we wrap up today’s blog, let’s talk about a few things. Firstly, finding the right wedding photographer is very important. Before you start thinking about the photos you want for your wedding day, it is important to find or at least start looking for a wedding photographer. After you’ve booked your wedding photographer, make sure that you get in touch with them and talk to them about the ideas you have. This is where the photographer and their style of photography will come into play. See, when you’re hiring a photographer for your wedding day, you will most likely choose one on the basis of the availability, and the style of photography. And the style of photography, you will likely go with, will be similar to what you expect to see in your wedding photos. Now, if you’ve decided to go ahead with a photographer with a slightly different skill set, or you’ve hired a photographer with the exact “style of photography” you want, remember to let them know what you’re looking forward to. This will help the wedding photographer not only take photos that make you smile and happy but also help them encapsulate the memories and the day’s events you would like to see. 


That said, we come to the end of our blog. We hope that this blog helps you to create memories of your wedding day that help you revisit and reminisce every moment of your wedding day. We love every part of a wedding day, which is why we understand the importance of capturing every moment in timeless photos. If you’re unsure that your wedding photographer will not be able to take all the photos of your beautiful wedding day, you can always hire a second photographer for the day! We hope you have a great wedding and even better photos to look through!  


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